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dreams of gaia tarot- XIX- emotions

The Dreams of Gaia-Tarot- Key 19-Emotions, is the closest to the Thoth Tarot- ATU 16-The Tower, for it is about energy-in-motion, the power to build or destroy our life's journey. People often talk about "Positive Emotions" or "Negative Emotions" , which have nothing to do with polarity or magnetic attraction or magnetic repulsion but rather with directing your energy forward into "live"or going backward into "evil" (live spelled backwards). We know many positive emotions, as love, joy, gratitude, peace, serenity, hopefulness, inspiration, amusement, pride, awe and curiosity, all of which point life forward. We also know about a range of negative emotions primary examples being, hate, fear, anger, disgust, jealousy, sadness, regret, loss, worry and even mopping. What one must understand, is that feelings (the sense of energy-in-motion) and/or emotion, is not good or bad, to live is to hurt, as well as, to enjoy. However, where these feelings send your motion in life, is the difference of being prepared for the storms that bring change, with rain wear and umbrella or standing in the rain and lightning of the tempest, unprepared , wet and suffering. Blaming you feelings or emotions as an act of another, or something someone caused you to do, is to not acknowledge your own power to emote. A sense of security, creates happy emotions, while a sense of fear, creates stressful emotions. Truth is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Hence, the use of emotions, the "Will to Force" in our environment, as both a positive and negative outcome.

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To emote, is usually known as the ability to express feelings, usually as an actor in a play. Which is exactly what you are. Life is a story we tell ourselves, and that inner-mental story, is enacted/emoted into the outside world, to establish our very own story as a "true story"into the story of the culture which does or doesn't seem to compliment our "belief system". Each of us thinking, our personality is the director of our play on "Self", when in truth, we have been directed to emote in a "knee jerk" fashion, giving our energy-in-motion to an outside authority. That "authority" in the outer world of reaction, can be anyone, person, place or thing. Therefore, we give someone or something permission to lead our actions, rather than owning them ourselves, and therefore, learning from them.

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Diana-goddess of the hunt

Thoughts are the "first material" from which we build "feelings" and are propelled into the outer world of physical matter, by launching these inner thoughts, as if arrows in a bow, into the outer world with force. That is because we wish to change, the outer person, place or thing or let them change us. When we observe the outer world as place of security, we emote happiness, joy, serenity, gratitude, and even pride. When the outer world threatens our "world view", we emote sadness, hate, anger, disgust and even jealousy. Hence, "negative emotions" are fear based, while "[positive emotion" is comfort based.

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We all are products of Spirit's "will to force" and "will to form", for we are all Spirit. Spirit is often shown as "Fire" for its very nature is "Willful" and consumptive, which is Will to Form. We consume in order to Form as one must remember, this is not positive or negative, for life eats itself to stay alive. Here, the grape becomes wine, so it can become me. We can call this "recycling"; However, energy-in-motion is involved. Spirit is Energy-in-motion, as it's movement is fiery. To make a long cosmic story, short, the Spiritual Will is emoted into Organic Matter, causing "animation", and/or life. Spirit is from the Greek word, Spiro, meaning to breathe or breath. Hence, "Will to be", is Spirit's story. It all began with Kether(the One no-thing) whose Hebrew name is Eheieh meaning "I Will Be", a word that even sounds like the exhalation of breath. Spirit's will is therefore, to be. When we subject our bodies to "feelings", these are a movement of energy in the body, being expressed outward, willfully.

