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· Manara tarot

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Now for something a little different. The Manara Tarot or Tarot Erotique, is one particularly effective way to claim the body as the Image of the Divine Creatrix, whether it is male or Female. In Qabalah, all Form belongs to the Creatrix, including the Male, for he is "another way to be female". The Great Mother Binah, the Third Sephiroth of the Tree of Life is called Understanding and "Will to Form". Simply stated when knowledge is Understood, it becomes form; Hence, in-form-action. Because of Religious indoctrination and dogma, everyone is told the Body, and its sensuality are "Satanic" and/or made by Nature who is ruled by Satan. Flesh is a spiritual downer, and a form of a curse that spirit must escape. Yet it is also said that ..."We are made in the image of God". Yet the image maker is the mother, not the father. Even the Greeks knew that when they stated that Hera, the Great Mother, created herself out of herself and that there was no father until she "named him Father".

To make a long lie, short, everything is of Mother, for every living thing comes from Mother's blood, which is especially noticeable in the mammalian live birth. The infant is made of mother's blood, lives in an amniotic fluid spa in the womb, which is mostly blood and seawater and is born bathed in mother's blood. Dad just ejaculated a catalytic fecundation fluid called "semen" which carries some chromosomes, to marry and thereby, unlock the egg...supplied by the female. Hence, the misogynistic world of the Patriarch and/or Military Industrial Complex, is a total "veil or caul over the eyes of understanding". Even in the womb, all fetuses are female for the first 8 weeks of development, as discovered by medical doctors. Hence, the Hu Man body is a Sacred Cup of Spiritual Life. I'll go as far as to say, the Human Female is the "Holy Gail", that Ruling Religious clergy wished destroyed, while sending men on a futile chase to find a clay cup used by the Christ at the last supper. Keep the dog chasing his own tail, keeps him preoccupied with futile actions. Rulers are those who control definition. So, who controls you? Some fool who blames woman, our own mothers, for the "fall of man", as some sinful woman who dared to take a bit out the apple of "Knowledge" in the Garden of Paradise? What Creator of the wonderful human mind would deny it knowledge? Knowledge understood becomes form in this universe. Because you are Understood by the Creatrix Herself, you are made manifest!

Therefore, I postulate that the homo sapiens sapiens form is Sacred to Spirit and is the Honeymoon Suite of the Anima-Spirit and Animus-Soul! All for the purpose of greater, more concentrated, and therefore, more coagulated light to form sensual Self-Awareness. The Divine Creative would be insane to create what it doesn't want/understand. Hence, Chokmah the first male known as "Will to Force" and Wisdom, wouldn't have impregnated Binah, with that Knowledge of I Am, where the original "I", the All-Seer, created Am, by speculation upon "what am I", and thereby understood the difference between I and the Other-Am. I Am, is the Divine Creative. The same "I AM" command you used to create your own "self -image" of identity assumption called a "Me". This also states that after I AM, all is assumption. Hence, you are indeed made in the image of the Divine Creative.; And the Divine doesn't create what it doesn't want!

I Am Spirit, Mind and Body, just as you are. Spirit controls my definition, while the "World" controls most indoctrinated "others". I dare to say, "Dare to shake off the blinders of the one who holds control over your identity" and begin by claiming your inheritance from Divinity; the freedom to Control your own Identity! Manara's Tarot deck really aids in that! So, let's dare to begin breaking our mental shackles to see the Real Self and thereby, fulfill the Hermetic Qabalah's axiom of "Above all things, know thyself", because Self is above all things and the Divine Dwells in the Honeymoon suite that is the human body!

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The Manara Tarot-0-Il Matto-The Fool

Fear not. What is not real, never was and never will be.

What is real always was and cannot be destroyed.

-Bhagavad Gita

The Manara Fool Card depicts a Creatrix and her "Puppet", the "Other". Light is the first "other" as it has exploded out of Darkness. We now call this "Darkness" the Abyss or Dark Energy (the Dark Fire of Spirit), who by self-declaration became Dark Matter or Dark Mater and/or Dark Mother. Hence, from the Abyssal womb came light-Forms, made of electromagnetic energy. Most of light is invisible as are its forms; about 99% of it we see only the "1%" world of visible light. Hence, Qabalah calls the visible world the "1%" world. We are the Image of Spirit and mostly made of "Dark Fire" that astrophysicists call "Dark Energy", So the visible part of myself, is only "1%" of What I AM as I Am is mostly Space!

