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Thoth-2 of Cups-Love

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Triple Goddess Tarot- 2 of Cups

#2. Through me it's unfailing Wisdom Takes form in thought and a word.

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In the Hermetic Qabalah, the 2, of any Tarot card suit, represents the Word and the Will. However, the Thoth 2 of Cups is the first manifestation in the Suit of Water which is called Love. The Word or Logos is the 1st Sephiroth, and the "I Will Be" of the Logos has become "Will to Force" (Chokmah) and "Will to Form" (Binah) which may seem confusing since we seem to have 3 forces here rather than 2. However, Kether (Eheieh-I Will Be) is not a force but the Source of Forces, a light switch not turned on. Where as Chokmah, the 2nd Sephiroth, is considered the first Male Action and/or the light switch turned on while Binah, the 3rd Sephiroth, is considered the first Female Action of Reception. Both are inseparable and "face to face". However, with Love there is a mutual annihilation of the individuals by the process of Union, and that Union is called the Path of Daleth-The Empress.

The "first Movement" of energy, is called Kether or Logos, and it is not an individual of anything and is called the "Word" rather than a "being". Kether is "I Will Be", therefore, it isn't anything yet. However, Chokmah, the 2nd Sephiroth is "Will to Force" , the Masculine aspect of energy and a form of thought called Wisdom, and the 3rd Sephiroth of this Supernal trinity, is called Binah, "Will to Form", Understanding, the Feminine aspect of energy, both united create the I AM. When the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine Unite, there is no male or female present, only the Divine Hermaphrodite exists, The I AM, who creates all as The Divine Creative. Hence, The Trinity of the Supernal Triangle are not "persons" but the beginning of the Idea and Understanding of idea, that begins the process of information. Here, the I Am considers itself. Therefore, In the Qabalistic Thoth Tarot, the 2's represent the "first manifestation". On the Qabalistic Tree of Life , Kether is shown to be the 1st Sephiroth of 10 Sephira, and many have thought that this is the first manifestation of conscious energy. Yet Kether is the "limitless light", a movement of Dark Energy, and has no visible end or beginning, a non-space, which allows no viewing. Therefore Kether is known as the "Dark Sun" or Logos, it is the first "sound" or vibration, without ears to hear...anywhere! Hence, as it can't be seen, nor heard and is the first movement in Dark Energy it is the least understood concept of the Tree of Life sigil. However, it can be compared to the "Whirling, rebounding, shouting out loud" (Zoroaster) energy of the Big Bang.

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Therefore, the First manifestation falls to the union of the 2s, which represent the Electric- Chokma (Wisdom) and the Magnetic -Binah (Understanding) as the First Lovers. We find this true in our own brain, as Wisdom loves Understanding and vise versa. This may even seem more confusing, however, both Chokmah and Binah are at first, receptive and then expressive in combination. Hence, Chokmah, male expression also represents the feminine Greek goddess Sophia which means "Wisdom" while Binah, the Divine Feminine as Chokmah can also represent Wisdom in Understanding. Since she is the Will to Form, she also represents Time, which is Cronus, the commonly known figure of "Grandfather Time" for time is the enclosure that begins and ends all forms. However, it is enough to know that the Creatrix and Creator are called "Lovers" because they can't be separated. If you can find a way to separate Wisdom and Understanding, I would like to examine your head for its uniqueness, for it is only from Understanding that Wisdom comes and visa versa!

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The 4 Alchemical Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, may have begun in the concept of "I Will Be"-(Eheieh), which is Kether, but only upon reaching the Deuces are they in appearance as "beginnings" of "Will to Force" and "Will to Form". Since the concepts of "elements" are new, the 2's represent the Elements uncontaminated by influence, and therefore, they appear in their original harmonious condition. The 2's may be considered the A-sexual "fetuses" of the Seed-Aces, but this concept doesn't seem to make understanding these "Higher States" of Conscious energy any easier. All the 2's suggest that when the Negative (no-thing-I) sees itself as a Positive (-Am), and then unites through the "Law of Attraction" where the Positive flows to the Negative (I AM), we get a "Self Existence" and/or a simulation from Understanding the difference between I and Am-is examined in Chokmah and Binah and with such, data, the I AM, becomes information and/or Me. This may help you with the Mythological concepts of the Ancient's Goddess who in Virgin birth, has a son (male is considered Positive Electron and female is considered Negative Electron) and then mates with that son to produce the Universe. If you get this all tangled up with your culturally indoctrinated-emotional concepts of sexuality-----you'll never understand the The Energy Conscious concepts of the 2's.

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So let us make it as simple as possible, when you twist 0 upon itself you bet 8, which looks to be 2 seperate 0's. However, the line is unbroken, and separation is therefore and illusion. This is the 2 of Cups, Love, a card which tells us that the separation of male and female is an illusion that is necessary to create intimacy.

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The 2 of Cups represents Venus in Cancer, the signs for both on both cards. Cancer is known as the most receptive of Signs, as it it the House of the Moon, and in that sign Jupiter is exalted. There is a superficial friendship among these three planets ( in astrology, the Moon is seen as a planet).

In the art of the Thoth 2 of Cups,the paired Dolphins (the important "First Matter" symbol of the "Royal Art" of alchemy) are intertwined, with the flowing of Love/Nurture/Mother's Milk, coming from the Great Lotus of the Goddess, into the twin Lotus below and overflowing into the Cups resting on a calm Venus-Green Sea.

