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· dreams of gaia

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dreams of gaia- XIII-union

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot-Key 13-Union shares the same qualities as does the Star and Lovers card of the Thoth Tarot. Here, it is compared to the Union within with our very own "inner-sun". It represents the harmony within when we are in alignment with our "Solar Self" and/or Soul. As an energy, you are Spirit, and/or the element of Fire. This began as your "star seed", began gathering more and more photons. This collective is the Soul, and it has existed before you ever became a operator of a homo sapiens sapiens avatar. However, it is part of the Universal Collective Unconsciousness, where like particles attracted like particles until their became enough activity to form a Self,i.e., I AM. The Law of Attraction, continues on and on, we call it relationships, love, and union. Now I know that people often confuse Spirit with Soul, and Soul as a personality. The Spirit is The Will One Energy and is known as the Will of the One, and/or the first "I". As a meta-physician, I call Spirit, "I Will Be"; as a Western Qabalist I call it Eheieh, which is Hebrew for "I Will Be".  The Soul is of Spirit and is a Collective of Energetic Particles called Photons, it is a "Sun of the Divine Creative" and/or as the Christian community will say, the "Son of God" while the Buddhists call it The Buddha.. It is your Psyche, so the Soul will be called your Individual collective Unconscious Mind and/or the Mind of you. It is a perfect copy of the Macrocosmic Universal Collective Unconscious, which is made up of a collective of Souls, like cells in the body, the Universal Collective keeps copying itself, but different collectives become different organs in the body as they also become different souls in the Universal Collective Unconsciousness and/or The Divine Creative.

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Crowley called the Soul in which your personality is reflected upon. This makes perfect sense, as the word Persona, the root word that personality is formed from, is a Greek word meaning Mask. Personalities can therefore be compared to masks worn over the "energy" so that it can see itself and act out and/or emote, self-observations so that they become self-awareness. Also, the Auric Field around your-physical self, is a Solar Field (soul-field) of many light spectrum's, from multiple dimensions of the "All seeing I". On the Dreams of Gaia card this Auric Field, (Soul-Field) is shown as two dragons ( Solar-Anima and Animus) joined around the glowing, bright and beautiful (6th Sephiroth of the Qabalisitic Tree of Life) being. We are each a Star. Who then establishes itself as Life on Earth and who knows how many other planets.

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To make things simple, a gathering of particles always produces atoms, and a gathering of atoms creates molecules and/ or intelligence in this universe. For instance, such a gathering created DNA, a very intelligent molecule, that bodies are built from. To stimulate a little wonder here, just remember that you are a Solar Being who operates and a planetary entity in your Name of I AM, and/or I AM The Soul and therefore, the Author of Myself-Me. One may also see that the Qabalistic Tree of Life, is a 2 dimensional rendition of a multidimensional molecule that creates Spirit-Mind-Body. It is the Whole Self and/or "Holy Spirit", of which we are all inheritors of. Although, each Sephiroth (numbered circle) has a "tree of life " of its own, a 2 dimensional rendition is enough to stimulate "memory" of what and whom each of us are. We are Suns who have become aware of the Power of Limits. For the more you can condense energy, through "concentration", the more "solid" it becomes. Hence, matter is formed of condensed light and will return to the light -microwaves it is condensed from. Which is another way to say the second law of Thermodynamics: "All things proceed from order to disorder". The only way to keep this return to invisibility form happening, is constant transformation of Self-Concepts. Hence, the many Selves of the One Self and/or the many "thought forms" of the One Mind.

Therefore, when the personality becomes the messenger of the Soul, it is United with its Creator. Just as when your man-made personality bows to the Patriarch, as its authority, it is then united with the cultural mind and all the karma it produces. To know thyself, you must exorcise the Patriarchy form your brain, and unite that self-consciousness to the Soul, and/or the "inner-self" as your only authority. Some may say this will create chaos; However, the Soul knows that everything it sees, is another way to be itself and will treat all being with the same respect and actions it will treat its very own most beloved, the physical body. In other words, the Soul/Psyche will do to others as it would have done to its "other". No chaos will therefore manifest in a world of "Loving thy neighbor". The union within, is a simple fact that we must be love in order to give love. This is obvious, since one cannot give what they don't have.

