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Thoth- 8 of cups-indolence

And/or The Lord of Abandoned Success.

Attributed to this card is Saturn in Pisces. The Angels of the Decan: Vabaliah and Yeshivah.

Here, Hod is in Briah, the Mental World.

To the Qabalist Hod is the concrete mind; however, with Saturn in Pisces the 8 of Cups, being a Water sign doesn't balance Saturn's energy well any more than water balances well with lead.

Therefore, with Saturn in a house of a water sign, a certain amount of introspection, manifests as disinterest with material conditions. The effect, is discontent or a decline in interest in anything. Thus, one's tendency is to abandon success.

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The interpretation of the 8 of Cups, is based on the fact that Pisces, is calm and becomes stagnant water that is completely deadened by the heavy influences of Saturn. We know Water, is the Element attributed to the Unconsciousness/consciousness, so what is going on within one is a deadening of interest, a complete lack of wonder. It may be hard to imagine, but the consciousness is the "lucid dream" of the Unconsciousness. All is Mind and the Dream of I AM.

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The lotuses of enlightenment show drooping putrefaction, for lack of sun or rain and/or nurturing. The Sea of mind has become little stagnant pools, in poisoned soil. All the cups are old and broken, symbolizing "an old and worn out" way of thinking. The Sun of Spirit (soul), is a pallid yellowish light barely shining through the leaden clouds of indigo. Therefore, the 8 of cups implies that the mind and emotions are on autopilot; thought process is not conducive to expanding and liberating the Life of the person. The blood in the body is moving like molasses. This person needs stimulation!

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Although not "evil" this is not my favorite card, but this dullness of mind, is often necessary to warn us that it is time to evaluate our feelings. Plus, we often need a moment of indolence, just to regroup and shed the stresses of overactive "running around" the hamster wheel of modern life. Therefore, one can take this card as a warning, either to get off their butt and get to work or it is time to go to the spa and be self-indulgent. The surrounding cards will point out which statement is being presented.

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tarot of the ages-eight of cups

The Tarot of The Ages, Eight of Cups, is also a vision of indolence. Here a warm torpor* is being presented as the Mayan/Aztec couple lounge in the Sun. The lotus of enlightenment is shown as a lily hanging overhead. The eight cups are aligned in a row, seemingly empty. Here, sloth is deemed preferable to action and projects are abandoned.

*Torpor - Wikipedia

Torpor is a state of decreased physiological activity in an animal, usually by a reduced body temperature and metabolic rate. Torpor enables animals to survive periods of reduced food availability. Hence, the divinatory meaning of this card is comparable to the Thoth 8 of Cups.

When the 8 of Cups or Eight of Cups is thrown during a reading the querent may be experiencing:

  • Exhaustion, being overly tired, drain and dull emotionally.
  • There is an unconscious change taking place, on a deep inner level of feeling.
  • There is a warning here to pay attention to yourself...stop and examine your perspectives, this is the end of something and the beginning of something new has yet to be seen.
  • The emotional state of stagnation and stillness. 
  • This indolence could go on for 8 weeks or 8 months, depending on the querent's actions.
  • There is a need to focus and consolidate your emotions in an inspired way.
  • Discontinuance of effort.
  • Disappointment. 
  • Abandonment of previous plans. 
  • Shyness.
  • Modesty. 

If ill defined by surrounding cards (in this case all the accompanying cards are positive):

  • Happiness.
  • Effort continued until full success is attained.
  • Festivity.
  • Gaiety.
  • Feasting. 

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