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Dreams of Gaia tarot-I of air

The Dreams of Gaia- Ace of Air, represents the Ace in the Tarot Suit of Swords as the element of Swords is Air. As in Swords, the Ace represents a new way of thinking. It implies that it is now time to drop the old way of thinking, outdated beliefs,and ideas that keep you in the past and no longer serve. It is time to make way for new, independently formed personal ideology and/or time to clean out the old identity of yourself, and leave the shining one built by the soul. You don't need to learn a new identity, for that is already there, deep in the Ocean of the Unconsciousness, all you need is to clean out the trash of words that floats on the surface of your small ego. When the word-trash is removed one can then see the pure beauty of their "deep blue and shimmering" self. The Real you always existed, already built by the Soul, it's just buried under the slave-thinking and indoctrination or dogma of fear that is the divide and conquer philosophy of the Patriarchy. The Data that has been Understood by the Great Dark Ocean Mind of Mother Binah/or Creatrix, Understood you, so you have become form. We know this to be true, since data once understood, becomes In-Form-ation and/or in-form-action. Creation sees itself as you, that should be good enough for anyone!

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Therefore, when the Ace of Air card appears in a reading, it lets you know it is time to honor personal truths that are founded in your own experiences, instead of embracing the truth of others, and thereby, making them your own. The word truth, is not The Truth, it is merely personal and never empirical. Truth is not a word, nor a series of words. Truth is made manifest, i.e., is Form. Form is proven data/understood data, and in this universe, when Understood, data becomes form. All of us are born of Fire/Spirit and "We be dragons"! For as Dragons, we are of Fire, and can transmit that Fire, we also are Predators of the highest quality, aggressive and competitive; then there is the serpent tail, the "kundalini" power that resides at the tip of our spine and uncurls when our Spirit -Mind- Body has become our homo sapiens sapiens body; that is, when we are no longer divided and conquered by fear. Mankind is the perfect union of Angel and Animal, and/or Angel and Demon. We are something, that when unapologetic and balanced, have become more powerful than our Alien Parents; something all "good" children should accomplish. However, nothing is more pitiful, than a wingless dragon, whose fire is repressed by shame, fear, embarrassment, and/or fear of being itself. Such a one, will contain their inner fire only so long before it explodes outward, in a fiery show of Wrath that is self-destructive. True Spirit, is Energy-In-Motion, a fiery presence that is "I Will Be....!" Cage this, and all hell will break loose. This is a Tragedy, that we must avoid, by "Above all things; Know thyself"! 

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Life is a journey of Self-Awareness, and the experiences of this journey will offer lessons that impart both practical knowledge and wisdom. For errors, once seen and then corrected, become wisdom and data understood becomes knowledge. We all are "Another way of being Self", Self is the One Mind, and All is Mind. Therefore, the Universal Collective Unconscious, see's ItSelf as YOU! You are a perfect balance of the Creative and the Created! So Be it! Your only pressure, is not from your "peers", for that is a delusion, it is from your inner Dragon; get to know it, and love it, for it responds to love just as a lion or any other fierce predator does and returns it! You are Mind, and the Energy of Will (Spirit) and there is no greater Predator than Spirit! Your physical reality comes from the I AM/ Mind. You are all mental images of Self but not dreams, for you have become a Form of I AM.... Hence, in-form-action of the Self, which we call I AM....

So when the Ace of Air, is thrown in a divination it implies:

  • New ideas, new personal ideology.
  • Unlearn and let go.
  • Fact and genuine knowledge.
  • Honor personal truths.
  • Know your mind (know thyself)
  • Reality is first conceived in the mind. The mind is a womb.
  • Be excited and motivated, let your light burn!
  • Are old beliefs sabotaging future goals?
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The Unknowable Kether, the Will behind Energy, is often depicted as the Point, The Diamond Crown and the Swastika, as explained in past blogs; however, these symbols only direct us into a journey of understanding that has no goal. We may say the goal, is to understand the Infinite, but the word infinite, even if understood, is a human invention and therefore, inadequate to explain the "No-Thing" before Time. The point that is Kether, is the Singularity that was before the Big Bang but as the words may imply some vast understanding, this explanation is empty of experience and incomprehensible.

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Yet, we are also potentially anything, which makes us not as comfortably understood as one would like. It Seems that the Divine Universal Collective Unconscious, wishes us to be as vast as our forms seem to be limited which only makes sense to the Form of I AM. This is seen by the Imagination's ability to expand concepts so far beyond reality, that maybe, reality is just an imagined collection of “comfortable limits”, One moment we are the Human dreaming of being Spiral/Spirit Energy, the next we are Spiral Energy dreaming we are a human. Much like that old Chinese tale of a man dreaming he was a butterfly, then upon awakening he wondered if he was a butterfly dreaming he is a man. Considering Kether, is much the same,

The Qabalist knows that all is Mind, and we are not talking about the human self- consciousness, but the Mind that the Dream of the Universe floats in. The Mind that you "travel in". For the Ocean of the Divine Universal Collective Unconscious, has made itself a "fish", in which to travel within itself as a form of I AM, so that it can intimately experience Self. Oceans can only see themselves through their creations. The same goes for the Mind, it can only experience itself as IN-FORM-ACTION! Since you are the I AM in form, that be you !

