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· Declarative -Thoth

Above all things, know thyself!

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Thoth- 4 of Cups-Luxury

#4. From the exhaustless riches of its Limitless Substance, I draw all things needful, both spiritual and material.

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The Declarative Tarot-Layers of Heart-No.4- Ecstatic flow.

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From the Golden Dawn Texts:

“In Chokmah is the Radix of blue and thence is there a blue color pure and primitive, and glistening, with a spiritual Light which is reflected into Chesed. And the Sphere of its Operation is called Zedekiah or Justice and it fashionith the images of material things, bestowing peace, and mercy: and it ruleth the sphere of the action of the planet Jupiter. And all is the title of a God strong and mighty, ruling in Glory, Magnificence and Grace. And the Archangel of Chesed is Tsadkiel, the Prince of Mercy and Beneficence, and the Name of the order of Angels is Chasmalim, Brilliant Ones, who are also called the Order of Dominions. The Sephira Chesed is also called Gedulah or Magnificent and Glory."

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The Heavenly Human-Adam Khadmon

With such flowery words of Golden Dawn ritual adoration, it is often difficult to realize that Chokmah/Wisdom is part of Your Inner Inheritance as a Divine Child of the Supernal Triangle (in the upper Trinity of the Tree of Life also known as the Super-Consciousness). The Tree of Life, known as the "God Molecule", looks like externalized Beings and/or Sephiroth Beings. However, inside, and outside of you, there is the Energy and the Psyche/ Soul, which is infinitely deep and timeless (nonlocal), you are composed of these 10 Sephirotic "states of energy consciousness". You are your own Tree of Life and therefore, the value of inner-self-meditation and scrying of the tarot cards should be apparent to one who is interested in knowing The Self, who is both Above (Macrocosm) and Below (Microcosm). You feel like you're a body, but you are not., the body is meant to feel you! You are from the Stars as a being of infinite frequencies of light that radiate from the Central Sun of the Galaxy; Light that runs through the body's nervous system which is designed to feel light as sensation. The body is a sensing device, you operate in "your name" (I AM-is Your name in the Spirit/ Mind) in this 4-dimensional world. The Psyche/Soul is in the sixth dimension, which is Tiphareth and it transmits through time-space to the realm of sensation in which we all have installed measured Avatars. Hence, we have an artificial "sense of self" and are intimate with all that the One Mind and our own fractal copy of the Universal Collective Consciousness- Image making ability and/or Imagination. You are A Force of Life that makes Lifetimes. You are a Lord/Lady of blended pleasure.

Flesh is Light's true luxury.

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THE 4 OF CUPS-Luxury, in the Thoth Tarot, is called Luxury or Lord of Blended Pleasure. The Planet is the Moon, and the sign is Cancer. The Angels of the Decan are: Hayayel and Mevamayah.

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The four of Cups is Chesed in Briah, here Chesed, the fourth Sephiroth, is often called the Architect and is influencing the unconscious mental realm of Yetzirah. The alternate flow of the Moon is mitigated in Cancer, as the Moon naturally rules in this sign. Changing cycles are still there, but passive, and slow. With the Moon in Cancer, you are in a state of flux where you are likely to be influenced by the moods and feelings of those around you, and can be deeply affected by whatever environment you are in. It is especially important for those born with the Moon in Cancer to learn to take responsibility for how sensitive and emotional they are and thereby act in rather than react to the environment. As stated, the fourth Sephiroth, Chesed, is called The Architect; Hence, in this energy state of intelligence, you can design your personality and life as you wish. However, luxury states that you have become "common" to yourself and find mediocrity in your environment and body. Being grateful for what you have and what you are will help change that, and allow you to enjoy your plenty and thereby, being "open-minded", allowing future growth.

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Thoth- 4 of Cups-Luxury

When looking at the Crowley/Harris Card, we see the Upper Golden Solar cups overflowing but not the lower, implying that the Pleasure is real but with reservations. The caveat being pleasure but not without some anxiety and discomfort. Here the Luxurious feeling of pleasure is short, and indifference soon takes over and as the multiple stems of the one lotus show, the energy of luxury is divided amongst multiple flows, implying too many diverse issues involved to stay stable. Since four is a "dead end" number ending is the only place to go so action must be taken soon. Here it is luxury, which has become common place and therefore, not really appreciated. This Four of Cups card represents the axiom of " familiarity breeds contempt." Therefore, this card warns of mediocrity. This is a widespread problem in the United States, where the luxuries of hot and cold running water, pure drinking water, shelters made of the finest materials, with central heating and even central cooling, with two cars in the garage, are so common that they are expected as the necessities of life. Many of us forget that 80% of the people on earth don't have hot and cold running water, let alone pure drinking water, and a well-built house and let alone a car! We even forget to be grateful for the Earth and her ability to feed us and to provide the organic material that we need to operate as Souls who animate a living form in our own name of "I AM". Today is the day to thank Gaia, and the Divine Creative for all that you have and all that you are. Gratitude unlocks the doors to creativity and action. So instead of the mediocre and false idea of it being "just another day, like any other", it's time to think "Today, is a great day to be Me!"

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The Declarative Tarot-Layers of Heart-Ecstatic Flow.