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The body's brain, is operated by photons, in lightning fashion, jumping between neurons, in brain, heart, and gut. The "nervous system", is a system of cells that transmit the bio-photon energy throughout the body to animate it, to activate senses (sensors) under the direction of "automatic" thought as in the sub-consciousness or conscious thought of the moment, automatic and conscious thought are emoted within the body or outside the body. For the "Mind" is limited only to the vessel it is enclosed in, a vessel entirely created by Mind whose is of Photons/light, so that it can "self-reflect" and/or be "self-aware". The Mind of the One, is the vessel time is enclosed in, i.e., Space is the Mind that Measurement (time) floats in. In No-Thing, rests time/light, in bio-photons (bio-light), rests the data of "me". Hence, I AM Spirit-Mind-Body, the child-being (me) of the parental "I Will Be" that is the Divine Creative, making me the energy-in-motion of the One Self that is I AM Me. I AM the Will and the Way of that Will(to be) I Am the energy that is in movement to enliven what is a dream of Self. We are the Photons within the body, and around it. Since we all are Here and There at the same time, we must have a "movement in time" - a form in measurement, to see ourselves. for Self is a dream of Energy, limiting itself to motion, within all that it is, so it "can be".

Every image of a dreamer, is a story, the dreamer tells itself. Since we are the products of the "dreams" of Spirit, who have been given permission to "be our own playwright and/or authority," this freedom of choice seems to be positive for the "soul": However, poor quality plays are written by poor quality authors. The same goes for persona (masks) and/or personalities that are the "self-consciousness" that operate the body, as if a driver of the vessel whose power is regulated by "internal combustion" and/or emotion. It is not the food you eat, that regulates the power in your life, it is the energy-in-motion that does. Will is the accelerator pedal, that the personality uses to regulate the acceleration of energy-in-motion (emotions), that in turn, accelerates the movement of the "life-form". However, when the personality represents an outside authority, due to indoctrination, dogma and/or "enslavement" by an outside author, then the emotional self is often confused as to what it should or should not act upon or react to.

To make this story even longer, we decide what we act or re-act upon or to. Spirit is Action, and the bodies instinct is to react. What is reacts to, is the survival thinking of the animal mind, where the "unknown" is often dangerous, and therefore, to be avoided. The animal makes only decisions, and has no freedom to make a choice. However, you are a "god mind"/human, and therefore, can make choices. Choices are often risky, for they are not based on associating past events, as are decisions, but rather on the "joy of discovery". For the I AM, is existence, but of what, is unknown, ever to itself. Life, is the I AM, telling itself what it is. I AM Spirit, telling myself that I AM a Homo Sapiens Sapiens, on a blue planet in a galaxy, among trillions of galaxies. I AM vast, yet I can't experience myself, unless I am "acting out" what I think self is and examining that in a system of mirrors I call the "material world". The personality is reflected upon the soul. The Soul, self-reflects on itself as a personality. Emotion is your powerful movement in a world of the i-magi-nation. Every action or reaction is imagined. Every emotion, is energy-expressed as "Will to Force" or "Will to Form" in a dream outside the inner-dreamer. Hence, we are the Progeny of the Original Dreamer, as we, each and everyone, can shape our own dream and call it "life", but only have control of that dream if we are *lucid in that dream. Therefore, we must become "conscious" of what we are projecting as Self-Reflection, in the world of reflected light, we call material. Self is all you will ever know, for Self is the reflection you see as your "world view".




  1. expressed clearly; easy to understand.

    "a lucid account" ·



    intelligible · comprehensible · understandable · cogent · coherent ·


    • showing ability to think clearly, especially in the intervals between periods of confusion or insanity.

      "he has a few lucid moments every now and then"


      rational · sane · in one's right mind · in possession of one's faculties ·


    • psychology

      (of a dream) experienced with the dreamer feeling awake, aware of dreaming, and able to control events consciously.

  2. literary

    bright or luminous.