When the Dreams of Gaia-Key 13-Union card is thrown in a divination it implies:

  • Unity and wholeness.
  • Harmony arises when we are in alignment.
  • You have unlimited potential.
  • A path that marries science and spirituality (metaphysics-Qabalah-numerology-astrology etc).
  • Duality creates separation; separation creates weakness-fear and need.
  • The union of Spirit-Mind-body.
  • Complete self-acceptance.
  • You are a Temple , worship within. 
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Thoth- atu 17-the Star

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The Star card is called the Path of Tzaddi and not Heh, as errantly shown on the Star card. For the long explanation of this error, see the Emperor blog. The Star or Path of Tzaddi (e) connects the Sephiroth Netzach (Victory) to the Sephiroth Yesod (The Foundation). This is the path called the Natural Intelligence, a phrase coined by Dr.Paul Foster Case in his instructional text, Thirty Two Paths to Wisdom; natural intelligence because it is the Path of proper approach to the Divine Energy inherent in each person. It is the Natural Intelligence, as it represents the proper use of Imagination----which is the Divine Womb, an Intelligence used in "image making; many of us call it the Creator.

The meaning of the Hebrew letter, Tzaddi, is Fish hook, implying meditation, a process inseparable from the proper use of imagination as we "hook" our self-conscious to the Soul's Image-making power.

Once we are hooked on an idea, we focus energy (emotion), and with proper diligent software running our brain, the body excellently gets it done. The physical vehicle, is a power-tool of Imagination and as we all know, with computer run power tools, garbage programming in means, garbage production- out and/or separate them from their power, and they won't operate according to manufacturing specs.

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All this may be too much for the culturally programmed personality to absorb, but the fact is, you were imagined into being by what we now call the Soul, or the Unconsciousness and/or the Psyche/or your "inner star". So for the sake of simplicity, I'll call it the Soul.

In the terms of Tzaddi, fish hook, the implication is that there is a merging of two streams of conscious energy, for something is put-in rather than taken out. Here the individual consciousness is attached to the Greater Conscious of the Soul. In the Tarot/Qabalah, Water is the symbol used to represent intuition/emotion/unconsciousness, making the analogy of the fish hook being put in the water to catch a fish/image, pertinent as well.

It helps to understand that we are not a brain, nor any kind of separate physical device. We are a ternary Self-concept that is the Transmitter (Spirit-I), the Transmitted (Soul/Psyche-Am) and the Receiver (Body-Me). Just as a Radio Transmitter (in our case-Spirit) transmits frequency "everywhere but nowhere" at the same time and would be unheard without a radio receiver so it is with the frequencies of Spiral Energy (Spirit) that would be unheard without a physical vehicle tuned to that infinite frequency by the Soul. In this scenario, Spirit is the Universal Collective Unconscious, and the individual frequencies would be Soul Stations while the human vessel would be the receiving radio controlled- bio-robotic -power tool.

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In quantum physics, an entity is a point in time which to a timeless energy frequency, is extremely necessary for self-awareness. Points in time are necessary for a discriminating creator, for how do you know what you do and what you affect, when you have no way of examining the action? To gather Knowledge, the mind needs an intellectual gathering place---a place in time, i.e. a point. A point of a pen is also what authors need to write into manifestation their thoughts. That pen gives them a Point in which to concentrate their thoughts so that they can be carefully examined, corrected and produced. Because of that point and the flow of ink (in physics this would be light) they can manifest those thoughts in time/space. Points (I AM) begin the transformation of energy into images-Me.

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The material that the Divine Consciousness deals in is "Thought", something we know exists but are unable to explain its source. In Alchemy it is our "first matter", and in Qabalah, the first matter-thought is often symbolized as a fish. This concept allows me to take the next quantum leap in examination. Theoretically if we describe the Ocean, as the womb of earth life, (Imagination is the Womb of idea) we can see that to the Ocean, it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, for it has no sense of self. However, the fish is made of Ocean and its elements and must exist in the Ocean as a "part of Oceanic imagination"; a self-image, if you will, of the Ocean itself. And as Spiritual "I" must with us, the Ocean flows through the crystallized self -image (Me-fish) that it has imagined into existence, in order to be able to do work (Power). Now I know this is simplistic as an explanation can get, but it should help you in understanding why you have a physical vehicle, and why it is most sacred to Spirit!

The “I AM” (Imagination-Divine Creative) denotes existence, the “me” establishes it as a sensual point in time, i.e. a place to do the intimate work necessary to "know thyself". Hence, Intimacy, is why you exist as a Form of the I AM.

