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· Tarot of the spirit

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Thoth- ace of cups

-Kether and the 4 Aces.

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Kether, is motion ....and that is about all that can be realized. It is the Breath of all that is not. It is the Dark Fire/Dark Energy that is unlimited and unseen yet is the Source of Energy from the Infinite unmanifested. It is the Pusher of all the Mind/ Universe, a Motion within all Movement. It is the all-seeing, observer, who only observes as the primal "I"/Identity. All that is comes from there, all that is returns to there. Only to cycle again. Kether is unexplainable, for words have measurement and Kether doesn't, and in the Thoth Ace of Swords, Kether is depicted as the 22 Diadem Crown, the Primary symbol of Kether. The other symbols attributed to Kether are the Point and the Swastika. Therefore, Kether is often displayed as a white circle with a dark point in the center, which is also the glyph for the Sun. Kether is the Source behind the Aces. The jewel used to represent Kether is a diamond or a diamond crown, for it is the purest reflection of light we have on earth.

As with all the Sephiroth, Kether must be approached intellectually just to form an intuitive concept of the Source. For instance, we say that Kether is the point and as a symbol that is true, but the Point is not Kether. Just as the Divine Creative built us in its own image, but the Image is not The Divine Creative, but its reflection in light.

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We are establishing some principles with symbols; the first principle symbol is the crown. We may think because of our anthropomorphic perspective that this Force of Motion lies somewhere in our head, as a spacial as yet unawake part of our brain; However, this is not the case.

The Crown represents the Holy Guiding Spirit, the crowning glory that we all aspire to even though it is a Force our brain is subordinate to. Because of George Lucas and his marvelous creation of modern myth, known as the Star Wars series of movies and books; The Force has been described as the personal Aspiration of all Jedi; Jedi seems to be a word cross of Magi, Djinn and genius. Genius being a personal spirit guide or Angel of Ancient Rome. However, Jedi is Hebrew of origin and means "beloved of god".

  1. Genius


    In Roman religion, the genius is the individual instance of a general divine nature that is present in every individual person, place, or thing. Much like a guardian angel, the genius would follow each man from the hour of his birth until the day he died. For women, it was the Juno spirit that would accompany each of them.

The ancient Egyptians called the 3 Magi, the 3 Stars in Orion's belt that pointed to Osiris's star Sothis (Sirius), which "rose in the East". These belt stars were still called the Magi in the middle ages (See the Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets- by Barbara G. Walker. Page 565). The Word Djinn is Arabian, and originally referred to Ancestor souls. Again showing the story we are telling ourselves. Plus we have a new word for Ancestor Souls whose power comes from the 3 Sephiroth that make the Supernal Triangle, with Kether as the Crown, i.e., "The Force". Again Myth is a story about a Truth for we are all "jedi" by inheritance.

Kether is the Crown from which all creation is observation in our mundane world. Observation, begins creation. Hence the Point-where time began. The Point is complete unto itself with neither dimensions nor external definition. This would be called a "Singularity" in Quantum Physics or The Seed from which the Universe has grown. The Big Bang, the outward expression of this Seed that has been caused by a Force called Will, are shown as the Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Each Sephiroth, is a crystallization of the latent aspects of Kether.

The Qabalistic "god- name" of Kether is "I Will Be" and/or the Hebrew- Eheieh, likened to the sound of exhaled breath. Because all Work begins and ends with Kether, all ritualistic, or meditative work must begin with the invocation of the Highest Will. This idea alone, causes subtle changes and activity on the Inner Planes. The Universal Collective Unconscious guides and directs us toward our Higher Self when we begin to imagine the "Light above".

To the Qabalist, Consciousness guides, motivates, transforms and even translates the Energy of the Divine Unconscious but does not create that energy, nor can it destroy it. Again Imagination is the Womb of all form, but Kether is before Imagination. The "Will to be" (us), are not the same as "I Will Be", for one is individual and idealize, while the latter is without idea...the ideas of being came later in the conception of Time, as another latent aspect of Kether. The Will becomes three crystallized aspects. The I Will Be, Kether, becomes Will to Force- Chokmah and Will to Form- Binah, then Will to be- that is Daath/knowledge.