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In the Triple Goddess Tarot, a male and a female, hold silver cups and look face to face in an adoring stare as they lean against a great tree (Tree of Life). Hovering above them are 2 doves, the western symbol of love. This is a purity of Love, called "unconditional", that the survival mind in the reptile brain is unable to conceive of or often understand, thereby, making such an absolute annihilation of the individual in the Overflowing Power of Unity, a mundane wonder. However, love is communication on all states of conscious energy, Spirit-Mind-Body, and as shown by the pink lotus blossoms, in the Thoth card, it is "as above so below", stating that this love flows from the Divine subjective to the Divine Objective. This love is equal and special, as shown by the two overflowing cups. Love like this is without self-banishment or self-diminishing, rather it expands both parties and they feel equal to each other while also being special to each other. A state many of us wish for but we often only experience love of a unequal nature or a equal love without feeling special, such as a professional relationship.

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The Dolphins are Alchemical symbols of solution/dissolution and can be studied by looking into alchemical and chemical reference material. The Alchemical Dolphin Symbol is a little to lengthy of a diversion from this Tarot blog, and out of context with the Tarot study, so I won't go into detail. However, John Dee, royal Alchemist in Queen Elizabeth's Court could be an interesting reference point. Also the Royal Dolphin, pertains to the Sun God Apollo who among other Sun god's arguably became the Christian Sun/Son of God. The green sea of the Thoth card, represents the image of creative love. The yellow reflection symbolizes inspirational love while the blue sky states that love is clear and focused.

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The Ancients associated the planet Venus with the goddess of love- Venus, thereby also considered Venus to be the planet of love, beauty and creative power: In Hermetic Qabalah, Venus is the only planetary symbol that covers the the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The use of language to explain the Love that began all, may sound deliberately obtuse, but this is an invisible Will and Force. The fact that human words cannot give form to unlimitedness, causes one to unite words in such a way that they allude to the mystery, rather than a literate identification. If you ever have experienced a self-annihilating love where the ego becomes lost in the Overflowing Sensation of Being One from the Union of'll understand that you just can't "wrap" your brain around it. The common statement being." I am at a loss for words..." In the endocrines of Love, there seems to be some kind of heated fluid that is drowning all reason. Here, the 0 of the infinite becomes 2 , from which all creation began. In Love, the 2 become 1, therefore annihilating individuality. When this happens in life, then, my friend, you have experience the Alchemy that the the 2 of Cups alludes to! However, being a purity, from a cyclic united dimension of conscious and unconscious (Sun and Moon) energy, after time, as the tides of the Sea, it will pick up detritus/conditions from our culturally "shipwrecked" brain, and unless conditions are removed as concerns, 2 will slowly progress to a 4 of Cups, as the suit develops. Therefore the Second Law of Thermodynamics comes into play, and "...All things proceed from order to disorder" and entropy slowly degrades the Mystery, with words of fear-based reason and the pink clouds of "the dream" fade away. Just like unconscious "astral trips" slowly fade from our brain, so will love when profaned with conditions. Hence, the 2 of Cups, is also called the Lord of Love under Will, by Crowley, which is its true meaning where Will is Spirit and not some egoistic possession of another for the brain's minor egoic will to survive. As the Lord of Love under Will, the 2 of cups shows the harmonic technology of Female and Male in the largest sense of the words.

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Therefore, the 2 of Cups shows the harmony of the Universal Female and the Universal Male, aspects of Energy, radiating an intensity of joy and ecstasy that washes away any and all concern; where "Will to Be" , a combination of "I Will Be", "Will to Force and "Will to Form", becomes "I AM ME"! It is this Universal Love, that connects us all together as One, while the massive flow of this connectivity to All, flows through the Union of 2 who are now 0 twisted upon itself as what looks to be 2 0's- 8 and/or 0=2, yet it is still one line unbroken and is called the lemistrate or "Ribbon", that is the sign for the Infinite. Such esoteric power, may explain why it seems so overpowering to individual reason causing many ego's to fear for their survival..As I have mentioned before, the 2 is the Qabalistic number that represents "the Word and the Will" and is the first manifestation. In the suit of water, this is Venus in Cancer. Astrologers know Cancer to be the most receptive of signs and is the House of the Moon. Jupiter is most exalted in Cancer. Thus we have arguably the three most friendly Planets, Moon, Venus and Jupiter, linked together in mutual positives.​ Love is the force that recovers unity from individuality by the process of mutual annihilation of the illusion of separation. In other words, Love changes both individuals and combines them in a new form, and therefore, love is considered a metaphysical solvent, such as water is a physical one.

When the 2 of Cups Tarot card is thrown, it means that:

  • In the next two weeks or two months, one will experience the capacity to achieve emotional balance and emotional fulfillment.
  • One will be able to give and receive love in equal proportion.
  • It would be a good time to extend love to the Cancer people in your life. (June 21-July 21). 
  • Love to or from family members is also important at this time.
  • This love is not only about two people, it also can be about 2 gifts, 2 talents, 2 resources that you have and that 2 loves in your life, whatever they may be, are equally balanced and fulfilling in the next two weeks or months.
  • Harmony, Love, marriage, pleasure, Warm Friendship, mirth, and subtlety.
  • It is about human love on a large scale.
  • It also is a 2 week or 2-month card, representing the accumulation of the above emotions in that time period.
  • Soul mates have found each other or will within 2 months.

If ill dignified by the surrounding cards ,  it can represent:

  • Folly, waste, dissipation and silly action and is far more superficial than when well dignified. 
  • Quarreling or jealousy. 
  • Lack of commitment. 

*In  the understanding of the Thoth Qabalistic Tarot, and Triple Goddess Tarot, 

ill-dignity and well-dignity, are decided by the surrounding cards and there is no significance supplied to upside-down cards. This being because this is seen by many Qabalists as an act of disordered deck handling and not an "act of God".

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