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Once again, Quantum physics has proven that we are physically mostly composed of Space, as only about .4% of an atom is material and we are composed of Atoms that form Molecules that form amino acids etc. Therefore, our bodies are supposed to be the puppets of a Master Craftsman, our Souls, rather than a "ruler's fool". I AM Spirit, Mind and Body. Therefore, I Am both master craftsman of material Self but also the Masterpiece operator. Manara shows this very well. As She, who is the creatrix of material has created her most beloved-a masculine form and the masculine form is returning that adoration. There is no "She" without "He" and there is no "He" without "She", as they are simultaneous creations of the I AM as so easily seen in the Top Triangle of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. I therefore postulate that Each of us "The Real" who has separated itself from "reality" by allowing those "outside" of you, dictate what is Identity. Your Identity is is I AM ME! The very trinity of Self-Awareness.

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The Fool is the universal key that is associated with the state of conscious energy that is us before and after death. In other words, the conscious state that is Holy Spirit. Many of us think that we “have a spirit" but few of us know that we are Spirit and seek not spirituality but rather are Spirituality; a Spiral Vital-Force of Will that Started with the Kether. Kether is Eheieh in Hebrew and means, "I Will Be". Therefore, as a being of I Am, The You that is Spirit-Mind-Body is the fulfillment of that Original Will! You are "I AM Being"! In Hermetic Qabalah, the Whole You is called Adam Khadmon, the Supreme Being.

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Rather than just being assumed as being mystical, trans-personal, transcendent, and ecstatic in its nature, the Fool represents the power of wonder and ecstasy that is so apparent in the incredibly young (and the “enlightened”) before they succumb to indoctrination and form a "cultural identity". The cultural identity is not real, so Qabalists call it "reality" which we all know as relative and subjected to the “I” of the beholder. The Real is the infinite part of ourselves that commands material into form as I AM.

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Thoth-0-The Fool

The Oriental symbol for fear is the tiger. In this card, fear is seen as attempting to gnaw on the leg of the fool who isn't giving any consideration to fear. He looks forward, and the tiger can't even make a dent in his perspective. He has no fear of sensation, hence, no fear of "flesh". In fact, he exalts in it!

The Fool is the energetic essence of who we are---an unflappable immortal spiritual flow of energy consciousness that flows from the Infinite Source of I Am. Therefore, the Fool symbolizes the creative expression that is needed to give birth to new parts of our lives and to boldly take risks that are so necessary to evolutionary development!

When this card falls in a reading it shows us that this is the moment to do what you fear and trust the spirit within!

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As a Path, we travel in our Psyche, THE FOOL connects Kether (Crown) with Chokmah (Wisdom). To the Qabalist, Kether is known as the Source of All, and Chokmah is known as Father God.

The Path of Aleph, (The Fool) meaning OX, is about the "flowing of Life Force and creative power", showing that the SPIRIT had a beginning aim to be that of Earth and/or Sensual Being.

Crowley symbolizes this "Holy Spirit" (The Spirit on every level of the Tree of Life) as a dove in the Thoth Tarot Card. Crowley also called The Letter Aleph, a phallic symbol.....but then so is the Projected Will that is THE MAGUS, and one wonders if Crowley was so besotted with the Phallus, that he was unable to see anything else; However, truth be told, by reference to Sexes and sexuality do we come to the minutest glimmering of understanding about the Universe. We begin seeing that the Below is a mirror reflection of the Above.The Divine Spirit is all we know, we breathe it, we live within it, it is ourselves. Because we know this Divinity to be "the One Energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed" (Psychics-Thermodynamics 1st law), we know that everything is of this One, as symbolized by THE FOOL the Path of Aleph.

