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· Tarot of Druids

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Thoth-ace of wands

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Tree of Life-the God molecule

The Ace of Wands represents the Force of Spirit/Will/Sex Energy as the Element of Fire. It is the Radical or Root Force of the Fiery Motion that Moves all things. To those of us who need a pattern, the 4 Aces are said to be placed at the North Pole of the Universe, where they revolve and govern the revolution of the Universe. To a Qabalist the 4 Aces are the connecting link between Yetzirah (Formative World) and the Material plane. The Aces are attributed to Kether.

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The Ace of Wands represents the outpouring of energy in the Universe, It is the root of the Powers of Fire and is the influence of Kether (Dark energy) on the level of pure Spirit. It is represented as the Hebrew letter Yod or Yud. Yod is related to Kether, not only is it isolated and self-contained but it is also the formative graphic root for all other letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. Moreover, the Yod is Phallic. It is the Male-Fire (electric) that rushes out toward the Female-Water (Magnetic)

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The Thoth Deck Ace of Wands shows Ten Yods emanating from a primitive burning club. This represents the Primal force behind the entire Tree of Life that is composed of 10 Sephiroth and their connecting paths of energy transference. The entire Tree is a glyph of the Power of Fire, i.e. of Spirit. The scholarly student of Qabalah will find that the letter, Shin (Maternal Fire) and Yod are often used interchangeably when referring to the Tree of Life.

Besides being a practicing Qabalist, I am also a practicing Tantric in the techniques of Yoga. To me and all those of a higher state of mind, the human body is a God body. It is sacred and sanctified by the Creator and Creatrix and part of that sacredness is the sacrament of Holy Communion and/or sexual union which is an action of Spirit! It is Magick in a living form of two who must become one to flow in transformational power for the 2 came from 0. Hence, 0=2. I am of the opinion, along with many other intelligentsia, that there is no shame in being a human, or that a soul who owns one by giving it life, should not in any way be embarrassed for doing so! Each of us are a bisexual being, for our souls are androgynous, so sexuality is only the concern of the ignorantly indoctrinated by the divide and conquer Patriarchy.

To make alive such a being as the homo sapiens sapiens is a high honor to any Spirit-Being and/or Psyche of the Stars!

I've spent this life (and many others) learning the powerful purpose of having a human form as my power tool, not only because I was curious why those who rule us, wish us to reject it's divinity (Divide and conquer) and persecute those who refuse to lessen themselves, but also because God Wants To Be Human! In fact the very name Hu-man is God-mind, as Hu is a Chinese-Mandarin and Tibetan word for God and man comes from the Hindu word Manas, meaning Mind. Long before Latin took over the word. Latin is the language of the Patriarchy, so indeed, it would change the meaning of the word as the Patriarchy thrives on propaganda. However, if you can imagine, you have a god mind/ a mind of the Divine Creative!

SAI SOUL MH Hamid Ali Khan Sanatani, Your Divya Saathi

Updated October 12, 2019

One of the oldest names for the Supreme Being/Parambrahma/Allah is "HU".

HU is Indivisible Oneness;HU is Eternal & Omnipresent;HU is Love

HU, who was, is and shall be.

HE was called so by the Egyptians, Indians, Hebrews, Native Americans, Tibetans and Celtic too.

The All-Knowing Creator knew that English would be the predominate language for the 21st century when all the mysteries would be revealed. Therefore, he hid the mystery of mankind within the language, just in case we rejected the sacred scriptures.

HU-MAN HU, the first breath of creation, the creative word, the seed of fire; breathed into man the HU and he became a living soul. He became a HUMAN, Spirit, Breath Man, Vicegerent of Allah-Parambrahma.

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The Spiritual Fire (One energy) controls creativity, desire, passion, ambition and the satisfaction and all emotion there of. For it is the Fiery Spirit in all of us that we've inherited from the Solar Logos as "Divine Frenzy" or Lust of God to Be! Kether, the One, is said to be Eheieh, a Hebrew word meaning "I Will Be", the first Motion that began all movement in energy.

