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· Declarative -Thoth

Above all things, know yourself!

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Thoth-10 of Wands- Oppression

#10. The Kingdom of Spirit is embodied in my flesh.

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The Declarative Tarot-Layers of Passion (wands)-No. 10- Mastery.

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The Thoth Tarot, the 10 of Wands, is also called Lord of Oppression, and is Saturn in Sagittarius. The Angels attributed to the Decan are Reyayel and Avamel. The 10 OF WANDS-Oppression; is Malkuth in Aziluth, the world of Archetypes (Archons) and is the influence of Malkuth in the world of Pure Spirit. In the Book of Thoth, on page 194, Crowley writes:

" The number 10 refers to Malkuth which depends on the other nine Sephiroth but is not directly in communication with them. It shows the Force detached from its Spiritual forces. It has become a blind Force; so, the most violent form of that energy, without modifying influences.".

The destructive powers of Saturn's lead-jackboots are amplified on the neck of the ethereal-Sagittarius, leading to selfishly applied material force, and often cruelly. On the Thoth, 10 of Wands, the suggestion of the 8 crude leaded bar-like wands, and 2 in the form of Dorjes (Tibetan spear- symbols of Thunderbolts) suggests, cruelty, malice, overbearing force, and energy that can be unjust.

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However, the word oppression may also have a lighter side as one must understand that a certain amount of energy must be always oppressed, for form to exist. Energy must be contained in a "Thought Form" before it can become emoted in solution (liquid light of the Astral-Yesodic Plane) and coagulated into manifestation. This "vital fecund life force" that we know as "sexual energy", because it must flow from one pole to another (male to female), can also be oppressed in a Tantric Sexual ritual of Energy Magic, to build up to an extreme concentration, much like a "big bang", where upon it is released as a cleansing fire, which completely overwhelms any barriers to Spiritual Manifestation and reestablishes equalized energetic health in both participants. However, this is a practice of those whose kundalini has already risen and must not be practiced by the normal person of our society. This caution is because too much oppression of energy-in-motion (emotion) can lead to disaster. Like electricity, Water or Fire, energy resists this oppression, and will "slip its bonds" at any sign of weakening--- sometimes destructively so. There really are no negative cards in Thoth Tarot, as it is all about "Above all things, know thyself" and/or Self-knowledge. Hence, it is about knowledge, in which there is no "good" or "bad". In knowledge there is only experience that creates "KNOWING"/Self-Awareness.

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Often, because of cultural indoctrination, we oppress our own ability to act, an obfuscation brought on because of our own socially manipulated self-perspective that places a certain "value" on others. Therefore, most of us tend to be crueler to ourselves than to others because we often fear error in ourselves more than others. We can escape this cycle of destruction if we understand that the oppression, we feel is often the brain being told by the "false ego" to not change perspectives; installing in the mind a non-solution of fearing the problem instead of acting to correct it. This is because the "false ego" is survival orientated and fears change, rejection, and above all-risk. However, we can identify oppression as the viral programing of media-controlled word hypnosis, indoctrination, and dogma and choose to act (Will) rather than react (subconscious programming). By catching the "false ego" in its "slave programing" tricks, we can avoid an emotional imprisonment of our spirit being instructed to serve the body's limits. Here one's Soul-the True Ego- is told to realize the body's feared limits and willfully go beyond them. It also behooves one to remember that it's better to pop a small balloon, than an over pressurized steam boiler, so act now rather than oppress. Therefore, stop oppressing our emotional energy and establish a safety pressure relief valve, such as yoga or meditation or even physical exercise. I also find that by repeating the "Truth about Self-the Trestle Board" daily releases "knee jerk" emotional bonds and continues a blissful balance of Spirit-Mind-Body.

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The Trestle Board: Truth about Self. 

Often, by taking things too seriously, we fail to use the power of mirth that cracks the veneer of perspective, so that we can see beyond our self-made prison of "I can't". Truth being, "I can’t", usually means "I am afraid to" and/or "I don't want to”; However, "I Can't" becomes a statement of low self-value as we know that often repeated lies become belief and, in the subconscious, they become automatic response. So just say," I don't want to" and get on with your motion. For as we all know, with impassioned focus, we can accomplish anything. Always be true to your own Self!

