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· Rider-Waite-Tarot

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rider-waite-smith, 10 of cups

The Tens generally imply, fixed, culminated, completed Force and the Rider-Waite-Smith card concentrates its imagery on the phenomena that all happiness comes from the above. This concept is opposed to the mundane belief that "Accumulation of Things" makes one happy. The idea here is that Happiness created us as it's material expression, rather than the gathering of material makes us happy. When observing a child playing, one may understand that happiness, is what we are, not what we seek. MALKUTH, Earth, is the 10th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, and is the placement of the 4 Tens. Happiness, is what we are. To be sure, when Tarot is used for Divination, Rider-Waite-Smith's card it is best applied to mundane and/or family matters, where as the meaning may be different if applied to a more occult plane as the Thoth card attempts to do. The Placement of the cards, in the reading will clarify this statement.

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The Thoth 10 OF CUPS is known as SATIETY, and is attributed to Mars in Pisces. Crowley calls the Thoth card, The Lord of Perfected Success, as this is the influence of MALKUTH in the unconscious Mental World known as Briah. Satiety, is word meaning, filled to the point of excess, and in the Ten of Cups, happiness is overflowing from the unconscious to the consciousness and therefore, through the self-conscious of body; Therefore, one is as happy as they can be at this time. Though it may be hard to argue that excessive happiness is a negative thing, it could be distracting and cause one to loose focus on mundane things, as well as, reach the point of numbness.

What is exceptional about this card, is that the general astrological meaning of Mars in Pisces doesn't apply. Pisces is a watery sign, and Mars should signify a dispersal of energy to a point of frustration.

However, the meaning here is that fiery Mars causes the Waters of Pisces to rush furiously into Briah, bringing great success on the Material plane of Malkuth.

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The imagery of this card expresses the opinion that all happiness is inspired from above, i.e. comes from the Divine. One could say that Happiness, is a higher-inner state of harmonic energy consciousness, i.e. Love.

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Those who believe that happiness is the process of accumulating more stuff, live in the world the Hindus call the "Neti-Neti" world; Neti-Neti meaning, "not this-not that". In the world of "not this and not that", one lives their entire life trying to attain happiness by the greedy, ambitious and even violent accumulation of things, only to find out that each accumulation brings only superficial happiness, that evaporates in the heat of their grasping for life. Thus forcing them to seek and attempt another greedy grasp for happiness. For example, the European settlers to this land we call the United States, felt happiness came from owning land, and they invaded and destroyed entire nations of indigenous peoples, causing misery and injustice to achieve their greedy grab of land. And as we can plainly see, they still are looking over the dead bodies of thousands and happiness alludes them as tears of frustration cascade down their triple chins of greed. In the USA, happiness is pedaled by the media as consumerism, causing excessive eating, drinking, and buying . In-fact many of us have consumed everything around us, and found no happiness whatsoever. However, this does keep the Therapists and physicians busy and they prosper and consume.

I AM Happiness is much better way to be than seeking it. For seeking happiness, simply states that you do not have it, and since that seeking is the core or the operative term of that thought, you shall not achieve what you claim as not being within your grasp now.

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We DECLARE ourselves, that is what freedom of choice means. We choose to live our own definitions! For I AM Spirit, Mind, and the Body is the outer expression of Self Definition that lives within the mind that which we define as "ME". This Mind Sea (see) that we live within, Carl Jung calls "The Universal Collective Unconscious" or the Divine Self that is Adam Kadmon of the Qabalah, who is the Living Tree of Life. Those who rule definition (your rulers) have destroyed your ability to be happy, simply by controlling your imagination, making you believe that as yourself, you are not "good enough", rather you must be as they define you to be; a seeker of good or better things. Again, you are good enough for the Divine Creative, as it would never build what it doesn't approve of. Your Manifestation is your proof of "good enough" so now go about happily being the best "you- you can think of". Those who are free to define themselves, are evolution itself! Those who rule and enforce definition for others, are creating only stagnation and slavery.

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In ordinary matters, the divined meaning of the Rider-Waite-Smith and Thoth 10 of Cups card is , matters definitely arranged as wished, permanent and lasting success. This meaning of material success is reinforced if the 10 of Cup's lands on the position of "Beneath you" or "of House and Home", on a Celtic Cross layout. In fact, that would be paramount for this card, as it is a 10 of Malkuth (Kingdom) in a Earthly existence position.

When one is viewing the Ten's, one must remember that in Qabalistic gematria, 1+0=1, therefore, we are cycling back to the beginning of something new that is willed by the Spirit. Ten's may mean completion, but not of ourselves, just of something we desired to achieve in the material world. We will move on to even greater things as constant transformation is the way of Life.


  • Emotional contentment.
  • Happiness and contentment for everyone.
  • When motivated by love of being, the unfoldment of the highest wisdom.
  • Experiencing an emotional relationship or psychic work that is stable and satisfying with awareness that soon it will be time to move on.
  • The gift of bringing light and good cheer to others, simply by happily being yourself.
  • The fulfillment of a desire of paramount importance.

When ill defined by the surrounding cards (Thoth) or reversed (Rider-Waite-Smith), it implies:

  • Sentimentalism. 
  • Bathos.
  • Inner emptiness.

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