The Number One is attributed to Kether, as 1, the ace, is the seed of all numbers, by simple addition. 1+1=2 and 2+1=3, etc. All seeming very simple until we begin to meditate on simple numbers and simple geometry. The symbol 1 could be pure 1 which is indivisible, so what do we really know? Symbols such as numbers, are themselves not what they represent. Thus, Kether is Unlimited Energy.......but we really don't know what that dark energy is; Dark because it has no limits to measure and it is not reflected light, but the motion behind the expansion of the Multiverse.

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However, we do know that Kether is not static, for the "First Swirlings" of manifestation are in Assiah, the Qabalistic Material World. That is why the buddhist symbol of the Swirling Swastika, which rotates around a point, is another symbol for Kether. It seemed the Nazi's had high ideas for their perversions and have taken an ancient symbol for the "First Swirlings" that cause manifestation and profaned it, as does all indoctrinated propaganda, changed the meaning of the symbol to suit their vision of self-importance but that doesn't change the original meaning of the symbol.

The Qabalistic axiom of "as above, so below”, in essence states that the 10th Sephiroth of Malkuth, the Physical world, is equally as Holy as the Source for the Divine Creative and its Images, are undivided and inseparable. Our concepts of separation are just basically denial of our wholeness and errant belief that separateness makes us special. Much like the City Person who insists that farmers are "redneck" hicks, a form of lower life than themselves; even though their whole life is dependent on the good harvest work of the Farmer. Such people are indeed in denial. Much like a parasite, thinking it is more important than the host; such is believing that we are separate from each other. In truth, the City man depends on the rural man and vise versa; it is indeed time to expand our perspectives and "above all things, know thyself". The Universal Collective Unconscious, produces our Psyches as individuals, so that it can constantly expand/transform.

Because of your previous reading, you may understand that Kether is the "Dark Energy/Dark Pater &-Dark Mater" is Mother, both really aren't understood by us. Kether, the Source of All, is not known to us objectively, but its presence is subjectively understood as a movement within all that moves.

Again, the Aces are attributed to Kether and they represent the most pure forms of energy. Each is a specific type, and density of Energy that we call the Alchemical Elements.

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The Ace of Cups is Kether in Briah, depicting the influence of Kether on the Mental Level. The Ace of Cups is the Root Powers of Water, an element used to symbolize the Consciousness and emotions (in combination with Fire).

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The Thoth Version of this Card shows the wave action characteristic of physical water implying the activity that encloses and directs pure consciousness. As the Universe of Energy is woven out of waves of consciousness, ideas. Hence, the Web in the background. The Thoth - Ace of Cups, shows us a magnificent Grail filling with "White energy", empowering the surroundings, with Spider Woman's Web emanating from it. For those of us who do not know the Myths of Spider Woman, she is a Native American description of the Great Mother Goddess who wove the fabric of the universe. Today we acknowledge time-space, as a woven grid of energy-----the similarity simply means that we have proven the Myth.

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The Ace of Cups represents the secrets of Water in its original form. The Wyrd (weaving) of Atoms into flowing waves/currents of energy form. Water is the Feminine compliment (magnetic), the Moon- vaginal- womb to the masculine- electric- Sun-phallus.

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Upon the Dark Sea of Binah (or Goddess Mari if Gnostic Nazarene/Essene) are Lotuses, two in one, that fill the Grail-cup with Life Fluid, that is either represented as Water, Wine or Blood according to the selected purpose of the symbolism. In such symbolism, the Lotus can be replaced by a Blood Red Rose, thus representing the Blood Red Sea of Binah/Mother's blood from which all Life flows. The Blood Red Rose is the image for the "Rosy Cross" symbol.

Remembering that all Aces are the "seed" of a force, no matter how much imagery we use to describe "The Womb with a View" (I've called the Great Her this since I was very young), She is a Force that makes information from the Ideas of"I Am" , into in-form-action as I AM Me. To represent this amazing Force, in any form of metaphor is difficult at most, and a mystery in the least. It's like trying to identify the one who has left footprints in the snow a week ago. You know someone has been there, but no conclusive clue on their identity. She is the Seed of all Life; of Energy as Form.

