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· Declarative -Thoth

Above all things, know thyself.

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Thoth-Ace of Disks

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The Declarative Tarot-Layers of Presence- Seeding Transcendence.

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In Western Hermetic Qabalah, Kether, the first Sephiroth, is symbolized as the Point, the Crown, and the Swastika, and if you have been following the blogs, you know a point is to imply completeness unto itself, without dimension or external definition. and the Buddhist Swastika, a symbol for the "first whirling" of energy. The Point is also attributed to the number 1 which mathematically has the potential for all other numbers. The Sacred stone assigned to Kether; the 1st Sephiroth of the Aces is the Pure Diamond Crystal.

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The Diamond Crown symbolizes the Holy Guiding Spirit (Holy Guardian Angel/Higher Self) to which we may aspire. Since diamonds are the stone representing Kether, for it shows the purest light, the crown should be a diamond crown., or as Crowley puts it: "A 22 diadem crown".

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The Swastika is a Buddhist symbol for the "First Swirling" of manifestation and represents the swirling motion around the Point that emphasizes self-contained motion. This swirling symbol has been found in Persia, the Americas, Europe, China, and Japan and is far more ancient than the profaned symbol of the WW

2 nazis.

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The Four Archangels of the 4 Elements

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The Thoth Ace displays 4 Wings that represent the 4 Archangels whose powers balance each other and create stability through the Four Elements. The 6 wings, which cross the 4, also represent the number of the Sun and the implied union of Earth and Sun that creates the living organic organism that is the Being Earth. The 4 Aces represent the Root Force of the Alchemical Four elements. The Ace of Disks is the Root Force behind physical manifestation that governs the motion within the movement of Matter, representing the Qabalistic world of Assiah. The Princess of Disks is the throne of the Ace of Disks, and the Ace of Disks rules the Aries-Taurus-Gemini quadrant above the North Pole, and the area of Europe and Africa.

The Ace of Disks is a fascinating card in the Thoth Tarot deck, designed by Aleister Crowley and illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris. It represents the essence of the earth element and carries profound symbolism within the system of Western Hermetic Qabalah and High Magick.

Title: The Thoth Ace of Disks - Manifestation and Potential

The Ace of Disks in the Thoth Tarot is a card of immense significance, encapsulating the essence of earthly manifestation, materialization, and the potential for growth. It is associated with the Earth element, the Kabbalistic realm of Assiah, and the suit of Disks, Pentacles, or Coins in traditional tarot decks.

Symbolism and Imagery: In the Ace of Disks, we see a large, golden coin adorned with a pentagram, symbolizing the unity of spirit and matter. The pentagram's five points represent the elements, and the upward pointing one signifies the spiritual ascent through material experience. The coin is encompassed by a wreath of green leaves, representing the fertile and abundant nature of the physical world.

Key Themes:

  1. Materialization and Manifestation: The Ace of Disks signifies the initial stages of manifesting your desires and intentions in the physical realm. It represents the potential for tangible success, prosperity, and the realization of goals.

  2. Earthly Abundance: This card embodies the concept of abundance, not only in terms of material wealth but also in the abundance of opportunities, resources, and possibilities available to you in the physical world.

  3. Health and Well-being: In a broader sense, the Ace of Disks is associated with physical health and well-being. It reminds us of the importance of grounding ourselves in the present and taking care of our physical bodies.

  4. Practicality and Work: It encourages a practical and methodical approach to achieving your goals. It suggests that diligent effort, commitment, and attention to detail are essential in the process of manifestation.

  5. Rootedness and Stability: The card signifies a sturdy foundation, both in terms of your physical circumstances and your inner beliefs and values. It encourages you to be grounded and rooted in your actions and decisions.

The Path of Malkuth: In the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah/Qabalah, the Ace of Disks corresponds to the sephira of Malkuth, the kingdom. Malkuth represents the material world, the physical plane of existence. This card is a reminder that the material realm reflects the spiritual, and it is through our experiences in Malkuth that we can ascend towards higher levels of consciousness.

High Magick and Transformation: In the practice of High Magick (Sex magick) and Western Hermetic Qabalah, the Ace of Disks can be used as a tool for meditation and powerful sexual magick ritual work. It can aid in grounding and connecting with the energies of the earth, weaving them with the energy frequencies generated by the couple in sexual ecstasy, making it an essential component of rituals involving practical manifestation and material goals.

