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· Rider-Waite-Tarot

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rider-waite-smith, 8 of cups

The Rider-Waite-Smith-Eight of Cups card illustrates the mundane meaning of "The Lord of Abandoned Success". The person on the Card has successful organized and stacked the eight cups and then wanders off as if losing all interest in them and leaving them abandoned and unused. Waite's card shows the effects of Saturn on the element of water which produce discontent, disillusionment, and decline of interest in anything.

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thoth-8 of cups-indolence

In the Thoth- 8 of Cups-Indolence, there is only the end of the 7 of Cups-Debauch. The gluttony of the 7 (Debauch) has succumbed to the putrefaction of the 8.

Hod, the Eighth Sephiroth means Splendor and being in the Suit of Water with the influence of Mercury (splendor), we would expect a shimmering, dancing Water; However, we have to understand the influence of Saturn in Pisces which rules this card. Pisces, is calm but stagnant water and Saturn completely deadens it. Hence,there is no sea, only pools and the fluorescence of putrefaction (as shown in the Thoth 7 of Cups), is long gone into complete stagnation. To drink this water is to die. In other less dramatic words, this is poisoned emotions that completely sicken the consciousness. This is also the influence of Hod in Briah, the Mental World which manifests as a certain introspection that manifests as a certain disinterest in the material condition.

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The completion of the stagnation is shown in the Thoth 8 of Cups as drooping lotus bosoms who lack both Sun and rain (rain would be applying "new emotions") and the soil is poison to them (a sickly foundation) as shown by the growing only two sickly-blooms. The cups (vessels of thought that the emotions fill) are old and broken. The three row arrangement of the cups (Three states of Manifested Mind-I Am Me), shows only the slow filling from two central cups, that spill into the lower cups (lowest emotions). The back ground of the card shows only "the bad lands" of a poisoned landscape. This seeming over stressing of Indolent behavior should get the point across, that whomever this card is about, is wallowing in self pity, and disinterest in well being, making the conscious mind (Self-Conscious) a poisoned morass of negative perspectives. Hopefully this card is not surrounded by negative cards, or suicide is a possibility!

This card may also make us aware of suffering for the sense of self-importance and/or guilt. This can happen when we have a emotional shock, such as a loved one dying, and we are quilt ridden with the thoughts of " I should have done or acted different". Soon enough "survivors quilt" drags us down into a morass of suffering, that becomes more important than our health. The martyrdom of such thinking, allows only emotional decay and everything or everyone just adds to the misery of the self-absorbed. The correction to this swamp of self-misery, is as the Buddha was quoted as saying to a beggar woman who lost her child to an ox-cart accident at a certain cross-roads, where she sat in misery, living off of donations from passing strangers, never leaving the place of suffering; He said, as he picked her up off of the street," I greatly suggest that you go forth and find someone who has not lost a loved one". In other words he just gave her a purpose for living. She may have reacted angrily and thus freeing up some of the self absorbed emotion which is exactly what the Buddha wanted from her. For anger, is really the power need to motivate one's self to act.

This I know for to such a self-absorbed one of misery, my great teacher, Yo Chen, also taught me a lesson in strength, when he looked down on suffering 12 year old and said," If you wish to speak to me, you must stand for I'll not kneel to your weakness.". His "tough love" caused me to stand in angry protest, and standing above my self-proclaimed misery, stopped my tears, and cleared my sight so that I could see what I was doing to myself.

  • So when this card is thrown, it suggests to the querent it is time to stand up, and look above the swamp of your own emotional quagmire, and support yourself in-motion rather than seek empathetic support of the pain that has stalled you mind and stifled your motion forward.

When the Eight/8 of Cups is thrown during a divination, the querent (or the one they queried about) will be or is experiencing:

  • A depressive state of emotions. Success is abandoned, as there is a decline of interest in anything. 
  • Positive things are thrown aside as soon as gained; not lasting even in the mater at hand. 
  • Misery and repining without a viable cause.
  •  A continual seeking after riches, without the emotional energy to gain them.
  • Relinquishing control. 
  • Transformation.

* If there are a lot of positive cards accompanying this negative one, there will be temporary success, but without further result.

If ill defined by surrounding cards (Thoth) or reversed (Rider-Waite-Smith) it implies:

  • Suicide.
  • Depression,
  • Self-pity.

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