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· Illuminati Tarot

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Thoth- 4 of Wands-Completion

The Lord of Perfected Work.

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Tarot Illuminati- 4 of Wands

The Thanksgiving of Hearth and Home.

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The Thoth 4 of Wands Represents-Completion.

For those who aren't familiar with spirit, and the Sexual Self, they are one and the same. Spirit is the fiery creative energy of Will, Sex, passion, ardor, assertiveness etc. It is the Will to Self-Awareness and/or the 0=2. Thus, all being comes from a sexual act. The union of atoms comes from force and form getting together as Electric male energy and Magnetic female energy. Also the wholeness, health and wealth of being comes from the union of male and female, Force and Form. To say, "I Am the Will" ,is to acknowledge and declare that one is Spirit and its willful manifestation.  

To separate spirit from sexuality and "give" will to ego, is pure ignorance based on fear producing divisionism and falsehoods that create dysfunction and/or greatly confused the docile slaves of Patriarchal indoctrination.

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The 4th Sephiroth-Chesed is Mercy, and is known in Qabalah as the Demiurge or "Lesser Creator" and gives rise to "form and light" and/or measurement. This also makes Chesed both masculine and feminine, as Light is the expression of masculine and Form is the magnetic receptivity of the Feminine, Thus, Chesed and Geburah are really "two sides to one coin". So here we compare Chesed -Mercy and Geburah-Severity or Strength, to the 2 arms of a human, as one gives and one takes away.

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The Four 4's all bring perfection, realization, completion, and making a matter settled and fixed.

The The Thoth and Tarot Illuminati are no exception to the rule, for here is the Lord of Perfected Work. Attributed to the 4 of Wands-Completion, is the planet Venus in the sign of Aries. The angels of the Decan are Nanael and Nithal. Venus is the mythological wife of Aries/Mars, and here they are together, functioning in rhythm and harmony as if dancing and/or inhaling and exhaling in equilibrium. This is shown on the Thoth Card, as a Golden Rim to the 4 wand-spoked wheel of life and also shown on the Tarot Illuminati card as a fantastically dressed royal couple dancing on the grounds before their royal palace which seems to be a completed wedding ceremony.  

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The 4 of Wands is Chesed influencing the realm of Atziluth; the Realm of Pure Spirit.

The swift active force of Aries- Mars, is activating the Love and Luxury of Venus. This placement in an astrological reading would be implying a warm, brief romance, or warm fleeting feelings. But in Tarot, we must be aware of the Placement on the Tree of Life. There is a combination of the zodiacal and the Sephirotic meanings to consider.

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First and foremost is to realize that the zodiac is the mundane or root Chakra of Chokma, as it appears in the lowest of Four Worlds; Assiah-the active world. Thus, the Fours represent the Totality of that which the planetary signs refer.

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Venus in Aries, being the outer attribute of the card while the inner attribute is Chesed forces, the pure four (Fire, Air, Water, Earth), in the world of Yod-Fire. So what we have in the Four of Wands is Completion of the process initiated by the Upper Trinity, or Supernal Triangle. Here, the manifestation promised by "Will to Form" (Binah) has taken place in Jupiter-Chesed; The Father who resides below the Abyss and provides measurement. Thus this is a dominating influence on all the following cards. as it is the highest idea that can be understood intellectually of the element it represents.

Chesed is the Demiurge, who is the First Sephira below the Abyss, making him theLord of all Manifested Active Power. The original will of Chokmah- Wisdom and Binah-Understanding is now manifest in the 4th Sephiroth- Chesed- Mercy and is now a solid system such as ; Order, Law and Government.

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Venus in Aries, also removes some of the volcanism of Aries-Mars, and indicates that one can't establish one's work without tact and gentleness. The Ram is now genteled by love. Hence, when examining The 4 of Wands-Completion, we see the wands headed by Rams, both signs of Chesed (Father-God Amoun-Ra) and Aries, ending in the Dove of Venus. The completed and limitation of the original work is shown by the yellow rimmed circle. To show balance, the four flames are doubled in one central Sun, suggesting the feminine and masculine balance of the Fours creates the 6th Sephiroth-Tiphareth- The Sun/Son. Also being Four, there is no attempt to expand, the original will of I AM, as it is complete, and so change will soon begin. From order to disorder, is the flow of energy in this universe.

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The Tarot Illuminati- 4 of Wands, again follows a more traditional tarot approach to art, albeit much more extravagant. Here, a couple are harvesting a just sowing of desire tilled into a strong foundation of will and joyfully celebrating the beauty and strength of their mutual creation. This is also the theme of the Traditional Tarots such as the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot 4 of Wands

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Rider-Waite- Smith-4 of Wands

The tradition, is to show a celebration of joyful thanksgiving for the strong empire from the results of mutual labor. Their thanksgiving marks the acknowledgement of completion and result. For without a passionate and expressive thanksgiving, nothing is complete.

When the 4 of Wands is thrown during a reading:

  • It is the key to spiritual and holistic completion.
  • It suggests that the querent is experiencing the completion of something and experiencing the desire to begin something new. 
  • The Four of Wands also implies that ideas are firmly established and proved by their flourishing and it is time to move forward.
  • The querent is manifesting a new destiny by acting on a sense of direction, supplied by inner Self Knowledge that is forming a new identity. 
  • Here we see celebration and reward after laborious completion of an enterprise,
  • Thanksgiving .
  • The harvest being brought in.
  • Completion of desire or goal. 
  • Sharing success with your community. 

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Overestimation of one's self.
  • Senselessness. 
  • Blaspheme (desecration and disrespect).

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