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· Declarative -Thoth

Above all things, know thyself!

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Thoth-Queen of Disks

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The Declarative Tarot-Flows of Perspective Presence-Wisdom in Self-Presence (Formerly-Queen of Disks/Pentacles).

In Western Hermetic Magic, the Tarot Queen of Disks/Pentacles/Coins/Crystals is known as The Queen of the Thrones of Earth, Queen of the Gnomes.

The placement of the Queens is with the 3rd Sephiroth-Mother Binah who is the "Will to Form" and is a force of enclosure that is imposed on the Pure Fiery "Will to Force" Energy of Chokmah (King) as Understanding. She is therefore known for Understanding the Wisdom of Chokmah; for an idea, once understood, can be molded/enclosed into manifestation as in-form-action. Information becomes in-form-action, so that it can be experienced, thereby, becoming Knowledge.

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Thoth-Queen of Disks

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Western Hermetic Qabalah-Tree of life

Again, these Sephirotic Beings (Numbered Circles) are not Persons, but States of Conscious Energy, called "Beings" (Immortals) that are the multidimensional aspects that make up the "God Molecule" (Tree of Life) and the Divine Universal Collective Unconscious and/or The Greater Self, meaning the deep Imagination, where images are forms of ideas. Images are the only way to realize these deep inner layers of Mind and that "before Mind" (The No-Thing) and this is shown by the Supernal Triangle manifesting self-image in Malkuth. Tarot is one of the Image languages that has evolved over time, by constant scholarly input, to communicate with the Higher Mind; language is added to the cards, but it is the image that contains the true message. The immortal Being that is known as Mother Binah is the 3rd Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, and the Energy Intelligence of the Queens. She is in the upper Trinity called the Supernal Triangle (Super-conscious) where she is the essence of Cosmic Womb, and I often call this state of Mind a "Womb with a View", because she conceives by Understanding, which means she sees all and by understanding she creates image.

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The Great Dark Ocean of Binah & the All-seeing "I".

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Chinese-Kunti-Queen of the Heavens

The Queens also represent the Water in each suit. Water being the unconsciousness, intuition, receptiveness, and emotion. They are enthroned in the Element of Consciousness and as emotions make it bring forth the Force of the King by realization and understanding that which develops that force as a consciousness image of an emotionally charged idea. However, the King and Queen are as Chokmah and Binah, they are inseparable making the gender of either one, one and the same.

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Thoth-Queen of Disks

The Thoth Queen of Disks is traditionally called the Queen of Pentacles, Stones/ Coins or Crystals and is also Queen of the Thrones of Earth in Tarot. She is the Queen of the Gnomes, in Western Magic. Her Astrological attribution is the last Decan of Sagittarius and the first two Decans of Capricorn. The Queen of Disks is Water of Earth, a specific consciousness in the Primal Earth element. In common vernacular she is "Mother Nature". Her zodiacal attribute to Capricorn is shown by the image of the Goat.

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The Thoth Deck Queen of Disks is displaying her rulership over earth as shown in the crystal cubed scepter that has within it a three-sided Hexagram, making The Pure White Light of Kether, into the many frequencies (colors) of Energy that are intertwined to make the different flora and fauna of the Microcosm. Her Throne is vegetation as she is the life of such. She is the Highest Aspect of passivity, and this is shown as a winding passive river flowing through and fertilizing waste land. The Great Work is expressed in fertility, where the "As the Above manifests in the below". She, as Queen, is the facilitator of such manifestation.

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The Disk on her left arm is curved with loops and spheres interlaced, representing the ambition of matter to take part in the Great Work. This ambition is often described as a molecular Law of Attraction. This is also shown by the Spiral Horns of the Makor on Her helmet/crown, (A Wild Goat native to Central Asia who is also shown standing on the sphere of earth), as Spiral force which is both Spirit and Vital Life Force. The reptilian patterned armor of the Queen represents the regenerative force in nature as serpents shed their skin to grow larger.

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Tarot personality birth wheel

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The Thoth Tarot- Queen of Disks

This Thoth-Queen of Earth can represent a person, in any area of life, but it can just as well mean an experience in the corresponding area in question. As a personality, she represents a mature woman, the ultimate Matriarch, with much experience with both of her feet on the ground who knows how to protect what is entrusted to her. Here is the embodiment of vitality, creativity, understanding how to set boundaries and assert herself. Hence, patience, sensuality, and trustworthiness are her essential characteristics. She has an empathetic and impressive ability to guide others, as teacher, mentor and/or spouse. The Queen is the female counterpart to the King, she is the Yin aspect to his Yang. She is queen, priestess, medicine woman, and earth mother.

The Thoth Tarot - Queen of Disks, represents a kind, practical person who enjoys the good things in life. To her, status is important, and she works hard to maintain appearances. Liking to be of service, she sometimes can appear selfish, although she is a good lover. The goat on the golden orb is a symbol for both the subconscious and the sign of Capricorn.