When thrown, the Ace of Cups, represents, the seed of a form, and idea beginning to formulate; a birth starting in the mind as a zygote that will take about a year to manifest its true form. Beauty, fertility, productiveness. The Mysterious Seed of Femininity.

The Cup, is the Womb of Form, and emerges from the Lotus (Crown) implying the idea of Womb, the seed of the concept of conception and not a sex as of yet. Thus, the Ace of Wands is the idea of Phallus-ejaculation and the Ace of Cups is the Idea of Womb-reception.

The Ace of Cups is derived from-Yoni Moon, as the Ace of Wands is from Phallus- Sun, for the Great Mother understands/ reflects upon the wisdom of the Father-Sun. Thus we have the "Holy Grail", the Divine Creatrix; here the dark Sea of Binah supports the Two in One Lotuses that fill the cup with Life Fluid, be it symbolized, by water, wine or blood. Two in One, is the realization of the Womb and Phallus as 0=2. The 3 circular rings on the Thoth Cup, are for the Trinity Goddess of Maid-Mother-Crone.

According to Crowley, the White Light descending into the Ace of Cups is depiction of the Holy Ghost and/or Holy Spirit that enlivens all form, i.e. the male semen like flow of force.

The Holy Spirit represents the "Holy Breath" that is the Moving- All of Spiral- Energy.

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the tarot of the spirit- one of water-open channel

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The Tarot of The Spirit-One of Water-Open Channel, displays the Hebrew letter He(h), a letter attributed to the element of Water and means "window and/or sight".

The Tarot of The Spirit-One of Water-Open Channel, represents a moment of experiencing a burst of feeling, sentiment, empathy, sympathy, enthusiasm, all of which fall under the word-Understanding; a word attributed to the Mother Binah-the 3rd Sephiroth of the Upper/Supernal Triangle of the Tree of Life. You time to connect is right now. Stay very open, and the way to connect will become clear. Therefore, the only way to receive is to open yourself up for becoming vulnerable is sometimes the only way to the discovery of true love. 

The pupil of the "I"/ the student, appears as a dark opening in the cosmic sea. A "O" of white light surrounds this pupil. White light is not accomplishable in the physical world, for it is the perfect weight. of all colors added together, something we are unable to do here. Therefore, white light is a paradox of All and No-thing at the same point in time. The dark hole, is Holy/wholly, and/or Whole. 0=2. As a sparkling jewel, at the center of an unfolding lotus. the dark hole is also a cup when viewed from above. It is a portal which is an entrance to a channel, as is a yoni a portal to the birthing canal.

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There is a dove depicted as holding up the pupil/"I". The Dove represents the potential for peace. Underneath the dove is a dolphin, which not only represents Apollo the "Sun-God", (Son of God) but also stands for the creativity inherent in the suit of water; For the ocean made into itself a "fish", out of itself, so that it could see/experience itself. Hence, the dolphin fish, not the dolphin mammal is the symbol of "Christ". In the center of the pupil, an abstract black goddess image flies in on turquoise wings. Turquoise represents communication, healing, and higher understanding. The High Priestess is the black sea that is in the center of the Cosmic Sea. The ring of pink, green and blue petals belong to the Divine Creatrix/Generatrix, Binah, the female-magnetic essencense of the Qabalistic Tree of Life.


It implies:

  • A new attitude brings rewards.
  • In a period of One Year, the querent will develop a new relationship, or new awareness about existing relationship.
  • Is experiencing a new bust of empathy, emotion, sentiment or enthusiasm. This is a time for staying open and vulnerable in order to reap rewards.
  • The opening of spiritual, psychic, intuitive channels
  • Heart opening to the gift of Love.
  • Receptivity. 
  • Devotion.
  • Harmony.
  • Experience of Grace.
  • "The mystery of love". 
  • Transformation. 
  • Enlightenment.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Vagueness.
  • Hysteria.
  • Irrationality.

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