    "birds dipped their wings in the lucid flow of air"


    bright · shining · gleaming · luminous · radiant · brilliant · glowing · dazzling ·


Hence, a lucid dreamer, controls the bright, shining, gleaming, luminous, radiant, brilliant, glowing and dazzling dream of self. This is a " Positive" dreamer. The "Negative dreamer", is one who has given the dream of self, to a dogma, man-made institution, or has been indoctrinated by "pleasure/pain" training and/or punishment and reward training. The dreams of slaves, are if hope even exists, are of saviors, coming along and breaking their chains, for then they are not responsible for the retaliation of the Masters. Slaves dream they are in hell, and they need someone to bring them heaven, but if the "heaven" bringer incurs the wrath of the enslaver, well it is not their fault and the savior can be the "bad guy" who came along to corrupt the "good slave". History has often proven this to be so. Therefore, just ask yourself, am I a slave to emotion? Or is emotion, my free expression of Self ? For I am energy-in-motion and I call myself Life. I AM Spirit-Mind-Body, and being is my most beloved.

However, when fear is base of operation for the personality, life becomes what is feared as "energy-in- motion" is to "avoid" movement, and therefore, to avoid change. This is were the comparison of the Gaia-Emotions card and the Thoth Tower card comes into play. For the dream of self, collapsing all around you, is the destruction of your world view, where one has found error in their ways.

Basically, a Tower moment, states the message that the inner self, will change outer self, whether it likes it or not. The harder one resists change the more traumatic the required change will be.

In the Thoth Tarot, key 16 is subtitled "war" and in medieval times it was called the "house of god" or the "blasted tower". For it is under the influence of Mars and attributed to the letter Peh {Meaning-Mouth}, referring to Mars. Here cosmic energy is represented in its most primeval form, as the foundation of all movement. Energy-in-Motion, as I AM expresses itself as a data- form and/or a "thought form" which we call an image. All form is made of information. What happens when that information doesn't compute? It is deconstructed. Therefore, as I emote self, it is the story I call myself. Therefore, the Emotions card depicts The Shinning Solar Self (Photonic self/Soul) holding the sword of law and balance with the pentagram of the 5 universal elements (fire-air-water- earth and Spirit) , with a flourish of flame enclosing a heart filled with stars and whose "dragonish motion" (emotion) is golden and enlightened. Signifying Light's love of being, and the shadow self, in the image of shame, sorrow, sadness. etc. who is on its knees to the dragon of emotion. One is served by its emotion the other is enslaved to it.

When the Gaia Tarot- key 19-Emotions is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • All emotions are necessary, even negative ones, for they teach us on where not to send our energy.
  • How are your feelings influencing you?
  • Heed the message behind the feeling.
  • Don't prejudge the present on the past.
  • Practice acknowledging your feelings.
  • Fill your day with laughter and mirth, for "to take serious", is to serve fear.
  • Step back and detach emotionally.
  • Positive emotions open you to learning as gratitude opens you to more.
  • Repressed emotions create disease, for they are not learned from.
  • Address symptoms of emotional repression.
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thoth- atu 16-the tower

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What is usually shown as key 16 the Tower, is the destruction of the existing material by fire, and/or the old Aeon of Osiris (The Patriarch) being destroyed for the establishment of the New Aeon of Horus, shown as the Great Eye of Horus in the Card. This great "I" is a new identity, that of the Divine Child of the Divine Creative (Christ or Buddha consciousness), coming to the mundane man-made identity of the past. As we all know, new software (identity) requires erasure of the old, before it can operate or up-grade the hardware or in the human body sense, the "wet ware", properly. Thus, we have the geometric shapes of man-made identity falling from the tower, as there are no straight lines in nature who constructs all things from "spiral energy". Thus flexible and ever changing; something the righteous man can never be. We are Spirit's/ Will's- energy-in-Motion and if we meet each day as a New Energy-in-Motion, rather that a past moment repeated, we don't create "Tower Moments" when our old persona, must be renewed in order to move forward in Life.

The formula for the avoidance of the Tower Card in the Thoth Tarot, is the complete appreciation of all things created as I AM. The I Am and/or Self must equally rejoice in not only the smooth and fertile but also in the rugged and barren. Right and wrong are foolish thoughts of the mentally constipated. All things exist, because they are Created to do so. Thus, societies, that are based on Ruler definitions of what is Right and What is Wrong, are doomed to destruction. As history has shown, every Nation thinks it is the best, and every one of them falls to their own lies. To destroy others in the name of right, will destroy you.