Fire as passion, can be ill defined and become that which seeks the perverse or transgressions for fire is neutral; neither good or bad.

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On the Qabalistic Tree of: Life, Kether is the Crown, the Observer, the Dark Energy, that is. It is the Unknowable God of many religions, and yet as many of us know, religion is not God for it is man-made. Kether is the Idea of the Big Bang, the point, the Singularity.

The Aces are also essences, so they too are not easily explained.

The 4 Aces are related to Kether, thus they are representative of the Pure Forms of Energy that are elaborated by the other cards of the Tarot Deck and/or Sephiroth.

The consecutive elaboration of the Numbers, are Forces/Frequencies being woven together to form the Harmonic that is eventually the World. A World that is 99% invisible to us. However, by combining the colors of the visible spectrum of electromagnetic light, we see that different combinations, make different color changes, such as blue combined with red makes purple, etc. These combinations are the necessary diversity of creation, as well as transformative and can be called harmonies or the “spiral Sex action of Spirit”. In Qaballah, the world we see, is the 1% world.

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the tarot of druids- 1 of mistletoe

The Tarot of Druids-1 of Mistletoe, depicts a Druid being trumpeted forth, holding high a sacred branch of Mistletoe. This parasitic plant was held sacred by the Druids, believing the juices of it to be a cure of sterility and many other illnesses.The Celtic Druids believed that mistletoe, although rare, was the essence/semen of the sun god Taranus and any tree, but especially hard wood oak, hosting mistletoe on its branches was marked sacred.

Ritual of oak and mistletoe

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The ritual of oak and mistletoe is a Celtic religious ceremony, in which white-clad druids climbed a sacred oak, cut down the mistletoe growing on it, sacrificed two white bulls and used the mistletoe to make an elixir to cure infertility and the effects of poison.[1] The ritual, known from a single passage in Pliny's Natural History, has helped shape the image of the druid in the popular imagination.[2][3]

Contents Account by Pliny the Elder

The only extant source for this ritual is a passage in the Natural History by Roman historian Pliny the Elder, written in the 1st century AD. Speaking of mistletoe, he writes:

We should not omit to mention the great admiration that the Gauls have for it as well. The druids – that is what they call their magicians – hold nothing more sacred than the mistletoe and a tree on which it is growing, provided it is a hard-timbered oak [robur][4][5].... Mistletoe is rare and when found it is gathered with great ceremony, and particularly on the sixth day of the moon.... Hailing the moon in a native word that means 'healing all things,' they prepare a ritual sacrifice and banquet beneath a tree and bring up two white bulls, whose horns are bound for the first time on this occasion. A priest arrayed in white vestments climbs the tree and, with a golden sickle, cuts down the mistletoe, which is caught in a white cloak. Then finally they kill the victims, praying to a god to render his gift propitious to those on whom he has bestowed it. They believe that mistletoe given in drink will impart fertility to any animal that is barren and that it is an antidote to all poisons.[1][6]

While Pliny does not indicate the source on which he based this account, French archaeologist Jean-Louis Brunaux (fr) has argued for Posidonius of Rhodes, a polymath who flourished in the 1st century BC.[7]


  • It signifies a deep burning spiritual desire for self-discovery and realization.
  • Trans-formative High Energy for new beginnings
  • The first impulse and passion to begin.
  • Creative energy and initiative, to begin new business ventures, new understandings, new foundations, where creative energy is flowing with plenty of potential and ambition to succeed.
  • The burning flame of Dragon Power, A balancing and increasing in Potency of Inner Fire. The Souring of Kundalini energy, "the Dragon within".
  • The dawning of desire, passion, enthusiasm and creativity.
  • The Power of Masculine fire, with its connotations of heat, vigor, contest, aspirations, enlightenment, and avidity to consume.
  • The overwhelming power of Lust to be that vibrates at the core of all manifestation. 
  • Pure Power to create.
  • New discoveries.
  • Start of activities.
  • Courage.
  • Potency.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Health problems.
  • Accidents.
  • Failure through arrogance.
  • Destruction through exaggeration.

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