Conclusion: The Thoth Ace of Disks is a potent symbol of the potential for manifestation, materialization, and abundance in the physical world. It reminds us that the earthly realm is a sacred space for our spiritual growth and evolution. By embracing practicality, stability, and a connection to the earth, we can harness the energy of this card to bring our desires and goals into reality.

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The 4 Princesses

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The Declarative Tarot-Layers of Presence-Seeding Transcendence.

The Declarative Tarot- Layers of Presence- Seeding Transcendence- presents a Fanciful Garden of Eden. This card is the gathering point of the other three suits, the trinity that is manifested in this suit. Here the corporeal feels the ethereal as well as the coagulated worlds. All feelings, knowledge, and passions are gathered into one place.

The Sequoiadendron Giganteum is the central seed of the floral display. While Sequoiadendron giganteum, commonly known as the giant sequoia or giant redwood, is not related to Tarot Card Comparisons, metaphysics, parapsychology, Western Hermetic Qabalah, or High Magick, I can certainly provide you with some information about it.

The giant sequoia is a remarkable tree species native to the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. It is known for being one of the largest and oldest living organisms on Earth. While it may not have specific folklore associated with it in the same way that some mythical or magical creatures do, it is often revered for its immense size and longevity.

Native American tribes that inhabited the Sierra Nevada region, such as the Miwok and the Yokuts, may have had their own stories and legends related to the giant sequoia, but specific folklore can vary among different tribes.

Seeds hold the knowledge of the initial point of reference up to the time of release into the world. You could compare yourself to a Seed from your Psyche=Solar Self (Soul) holding within the vast knowledge and Wisdom of the Divine Creative (Yin Yang-Binah and Chokmah on the Tree of Life). When you let go of all that you think you are, thereby allowing the Divine To enliven What She knows you are, you reach vast heights of Being reminiscent of the Giant Redwood.

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The ring of patterns imitates the DNA pattern and/or the Caduceus held by the Messenger of the Gods, Mercury. Hence, we know DNA to be both corporeal and spiritual and it is the Universal intelligence divinely integrated into the Adam Khadmon (Heavenly Human archetype) whose wakeup call is the coiled kundalini at the base of your spine. However, this must be awakened by proper tempering and kundalini meditation practices to avoid injury to one's emotional-mental state. I recommend that you have completely gotten the False ego under the control of you Soul, before you even try raising this eternal power, as energy is neutral and goes where you concentrate the most emotion; therefore, it will feed the shadow side of the Archon in you and/or awaken the Solar Celestial Archetype in you. All depends on your mental development.

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Adam Khadmon (Divine Hermaphrodite), The Heavenly Human

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A chakra and Kundalini workbook- by Dr. John Mumford.

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There is a serious number of fungi in the second ring, Earth star, Dead man's fingers, Morels, ink caps, and stylized fungi, to name the participants reminding us of the underground mycelium that integrates the entire forest.

Mycelium is a term used to describe the underground network of fine, thread-like structures known as hyphae that make up the vegetative part of a fungus. This network of hyphae is responsible for the growth and maintenance of the fungal organism. Mycelium plays several important roles in the ecosystem, and its purposes are as follows:

  1. Nutrient Absorption: Mycelium is primarily responsible for absorbing nutrients from its environment. It secretes enzymes that break down organic matter such as dead plants, leaves, wood, and even animal remains. These enzymes digest complex organic compounds into simpler forms that the fungus can absorb and use for growth.

  2. Decomposition: Mycelium is a crucial player in the decomposition of organic material. It helps recycle nutrients back into the ecosystem by breaking down dead or decaying matter. This decomposition process is essential for maintaining soil health and fertility.

  3. Nutrient Distribution: Mycelium can extend over large areas, creating a vast underground network. This network connects with plant roots, forming a symbiotic relationship known as mycorrhizae. In this relationship, mycelium assists plants in absorbing essential nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen from the soil, while the plants provide the fungus with sugars produced through photosynthesis.

  4. Soil Structure and Water Retention: Mycelium helps improve soil structure by binding soil particles together with its hyphal threads. This enhances the soil's ability to retain water, making it available to plants and other organisms in the ecosystem.

