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dreams of Gaia tarot-VII of Fire

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot- 7 of Fire represents the development of one's intuition, to develop "far seeing" and predict possible outcomes. Many of us have felt a "gut feeling", a instinctual unconscious knowing, that if headed, can keep one safe from making mistakes that could be life threatening. Contrary to common indoctrination, the Unconscious is the Master and the consciousness is its Servant. Consciousness is turned off, by the Unconscious when it needs to transform the "self-conscious", we call this "death" or in a less completed state, being unconsciousness. The Universal Collective Unconscious, is the "Self" and it's many conceptions of self are called "selves". I Am is "Self" and Me is a self-concept. Hence, self-consciousness, is conceptual self-awareness. You are a Psyche-I Am- that creates "self-consciousness" and call it "Me". Therefore, the Psyche/Soul is the Master, and the "self-consciousness" is the Servant.

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Many of us often ignore our "gut feeling" because we "fear rejection" and call this "wanting to fit in". By not listening to acting on our intuition (The Goddess within), Life becomes chaotic and always belonging to "someone else's" direction rather than your own. Happy and harmonic life, belongs to those who choose to embrace intuition. By embracing the "inner knowing", one finds that they have greater "insight", they can observe more, and in turn learn more. One recognizes those moments that keep repeating, and if one heeds them, finds they are on a path of discovery, revealing not only the "sought truth" but also one's *raison d'être. By following your intuition can lead you to opportunities and experiences that potentially fulfills you while also inspiring others.

*raison d'être

[ˌrāzôn ˈdetrə]


  1. the most important reason or purpose for someone or something's existence.

    "an institution whose raison d'être is public service broadcasting"


    responsibility · duty · concern · province · aim · activity · assignment · obligation · charge · task · chore · job · role · errand · mission · detail · undertaking · commission ·


However, to trust in one's intuition requires one to look "within" and determine what the message means to you personally. To enhance intuitive abilities and gain a trust in your "inner psyche", is one of the reasons for learning, scrying, and using tarot. The inner -Unconscious uses imagery as its language and words belong only to the self-conscious. So developing one's awareness of archetypal images, strengthens one's contact with intuitive knowing, rather than the self-consciousness seeking someone's approval to "prove it is right". For a happy -prosperous life, trusting the knowledge that is stored within the Unconscious-Psyche, is the key. This is not to say that third parties cannot offer insight, for they certainly can. However, third parties see life through their own "i's", eyes that see only what they have experienced themselves, and not the unique experiences that you have witnessed. Your Soul, knows your personality into existence, so it would behoove one to listen to their self-conscious creator rather than an outside authority. Your self-conscious is not a "man-made" item, even though your "self" has been invaded by the Patriarchy's "divide and conquer" indoctrination and dogma's, it doesn't belong to "mankind" . Rather, your personality/self-conscious belongs to the Soul/Psyche, its knowledgeable author of "Self". You were taught by "pleasure-pain training" to reject yourself, in order to "fit in" and be part of the Patriarchy's labor force. Okay you've done that, how is that working out for you? It is time now to re-accept yourself for that is the message of "Be like the children" or the Qabalistic/ Gnostic Axiom of " Above all things, Know thyself".

Divination means to foretell or predict the future. Tarot is a divination. You are a Divinity! The Dreams of Gaia Tarot- 7 of Fire, shows a "fiery persona" divining, using a water bowl for divining the future (like using a dark mirror). In the bowl floats the lotus, a symbol for the Divine Feminine. Her golden headband supports a golden butterfly, a symbol for both the Soul and reincarnation/transformation. Above her is the eye symbol of the All Seeing "I", and on both sides of her reside 2 cats, and/or familiars of a "wise woman", the meaning of the word "witch". "Witch" is an Old English word meaning-a woman with her wits about her. Patriarchal propaganda has changed most old words, as the definition of a ruler is: One who controls definition. Hence, words are just trickery. You are not made of words, you are Spirit recognizing itself in the most intimate manner possible, through an physical form!

When the Dreams of Gaia-7 of Fire is thrown during a divination, it implies:

  • Transformation through action.
  • Change on a physical level. 
  • It is time to act. 
  • Give something a new purpose.
  • Transmute negative energy. 
  • A renewed sense of purpose.
  • Don't be lazy. 
  • In action may yield unwanted changes. 
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Netzach, the 7th Sephiroth, on the Qabalistic Tree of Life is the conscious energy of Love; as relating to the often misunderstood concept of "God is Love or God is Sex." This misunderstanding of love and sex has to do with the very nature of our culture and that of the gods themselves.