The only thing important about importance is that it isn't important. 

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Therefore, it sometimes helps to laugh at one's fears. That's the beautiful side of Will and "freedom of choice". So, remember this: we use "thought" to oppress energy into form, for creation's sake----including our own identity, but eventually if repressed emotion and because change is the only constant in this energy Universe, that oppression will end whether voluntarily or by emotional-explosion, unrestrained passion, or rage. Energy will free itself and continue transformative motion. Those who are freely changing their perspectives, by doing, and seeing error and then correcting it, will find that the once feared false- end we call death is merely a movement towards another perspective and will experience what the Tibetans' call "reincarnation"; reincarnation is simply expanding and liberating one's personality by the addition of experienced knowledge forming a personae that is always able to change perspective and by knowing everything is error until it isn't. It is a grievous error of ignorance to believe that the Universal-Self created you as Itself, only for you to return to nothing! By fearing an end, you seem to have one, by not fearing an end, you consciously experience transformation. All is Mind, and Mind is Self, and the Universe is created by the I AM to "Above all things, know thyself"! And you are how "I AM" accomplishes this task!

The Tarot 10's are also and end of the cycle or phase. From 10 to 1 again (up the down staircase) goes the cycle of transformation. Therefore, this will not last long, all you must do is change your perspective and not repeat the past. Our identities of the Psyche as a Spiritual Being are suppressed by indoctrination and dogma and don't allow us to see the massive potential given us as Divine Images of SELF/I AM. and therefore, rob us of our freedom of choice. Hence, the search for self or its purpose is a constant preoccupation among the masses. This compounds oppression. For to be a Self, looking for Self, is a fish in the ocean looking for water. YOU ARE ALREADY HERE! Your purpose is To Be! What your fate is...well, that is up to you! I Am is your truth, what you "Am" is an assumption.

If it is here; it is there. If it is there; it is here. If it is not here; it is not there.

- ZEN-Koen

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The Declarative Tarot-Layers of Passion-N0. 10-Mastery (10 of wands)

The Declarative Tarot- Layers of Passion-No. 10-Master is about reaching a level of emotional (energy-in-motion) mastery by projecting the inner temperamental drive to passionately let loose our energy, to project on others or intently release. Hence, the "laying on of the hands" is not a fable. By knowing ourselves, one has reached the understanding that we are Passion, for the Passionate Will to Be (God name of Kether-Eheieh of the Tree of Life) created us as Itself! This is the goal of Gnosis, Spiritual Alchemy, the Tao, Western Hermetic Qabalah, Tantra Yoga, and metaphysics (to name a few self-improvement paradigms), to know thyself as Spirit/Passionate energy.

This Declarative Tarot-Layers of Passion card is just that. Layers of many parts form a collective or composite of many parts that make the Whole and/or a fractal universe.

Fractals are mathematical sets that exhibit self-similarity at various scales. In simpler terms, when you zoom in on a fractal, you'll see patterns that resemble the whole structure. Fractals can be found in various aspects of nature and can be created through mathematical formulas.

Now, in the context of the universe, some scientists and philosophers have explored the idea that the universe itself may have fractal-like properties. This concept is often referred to as the "fractal universe hypothesis." The basic idea is that the universe's structure, from galaxies to cosmic filaments, may exhibit self-similarity across different scales and that even human beings are fractals and/or copies of the Universe.

This concept is still a topic of debate and exploration within cosmology and physics. Some proponents of the idea suggest that fractal patterns in the distribution of galaxies and galaxy clusters could be evidence of a fractal universe. However, it's essential to note that this idea is not universally accepted among scientists, and more research is needed to confirm or refute it. However, among Qabalists and Western Hermetic Magick, this is a called a "Truth" as All that is Below is a copy of the Above. All is One and/or I AM.

In summary, fractals are mathematical structures with self-similarity at different scales, and the notion of a fractal universe suggests that the structure of the cosmos might exhibit similar self-replicating patterns across vast scales. This concept is intriguing but remains a subject of ongoing investigation in the scientific community.

