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· dreams of gaia

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dreams of Gaia tarot-VIII of earth

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot- 8 of Earth, represents, success, love, wealth, all positive manifestations of a positive attitude which usually comes from doing what you love and love what you are doing. The optimism of this card seems boundless as it suggests a time of abundance, fruitfulness and a good harvest ahead. Here, a happy home, career confidence, the respect of your peers are all represented. What was justly sown is justly harvested and you can be confident that the outcome you need will manifest.

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Now is the time to look ahead and think about the next great leap rather then* "resting on your laurels". Obviously you have it within you to achieve greater heights and to go further than before. Of course doing so, requires commitment, a solid knowledge of your craft allowing you to do the best you can. Therefore, the 8 of Earth, implies that it is time to look to, acknowledge and celebrate your successes, and start creating new plans for the future. After all, the Divine Creative helps those who help themselves.

The Dreams of Gaia, 8 of Earth, displays a well decorated Goddess image of Gaia, horned and third eyed. The horns signify fertility, the blazing diamond topping her leafy-crown implies enlightenment, the third eye implies the ability of "far seeing", and the crystal ball also implies the ability to scry into the future. The Lotus that the crystal rests in, is a symbol of the Great Mother Goddess. Continuing this concept of the Divine Feminine, below the Eye is a Vesica Pisces symbol of the female vagina, acknowledging that she is a "birther". Her staff implies the mystical powers of a Sorcerer, the phallus symbol on top of the Dragon's head, implies the fertile Masculine- "Will to Force" and the dragon is an ancient symbol of the seasons. In alchemy, wingless dragons represented "fixed" elements and winged dragons represented the volatile elements. The keys are suggesting that she has access to hidden knowledge. She is lavishly decorated in symbols of abundance and surrounded with a fecund and fertile forest.  

*The practice of using laurels to symbolize victory came from the ancient Greeks. After winning on the battlefield, great warriors were crowned with a wreath of laurels, or bay leaves, to signify their supreme status during a victory parade.

The expression "resting on one's laurels" refers to someone relying entirely on long-past successes for continued fame or recognition, where to "look to one's laurels" means to be careful of losing rank to competition.

  Laurel wreath - Wikipedia


When thrown in a divination, the 8 of Earth implies:

  • Success, wealth and love.
  • Do  what you love, and love what you do.
  • Make plans for the future.
  • A good time of abundance ahead.
  • Confidence in future outcome.
  • Do not rest on your laurels.
  • Lose the lack mentality.
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8 of Disks-Prudence:

The Thoth 8 of of Disks represents talent, skill, craft, learning, and practical ideas being turned into a profitable profession.

The card itself symbolizes the harvest tree where hard work and skill have become fruitful and now you only need await the ripening of the harvest. This can be called the Master Craftsman card, as mastery of a skill is depicted here; Skillful manipulation of physical material with talented fingers along with prudent thoughts and the wisdom to coordinate both. It also can represent "The Craft", and/or elemental magic, of which witches are prone to practice.

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At the top of this colorful card is the Sun sign and at the bottom of the harvest tree is the astrological sign of Virgo. Virgo reminds us that by attending to details and utilizing our organizational skills, we shall repeat the just harvest. Trust in your skills is the foundation of this harvest rather than the need for control; only a deep abiding trust in your skills will reap the just reward as harvest follows the ordered skill of the prudent mind.

Prudence and wisdom are qualities of patient skill, not pushing to make things happen nor holding back or resisting. The coins have blossomed, the patient skill of wisdom and prudence has prevailed and the successful harvest is shown by the protective leaves that hold back chaos. There is no place for doubt in this card for it is a manifested Trust of skill.

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Again, the Thoth Deck 8 of Disks is called PRUDENCE. Disks are Pentacles or Coins, in other decks. But Disks is an appropriate symbol, something on which Crowley and I both agree. Disks must be stabilized by a spinning motion, a circular rotational force, in order to hit their mark. Even the atoms of rocks are spinning in a centrifugal manner, so when representing the earthly powers, the spinning of the Disk, with its internal spin best shows force and form as one presence in the crystalline light, again showing us that solids are just illusions of electric motion held within a magnetic vessel.

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The Eight of Disks-Prudence, is Hod in Assiah, the material World. The Sun is in Virgo and the angels of this Decan are; Akaiah and Kehethel.

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Virgo is noted to be a very practical sign which tends to cause over-concern with small details.

Because this is an eight, any gain that prudence gives is soon dispersed making Prudence no great virtue unless linked with determination. The message in divination, is that of skill, prudence, and over-carefulness about small things, at the expense of the larger. But because Hod is represented by Mercury and Mercury is exalted in Virgo, there is also predilection for intelligent loving, involving material matters such as, agriculture, artistic craftsmanship, and engineering. The Ruler ship of the Sun in Virgo suggests birth, as well, thus the disks are arranged in the Geomantic figure Populus. These disks are then shown as flowers of a Great Tree, rooted solidly in fertile lands.

  • When the 8 of Disks is thrown during a reading, the querent is in:
  • · A moment of creative birth of 8 weeks or 8 months, requiring the practice of physical caution, carefulness, and prudence.
  • · A type of physical wisdom radiating from an inner place of balance and integration. Making sure that all the bases are covered; every "t" crossed and every "I" dotted.
  • · Making intelligent choices so that the material world more closely conforms to one's needs.
  • · The possibility of turning a talent or skill into a profession.
  • · Skill in work with energy and forms, such as fingers working on a manipulative substance.
  • · That in the next 8 weeks or 8 months you can experience the harvest of your skill, prudence and wisdom. All from you’re organizing or attending to details.
  • · This card may also mean that all that you have learned or are learning will facilitate new growth in a skillful financial endeavor in the next 8 weeks or 8 months especially if you pay attention to details. This financial endeavor could involve Virgo people (August 21 to September 21) or harvesting a fertile relationship with important Virgo people in your life.
  • · This card represents a wise state of mind that operates from a foundation of prudence, centered integration, and Order rather than from chaos.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards, the 8 of Disks implies:

  •  Focusing too tightly on the small details and not seeing the big picture!
  • Unable to complete a task, because of worry over its imperfection.

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