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This destruction is illustrated at the bottom of the Thoth card as being the destruction of the Old Ridged Military Industrial Aeon by lightning engines of War. When one worships military might as authority over others and thereby resisting change, one is destroyed by that very god (Authority) they worship. Thus, the jaws of Dis (Roman god of destruction) belch forth the flames of destruction, and/or purification. Falling from the tower, the destroyed garrison of the military industrial empire, are those personalities of man-made indoctrination. You may note that they are made of straight lines, i.e. unnatural. Hence, they represent man-made identity as nature doesn't create straight lines. Nature is spiral.

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The Ultimate reality of perfection is No-thing-ness, for only the "Waves" (disturbances or imperfections) in the No-Thing become something. Thus, only out of imperfection can existence exist. For instance, life itself, is always trying to achieve a perfect balance, but environment can be unstable, and therefore, Life must continually adjust its balance. The Terra of Earth, floats on a liquid ocean of magma, and/or melted nickle-iron which makes the ground "unstable".

In metaphysics, we now know that One Mind who is perfection, is not seeking perfection, for that is about as smart as a fish in the ocean looking for water. We are all to be unstable, that is imperfect, so that we keep moving forward, seeking balance, experimenting in Self Awareness as a balance of Spirit-Mind-Body for that is the "Joy of God", expressed as "I Will BE"! In other words, to make a long story short, the Divine Creative enjoys being, and self-awareness, requires self-discovery, which is what we spend our lives doing for Life is Self reflecting upon Self. Self-discovery requires measurement, developed by senses, something the infinite cannot do unless it creates "Self within It-Self". Hence, we, the created identity of I AM Me, will always be imperfect, and thank god for that, as that means I shall always progress; maybe stumbling along to keep my balance in life's constant movement, but always experiencing self as it faces issues and solves them. The secret is to turn that stumbling into a dance of joyous passion, which some call, "enjoying the journey". I for one, know that a diamond, the perfect and absolute stasis (righteousness) of the carbon atom, cannot dance! We must will to live to be, and will to die to become Self-expression. Thus, the dove on the Thoth Card, symbolizes the Will to live (the spirit-feminine), and the Lion-Serpent The spirit male) the will to die. I AM SELF-expressing It-SELF as life.

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The fire of Yod (Hebrew for: hand) from which our worn-out self-belief is consumed and purified, resurrects us as a rising Phoenix of purity. The trouble with purity, is that once the substance is removed from the furnace that purified it, impurities from the environment soon cling to it and it must be returned to the furnace to cleanse it. So it is for self-identity. Only the pure fiery spirit can cleanse it of all that is unworthy of Divine Self-identity. Hence, Life and death are known to the Qabalists as phases of a single element (Divine-Self-Awareness) that is constantly Real- I-zing Self. In the end, we all must fall to the pollution of survival thinking, to be cleansed in the bright fiery Mind that is Spirit, and then stand again, innocent and pure. For only in an unpolluted base-material, can new things be nurtured and grown. I Am the Will and the Way, I Am the Wealth, I Own the Day!


it implies:

  • A traumatic change will lead to new awareness.
  • the collapse of old beliefs
  • A new self-arising from the ashes of the old.
  • End of a relationship; a possible divorce.
  • Freedom and liberation gained only by some cost in comfort.
  • Destruction and transition.
  • Loss of security
  • Deception.
  • Favorable new opportunities from loss.
  • Unsuspected events that demand you must "let go".
  • The breakdown of unhealthy, rigid, or false thought processes.

If ill dignified or reversed:

  • Stagnation
  • Lack of insight.
  • Caught in a negative situation.
  • Oppression and imprisonment.
  • Mental constipation, not allowing for the transformation/ change necessary for spiritual/emotional/ mental growth.

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