  5. Disease Control: Some mycorrhizal fungi can also protect plants from certain pathogens by forming a protective barrier around the plant's roots or by competing with harmful microorganisms for resources.

  6. Fungal Reproduction: Mycelium serves as the reproductive structure of the fungus. When conditions are right, it can produce mushroom fruiting bodies, which release spores for reproduction.

  7. Biodiversity Support: Mycelium provides a habitat for a wide range of microorganisms and invertebrates. It contributes to the overall biodiversity of the ecosystem by creating microenvironments within the soil.

In summary, mycelium serves multiple crucial purposes in ecosystems, including nutrient absorption, decomposition, nutrient distribution to plants, soil structure improvement, disease control, fungal reproduction, and support for biodiversity. It plays a vital role in the functioning and health of ecosystems worldwide. We all have an occult- ethereal connection to the Universal Collective Unconscious, The Great Sophia, and her Wisdom.

There are four suits of mind (mist of evaporation -steam-smoke), hence there are four trees shown in the outer ring holding special presents. A dew drop -represents heart /water/creativeness. The Spermatid-represents Passion. The ova or egg represents. Presence.

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At the top of this expressive card, is a door surrounded by ivy. In the door is a keyhole, to which only you have the key to begin your new life journey of wisdom. Only you can provide the turnkey action to open this door.

At the bottom of this card is a nest of eggs all wrapped up in laurel leaves. This implies that we often rest on our laurels, thinking we have achieved all we need. This is an ego trip, in truth life is a transformative motion and we'll always be involved in constant change. Life is often up down the staircase, where one landing achieved is just at the bottom of the next stairway. Hence, be grateful for your opportunities and the ability to accomplish your goals. For gratitude opens the mind to even greater opportunities while ego trips, closes the mind to further exploration.

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The Ace of Disks, as seen in the Thoth Tarot Deck, is layered idea-upon idea; a fractal and requires a great study of Crowley's Liber Al, and 777 along with the Equinox book series to understand the Earth/Elemental Magic involved. I shall only superficially cover this card, although that superficiality may seem deep, as it goes much deeper into the metaphysical than traditional pentacle or pentagram tarot cards usually express.

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The Ace of Disks shows a spinning Mandala, for that is what the Earth, Luna, and Sun union is. It is the Mandala of Sacred Life on Earth, the 10th Sephiroth-Malkuth---the Kingdom of Reflected and Living coagulated-light. This combination of photons, electrons, neutrons, atoms etc. spinning together to form an Entity, is a great sacred act of Divine Phallus /Masculine Divine Creative (Solar-electric forces) and Divine womb/ Feminine Divine Creative (magnetic forces) that have been represented in Mythology as long as it has been recorded, as well as, in our modern study of this Mythology (theory) called the “Theoretical Quantum Physics or Quantum Theory”. As stated, the Quanta are subatomic particles and can be called the "Seeds of Atoms". Study Quantum physics if you want more explanation of this perspective. Otherwise call it the magic of imagination which is the Creatrix Mother of all Form of atomic particles and their collectives and whose observation gives these particles form.

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Adam Khadmon (The Universal Archetype-The Heavenly Human]

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The Annunaki-"Those who from the Heavens Came"; The God's and Sons of God

The Greek words for “to the mark the beast" -TO META OPHION (To mega Therion) appear in the center of the Thoth card. The number 666 also shows in this card, all of which shows the Earth to be the world of the Animal, as its highest form and/or the Pan-Force of Earth. The God-Mind has changed this by expanding the mammalian predator by Genetic Manipulation of the “fallen Angels” and/or the "sons of god who married the women of men" (ancient aliens) and the Animal DNA of earth. Thus, the homo sapiens sapiens body is a G.M.O, for the purpose of advanced evolutionary work that the Qabalah Archetype of the Galactic Adam Khadmon represents. The Great Work of as above so below, which is to bring the above-Energy Intelligence (Galactic-Macrocosm) and the below Intelligence (Planet-Microcosm) into perfect union on earth.

