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Thoth- 9 of cups- happiness

In Western Qabalah, the 9's all refer to the Sphere of Yesod, the 9th Sephiroth that is the Foundation of all manifested forms and forces on Malkuth-the physical and material plane.

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the Qabalistic Tree of Life

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The 9's, generally show very great fundamental force because they rest on the Firm Foundational Base of Yesod.

Now this is pure-conscious-directing emotional power, so that means it can be used negatively or positively, because there is no "good or bad" in pure consciousness so how emotions are used depends on the creative perspective of the user. Therefore, discernment is the Key here.

The Thoth 9 of Cups is also called the-Lord of Material Happiness, and is Jupiter in Pisces. The Angels of the Decan are Saliah and Asriel.

The 9 of Cups is Yesod in Briah, influencing the Material World. Here, the benevolence of Jupiter, effects happiness and satisfaction in the Earth plane (Malkuth), by functioning through the Water of Pisces. Therefore, the 9 of Cups-Happiness is a card of sensuality and pleasure, often more mystical than convention allows, and less stable than the 10, but is now flowing and reaching towards the mystical states of ecstasy. Here, sensual pleasure, may be felt as a religious experience as the influence of Jupiter is strong in the passive, receptive and somewhat psychic character of Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces also indicates pleasant travel by water and brings good fortune through occupations governed by Neptune. The personality inclination here is to have a tendency for kindness, quiet and unassuming, with an unambitious approach to life. If the planet is well dignified, there may be a more ambitious approach to occupation.

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The square arrangement of the Cups, on the 9 of Cups, overflowing into one another, suggests Chesed, the 4th Sephiroth-Mercy and with Jupiter- the benevolent and the perfection of Water force, one is in a dreamy current of Consciousness which is also reinforced by Yesod-9, being the number of the Moon. Pisces brings out the most Placid form of Water/emotion, which becomes even more so with Jupiter's influence, so this card is a Happiness well-spring that floods into our normal state of consciousness. Also Jupiter in Pisces is the expression of spiritual love and masculine devotion to the feminine emotions.

The recipient of this Happiness, really doesn't ponder a reason to be happy, for their own consciousness has not reasoned it out as a logical way to be.....they "just are" and they feel "good all over. The 9's, will generally show very great fundamental force because they rest on the Firm Foundational Base of Yesod. Being the "foundation", Yesod is the first tentative surface of Dreams on the "ocean within us all". These beginning phantoms of dreams come from the unfathomable depths of desire and longing and slowly penetrate into self-consciousness, causing the inner wellspring to overflow. Here the law is love, and one easily lives under the law.

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the tarot of druids- 9 of chalices

The Tarot of Druids-9 of Chalices, interestingly illustrates a Druid Priest, pouring water from the olive wood ritual cup, onto a bolt of cloth or a shroud. The image implies magic, as the fluid doesn't seem to saturate the cloth, and all present have facial expressions of happiness as they stand in a place of worship. The Olive Wood Ritual Cup of the Druids, latter became the "Holy Grail" among the bards. This is because it was believed that all fluids drank or poured form the cup were blessed and made pure/holy.

The cup, rod, and golden sickle are the magic devices of the Druid priests. Who were also known as magicians.

The authors, Giordano Berti and Bepi Vigna, also describe this card as signifying an end to conflicts and material satisfaction. Hence, it is as the Thoth Tarot 9 of Cups-Happiness.


When the 9 of Cups-Happiness, is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • Contentment and Satisfaction. Everything looks and feels "rosy".
  • The querent, is enjoying self-esteem and inner joy; flowing feelings of inspiration and joy. 
  • The dull thunk in this chiming joy, is that this is temporary, as Change is the stability of the Universe.
  •  "The cat is away, so the mice can play", kind of moment. Before reason takes over, and finds the logical points of survival thinking that messes up "unmitigated joy".
  • The love that opens up everything. 
  • Optimism and trust in the future. 
  • Redemption (Grail).
  • Charity.
  • Inner and external happiness.

If surrounded by ill defined cards:

  • Self-complacency. 
  • Vanity.
  • Arrogance. 
  • Errors. 
  • Serious commitments. 

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