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Thoth-Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords is a "seed or essence of Mind". The Root Powers of Air and symbolizes the influence of Kether in the Astral-Formative World of the Mind. This may be understood as the motion in the Currents of Astral Fluid; However, that is just the essence and not the Power itself. The Astral Mental-realms are the realms of Fleeting Forms...nothing solid; The Realm of Dreams. Thus, the Ace of Swords is a potent card which can be extremely good or extremely evil. Evil, is live spelled backwards, and basically implies devolution rather than evolution. To move forward progressively, is Living, to Move backward, is "living in the past" which is a form of "living dead", since the past isn't now. Hence, we have philosopher's saying. “Let the dead bury the dead...".

The Mind is called the Element of Air, for it is heated by Passions, as Air is heated by Sun, and it can become violent and life threatening. However, this is avoided if the Will of Spirit, is the controller of Passion, then the Mind becomes Life Expanding and Liberating. You see, in order for Spirit to be intimate with its "Forms", it needs you...a sensual Creator. You have the "hands of God", that can make new forms out of the material at hand and the Mind of God, the Image-maker and/or imagination. You are much more than you think you are, for you are the Thinker not the thought!

The Ace of Wands represents a natural force, while the Ace of Swords represents that which is invoked; a force called upon. Hence, how you identify yourself!

The currents generated by Kether on the Astral are both dynamic and erratic, having the potential to be applied at will to different situations. Thus, we have the description of a "whirling force" that gains strength through trouble. To Qabalists, this is an affirmation of Divine authority and may become the Sword of Wrath, punishment and affliction. Pure mind has no conscience; it is up to us to supply discrimination to thought for Mind is the Great Predator and just like Wolves have become dogs, and wild cats have become pets because we have "tamed them" with love, we must also "Tame" our Dragonish-Minds.

Fearing your own imagination, your own god-mind, is just the sinister secret the Patriarchy has hidden from you. By fearing yourself (shame, embarrassment, self-belittlement etc.) , you can't be yourself! When your self-identity is made of the "words of the Rulers"; Rulers are those who control definition, you become a whipped Wolf; a dragon in chains, but these chains are imagined, a malicious smoke and mirrors art of dividing and conquering. "It's just your imagination..." speaks the "expert". You might want to respond, that it's Just Imagination, that imagines every form you see, and the entire Multiverse, is just imagined! I AM just a story I tell myself, I Am just Imagined! All is Mind, and I Am the Will of Mind, to "see itself" as the I AM Me! Besides ex-pert, is just yesterday's pert.

We be Dragons, free of chains for we are not "man-made" identities controlled by the few who wish to rule the many. Rather, we are Spirit, identifying itself as an intimate lover of its most beloved---Form! Hence, we didn't come to be "enlightened", we are Every Evolved Dimension of Light in the Universe already! We came to be Light/Fire "Enfleshened"!

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We may have been bamboozled, but let us not despair, for the Ace of Swords represents the Sword of the Magus crowned in the twenty-two diadem (diamonds) of light. To those of Western magic/mysteries, the number 22 refers to Atu known as 22=2x11, the Magical manifestation of Chokmah, Wisdom, and the Logos (Word/Frequency of God). In Hebrew letters, that are numbers, is the Word of Law emblazoned on the Ace of Swords, that blazes forth clearing the dark clouds of a Mind based on fear, or survival thinking. I would suggest getting the Book 777 by Aleister Crowley to further study this, as the words "Achath Ruach Elohim Chiim" are the numbers 777 and means in English translation, “One is Spirit of the Gods of the Living". The Ruach being Tiphareth, the Solar Logos. There is a lot of investigative Gematria/Qabalistic Numerology, to understand here so get the book!

The Kether is God not living, Achath Ruach Elohim Chiim, is the Spiral Energy that produces Living Creation. 777, is also the number of the Scarlet Woman. The Red Goddess, the Blood of Life. Crowley named her Babalon and you are the living gods, who "Know thyself" through your own creations!


  • The Querent is experiencing mental clarity and inventiveness.
  • Problems being overcome with Original thinking.
  • The dawning of a new intellectual process.
  • Acting with logic and discrimination
  • Strength in adversity. Out of evil some good will come. Something that looks bleak can surprisingly turn out to be promising.
  • Doom. This is the card of Morgan the Fate. Finality, Tragedy, and ultimate fate; However, it is release, freedom from past restraint and a new lightness and/or a kind of salvation.
  • The beginning of an idea or information. The arising of Inner insight.
  • This card depends on the surrounding cards to show whether it is fate or rebirth.

When ill defined by the surrounding cards, it implies:

  • Restlessness.
  • Premature and subjective thinking.
  • Belligerent.
  • Hardening.
  • Weakness of Will. (Weakness of Spirit, for Spirit is Will).

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