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The Path of the Natural Intelligence (I AM) is the Path of the raw forces attributed to Netzach (Victory). To a Qabalist these natural forces are called the Elohim (Gods of Netzach) and are synonymous with nature itself. Moreover, the number of The Star, is 17 and when added together (1+7=8) seventeen becomes 8 which is key 8-Strength, which represents conscious control over the Kundalini (Lion-Serpent) whose description is both solar (lion as Leo, is the symbol of the Sun) and sexual (serpentine force and/or Solar Serpentine Forces and/or Dragon). As I have stated before, the Kundalini is coiled in Yesod, which is the Foundation of earth manifestation and is known as the "inner-soul".

To many, sex-energy, passion and/ or Kundalini is a word of sin filled lust and emotional turmoil:

However, the initiate learns that as we encounter the sexual energy in ourselves, we are approaching the Greater Mysteries of Tiphareth, The Solar Logos, the central star of our existence. Of course, “if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen". Thus, the Path of Tzaddi-The Star is important to the neophyte as it is a very powerful Path which points out the proper way to approach the Kundalini...The Divine Spiral Energy inherent in all of us.

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This process of approach is a kind of yoga (communion) involving the "opening of Chakras" and/or the enervation of energy centers through the process of meditation. This is also the energy we use in the meditation process, being both the goal and means of enlightenment. The Star is the method or means of perfection.

As previously stated: In the Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom, the Magus Dr. Paul Foster Case stated that: The twenty eight path [Path of Tzaddi} is called the Natural Intelligence, and it is so called because through it is consummated and perfected the Nature of every existing thing under the Sun." {The brackets are my own insertion).

The Star Card represents the proper use of imagination, through the energy of meditation.

Even though meditation feels like a personal activity, successful meditation shows us that it is not we that are meditating but rather, we are meditated! Truth be known, The Higher Self brings the Personality into meditation. In the context of meditation, the Personality uses the Path of Tzaddi, The Fish Hook, in searching for reality in the context of meditation; However, meditation is also The Higher Self angling to pull the Personality up from the depths of self-enclosure which is a reality imposed on us by the physical senses.

The Star Card figure, represents the most pure manifestation of the Great Mother Binah at the level of Personality, preceding enclosure in matter. She is the Same figure found in The Empress, in her royal regalia; The Priestess and in The Universe cards,; However, here She is unveiled, further representing Her purity.

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The Star is associated with the love and inspiration sign of Aquarius. In the ancient world, Saturn was said to govern Aquarius, referring us to Binah and The Universe Key/ATU 21.

Because the Star card represents the universe resolved into its ultimate elements, it relates to many more Paths than any other card in the deck. Thus, I recommend getting the text book by Robert Wang---The Qabalistic Tarot (A text book of Mystical Philosophy) and studying the many path Charts on the Tree of Life that he presents in the book.

To the Western Qabalist, the Star card represents the "Lower Eden", from which the Personality originates and the Emperor, represents "Upper Eden" where the Fiery Higher Self originates...The Solar Logos. Here to, we see a relationship of The Star Path (Tzaddi) relating to another Path, that of the Emperor (Heh). The Star card also relates to the Planet Venus, which to the ancients was seen as the "Morning and Evening Star", also referred to as Lucifer, the Most beautiful of all Archangels, referring to the Sephiroth Tiphareth-Beauty, which is the Solar Logos. Lucifer is not seen as a underworld figure, but rather the Higher Self. But with proper enforcement of propaganda the meaning of Beauty (Synchronicity) became an Underworld Angel who was so narcissistic that he challenged God----which is the common Christian view. Our souls don't challenge "god", as they are a collective that combined, makes up the concept of "god". We all must study history to see how the Christians took the names of gods and goddesses of other religions and demonized them, which only contributed to ignorance and lost self-awareness. The truth is that the Latin word Lucifer is similar to the Greek Christos (Sun, also Zeus Christos or Sun of God) ----both relating to the fiery Sun of God....The Solar Logos and/or our Higher Self.

When the Star Card-Key 17, is thrown during a reading:

  • · The querent shall be or will be experiencing hope, faith and unexpected help for 17 weeks or 17 months.
  • Self-esteem and confidence contributing to self-efficiency and talent.
  • The querent, upon meditating, shall hear their own song (sound frequency), becoming harmony and then emoting love, calm and peaceful agility.
  • Spiritual introspection.
  • Insight into the perfection of the cosmos. 
  • Renewal and rebirth.

If ill defined by the accompanying cards, there can be the experiencing:

  • · States of dreaminess, and deceived hope.
  • Destructive hope.
  • Denial of truth. 
  • Illusion.


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