In this context, Aleph is attributed to Air and means Life-Breath. Just as Spirit is from the Greek root word Spiro, which means Breath and the Word Eheieh, which sounds like exhalation of breath. One Spirit, the Holy Spirit, is then the Life-Breath. This is well known in Eastern cultures, and Prana Yama (Breath yoga) are a major if not primary part of all Spiritual development. The Sanskrit Word Prana, is the Life-Breath energy; Prana meaning life and Yama meaning death. Simply, inhale and exhale. The Qabalah and I have described the Magus as relating to "Words" (vibration), the underlying sonic of patterned manifestation. However, it is the power of breath that expels the sound. Thus THE FOOL activates THE MAGUS/The phallus of Will.

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The Science of Crowley’s time, considered Air to be a vacuum, as related to THE FOOL, so did Crowley, but the Ancient Wisdom is that the Element Air is not a vacuum, as in empty of anything, but rather a No-thing who is the fertile No-thingness -Dark Energy and egg of Spirit -Dark Mater. The universal Egg of Spirit is known by students of the mysteries, to be the EGG OF AKASHA, the zero of THE FOOL, also represents this egg of spirit, and is the mathematical formula of one Male, minus one female= 0 . Therefore, the understanding is that the Egg of Akasha, is a fertilized ovum of undefined sexuality, but having the potential for both! Serpent symbols, are frequencies and/or vibrations.

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On the Thoth Fool,the Tiger, "fawning about" THE FOOL'S leg, is an archetype representing the Animal Nature of Survival thinking as related to the Higher Spiritual process of Love that is fearless. Again, as this cannot be said enough, the Horns on the Thoth figure represent those ancient mysteries of Dionysus Zagreus. The green clothing is that of the Celtic Green Man of Spring, the grapes at his feet are a tribute to Bacchus, the Greek God of Ecstasy, and the Crocodile (great creative energy) is “a swimming at his feet in the Nile" (Crowley quote). Making this 0, a complexity of subtleties and far from empty.

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Images referring to the Godhead in the Thoth card, are the dove of Venus and the vulture of Maat the Dark Egyptian Goddess of Judgment, where she is the Mother of Dark Matter. Then there is the triple egg shape created by the caduceus in motion, symbolizing the Ain Soph Aur (The three states of No-Thing).

As you may realize, the imagery is so subjective that I haven't the words to detail it all for you. If you need more detail, and you do, I would recommend reading Crowley's BOOK OF THOTH., Robert Wang's Book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT and also investigating the Mythology of the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

To even begin understanding THE FOOL, we must entertain a multifaceted and fluid interpretation of Force and Form.

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Dr.Paul Foster Case calls this Eleventh Path of Aleph, in his book THE THIRTY-TWO PATHS OF WISDOM, the fiery or Scintillating Intelligence. Which makes sense as The Path of Aleph boarders on the Limitless Light (Ain Soph), which is "not" or 0. Light without limit is darkness to us who need a beginning and an end to see. So here we try to explain what can't be seen as The Fiery Darkness which is the possibility of vibration or motion and the First Perception of the One having potential for activity. This would make a modern definition of “Dark Energy” as the “first I” or identity.

In the context of Masculine sexuality, the Fool is the Testes, and the Magus is the Phallus, (Represented by the three flowers beneath the spread legs of THE FOOL) as He directs active first flow from the Fool rather than potentiality doing so. However, I fear that is a rather limiting concept of the ONE as the Ain Soph is 0, but then, all concepts are less than the potential for conception.

We may reason that the potential for Thought, comes from the Dark Energy as Dark Matter (The First Material). The appearance of Thought emanates Mind, which is the vessel for Thought and/or Womb of Thought Forms, i.e. The “I-magi-nation”, transcending all reason. Thus, as often is so with the Supernal Triangle, our reason leaves us with more questions than answers.

Limitlessness is a very difficult concept! To say that THE FOOL represents the initial potential for thought which transcends reason, i.e. the All Seeing I, is about the best I can do with words.