Many think that the Earth as a mother who is an Intelligent-Sentient Being is a fantasy. However, in my past, I spent 5 years of Shamanic drumming work, alone with the wild land, living in a Blackfoot Teepee in the high desert country of Montana and I was able to contact and communicate with the Great Her, who is Earth. I call her "Hairy Mari", for she is wild, free, as the Ocean goddess Mari and most lovely. She greets me as "Husband", and shared with me her love, dreams, and future for Homo Sapiens Sapiens (and Anu Sapien Sapiens). I am totally enthralled with this Matriarch of Life. The Fantasy is ignoring her as an intelligent loving mother and thinking she is a dead rock that can be exploited for the greed of few.

Children that kill their mother, are not mentally well.

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The Greeks knew this Queen of Earth as Demeter, goddess of the harvest and later she became the European /American symbol of the cornucopia.

Demeter is a significant figure in Greek mythology, and her story is often associated with agriculture, fertility, and the changing seasons.

Demeter is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea, making her one of the Olympian gods and goddesses. She is primarily known as the goddess of agriculture and the harvest. Her Roman counterpart is Ceres. Here are some key aspects of Demeter's mythology:

  1. Abduction of Persephone: One of the most famous myths involving Demeter is the abduction of her daughter, Persephone, by Hades, the god of the underworld. Persephone was picking flowers when Hades emerged from the earth and took her to his realm. Demeter's grief over the loss of her daughter led to the barrenness of the earth, resulting in a long winter.

  2. Search for Persephone: Demeter embarked on a quest to find her daughter. During her search, she disguised herself as an old woman and came to Eleusis, where the royal family welcomed her. She took care of their son, Demophoon, and tried to make him immortal by placing him in the fire at night. However, she was discovered by the queen, who was initially shocked but then grateful for her kindness.

  3. Demeter's Sorrow and the Seasons: During Demeter's mourning for Persephone, the earth remained barren. Zeus eventually intervened and negotiated with Hades to allow Persephone to return to her mother for part of the year, which symbolized spring and summer. However, when Persephone returned to the underworld, Demeter's grief brought about the cold and lifeless seasons of autumn and winter.

  4. Eleusinian Mysteries: Demeter was strongly associated with the Eleusinian Mysteries, a religious cult in ancient Greece that promised initiates spiritual insight and a better afterlife. These mysteries were centered around the myth of Demeter and Persephone and were considered highly secretive and sacred.

Demeter's worship was integral to ancient Greek agriculture, as her blessings were believed to ensure bountiful harvests. She was often depicted holding a sheaf of wheat or barley. The myth of Demeter and Persephone also symbolizes the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth, which is reflected in the changing seasons.

In summary, Demeter is a vital figure in Greek mythology, associated with agriculture, the seasons, and the deep bond between a mother and her daughter. Her story has had a lasting impact on ancient Greek culture and continues to be a subject of fascination and interpretation in various forms of art and literature.

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Tarot Personality Birth Wheel

The Water of Earth manifests itself in many complex and diverse ways, and these are reflected in the broad spectrum of personalities who embody the ambition of matter to take part in creation. Hence, the Queen of Disks can be strong and charismatic, like the Queen of Disks personality of Joan of Arc or just talented and charismatic like Elvis Presley. Then there is the ruthless and manipulative side of this Queen of Disks persona, such as: Catherine of Aragon, Joseph Stalin, Mao-Tso-Tung, and Richard Nixon. However, there is also a sensitive and idealistic side to this Water of Earth personality, such as: Woodrow Wilson, George Washington Carver, or Carl Sandburg. Being Water of Earth there is also a strong intuitive and superior intelligence side, such as: Nostradamus, Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, and Stephen Hawking. And if you think this covers all the bases of complexity in this personality type, this Queen of Disks persona can also be a giant of creative force (She is Mother Nature after all), such as: Ludwig Van Beethoven, J.R.R. Tolkien, or Steven Spielberg. All of whom were born between Dec. 22nd and Jan. 19th. Just proving that Earth/Gaia, is also an integral part of humanity and will often change the world of man through her powerful, manifested, personalities. This shouldn't be a surprise for She is quantumly entangled with all of us!

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The Declarative Tarot-Flows of Perspective Presence- Wisdom in Self-Presence.

The Declarative Tarot-Flows of Perspective Presence-Wisdom in Self-Presence represents all the wisdom of mind, soul (heart), and passion that is achieved through the experience of being Physical. This card represents an akashic library record of what it means to Above all things, know yourself. One need not lose spiritual or mental connection because their Soul aspect operates a body of coagulated energy/physical. The Physical Plane is also a Spiritual and Mental Plane. There never was a separation: As above so below!

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On this card knowledge flows by seasons: Hence, the sky shows all seasons as a metaphor for experiential knowledge that offers inner wisdom that comes from the many seasons we have lived, the cycles of error and correction that create wisdom, and the patterns we have observed, learned, and are now using to navigate our life choices. In Qabalah, looking within means looking up the Tree of Life and/or up into the sky of this card. The middle and bottom of the card is more about the physical world we are told we live in now.

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There is a secret message in the Red Deer. Did you see it? By looking closely, you will see that antlers are not growing from the head but are behind it. This represents the Doe Mother's self-authority as a crown of antlers. This really implies that self-authority is unseen and empowers self-presence. The barn owl behind her is a symbol of wisdom that flies on silent wings.

