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Thoth- 7 of swords-futility

The Thoth 7 of Swords- card represents the sabotaging mind (small ego) where you know what you want, symbolized by the central sword, and then go about defining the reasons why you can't obtain it. This Futility is demonstrated by the 6 swords surrounding and chipping away the central one. This is the "yes-but" mind that often keeps us from making our dreams work.

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Astrologically the 7 of Swords is Moon and Sun in Aquarius, the circle with a dot in the center is a symbol of the Sun, the Crescent is the Moon and the wavy lines at the bottom are Aquarius. Each of the 6 swords of procrastination bear a planetary sign for the 6 ways we sabotage ourselves.

1. The yes-but aspect of Saturn is telling us there is too much red-tape or it's too complicated.

2. Another Sword has on the handle the symbol of Mercury which is about the negative communication of “I can't... I wish I'd a ...If only..." all negative reasons why "it won't work".

3. Another sword handle bares the planetary sign of Jupiter; the planet that symbolizes flexibility and expansion. The negative self-talk of Jupiter is “it’s too limiting and constricted" or” I am not lucky" or "I am not talented enough".

4. Another sword sports the planetary sign of Mars. Positively Mars is a sign of dynamic energy, vitality, and assertion but the negative side of Mars is " I don't have the energy to...I am burnt's dull and boring etc."

5. Another sword handle is adorned with the sign of Venus; the planet of Love. The Venusian negatives would be," I really don't care...It doesn't mean anything to me anyway..."

6. Then there is the final sword whose handle supports the double loops which represent the Sun and the Moon the negatives of which are consciously and subconsciously you sabotage yourself out of doing what it is that you want to do. In other words, you are caught in wanna-be-ism which is a viscous cycle of mental inferiority.

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Netzach is the 7th Sephiroth, Victory, and governs Love, feelings and instincts. It is the Group Mind Sephiroth of a culture, influencing Nature and the Arts. As quoted from the texts of the Golden Dawn:

"The beams of Chesed and Geburah meet in Netzach and thence in Netzach arises a green, pure, brilliant, liquid, and gleaming like an emerald. And the Sphere of its operations is that of Nogah or External Splendor, producing zeal, love, harmony, and it ruleth the Sphere of Action of the Planet Venus and the nature of the Vegetable World. And Jehovah Tzabaoth is a God of Hosts and of Armies, of Triumph and of Victory, ruling the universe in Justice and Eternity. And its Archangel Hanial, is the Prince of Love and Harmony, and the Name of the Order of Angels is Elohim, or Gods who are also called the Order of Principalities."

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The Thoth 7 of Swords, is called Futility or Lord of Unstable Effort. Here, the Moon is in Aquarius which indicates sociability, and religious inclinations; However, the fact that the Moon is less fluid and less changeable here than in other positions, doesn't keep the balance from being precarious and easily upset.

This is Netzach in Yetzirah, influencing the Astral World. Netzach, is that green Sephiroth on the lower illustrated Tree of Life

Green is the color attributed to Venus, the planet of Netzach. Love, feelings and instinct, the Group Mind, Nature, and the Arts, all radiate from this Sephiroth. The Symbols for Netzach are The Girdle, The Rose, and the Lamp.

Netzach is the first Sephiroth of the astral triangle and is the first energy intelligence to make up the personality of the individual.

You may remember that I stated that the Personality is made up of the Four Alchemical Elements, each of which are represented by the lower Sephira, in the familiar sequence of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Netzach is Fire, Hod is Water, Yesod is Air and Malkuth is Earth.

Netzach is the lower form of the fiery Yod of Chokmah that is reflected from Geburah through Tiphareth. This is the formula for Yod Heh Vau Heh, Malkuth being the final Heh, because of the "fall" which is really a condensing or "downsizing" of self.

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In Netzach, normal waking consciousness of the student, must deal with the Astral Triangle of Yetzirah and the ambivalent component parts of the Personality; after all, we are not of the Personality for it is a creation of Our Soul/Psyche! Personalities are software programs that are created to operate hard/wetware, and are supplanted in the brain to manipulate the physical body in the name of I AM. However, if your personality was made for you out of the illusions, delusions, and ambitions of an outside "Authority", you don't know the individual code and language that went into making the software your body is operating on; therefore you haven't a clue whose name is operating the body. Yet again the axiom of Qaballah: "Above all things, know thyself!" rings true!

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The most important part of initiation is to observe the layers of lies, that your personality is constructed from, removing layer after layer of false you, until the real you shines true. This "Garbage in" is called man-made persona and the "Garbage out" is the dysfunctional action of "seeking yourself" in the eyes of your peers, or of some outside authority. This is the ultimate futility. For you are already divinely approved---you exist, and your Software for operating the wetware, was already created by the Higher Self, out of its library of living experience which many call "the Soul".