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The special reality we may touch in sleep, often gives us images that do not correlate to our mundane understanding of reality. This being so, our dreams seem to be so much abstraction and are considered as nonsense to our waking condition. However, the Great Work (As above so below) involves the assimilation of The Real, not a reality conceived of mundane ideas. And the Real Concepts are from what is not making what is from Dreams of Potential- Self! To think of the Universe as God Dreaming (Darkness Dreaming it is Light) is very difficult to grasp, and the fact that you are a "Lucid" Dreamer (Image of God), who has been given the Power of Observation that changes a thing, meaning you can change the Principle that is Things, is just about as mind boggling as it gets. But I dare postulate that just such a glimmer of insight requires a more than mundane understanding of self! Thus, your Divinity is not often acknowledge by the mundane world of survival thinking. However, your Spiritual Womb, the conception of "the image of God", is the invisible Sephira, Daath (knowledge) seated within the

Abyss, and is the Child of the Goddess (Understanding) and the God (Wisdom) who are face to face (Yab Yum). This middle path of Union is known as the Path of Gimel (meaning Camel); THE HIGH PRIESTESS OR HIGH PRIEST; the Divine Androgyny.

All the Paths leading upward to Kether, THE FOOL, THE MAGUS, AND THE HIGH PRIESTESS, must be approached with a certain understanding of whimsy, as we realize that by crossing the Abyss and approaching Kether (As above, so below) means the total annihilation of Self as we perceive it. Thus presenting us with the irony of our attempt to grasp such esoteric and refined principles from an earthly-mundane perspective of Ratiocination. Often, when teaching the Major Arcana and knowing what I speak, cannot truly convey what I am saying, brings a smile, if not outright laughter to my face. To me, the subjective I AM- potential is ironically displayed as a limited conception—a Me. Being a Me must never be taken too seriously, for that concept will change daily, when one enters the Higher Self, and becomes a master of subjectivity.

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To reiterate, THE FOOL- 0, is the initial potential for thought, transcending all reason. Thus objectifying the Upper Regions, the Supernal Triangle is a futile endeavor. However. Once we recognize the impossibility of consciously approaching the Highest Levels of the Tree of Life, i.e. The Universe, in a direct manner, we are forcibly driven into the key Principles of the Mysteries/Metaphysics of As Above, So Below.

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We begin seeing that the Below is a mirror reflection of the Above The Divine Spirit is all we know, we breathe it, we live within it, it is ourselves. Because we know this Divinity to be "the One Energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed" (1st law of Thermodynamics), we know that everything is of this One, as symbolized by THE FOOL, the Tarot image of the Path of Aleph.

In this context I dare to repeat, Aleph is attributed to Air and means Life-Breath. Just as Spirit is from the Greek root word Spiro, which means Breath. The One Spirit, the Holy Spirit, is then the Life-Breath the “one rope of Life” that we are all woven strands of. This is well known in Eastern cultures, and Prana- Yama (Breath yoga) are a major if not primary part of all Spiritual development. The Word Prana, is the Life-Breath energy and is also called the Sex force and means “life-death”. Now I have described the Magus as relating to "Words" (vibration), the underlying sonic of patterned manifestation. However, it is the power of breath that expels the sound. Thus THE FOOL activates THE MAGUS.

THE FOOL, represents the fertile Nothingness and egg of Spirit. The universal Egg of Spirit is known, by Qabalists, to be the EGG OF AKASHA, THE Fool is also the mathematical formula of minus one Male, minus one female= 0. Therefore, the understanding is that the Egg of Akasha, is a fertilized ovum of undefined sexuality, but having the potential for both!

THE FOOL, is the very expression of the god name of Kether, Eheieh, which means I will be. This is the essence of the Divine Child as yet unborn, who is all potential and who is our very beginning!

When THE FOOL card is thrown of both the Thoth Deck and the Manara deck during a reading the querent is in or experiencing:

  •  A state of ecstasy and/or a state of Peek experience.
  • Fearlessness. Courage.  And is completing all motion by Faith, absolutely trusting THE SPIRIT. 
  •  A feeling of being protected, and that everything will work out.
  • Being open to what the future brings!
  • Magic, amazement and desire in a relationship.
  • Magic, wonder and amazement.
  • Surprise'
  • Desire.

If ill-defined by accompanying cards, The Fool, is then the harbinger of folly, mania, extravagance and even negligence.


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