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· Tarot of Druids

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Thoth- 2 of wands-dominion

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This Thoth Tarot Card- 2 of Wands, represents Chokmah influencing the World of Pure Spirit known as Atziluth.

Again I am trying to explain the infinite, which is the Supernal Triangle. This 2nd Sephiroth is pure will to force, without need of result which to most of us is impossible to realize as most of us exercise will to reach goals and/or "needs". We don't realize that will to force is the Power behind Spirit, the Spiraling of Energy into motions that build dimensions of I AM that are expressions of self-awareness as "something". But before frequencies are stimulated into being, there was Will to Force (Chokmah) and then simultaneously  Will to Form (Binah). To some Being may be form, but in fact, Being to a Qabalist is an "immortal state of Conscious Energy" while we all know that form has a beginning and an end and is therefore called and Entity. In Chokmah is beginning of expression and/or The First Being---The All Father God who has no form until She-Binah "wills him to Form". Kether, is not the 1st Being rather, Kether is the First Stirring and/or movement towards Being. Here in the 2 of Wands is that joining of the Two states of Will that are "He" and "She", Will to Force and Will to Form.

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The Astrological and planetary signs on the 2 of Wands are of Mars and Aries.This is Power to Create, in an unbridled state, for Mars is exalted in Aries as the fiery Mars rules the fiery sign Aries. Here Fire, i.e. Spirit, is pure Primal, and brilliant, warm and bright. The Dorjes, Tibetan symbols for Thunderbolts, are shown crossed on this card, emphasizing the power and harmony of this card, Will to Force and Will to Form are in balance here as one end of the Dorje is crowned by the head of a Female Tibetan Angel, called a Ka Dro Ma and the other is decorated with a spear point and twin serpents, symbolizing phallus and intertwined Wills. The Dominion of Spirit is beginning a new domain of Form.

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There is no lust of result in this Pure Will, made of the harmony of "He" and "She" aspects of the One and has formed the Conscious I AM. There is no "battle of the sexes", the propagandist slogan from the divide and conquer paradigm of indoctrination, where one wishes to rule relationship over the other. There is only the Union of Wisdom and Understanding that gives birth to Knowledge and all creation. Here, Energy is initiating a current of Force, that Spiral of Energy from which all comes; 0=2.

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When the word Harmony is mentioned, one often thinks of peace and quiet bliss, but this is the Violent Destructive Force that initiated the "Big Bang", totally without resistance in and of itself but destructive none the less, as that is the First Motion of Creation, the destruction of the motionless void. A Singularity exploded “outward" to form the building blocks of our Universe. Here Mars in Aries represents that Powerful Gathering of Force to deconstruct placidity for reconstruction and/or action. A gathering of Will and Idea. Hence, this is also the power to recover from illness.

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the tarot of druids- 2 of mistletoe

The Tarot of Druids- 2 of Mistletoe, depicts a Druid, wearing an oak leaf crown cutting a branch of mistletoe from an oak tree, using a golden sickle; the traditional Druid tool for cutting/harvesting sacred mistletoe. 2 Celts are watching the sacred harvest*.

The Druids believed that mistletoe was a sacred ejaculation from their sun god, Tarantus and the juices from the berry, could heal sickness and be an antidote to poisons. Hence, this card's primary meaning is recovery from illness.

*Mistletoe The Sacred Plant of the Druids

Gathering the Mistletoe On the Sixth day after the new moon A procession of village folk. Gathered to seek a special boon Underneath the ancient oak (he also wearing a wreath of oak leaves). They spied a clump of mistletoe High in the oaken canopy The berries gave a milky glow Against bare limbs of the winter tree. A white robed Druid climbed the boughs With his golden sickle blade A green circlet of ivy ‘round his brow His long dark hair caught up in a braid.

Extending his body along a stout limb He could just reach the holy plant Anxiously below they waited for him And began their sacred chant. Uil-ioc! Draoidh-lus! Sùgh an Daraich! Stretched beneath the gnarled wood A sheet of white linen was spread For the herb to touch the ground would Be an ominous omen of dread. Deftly the Druid cut the stem And the herb fell upon the sheet A cheer rose from within the glen And the deed was declared complete. A white bull was sacrificed that night And a midwinter feast was held for all The herb was preserved for a holy rite A gift from the venerable Druids of Gaul.

When the 2 of Wands-Dominion or 2 of Mistletoe is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent is experiencing the will to move forward in a new direction from a place of undaunted will, of full power, and balanced dominion.
  • Contemplating new ideas without lust of result.
  • What once was unfocused energy is now becoming clear and polarized.
  • Affirming a new self-identity.
  • A partnership of two powers, opposite yet reflecting each other.
  • The Self confidence that only comes from affirming and approving of one's self.
  • A senses of accomplishment without any feeling of satisfaction.
  • Profitable collaboration.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Fears.
  • Uncertainty
  • Destructiveness.

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