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dreams of Gaia tarot-VIII of fire

The Dreams of Gaia- 8 of Fire, represents the Phoenix paradigm of Transformation through action which on the physical plane brings joy and freedom. If you need to make real changes in your life, such as move to a new less restrictive home, or a job that grants more creative freedom, or is it time to drop the fat that is restricting your motion and/or the unnecessary weight whether it be about physical fitness, or emotional baggage? Is it time to rise above the ashes of the past and be the new shiningly- freed soul that is really you? It is time to stop dreaming about it and get on with it! As the Psyche you declare action, that the body must emulate. Such as "Get over yourself, get on with you, for impeccability is what we do. " Fantasy becomes reality by the unified action of the Powerful trinity of Spirit-Mind-Body.

Transformation starts one day at a time. It can be as simple as just painting a room or any action that takes an idea, a possession or anything in your lifespace and repurposes it. It could just be getting rid of all that serves no purpose or is just broken and used up. When done, one feels a weight lifted off of their shoulders, a new breath of fresh air, a freedom not before felt. Transformation doesn't have to be a big drastic change, it can start with everyday life such as cleaning a house from end to end. It is time now to take the "I should do"... and make them "I am doing". The phoenix rising could just be a room that rises out of the dust and cobwebs to become sparkling and bright, giving you the sense of accomplishment and a new outlook on life.

When the 8 of Fire is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • Transformation through action.
  • Change on a physical level. 
  • It is time to act.
  • Give something a new purpose. 
  • Transmute negative energy. 
  • A renewed sense of purpose. 
  • Don't be lazy. 
  • Inaction may yield unwelcome changes.
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The 8th Sephiroth, Hod, is called Splendor and all language relates to Hod. All the Tarot 8's are attributed to Hod, that is in this case linked to the messenger Mercury, who is the patron of Names and vesicles.

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Thoth-8 of wands-swiftness

8 of Wands, Swiftness, is often called, The Lord of Swiftness and is Mercury in Sagittarius. The Angels of the Decan are Nithahiah and Haayah. The 8 of Wands, is Hod in Aziluth, the influence of Splendor in the Worldof Pure Spirit.

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The placement of Mercury in Sagittarius, mitigates and diffuses into a rapid expansion the energy of Mercury. Thus, the energy of Mercury in the Sign of the Archer, is shown as electric arrows, going in multiple directions, both above and below. This illustration expounds on the meaning of swiftness and rapidity. A lot of energy, going nowhere and everywhere all at once.

The fiery colors invoke the concept of Fire/Spirit as the element of this card, and we know that fire is the Vital Life Force, Spirit and/or Sex energy. Sex energy is the Swift-Fiery Vital energy that is used to create and achieve imaginings, goals, even living beings. This sex or vital energy is shown in the Thoth Deck 8 of Wands, Swiftness, as electric arrows. However swift, these electric arrows of energy sustain and constitute the Material World representing the subtle energy of the Fiery Father, bringing down from Chokmah (wisdom), the message of the Original Will which is "I Will Be".

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Therefore, the 8 of Wands illustrates the geometrical pattern of the restored Universe (constantly restored by this Electric Fire). The rainbow above the double pyramid of the 8 of Wands, depicts the division of pure light into seven color rays of the light spectrum that exhibit interplay and correlation of the electromagnetic spectrum that go about creating the Energy Being that is the Real You and/or Soul. The Personality is to be the Soul's Mercury, that is, messenger that flies from one "reality" called Astral/Unconscious, to the reality that we call physical. Therefore, this "self-conscious" persona, is not supposed to be the enslaved messenger of the Patriarchy, whose brainwave- energy is scattered by indoctrinated fears, but the Spirit's Persona, that flies from one state of Mind to another, weaving and interconnecting all as an Active Collective of Spirit-Mind-Body, so that the Will of the One to be, becomes the Being that is One! The indoctrination of you brain, that is also cloaked in dogma, has turned you, the Bio-Photons that operates the body through brain waves, into scattered, uncertain energy for you are told you must learn the information supplied by mankind, as yourself. This is definitely untrue. You are the In-Form-Action of a Solar Being called Your Soul, who must have an Avatar on earth, to be intimately involved in the evolution of physical Being. From "animal mind" to "God-mind", is a big step forward as we take a homo sapiens sapiens and make it a "human being". To expedite understanding: Hu is Mandarin for God, and Man comes from the Hindu-Manas, which means mind. The Human is the resurrected "Sun/Son of God", establishing dominion in the realm of material light through the mercurial union of the homo sapiens sapiens and the Golden Child,i.e., the Soul. In the Western Qabalistic Tarot, this is known as the age of Horus. It's time to shine as the free soul that you are.

We are visualizing energy of high velocity; light speed.Here, electric energy, because of the principles of Hod, (making concrete that which is subjective), has created intelligible geometrical form. You are therefore, Spirit on all Planes of I AM. So get on with you and get over yourself, for impeccability is what we do.

When the 8 of Wands-Swiftness is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • Haste, swift acceleration meaning that the querent's ideas will very soon be in Physical existence and/or easily expressed in words.
  • This indicates a high energy period in which to initiate change, as in, a fast movement for spiritual growth.
  • Time to put on Mercury's winged sandals, and move rapidly along the lightning Path towards Greater Self Awareness.
  • A rapid descent of power to examine the self-identity, and thus expand its perspectives.
  • An expedient creating of possibilities.
  • The urge for insight into the true course of things. 

When ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Vehemence.
  • Hastiness.
  • Superficiality.

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