The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot- Six of Wands & The Thoth Tarot- 6 of Wands-Victory

Qabalistic Tarot Card Comparisons.

· Rider-Waite-Tarot

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rider-waite-smith, six of wands

In the Six/6 of Wands, there is a glow suggested of Spiritual Will that has overcome the Severity of the Five of Wands. Hence, the corrective of severity has worked and the person is victorious over the struggle. This card also helps us understand that Victory only comes after conflict is overcome.This Victory after conflict or strife, is the major theme of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot and the Thoth Tarot. the Rider-Waite-|Smith Tarot leans toward the mundane images rather than those of the Western Magic Arcane. Five of the sprouting wands (showing vital spirit) are held by the victory parade marchers, and the sixth wand is held by the mounted figure, displaying a victory wreathe on both head and wand. The Reds and Golds of the fire element are prevalent, as well as, the green of fertility.

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thoth-6 of wands

The Thoth Deck 6 of Wands-Victory, features the Wands of the Chief Adept (Winged-Serpent -Eye) Major Adept (Phoenix headed) and the Minor Adept (unfolded lotus bud), shown previously in the 5 of Wands-Severity; However in the 6, the Energy of the Wands is coordinated and completely balanced in manifestation, as shown by the flames all of equal size and upright.

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This card represents Tiphareth (The Christ-Buddha conscious) in the Suit of Fire (Spirit), the influence of Tiphareth in the world of Atziluth; pure spirit. This card also represents the planet Jupiter in Leo and tends toward the application of a benediction on the harmony and beauty of this arrangement of Wands.

As always, the feminine influence is represented in this card by the Nine Flames that refer to Yesod (foundation) and the Moon (Magnetic Force). Being that the feminine magnetic energy is in charge of all form making, this is a energy form that is as self supporting as the Sun. In each of us is this Solar Consciousness (Sun of God) called the Soul, to which the personality is eventually sacrificed or "enlightened" as we progressively remember ourselves as a Spirit Entity who owns a human.

The mundane concept of seeking spirituality is a backward reflection in the mirror of light. How this happened is obvious, for we are constantly "looking outward" from the body, forgetting we are the breath that flows through it as the vital life force (Prana) that is all around it. Consciousness by supporting flesh, has now become a limited sensual-consciousness to the body owner, who "forgot" that Energy is of a Consciousness called Spirit, and we are that vast invisibility that is eternity. Let me ask you, what good is an infinite I AM, that has no way to measure and/or experience itself? The human body gives each of us Spiritual Entities, the necessary measurement to become "Self-Aware". Therefore, fulfilling the first Will of Energy, "Eheieh", which means, "I Will Be"!  That is the reason to study the Qabalah (the idea), and the Tarot (the image language of inner definition), for it helps us observe ourselves as the Tree of Life, rather than the 1% world of flesh that is only Malkuth.

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I as spirit, never came to own a sensual body to become less spiritual, I am spirit! Besides, how can adding another world and body of spirit to myself, become less? To even believe we can become "more Spiritual" is likened to a fish in the ocean seeking to be more "wet"; silly is the fish that lacks all such observation skills! That silliness of seeking what you already are, is not spirituality, for I -Spirit, came to become en-fleshed, for the purpose of sensuality which is the only way to learn the art of discriminating and/or discerning thought. I am eternal Spirit! The only "more" that I came to be is more aware of thought as a sensual experience, so that I could know its effect on the planets and the living being it operates.

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Victory comes when we know that we are the "living Spirit" who orchestrates the Supreme-Image in the realm of the living. How do you get more spiritual than that? To even believe that immortal spirit somehow comes from a mortal body, is silly. It is obviously backward thinking. The only way to believe this is to errantly identify spirit as other than yourself ; to divide inner-self, the Breath (Spirit comes from the Greek word Spiro which means- breath or to breathe) from the body is to give up the body to anther's will; to become a slave. I AM The Spirit, the Conscious Breath of this body I operate in the name of the Divine Creative; a name of I AM, given me as an psyche- operator of "it's own image"! It is time to "Above all things, know thyself" and march victoriously away from the enslaving definitions of the greed- manufactured words of the "few who wish to rule the many". Until you do, you have been divided, and thus conquered and live in the denial world (the world of "Wanna-be") designed by greed, so that your will/spirit is sacrificed to the bank account of others. In indoctrinated cultures of the Ruled, is where "I Am", your divine inheritance, is sacrificed on the altar of denial of "I ain't". Victory, is to reclaim you true ID. I AM Spirit! I AM Whole!

Victory may be a brief moment of pleasure after a grueling contest, but nevertheless, it is enjoyable at the moment and should be savored but not rested upon. Never fear the senses of the body, they are there for the Sensory Perception of the Soul and it is okay to enjoy the Will's performance. Of course, this isn't permanent victory but because of our inner power, it is okay to know that the Will of I AM ME will be challenged again in a world where your will is subject to the rule of others! Thank you for your interest and comments. May you live long and prosper!

So when the SIX/6 OF WANDS card is thrown during a reading, and depending on its position, it can mean;

  • Gain and success in 5 weeks or 5 months, depending on the position of the Card.
  • We have here, victory after strife caused by industriousness, energy expression, love and pleasure gained by labor.   
  • There is also a suggestion of Victory gained by avoiding strife through actions of sociability and carefulness.

The Six/6 of Wands, if ill dignified by the accompanying cards (Thoth) or reversed (Rider-Waite-Smith) will then suggest the errors of:

  • Insolence, pride of riches, and vain-glory. 
  • Also ill dignity depends on the conflict depicted in the surrounding cards.
  • Presumption. 
  • Excess of emotion.
  • Personality cult.