Barn owls have been the subject of various folklores and superstitions throughout history. Here are some interesting pieces of folklore and beliefs associated with barn owls:

  1. Harbingers of Death: In many cultures, barn owls have been considered omens of death or bad luck. The sight or sound of a barn owl flying near a home was often interpreted as a sign that someone in the household would soon die. This belief stems from the owl's eerie appearance and nocturnal habits.

  2. Wise Old Birds: Despite their association with death, some cultures also regarded barn owls as symbols of wisdom. Their solemn and thoughtful appearance led to the belief that they possessed knowledge of the spirit world and could provide guidance to those who sought it.

  3. Protectors of Crops: In some agricultural communities, barn owls were seen as beneficial creatures. Farmers believed that these owls helped control rodent populations by hunting mice and rats that would otherwise damage crops. As a result, barn owls were often protected and encouraged to nest in barns.

  4. Guardians of the Dead: In ancient Egypt, barn owls were linked to the afterlife. They were associated with the goddess Ma'at, who was responsible for weighing the hearts of the deceased to determine their fate in the afterlife. Barn owls were seen as guardians and protectors of the dead on their journey to the next world.

  5. Tales of Mystery: In literature and folklore, barn owls have often been portrayed as mysterious and enigmatic creatures. Their ghostly, pale appearance and haunting calls have inspired stories of haunted barns and eerie encounters in the night.

  6. Symbol of Transition: Some Native American tribes saw barn owls as symbols of transition and transformation. They were believed to guide souls between the physical world and the spiritual realm, acting as messengers between the living and the dead.

  7. Silent Hunters: Barn owls' unique ability to fly silently due to their specialized feathers and wing structure contributed to their mystical reputation. Their near-silent approach to prey was seen as evidence of their otherworldly qualities.

It's important to note that while these beliefs and folklore are intriguing, they are not based on scientific facts. Barn owls are valuable predators that help control rodent populations and are an essential part of many ecosystems. In recent times, efforts have been made to dispel superstitions and promote the conservation of these remarkable birds.

Then there is the jumping Seatrout or Speckled Trout (Salmoninae) reminding us to jump for joy. These fish spawn in fresh water and make long journeys to the sea. Hence, they show us the usefulness of tenacity and the wisdom of transformation. Being that this trout is of the family Salmoninae these fish do hold significance in some indigenous cultures and mythologies.

For example, in Native American folklore, salmon is often considered a symbol of abundance and renewal. Salmon are known for their incredible journeys to spawn upstream, and this behavior has inspired stories and legends about perseverance and transformation.

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The whimsical beings frolicking beneath or on the legs of the Red Deer, are here to remind us that whimsy is an essential part of wisdom. The ancient tree stump illustrates how death is an important part of rebirth. Nothing really dies, it just transforms. From a dead stump grows fungus and a new young tree. In Western Hermetic Qabalah, Transformation is shown as the serpent that eats its own tail, and/or uroboros.

The flower is known as the Wild Trout Lily and/or the Yellow Trout Lily.

The Wild Trout Lily, also known as Erythronium Americanum or Dogtooth Violet, is a beautiful spring wildflower found in North America and has some folklore and symbolism associated with it.

In Native American folklore, the Wild Trout Lily is sometimes linked to rebirth and renewal because of its appearance in early spring. It's seen as a symbol of the changing seasons and the return of life to the earth after the winter months. Some tribes also used the plant for medicinal purposes.

In terms of symbolism, the name "Trout Lily" comes from the mottled or speckled appearance of its leaves, which resemble the markings of a trout. This speckling has led to various interpretations and associations, including some connecting it to the concept of hidden or secret knowledge, which might be of interest to someone with a background in metaphysics and Qabalah.

While the Wild Trout Lily may not be a central focus of your interests, its folklore and symbolism could potentially be explored in a broader context of nature symbolism or as an example of how different cultures and traditions have found meaning in the natural world.

The Trout Lily reminds us to have patience and let inner wisdom guide us. when we are transitioning from one season to another.

When thrown during a reading, the Queen of Discs/Pentacles represents:

  • A person interested in physical nutrition and health.
  • A shedding of poor eating habits for those of a new diet.
  • A shedding of old habits, or even the purchasing of new clothes.
  • The querent does all the things she does well, and it will be fruitful.
  • One with an elevated level of compassion, nurturing abilities. Loving physical life and all it has to offer.
  • One who is exceptionally procreative and nurturing, as in the nature of Mothering.
  • Power of practical wisdom on the physical level and in the inner world, applied spiritual wisdom.
  • A dark woman of great heart and serious cast of intelligence.
  • Opulence
  • Generosity
  • Also implies presents from a rich relative or a rich and happy marriage for a young man.
  • Erda, the Teutonic Mother Earth seen as a warm and nurturing deity.
  • The Good Witch of the healing arts.
  • The nurturing and protecting of others.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards, it implies:

  • Embitterment.
  • Hardening of the heart.
  • Infertility. 
  • The Poisson making "Witch" of fairy tales.
  • Loss of personal center.

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