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The Starman Tarot- 9 of Cups,

I am lavished by the good things in life.

The Starman Tarot- 9 of Cups, depicts an exuberant, sexy, radiant, and celebratory lady, who is holding high her cup of golden heart fire, which seems to represent the hand of Buddha in the gesture of Gyan Mudra. The Gyan Mudra is the seal which stimulates the Pituitary Gland, giving one the feeling of wholeness and excellence. Therefore, the Lady is saying "Cheers" to life in a celebratory mood, surrounded by the other 8 cups, each supporting their own sacred geometry of Universal goodness; 8 different light archetypes representing the building blocks of Nature, of life and creation. Each a part of the collective, representing the metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the Whole.

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    Gyan mudra, or chin mudra, often used while meditating, is one of the most important mudras that promote physical and mental health. From Sanskrit, chin (or cin) means consciousness and mudra means gesture or seal.. What is Gyan Mudra? - Definition from Yogapedia

There is only one energy, that can't be created nor destroyed, only transformed (Thermodynamics 1st principle) and I might add, transmitted. This principle of Energy Oneness, permeates all that is form and creation. There is only One who is many. Hence, the I Am has become a "We".

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Behind the Great Lady is a golden sphere suspended in an incandescent sunset, over water, that is a combination of the Creatrix symbols, a universal symbol of unity, the Divine Feminine and the "All Mother". Here is a card of Declaration-I AM Happiness! Not a card of wish fulfillment. Here one has united with the Joy of The Divine Creative as the Greater Self. For happiness is not found, nor bought or sold, it is Oneness. I AM Me; When one truly knows themselves, they will know happiness. In such a heartfelt state, one is truly connected to the sensual intimacy with all Creation that united Spirit-Mind-Body can only give. For all is Spirit, Soul is spiritual I, Mind is Spiritual Am, body is Spiritual Me. When one truly finds themselves, a heated giddiness, a warm laugh, dances in their head and the body- hearth of heart. Once truly found, one finds wholeness. Hence, the Western Qabalistic Axiom of "Above all things, know thyself". Now one sees out of different "i's" that surround them, and what once a plant called a dandelion was considered a weed, is seen as the Solar Lion of a plant exploding in joyous wholeness as it dances in the Solar Dance of Spring. The mask of the Patriarch's indoctrination falls away the Great Grin of the Golden Child, who was once called a "common person", is reveled as the view the inheritance of the One's many "children". The One celebrates life, by being intimate with it, and you are the One Creative, being intimate with creation. Each of us a sensual expression of the Great Self; Selves of the One "I Am". You declare what you do, you declare the I AM of yourself, you declare what you create. Declaration brings with it the Will of The One Declaration of "I Will Be", the Great Eheieh; Kether the One Energy. Something is brought into existence the moment you declare it so. I AM is a declaration of existence. I Am is from the source of All Form, the Great Universal Womb and/or the Gail. What is a daily declaration of mine is:

I Am the Will,

I Am the Way,

I Am the Wealth,

I Am the Day.

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In Western Qabalah, the 9's all refer to Yesod, the 9th Sephiroth that is the Foundation of all manifested forms and forces on Malkuth-the physical and material plane.

The 9's, generally show very great fundamental force because they rest on the Firm Foundational Base of Yesod. (9th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life)

Now this is pure-conscious- emotional power, so that means it can be used negatively or positively, depending on the perspective of the user. Discrimination is the Key here.

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thoth-9 of cups- happiness

THE 9 OF CUPS-Lord of Material Happiness, is Jupiter in Pisces. The Angels of the Decan are Saliah and Asriel.

The 9 of Cups is Yesod in Briah, (The 2nd of the Four worlds) influencing the Material World. Here, the benevolence of Jupiter, effects happiness and satisfaction in the Earth plane (Malkuth), by functioning through the Water of Pisces. Happiness is a card of sensuality and pleasure, more mystical than convention allows, and less stable than the 10, but is now flowing and reaching towards the mystical states of ecstasy. Here, sensual pleasure, may be felt as a religious experience as the influence of Jupiter is strong in the passive, receptive and somewhat psychic character of Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces also indicates pleasant travel by water and brings good fortune through occupations governed by Neptune. The personality inclination here is a tendency for kindness, quiet and unassuming, with an unambitious approach to life. If the planet is well dignified, there may be a more ambitious approach to occupation.

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The Square arrangement of the Cups, on the 9 of Cups, overflowing into one another, suggests Chesed-Jupiter, the 4th Sephiroth-Mercy and the perfection of Water/Emotional force united with a dreamy current of Consciousness which is also reinforced by Yesod-9, being the number of the Moon. Pisces brings out the most Placid form of Water (consciousness), so this card is a Happiness well-spring that floods into our normal state of consciousness. The recipient of this Happiness, really doesn't ponder a reason to be happy, for their own consciousness has not reasoned it out as a logical way to be.....they "just are" as they link to the Universal Collective Unconscious and they feel "good all over.

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As you are this far into the many blogs, you know by now that Yesod, the 9th Sephiroth, is the Foundation of all manifested forms and forces on Malkuth-the physical plane. Therefore, as previously stated, the 9's, generally show very great fundamental force because they rest on the Firm Foundational Base of Yesod.

Now this is pure emotional power, so that means it can be used negatively or positively, depending on the perspective of the user. Discrimination is the Key here.

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So when the 9 of Cups-Happiness, Thoth or Starman, is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • Contentment and Satisfaction. 
  • Everything looks and feels "rosy".
  • The querent, is enjoying self-esteem and inner joy; flowing feelings of inspiration and joy. 
  • The dull thunk in this chiming joy, is that this is temporary, as Change is the stability of the Universe; "the cat is away, so the mice can play", kind of moment. Before reason takes over, and finds the logical points of survival thinking that messes up "unmitigated joy'".
  • The love that opens up everything. 
  • Optimism and trust in the future.
  • Charity.
  • Internal and external happiness.
  • The querent will take a pleasant trip on water.

If ill defined:

  • Vanity.
  • Self-complacency.
  • Arrogance. 

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