In the Mysteries, it is said that, "The Gods are the Creations of the Created...the Gods are the emanations of the Group Mind of Races, they are not emanations of Eheieh, the One and the Eternal." {Quoted from the: Qabalistic Tarot, by Robert Wang, page 100)

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Thoth- 7 of wands-valour

In essence, this reference to the Group Mind, are the Gods of 7th Sephiroth- Netzach- Victory. Graphically, the diagram of the sign of Venus superimposed over the Tree of Life.

This should open your eyes to your power, as the living Suns (Sons and Daughters) of the One Eheieh-the "I Will Be" and/or I AM that is the Divine Creative. As an I AM , you have inherited the personal power to form potent forces into your own image to serve your needs! Because your Personality begins in the Realm of the Gods (The Unconscious), you are a Personal God in your own right! And again; your sexual self is your Spiritual Nature to "become"! This the message of the 7 of Wands, Valour. For it takes personal courage to be Authentic.

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Look, what you think is a human body, is actually a homo sapiens sapiens, which is the Animal God of Earth (and the symbol of Venus in shape), what you are doing as a Soul/Psyche is converting it from homo sapiens sapiens to the *human body. Every single living creature on earth, depends on what man does! If mankind decides that a species does not or no longer can serve them----------mankind destroys them. Even in our ignorance, we are responsible for our actions, as our ignorance alone will annihilate species and even the World we live on! Only Gods have such power in their domains!

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In the Qaballah, the Mind is composed of 10 Gods, in an orgy of loving cooperation. You are Adam Kadmon, the entire Tree of Life, manifested as the One Mind in intimate contact with the "Below". Each of us are a demiurge on every plane of intelligent energy, by inheritance. By acts of individual Valour we claim our inheritance and become the Greater Self on every plane of I AM, instead of trying to get the "small ego" to let go and somehow bring in the "Greater Self" or Greater Ego of the Divine.

These actions of Valour require the Will that is Spirit and the sexual energy of Spirit that drives one to passionately succeed in the deed. You may note in the people around you, those of low Sexual/Creative energy, do not perform well in the challenges of life. It is time to realize that the Sexual Self is the Spiritual Self, the Solar Fiery Will that makes you alive---a type of Martial Lion force. This Sexual Self is as Leo and Mars together in cooperation.

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To make the "Above as the Below", i.e. the Great Work, is to realized yourself as sole owner and ruler of your own Animal god-body, and claim it as your "Sacred Place" in Time. Being Divine Energy, You are infinite Space, and within your Divine Unconscious, are the dreams of being. Life is the Lucid Dream of of I AM! Time is the stuff you create forms from, by mixing beginning and end- time- in a cauldron of Thoughts, (Mind) heated by the vibrations of Lust/Passion, and shaped by Will-to-Be; you transform the illusion of being into a sensual reality/intimacy; Now the Creative can intimately enjoy the Created! This, of course, is a simplistic representation, that is why the Tree of Life is so important to Know. The Tree of Life represents the complexity of how this Created Living Universe is done! By knowing yourself, you can then realized the original data you set aside in downsizing and know how to proceed with the Great Work of I AM ME!

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WE ARE THE MANY AND THE ONE. Everything I see, is another way to be me! All of us comprise the many "I's" of the I Am. Both in Psyche and Sensuality/Intimacy Am I!

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The 7 of Wands, Valor (Lord of Valor) is attributed to Mars in Leo. The Angels of this Decan are: Mahashiah and Lelahel. Here, we have the influence of Netzach in the World of Pure Spirit (Atziluth).

Mars in Leo not only promotes courage and strength, but also a certainty of a fiery clash. However, victory in this fray is not certain. Thus, Crowley, using the Three Adept Wands of the Golden Dawn, crosses them with a crude fiery club, suggesting a disorganized and disordered of uncertain results. In short, the army is in disarray, a loss of confidence is implied and only individual Valour (Spelled-v-a-l-o-u-r-The Queen's English) will save the day!

*[Hu-is a Mandarin word for "god" and Man-comes from the Hindu root word Manas-meaning Mind. Therefore, the word Human means "God Mind". Your real identity is the Psyche/Soul or God-Mind not a physical homo sapiens sapiens ]

When the 7 of Wands-Valour, is thrown during a reading, it implies that:

  • The querent is unsure of ideas, and must summon personal bravery and courage to instigate them. 
  • More confidence is needed to ensure victory. Here, responsibility must be taken up as the querent's standard, and they must stand alone, trusting their greater self to handle the most difficult of situations.
  • Here mettle is being tested, and only the inner courage of spirit has the necessary acceleration to push the querent through the line of resistance.
  • This card also shows how valuable you the querent, are to spirit, for if you were "weak" spirit wouldn't be testing your mettle.
  • Daring (attack from the defensive position).
  • Bravery.
  • Fighting spirit.

When ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Indecisiveness.
  • Ignorance.
  • Discrepancy between courage (instinct)  and spirit (sense).

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