The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Babylonian Tarot- Kerub of Wands & The Thoth Tarot -Unicursal Hexagram.

Western hermetic qabalah, tantric, alchemical, astrological, and numerical Tarot Card Comparisons.

· Babylonian tarot

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Babylonian Tarot-Kerub of Wands/lion-headed spirit

The Babylonian Tarot, Kerub of Wands-Lion-Headed Spirit, is comparable to the Thoth Unicursal Hexagram, as they both mean "Spirit". The lion-headed spirit is shown as a lion head with upright ears, the torso of a man, and feet of an eagle. He is shown in a short kilt and carries a club like wand. In Mesopotamia, he was known as the ugallu, meaning "big weather-creature" who was regarded as a fierce but benevolent spirit who guarded against evil demons and illnesses. As common practice, statues of the ugallu were buried in foundations or walls of homes as a protection against illness and evil.

When thrown in a divination, Kerub of Wands implies:

  • Divine intervention.
  • Divine aid and protection.
  • Inspiration and innovation. 
If ill defined:
  • Divine intervention is not forthcoming. 
  • Lack of inspiration.
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The Thoth Unicursal Hexagram, is the Arcane Mystery card of the Thoth Tarot Deck and is often not used in divination due to the fact that most readers haven't a clue to what it means. First, it is an unbroken line of upper triangle and lower triangles of the "As above, so Below" axiom of Qabalah. The Five petaled Rose in the Center is representative of the pentagram, of the 5 elements, Fire-Air-Water Earth and Spirit and/or the human form. What many of us don't know, is that we are the Collective Mind of the 4 elements plus that of I AM and/or Spirit. Here the macrocosm and the microcosm meet in the human being.

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Therefore, it is the image of Mystery and the unknown. For it is the essence of all these things, Will, elements, forces and forms; Yet none of them but rather the mystery behind them. The Dark Intelligence of Dark Energy and Dark Matter, from which all "Light" has been made manifest. It is the Ain-the No-Thing that dreams it is Something. It is the mystery of magic, of miracle, of the unseen Seer of the Universal Collective Unconscious.

Therefore, when thrown in a divination, the Unicursal Hexagram implies:

  • There is no answer because you haven't made up your mind yet.
  • Willed by a Higher Self. 
  • Nothing has been decided because the querent must act on their own first.
  • The Divine helps those who help themselves.
  • You must first define intent.
  • The querent must take the first step, before they can know their journey.
  • This card can't be ill defined. As there is only mystery here.
  • It's a mystery.

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