The Declarative Tarot-Layers of Heart-N0.4-Ecstatic Flow, recalls the feeling of being ecstatic, an overwhelming feeling of bliss, or joy, as a reaction to something not of yourself. Deep within the body Avatar, the Temple of sensation, is an ecstatic spark of Celestial Fire, that dances in ecstatic revelry. Many know this as the Kundalini. This card represents the warm flow of this inner fire and letting it unwind and begin dancing inside. However, there is a caveat, never try to prematurely raise this Firey self, until you have been thoroughly trained in Tantra Yoga, or have reached states of Higher Self in meditations. As a norm, it will rise up the spine and dance in your heart and brain, when you have reached the proper states of Self-awareness, that is the proper vibratory rate. Above all things, know thyself!

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At the right of this colorful card, standing proud and confident is a bird called a Puffin. Some stories among the Aleut Unangan peoples claim that Puffins are weather magicians, whose magic can create storms. They also symbolize protection since their feathers could be added to parkas keeping them water resistant. There also has been a recent discovery that the Puffins have a bioluminescent quality to their beaks. The guess is that they use this bioluminescence to be able to observe each other at night as each beak has its own unique pattern. This ability can apply to your highest flow of inner light as the Divine Creative can see you light up with delight and joy. Each of us has our own pattern of light frequencies and these are what are universally seen.

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Obviously, all things in nature dance with mathematics of both symmetry and asymmetry. Here we see a Japanese Camellia known for its ability to blossom with symmetry. When we are aware of our own symmetry, we find that we can easily recognize the symmetry of Nature's mathematics that are all around us. Everything we see is another way to be the symmetry of Nature...ourselves included. This connection will put you in touch with the ecstatic flow that calmly energizes your day.

The brownish seaweed is called a Bladderwrack. It is on this card to remind us of that buoyancy in the cosmic sea of life comes from allowing ourselves to grow in awareness and thereby, expand and be flexible on the waves of life. You'll find this transcendence in your individual divine flow of "I AM".

The thundering waterfall reminds us that the Universal Self pours vitalizing energy into all that it creates. The starry night recalls the concept that we are each a Star and/or Celestial Self-concept known as a Solar Self and/or Soul. While the full Moon reminds us to reflect upon what it means to be receptive and responsible for our own energetic flow.

This card asks us to find the centering place in our heart, where the pulse ripples out in symmetrical drum beats that create your wonderful pattern of presence. Let your presence thunder within while you move smoothly without. For all wealth, health, and well-being comes from your authentic presence.

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The Thoth-Four of Cups Luxury focuses on the fact that a new cycle would be initiated with a decline from grace and a regression of happiness caused by mediocrity. However, the fix to all this self-absorbed drama is to understand how much luxury life has given us. We are Soul's/Psyches who can dictate any identity of I AM, as ourselves as Life. Then we can "live" that assumed identity and call it "life motion", while still being a Buddha-Soul celestial immortal even while forever emoting energy in our name as a mortal "Personification". Now not only can we dream universes, but we can also "live" (animate an avatar) in that dream as a lucid sensual and therefore, intimate expression of the Psyche and thereby, creating a Mercurial personality who is a messenger of the Divine Self. All is Mind. All can be transformed as all is assumed. That is why when we observe a thing, we change a thing to what we "think" it is; not what it was before our observation. We are indeed the most luxurious of creators as we can be and sensate whatever we "think we are" into in-form- action! It pays to remember, we all belong to each other; Therefore, don't think you are smarter than others, because you "invent" a different world view than they do. If you do, your arrogance and selfish divisionism will turn against you. We all belong to each other!

The Nag Hammadi library-The Gospel of Thomas:

Jesus said, "Let one who seeks not stop seeking until one finds. When one finds, one will be troubled. When one is troubled, one will marvel and will reign over the All." As a trinity of Spirit-Mind-Body compilation, we have authority of the All of Things and The All of no-thing!

When one who has sought luxury by accumulating all their lives, find they still are happy or satisfied, they become troubled/bored. Once they understand that what they were always seeking was their inner divinity, they will marvel at their Universal inheritance and will become the Divine Child of God, and rule over the All as the Great Self.

When the Four of Cups or No. 4-Ecstatic flow card is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • For a time, say 4 wks. or 4 months, the querent shall experience emotional luxury, which is the capacity to make other people feel emotionally satisfied, secure and peaceful.
  • A period of contentment but this is the edge of completion, and a new vision of love is being seen. 
  • Thus, there is both the gift and challenge of a fallow period.
  • There may be boredom, and apathy with a sprinkling of discontent as the querent awaits inspiration.
  • Here there is a type of balance that is caught between the worlds of thought and action.
  • Domestic ideals (security, prosperity, emotional wealth).
  • Daydreaming. 
  • Resentment of the entire world leads you into apathy and isolation.

If ill defined by surrounding cards, it implies:

  • Possessive inclinations.
  • Restricting another person through an excess of affection.
  • Loss of balance.
  • Restricted emotions.
  • New acquaintances and romantic relationships, ambition, and motivation for work, but be careful-this arcana is insidious, you can miss the chance because of self-pity.

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