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Thoth- 3 of Wands-Virtue

Lord of established strength

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Tarot Illuminati- 3 of Wands

The ships coming in.

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If this isn't the first blog of mine you have read, you know that the 3rd Sephiroth- Binah (Understanding) is an aspect of your own Energetic Unconscious; the prefix Un tends to make one think of something "less than" consciousness, nothing can be farther from the Truth. Here Un just designates the Unseen, this does not mean less in anyway, any more than unseen H-bombs are less powerful than the one on your doorstep.

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Consciousness, itself, is a child of the Collective Unconscious of the Universe, and that Mother of consciousness, is Binah. In the Great Sea of Imagination, your image floats in the amniotic fluid of "will to form". Binah is the Great Will of the Sea of Images/dreams. The Aces are the unmanifested roots of their element and suit, and the 2's represent the element and suits as ideas. However, the 3's are held in a particular veneration, as they are the idea that has become fertilized and/or the triangle has been formulated. Now the idea is of a certain stability that can never be upset but from which a child can be issued. In Tarot, the Child is the remaining small cards-4's through 10's.

The Texts of the Golden Dawn said it best:

“In Binah is a thick darkness which yet veileth the Divine Glory in which all colors are hidden, wherein mystery and depth and silence, and yet, it is the habitation of the Supernal Light. There the Supernal Triad complete. And the Sphere of its Operation is Shabbathi, or rest, and it giveth forms and similitudes unto chaotic matter and it ruleth the sphere of action of the planet Saturn. And Jehovah Elohim is the perfection of Creation and Life of the World to Come. And the Archangel is Tzaphqiel, the Prince of the Spiritual Strife against Evil and the name of the Angels is Arahim, the strong and mighty Ones who are also called the *Order of Thrones."

*Order of Thrones-------

Thrones from Barton Turf Rood Screen, Norfolk, U.K.

In Christian angelology, thrones (Ancient Greek: θρόνος, pl. θρόνοι; Latin: thronus, pl. throni) are a class of angels. This is based on an interpretation of Colossians 1:16.[1] According to 1 Peter 3:21-22, Christ had gone to Heaven and "angels and authorities and powers" had been made subject to him.[2]

Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite includes the thrones as the third highest of 9 levels of angels.[3]

Christian angelology

According to Matthew Bunson, the corresponding order of angels in Judaism is called the abalim or arelim/erelim,[4] but this opinion is far from unrivaled. The Hebrew word erelim is usually not translated "thrones", but rather "valiant ones", "heroes", "warriors".[The function ascribed to erelim in Isaiah 33:7 and in Jewish folklore[5] is not consistent with the lore surrounding the thrones.

Thrones are sometimes equated with ophanim since the throne of God is usually depicted as being moved by wheels, as in the vision of Daniel 7:9 (Old Testament). Rosemary Ellen Guiley (1996: p. 37) states that:

The 'thrones'; also known as 'ophanim' (offanim) and 'galgallin', are creatures that function as the actual chariots of God driven by the cherubs. They are characterized by peace and submission; God rests upon them. Thrones are depicted as great wheels containing many eyes, and reside in the area of the cosmos where material form begins to take shape. They chant glorias to God and remain forever in his presence. They mete out divine justice and maintain the cosmic harmony of all universal laws.[6]

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Ancient Aliens

Without a doubt, unless you refuse to acknowledge the fact that what every ancient culture called the "gods" were astronauts from another Terra, and left behind art to describe them as "Those who from the Sky came" and/or Annunaki, Nephilim, Angels, Gods, Nomo, Krishna, Christos (sons of Zeus), etc. And created the Homo Sapiens, as the early Hebrews genesis and later the Christian bible stated** , by the Nephilim (sons of god) splicing the "eggs" of women of earth with that of their spermatozoon and giving birth to the homo sapiens/"heros of men". Artists of the time always put wings on "those who came from the sky". The hierarchies of these aliens were noted, and then those that piloted the "Thrones" of the "gods", were also part of this alien bureaucracy. All of our religions, were based on these "dying gods", although that would be denied nowadays, because it would mean that we were ignorant slaves that worship our procreators. I am not saying there isn't a One Mind, for that is also known in many philosophies, and is called by Carl Jung as the Universal Collective Unconscious, (This would be the Supernal Triangle of Qabalah's Tree of Life.). It is time to claim our inheritance/ our Virtue.

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**Genesis 6:1-6 1When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, 2the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. 3Then the LORD said, "My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years." 4The Nephilim were on the earth in those days-and also afterward-when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. 5The LORD saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time. 6The LORD regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled.