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Often, Mystery schools, such as The Golden Dawn, use a set of Tattva exercises as a type of "controlled day dream" (guided meditations), intended to bring the student into direct contact with the subtle Elemental realms immediately underlying the material sphere of sensation. Often, the study of Qabalistic philosophy brings those Elemental realms into sensual manifestation, all of which is necessary to prepare the student for more advanced techniques of skrying with Tarot Cards and going inward- which is up the Tree of Life. Going outward, is down the Tree, and we spend all our time being "outward" looking for an identity and a purpose and not Inward where our true Identity dwells, knowing the manifestation of Self is the Purpose.

It should be understood, that the "astral realm" beginning with Yesod and including Netzach and Hod, is a fluidic, non-solid realm where everything begins in illusion and/or dream. It is the place, where our Formative consciousness can experiment with image, such as children role-playing, in order to comprehend in a later stage of growth, the actual manifestation of being "that". If done with controlled will, this is a boon to any creative endeavor on Earth; if taken as rote, and ruled by some divine deity, all hell will break loose in the physical realm, as the experiment is unwatched and left with its errors being supported by the energy-in-motion of the herd!

The Astral is not a Master of your personality! Nor is anything that you contact in it! The Astral is your malleable substance to create with, not to be created by! Most " Medium-Channels" just channel astral persona's, and live in an illusion of devotional thought, not allowing them to see that they are their own "holy delusions". For the gods are creations of the created.

Let me explain what few wish you to know: A god is a dominant Consciousness on its Plane of Dominion. Every one of the 10 Sephiroth, is a demigod, therefore you are composed of the united cooperation of these energy intelligences we call "small-gods", which contribute to the make up the One Divine Creative Mind. And you're are one better, because you have also own a body of the "god", i.e. Top Mammal Predator, the Human body, that is ruler of its domain on earth! So, you, are a Great Group of 10 demigods gods, who should be working as One Group Soul of your individual Tree of Life...A One Living God! The fact that we think we are not a "living god", is because we’ve been mentally separated from the reality of our divinity! This was done by the manipulation of our imagination, (auto-suggestion and pleasure /pain training) by "The few who wish to rule the many" dogma of “divide and conquer”, using disinformation as truth! Propaganda, is the use of words, to produce disinformation and that has been done by every government, ruler, and/or theologian since the beginning of recorded history. Your identity cannot be produced by words. It is of the I AM and stated as "Me". The actions of "me", created your life journey; Because you are the Life, journeying through energy-in-motion action that manipulates the physical self. I AM Life, not the seeker of it. Talk about futile thinking, believing you must seek a life, when you are the life, can only be dysfunctional, in the least, and self-destructive in the most. All truth, is made manifest in this universe of Yetzirah. You are made manifest, words are not. They are just dreams directed by those who rule definition. Hence, definition differs from one culture to another- there is only a futile seeking of truth in words. I Am Spirit, I Am the Energy of Life, I Am Spirit-Mind-Body. I Am complete. In Qabalah, this is made simple to see. For Kether is in Hebrew- Eheieh- which means "I Will Be", the first "breath" that stirs the Dark Ocean of the Universal Collective Unconscious; the amniotic fluid of the Creatrix. And the Tree of Life is that "evolution of being". Here you are, with the Divine Creative Mind that creates image out of nothing (imagination) standing on earth,the 10 Sephiroth, as "I AM Being"! Hence, you are the fulfillment of that beginning will to be that has established the I AM of Self! Your presence is enough to prove the Will of the One Mind/Energy to become intimately self-aware.

  The Astral is the beginning of formation, a fluid light influenced by the unconscious before it is crystalized on earth, everything there is malleable. By giving us "nightmare" stories of how bad our natural body is, the rulers of definition have divided our imagination (good/bad) against our masterful body. Therefore, you forgot the human body is a god of its domain and you are the Spiritual Force that keeps it breathing. In Greek, Spiro, is the word for breath. Spiro is the root word for both spiral and spirit. Are you breathing? Than you as Spirit, (Your real identity) are here, operating a physical device in your name of I Am. Now, the I Am can say, "I AM ME"!

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We all must return consciously to the Astral and clean up our software thus allowing the Above Intelligence to operate the Below intelligence for the purpose of expanding and liberating life from the words of rulers and entropy’s stifling hold! We must own our Power to be our Power. The Power of imagination is under the rule of the greedy and ambitious who wish to rule the many, so that the many will build their idea of self-absorbed utopia. Your imagination belongs to the meda, the few own to control the many. As marionettes, your Divine Power is tied to the will of evil men. Time to claim your power for we are the Divine Expression of the Divine Creative: We are the I AM Me; Me being whatever you imagine you are (freedom of choice) and the body helps you identify self---intimately.

I Am The Will, I Am the Way, I Am the Wealth, I own the day!

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(3) Jesus said, "If those who lead you say to you, 'See, the kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty."

From the Gnostic Text: The Nag Hammadi Library.