Genesis 6:2-7

Genesis 6:2-7 that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. Then the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless, his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”

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To the indoctrinated, the Beast/Body is seen by some as a lowly thing, whereas Divine Creative has seen the Beast to be worthy of inheritor status as the hominoid pattern when joined with the "God Molecule" (God DNA-Fractal) which is a Cosmic Colonization, not just manifested on earth. "Ancient Astronauts" have visited many worlds, and combined their DNA with indigenous hominoid forms, to produce the Adam Khadmon and/or "Heavenly Human"; giving them the ability to mentally tune into the Universal Collective Unconscious mind. Hence, we have the Divine Creative Mind known as Imagination and the Rational mind of the Divine Architect; the Womb and Phallus of energy (0=2) and thereby, of all form. I don't presume to question the Divine Creative in this, I just exalt in my inheritance, for there is no greater wealth for Spirit than to be intimate with creation.

I am doing my best to be the "As above, so below" as we are all able to access the Cosmic Mind/Greater Self. One of the "Secrets" of Western Hermetic Magic, is that we are a colony of ET's created by "Those (Gods/Angels/ETs) who from the Heavens came". The Qabalist knows that the Divine, I AM, (God Name of Eheieh-meaning, "I Will Be") fulfills Its will through being. The Divine created the Homo Sapien Sapien to be a copy of its self-awareness., which is microwaves of transmitted light that need a crystalized (coagulated) body of light to be able to give senses to data and/or information so that it can become Life and/or in-form-action. In-form-action proves the theory of information. When proven, it becomes knowledge. Remember, every thought is merely an unproven idea and unless you can enact its goal physically, it is false information. Hence, everything is a failure until it isn't. I Am is the truth of you, what you "AM" is assumed and only action can prove the theory of you. You are free to assume your own identity. So, choose to be the best you that you can be, and your best will get better every day.

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According to Crowley, the central Hieroglyph is that of "the chosen priest and apostle of infinite space," (The Husband),"The prince-priest Beast"- To Meta Ohepion- [Liber Al. I.15.] was Crowley's motto as he saw himself as the Prince Priest of the Beast. Thus, the Cosmic Phallus, in the shape of the Cosmic Yoni Linga (Hindu), is shown as the central symbol of this card, as that is the symbol of Tetragrammaton (secret name of the Creator"-rebounding, whirling forth, crying aloud,") again showing the Sol (Phallus) Luna (Yoni) union of energy and reflected light. Crowley took this card as his personal Hieroglyph, so deep study is required to understand his deep and subtle meanings implied by this card. Purchasing his book of Thoth and reading it may help one see beyond their dogma misunderstanding of the "beast" as something evil. The Body is an Earthly Beast, and now is our Avatar of Spiritual presence on Earth. It is the sacred place of the Soul on earth. Contrary to many "new ager's" concepts, Earth is a Spiritual Plane, for I AM Spirit, and I am manifesting a presence of Earth and everything I see is another way to be me!

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The Merkabah.

The Ace of Disks is also a Mandala for the New Aeon of Horus. This card has layered depths of Gnosis (Knowledge) that can never be seen by first glance and requires in-depth study of the Tree of Life (The God Molecule in 2 D-we are the God Molecule in 10 D) and a recommended scrying of this card. The Non-Being required "Will", to weave patterns of Light-into a Fantasy of being so that it could be/sense itself. The Universe is the Fantasy of the Divine Creative Self wrought out of the love/lust of the Masculine for the Feminine or vice versa, the love of electricity for the magnetic! To even get a glimmer of understanding of this is to revise your perspectives on Fantasy/Illusion and watch how opposite magnetic poles attract each other and if the magnet is spun in an enclosure of wire, it produces electricity. It is the magnetic attraction of poles that makes Power!

Every thought you think is a Fantasy that the body (an enclosure of matter) makes into "reality" by sensitizing it and enacting it. We are the Playwright, the Play, the Actor, and the Stage of our Fantasies that are Life! As I said, reality is a weaving of layers upon layers of Dream-Fantasy, a fractal of Self. All the Universe is in the Mind of One Conscious Energy Collective of which you are a harmonious Life-Frequency of Spiral and woven light (Spirit). The Union of Goddess (magnetic womb) and God (electric Phallus) animate all the Dreams of this Mind. That makes this card a "must meditate on Mandala". When the All Seeing "I" created the dream of the All- existing "Am," love became the foundation of observation for the Creator and the Child of the Universal I AM is called a "Me". I AM ME is a proud statement of Self. Self is all you will ever know and all that you will ever see. Greater Self is the creator of the Universal Fractal of Images and/or "lesser selves" that become data and/or self-awareness made manifest.