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Paraphrasing: Now according to the Hindus, Dogon, Sumerians, Babylonians, etc, there were 2 brothers, (different names for different cultures) in Sumeria they were called Enlil and Enki , who were put in charge of this mining colony established on earth by the Father Au (Half the Earth for one and Half for the other). Due to the need of laborers and communication with them, the Annunaki (Anu)-Sumerian for "Those who from the Sky Came", kept splicing in more and more chromosomes from their own gene pool. What seems to have happened is that homo erectus, became a "word speaking" and quick thinking Homo Sapiens. Enlil saw a problem developing and wished to erase the experiment; However, the brother Enki, thought otherwise and said something like, "they are as us, and should be left alive on earth, when the Anu leave to go back to their home planet". They were mining gold here, to micro-powder and spread throughout their planet's upper atmosphere, as their own industry destroyed their ozone layer and their planet "Nibiru" was dying from ultraviolet saturation. It seems that microdusted gold, a very rare mineral in planetary systems, spread in the upper atmosphere was needed to reflect the deadly rays away from the planets surface. Hence, the "war of the gods" broke out. Lucky for us, Enki won. You can read all about this very interesting history of mankind, in Zecharia Sitchin's books based on the translations of the Sumerian Clay Tablets (over 500,000 of them). It helps to remember that the Scribes, recorders of history, wrote these cuneiform tablets as they" observed them". There were no "sci-fi" writers in the ancient past, for reading, was only for the academia of the "higher classes"and later Scholars and not for general entertainment, as the ignorant would have you believe. Books for the masses weren't introduced into our history until, the 15th Century Gutenberg press was invented. It is also pertinent to understand that after the "gods left", those who wished to "rule the many", invented religions based on "having a special access to the now departed god's" and therefore, having the authority to bring the "wrath" of said gods down upon the heads of "blasphemer's" and/or non-believers and thereby, having established a hierarchy of those "appointed by god" to rule. We now know this "hierarchy" as the Military Industrial Empire. It seems we are well on our way to imitate our ancient astronaut forefathers and kill our planet's atmosphere with industry. I hope we have enough gold left!


Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, and the invention of the mechanical movable type printing press helped disseminate knowledge wider and faster than ever before. German goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg is credited with inventing the printing press around 1436, although he was far from the first to automate the book-printing process.

7 Ways the Printing Press Changed the World - HISTORY

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Now that I have "stirred the Pot"; Generally, the four 3's, represent the realization of the Action (conception) of the Prince having been conceived as symbolized as the central figure on each card. Here action is definitely launched for good or evil. Therefore, in the 3 of Wands, the conception of the Prince of Wands, is seen as, central flames radiating outward from the Supernal Union of the Triad.

This is the conception of the fiery Spiritual/ Sexual self. It is pure vital force, neither is it male or female as of yet.

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THE 3 OF WANDS-VIRTUE, is also called the Lord of Established Strength; well noted, as the Sun is in Aries here. There is great power where the Sun illuminates Aries, the Cardinal Sign of Fire often called Mars. In sexual expression it is “adorable violence.” Since the Sun is in Aries, produces a harmonious and energetic marriage that takes place in the 3rd Sephira-Binah, adding sublime understanding to the swirling mix.Therefore, the 3 of Wands also represents Binah's influencing the World of Pure Spirit (Atziluth). Here, the 3 Crossed Wands indicate the balance of Chokmah, Binah and the birth of Tiphareth, the Sun (son), and/or The Prince. Growth begins and is shown on the card as the unfolding lotus blossoms opening to the Warm and Bright Energy of Aries.

To an astrologer, the entry of the Sun into the sign of Aries, heralds spring.

Thus the blazing colors of the Card show great strength for individual expression (central Wand). Here also is absolute power that can corrupt absolutely, thus egocentricity, pride and conceit are lurking dangers. Yet we also have Virtue here, the key to Spiritual/Sexual integrity and honesty, as well as, the solar legacy at the base of our spines, known to Yogis as the "Kundalini", a gift from the "star mother", that will rise up and build the "Heavenly Human" and/or Horus (Adam/Eve Khadmon in Hebrew), when a certain mental frequency is achieved in the homo sapiens sapiens.

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This is a very active card of powerful direction, so it requires us to understand that Virtue is not chastity, no nothing so obviously prejudicial, but rather "Always being True to Thine own self." Here there is a warning not to compromise your inner fire- passion for others.

Be as spring and flower in your own inner fire! Clarify your identity and “Above all things, know thyself!"

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Tarot illuminati- 3 of wands

The Tarot Illuminati-3 of Wands, is a very extravagant version of tradition tarot art. It is about thinking on a grander scale than is common to the majority of the "huddled masses". Here, thinking on a grander scale, one considers the golden possibilities, and potential, of their visions, energy, passions and talents ("Be true to thyself") is where you will find that a change is happening in the world and that your presence is enough to make change. Since thinking little begets little, thinking big begets big!

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We are a planetary colony of the Anu.

When the 3 of Wands--, is thrown during a reading:

  • * The querent is experiencing the conjoining of Body, Mind and Spirit.
  • * Putting thoughts into action.
  • * Keeping on with present activities for they are conceived and will soon flourish into manifestation.
  • Clarity, where you are seeing yourself honestly.
  • Established strength in enterprises where collaboration will favor the querent.
  • Radiating intention, understanding the Will of Fire and increasing energy to birth ideas.
  • Opportunities coming in.
  • Taking the long view.
  • Staying a few steps ahead.
  • Having a greater vision.
  • Thinking big!
  • Being a leader for others in business. 

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Moodiness.
  • Attention getting behavior.
  • Overestimation of one's own energies.

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