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When we are dealing with Netzach, we are dealing with understanding a particularly difficult State of energy conscious. Netzach is where both the Macrocosm and Microcosm meet. Therefore, in Netzach, we are dealing with the understanding of the entire race patterns of human kind, and patterns of individual persona. But if that isn't enough, we must understand that this dichotomy is in itself an illusion! For the word personality comes from the Greek-persona, meaning "Mask". Hence, you are masking yourself, in order to see yourself. After all you are Energy and energy cannot see itself for it is both "Here" and "There" and/or infinite. And like the Tau states: "If it is here, then it is there, and if it isn't here, it isn't there. For what is here is there and what is there is here."

On the Thoth Deck Seven of Swords, Crowley has precariously balanced the six planetary swords, one against the other, aimed against the Larger Sun Sword. Implying unstable effort, vacillation and untrustworthy character.

You may note, dear reader, that Netzach in the suit of Swords, the death suit, yet it does not represent as much catastrophe as in other suits, as the Sephiroth of Venus means Victory. To achieve victory, one must have to be embattled first. There is, however, a wish to compromise, a halting tolerance and a certain vacillation. When overdone, this need for compromise can bring disaster; not always does a policy of appeasement produce peace as any student of WW2 knows. Often a policy of appeasement produces the illusion of agreement by both parties, when in truth one party is giving its action to another.

The 6 Swords chipping away at the One Strong Sword, suggests a contest between the many feeble and the one strong. The Strong One strives in vain against the pusillanimity of the many.

When this card is thrown during a reading, the querent may be experiencing thoughts of futility. A sense of resignation produced by wanting something but believing they can't have it. Giving up.

There is a possibility of breaking through this futile cloud, in seven weeks or seven Months. This card suggests that because of guilt feelings or resentment, the querent is creating problems for themselves. There is a certain craftiness displayed, schemes and actions are brought to bear, that solve nothing. There is an opportunity to regroup and review, if one forgoes the schemes and seeks advice from others. There is suggested that there is just too much noise in the brain for focused action, as many feeble thoughts of vacillation out shout the One strong will to act.

Instead of the Power of I AM, we are caught in the self-denial of I ain’t... Often we run "mind loops" that constantly repeat our past as today's reason for not progressing or going forward with our life. These mind loops are the "slave driver within" syndrome that fear of discomfort often generates in our subconscious to avoid the presumed pain of rejection.

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the tarot of the spirit- seven of wind-many tongues

The Tarot of The Spirit- Seven of Wind-Many tongues, represents the futility of listening to so many "languages" within the brain, that one can not decipher what action to take. There is no sense of anything. Now you are unable to express yourself as you want, because of the old worn out systems-things that you once believed in-are now outmoded. Here fear of letting go of the old and/or fear of change can endanger you.

Displayed on this card, are 7 split and twisted swords, representing muddled thinking. The green is the vertigist of Venus, whose metal is copper and represents muddled emotions. The 2 snakes, represent a separate language that are not intelligible to each other and thereby, producing only obfuscation. In out heads are so many words of identity, that we are uncertain of whom or what we are and have no foundation of power to operate from. (Power means the ability to do work-Hence, your body is the Soul's Power to work its magic on this level of Being). When your body belongs to the "world", you are powerless.

(8) And he said, "The man is like a wise fisherman who cast his net into the sea and drew it up from the sea full of small fish. Among them the wise fisherman found a fine large fish. He threw all the small fish back into the sea and chose the large fish without difficulty. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear."

-From the Nag Hammadi Library

The 2 triangles behind the swords, are descriptive of the Dark of the Divine Collective Unconscious (Sea of Binah) and the White light as the Higher Consciousness, as a way out of the Abyss, the place of formless silence, the place of potential of all things. The central sword, whose blade is split but its hilt is intact, and reaching toward the light of Understanding, begins to unify the split blade. Intime the blade will unite, forming one language. The querent is looking for that point. It begins with I Am... which has the potential to be anything.

When the Seven of Wind or the 7 of Swords card is thrown, the querent will:

  • Have the opportunity in the next 7 weeks or 7 months to break out of self-imposed defeatism and move towards creating what one really wants. 
  • Know it’s time to "damn the torpedoes and go full steam ahead". 
  • Know and declare what you want, for that is the truth. The falsehood is the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. 
  • Remember that the 7's are associated with the Charioteer, which is the originator of motion and change. So this card is not nagging at your weakness but advising you that choosing your wants moves you forward into a satisfying life motion and that you have the inherent power to do so. 
  • Have the capability to release sabotaging thought processes that were developed in a past that may go back to 7 years or when you were 7 years old. 
  • Focus on what you truly want; focus your heart, creative mind and passion on it, and your programed self-defeat won't be able to impede you; it’s just becomes white noise in the backwash of your powerful wake on the ocean of possibilities.
  • Shrewdness.
  • Surprise attack.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Deceitfulness.
  • Intrigues.
  • Insincerity. 

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