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The Ace of Disks is a glyph of Earth, The root Power of Earth in the new Aeon of Horus. Since each of us fantasize our world, why not make a Great Fantasy of Union and Love, rather than the brutal Fantasy of divisionism and war? That is why Crowley calls the element of Earth cards, Disks instead of Pentacles, as most other decks do. A disk must spin to arrive at its target. Life is alive, spinning, rebounding, layer upon layer of Greater Self Awareness; a loving realization that builds the All of the “I AM ME”, Universal of ONE who is many aspects of Self-Awareness.

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Adam Khadmon is a Divine Hermaphrodite Identity and is not a specific gender, it is- I AM...

The Tree of Life shows the Crown-Kether and the Kingdom- Malkuth as both ends of the Tree. As above, so below, is the Qabalist's axiom for who is the manifestation of Divine Will on the Material Earth Plane.; one whose “I’s” (10 Sephiroth) are all seeing. “As above, so below” implies Whole-ness of Spirit, consciousness, and body (Holy Spirit= Soul+MInd+Body) and is the destination of all who study the Qabalah. Earth is not perceived as a "lesser form" of Spirit but as an achievement of Total Spiritual Self Awareness!

Since there is no logic to No-thing "becoming" some-thing so that it may return to nothing, ascension is of the Personality, not the body, as it is already intelligently ascended by the Solar Being that is the Soul (Sun of the Divine Creative). No-thing (Kether) obviously desired itself into being something---because its trinity is the” I AM” who is the god name known in Hebrew as Eheieh- "I Will Be". Hence, the first name we’ve all inherited is "I AM" and the Divine Creative "I" is united with all the "Am". The identity produced by the awareness of difference between the "I" and the "Am" has created a "ME". Therefore, Me is always an assumption, freely made by the declaration of "I Am...". Hence, you shall be whatever you declare yourself to be.

I Am the Will, I Am the Way, I Am the Wealth, I Am the Health, I Am the Day!

The Ace of Disks suggests that We are masters of Time-Space, and Self assumption, thereby, achieving an active part of the Conscious Energy Self Awareness, by being able to focus that awareness down to the scale of human/crystal sensuality. We may call ourselves Souls, but we do not know what that means. First off, the word soul came from the Greek-Psyche, a part of mythology for understanding the workings of the Unconscious. But to be more modern, souls are Psyche composed of Libraries of Personal experience created by Spiritual (spiral) union of frequencies of the One Energy that are focused into fractals of " I AM Me"- The Supernal Triangle, of Kether, Chokmah, Binah, together state "I AM YOU"; therefore, your name is indeed legion and compiled from the sum of the many Selves of the One- Self. The One "Many 'I'd' Self" Created you, the "selves of Self", as its intimacy with all Creation! The Soul or Solar Self is composed of a trinity of I (Spirit) AM (Mind)ME (body), a special Alchemy of the invisible joined with the visible through the union of "Fire, Water, Air, and Earth". This is easily seen if the "me" is not profaned by dogma, indoctrination, and/or the parasitic mind virus of the false ego.

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I Am

When the Ace of Disks is thrown, new material conditions for a new satisfying path in life shall ensue. The Ace of Disks is the "seed" of Matter brought on by the joyous union of the Sun-Phallus and The Womb of Earth. This card affirms the new Aeon...The manifestation of the Solar Being (Soul) and the Material Being as One Being who is many selves attributing to the Knowledge of Self! In other words, the Being whose name is Legion (Many) is the combination of the Sun/Son of The Divine Creative and the princess- daughter Earth! That would be best known as, I AM ME for everyone I see is another way to be me.

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Matter, may be called the crystallized light, which is a materialization of Ideas that began in the "Great Dark Ocean of Binah (who is the dark conscious space all around us and in us and as us)", the feminine of the Divine Creative and because of Her Union with Chokma (wisdom), the masculine of the Divine Creative, creates Life as an animated energy form of "Will to Force" united to "Will to Form", as a point of self-examination. If your identity looks deeply into the mind, you can see that when an idea (wisdom) is understood (Binah), it is now information and information coagulate into in-form-action, producing experienced knowledge in this universe. The seeds of Image are as a seed of a tree----all the knowledge/wisdom of the Tree is in that seed which becomes something greater than itself as it grows from practice and experience into The New Identity of that Tree. The Ace of Disks also postulates that We are such seeds. We are the seeds of I AM that has acknowledged itself as probabilities rather than a stasis form of Law. We are the Self-Rule Makers of the I AM Universe---we make a Rule -a definition and then become it, and hopefully grow beyond it by expanding and liberating our identity from that previous definition when experienced and understood. You could call us the Seeds of Conscious Evolution. We are always the "Exception" to some previously observed rule. It's called FREEDOM OF CHOICE! So, this card reminds us to choose and then fertilize and nurture that choice with Will-To-Be-Thyself! Our Destiny is "To Be"; our fate as being is ours to decide.