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The central figure of this card has eyes lit by the inner celestial fire. The mouth is relaxed in a slight smile easing breath. The stairs up to the cabin is a "stairway to heaven", a progressive way of self-understanding that leads to our true understanding of Self. And that the spiritual abode of Celestial I AM and or the Beth/House of the Soul is our physical body. Hence, the solar light in the doorway.

Dreams sail under the magical power of imagination fueled by the passion of I AM and are shown as a flying fish. A porpoise leaps in play reminding us that the cosmic sea of mind is filled with as much laughter as it is of challenges. The image of a fox rising high, holding onto a balloon, implies that problem solving requires cleverness and ingenuity. The three stylized human figures that are rising above the polluted cacophony of the smokey city below, show three distinct phases of breaking free from that which creates strife and/or traps us. We are manifestations of energy and should know that universal energy all around us, reacts to the emotional- us by the "Law of Attraction", how we think of ourselves, creates that identity around us.

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The images on the bottom remind us of the steppingstones we have used to "get into the blame game" of the programed mass. The book is a self-help book which does not offer all the codes nor insights needed to "Above all things Know thyself". We must let go of all media-controlled word hypnosis labels before we can discern which way we want to humanly cosplay our way into the game, knowing that life is a game and/or a story we tell ourselves. Off to the right, is an out of focus being in a dark cave who is handing up a light. Metaphorically this image states that there are many false leads and/or false authorities as we are offered tools to light our way that are not of our inner light. On our journey of Self- we will find many tools, but they are not the end-all solution, just a process of learning. What can't be taught is that our own True Presence shows our inner light of Willed Authority that will light the darkness, showing us the true path.

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At the far upper left, water falls onto the crystals below which stand next to the upright poles that twist and turn towards the upper cabin. This represents the twists and turns of our life-path because life is constantly transforming, and our life will follow the flow we choose to walk. A straight path is simply an example of cutting corners and thereby, missing some essential information. If we can't call on ourselves, we become a dromedary of everyone's emotional baggage. We are not their creation; therefore, we mustn't look for your identity in the eyes ("I's") of others. Divine Creative has already approved you into manifestation... Hence you need not fear the judgment of the created.

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Dromedary-Camel- (Kiss Me Stupid!)

One cannot carry this great burden of responsibility for each person- for long. This struggle is clearly shown in the Tarot Cards, like the Rider-Waite-Smith or the Tarot Apokalypsis-10 of wands, where one is overburdened, and one can't go any further with such an emotional overload. Hence the term "the straw that broke the camel's back" is experienced and often in an explosion of rage; for example, "road rage", that often happens after reaching the end of one's endurance to contain the oppressed emotional energy of fear, often called "stress". The image of the many traditional tarot cards usually displays an overwhelming burden that has broken down the will to go on. This is also easily seen on the traditional tarot of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot- 10 of Wands.

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rider-waite-smith- 10 of wands

When the 10 of Wands or the Declarative Tarot- Layers of Passion, is thrown in a divination and well dignified by the surrounding Cards, such as positive Major Arcana it implies:

  • The querent is being generous or experiencing generosity from another.
  • Self-Sacrifice is in the form of oppressing one's wants for another's.
  • Disinterestedness in a situation.
  • Emerging from a tough situation. 
  • Wisdom gained from adversity.
  • With holding sexual energy, under heavy stimulation, for the purpose of amassing a overwhelming amount for explosive healing/transforming purposes (Tantric). 

When the 10 of Wands or No.10-Mastery is thrown during a Divination, but is ill dignified by the surrounding cards, the Querent may experience: 

  • Cruelty and malice towards others.
  • Oppression, Injustice, and over-bearing strength being applied for selfish and material ends.
  • Sometimes failure in a matter, and opposition too strong to be controlled arising from the      person's too great selfishness at the beginning.
  • Ill will, envy, slander, obstinacy, and swiftness in evil.
  • Dogma.
  • Fixation.
  • Authority problems.
  • The unresolved issues of the father relationship.

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