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This is indeed a great inheritance! We can be and/or are whatever we define ourselves to be just by using the inner Alchemy that applies emotion (energy-in-motion) to thought and thereby creating in-form-action! To be "ill defined" is to think ill about any or all that you "see". To be "Well defined" is to know that everything you see is another way to be me (identity of the One Energy Fractal of I AM) and just like you, it is supposed to exist. Again, the greatest seeds of Life that you can plant come from, “Doing unto another what you would have done to you!"- That includes the "beasts" of earth and the earth herself. Hence, it behooves you to think well no matter how they "do unto you"! We must practice what we "think we are"---for that is the nature and justice of an emoted "Thought Form "and/or our crystallized conscious-energy bodies---which are the "seeding" of Self-Aware Cosmic Spirit on this Earth. Outer growth depends on fertile and nurturing internal awareness!

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Remember, you cannot erase thought by suppressing it for it is created out of energy and cannot be destroyed! So, expand it instead and as a seed it can grow into a fruitful tree. For instance, let's say you wake up in the morning thinking, "Damn I feel lousy!" Don't try and suppress it by denying that you thought it by overlaying a thought such as " Oh not really---I feel great" for that will only fail and magnify that ill feeling. Instead think expansively and liberate that ill thought towards well thought! For example, you may think," Damn I feel lousy but in 5 minutes I'll feel better!" And in 5 minutes you will feel better and as a seed you will continually feel better by "watering" it every 5 minutes with "I feel even better in another 5 minutes", etc. We can do the same for any ill thought---Such as," Boy is she/he a bitch!" By just adding a positive. Such as, "However, those who go after what they want always seem bitchy to those who don't." This just frees you from "disliking" yourself as you go after what you want in life! Therefore, the Ace of Disks reminds us of the seeds we plant in our own Identities by definitions supplied to those images composed of the One Energy around us.

Remember, if it exists---it’s supposed to! To see error doesn't mean to condemn it! Error is 50% of Wisdom, Wisdom being the ability to create, see error (in that creation) and correct it. The Body is where we correct the errant thought because we can "Feel" thought and if it "hurts" it has error in it! Happiness is constant growing harmony of Spirit-Mind Body intercourse; whereas depression is a stagnation of self-identity; a swamp of past emotion, a quagmire born of fearful yesterdays! You are good enough for Divine Image--you are good enough for you! To stop ill thought, think this as a corrective to your body when it gets on the pity-pot of thought, “Get over yourself and get on with you, impeccability is what we do!” All Earth Magic is comprised of the special Trinity of Will +Thought + Emotions=Magic/Creation. We are the keepers of the Earth God Molecule and someday this colony of ET's, will branch out into our solar system and link our God Molecule/DNA to other planets and thereby creating yet another form of Adam Khadmon, the Universal Archetype of I AM Me! Your personality is yours to create and destroy, for it is not you as it is your avatar on earth. When your persona (mask) is in love with the Soul that it radiates from, you'll know yourself.


It implies:

  • Union between the physical and spiritual aspects of the querent.
  • Beginning a new pathway in life that will bring satisfaction.
  • A new planting of seeds, for a new home, job, career, or some form of security.
  • Materialization of ideas brings stability to skills that produce results.
  • Could also be a time of meditation; an inward pulling of energy.
  • Good beginnings for financial wealth, material gain and worldly status.
  • The beginning of any new material form
  • A most auspicious card showing the bringing together of internal and external talents and resources.
  • Even if ill dignified it shows a sharing of treasure.
  • Also, the Card of a Shaman, or one who is practiced in the arts of Earth Magic.
  • A raise in pay.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards, it implies:

  • Materialism.
  • Stinginess.
  • The vile side of materialism/affluence.

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