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Thoth-princess of disks

The Ace of Disks, is the seed of the Energy Transformation that we call Earth and Earth is ruled by the Princesses, each in their own section of the Northern quadrant. The knowledge of the new Aeon of Horus, dispels the archaic concept of Earth as an evil, passive, immobile, even dead element. Rather, Earth is a transformation of Intelligent Energy Conscious that many moderns call Gaia or Erda who is represented in the tarot as the Queen of Disks.

The Princesses of any suit are the “womb intelligence” that carries the seed of the element they represent. Therefore, the Princesses are the pro-generators of the Aces.

The Princess of Disks, represents Mastery of Creativity and Birth of New Forms. She is the pregnant one. As you may have gleaned by now, all these cards represent states of intelligent energy/light that progressively weave a pattern of I Am/Self in the material world---as you! Qabalah, knows that all is Mind. One Mind, with many spherical attributes that is shown as a diagram we call the Tree of Life.

The Greeks called this state of Mind Persephone, who enters Hades, every winter and escapes Hades and manifests on Earth every spring. She is the pioneering nature of fertility, represented by the first house-Aries whose ram horns are on her head, and the serpent transforming into an ermine cape, represents her ancient earthly passion to create.

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Her lighted crystal staff, shows her desire to give birth to new forms that are in alignment with who she is. Her determination to manifest the organic balanced harvest is shown by the pedestal of grains that she is standing in front of.

The balanced union of female magnetic and male electric forces are represented in the yin/yang center of the lotus blossom which show the creative approaches to Motherhood issues or issues surrounding her own mother. Winter is shown on the Thoth Deck Princess of Disks as the ermine cape becomes an implication of snow on the ground, amid winter trees bereft of leaves.

As Souls, we are all Androgyny, which is copied in the homo sapiens sapiens brain (female side of brain and male side of the brain). Hence, both sexes of the species homo sapiens sapiens, can become pregnant with desire and creative ideas. This creative idea and the desire to manifest it, has been gestating with in our nature for some time. It can then be said, that the essence of the Princess of Disks resides in out "right brain" where she is on the brink of transformation. The Princess of Disks is the earthly part of Earth. Brooding in wonder, she is strong and beautiful while pregnant with the secret wonder of the future.

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This lovely Priestess of Demeter, wears the crest of the Ram and in her right hand, a scepter descending into the Earth, where its head becomes a diamond. To Qabalists, the Diamond is the Precious Stone of Kether (The Highest and purest Light) and symbolizes the Purest Light formed in Matter in the “diamond form of as above-so below".

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The Princess of Disks represents the Goddess of many ancient myths and religions. As would Freya, (Norse Grove Goddess) she stands in a grove of sacred trees, before an altar suggesting a wheat sheaf which is a symbol for Demeter. But she is not alone. Contrary to the sexism of divisionism thought, she is never without He and He is never without She, so she holds in her left hand a disk which bears the Chinese ideogram denoting the twin spiral force of Goddess/God (Creation), in equilibrium; from this is born the Rose of Isis (Rose-Mari), the Great Fertile Mother of the Nile delta.

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tarot personality birth wheel

The characteristics of the Princess of Disks personality are more numerous than a one hopes to enumerate for she is the Ultimate in Womanhood and has all the characteristics of the "Womb with a View" and/or the Mother of all Forms. She contains all the characteristics of woman and it depends on the influences whether she is subject to “one or the other" of these traits that manifest as action. However, this is not a scattering of energy, rather whatever trait she acts on, it is pure and focused, and life changing. To the shallow (those afraid to plunge their emotional depth), she is bewildering inconsistency; to those centered emotionally, she is a "Powerful Moment" of Beauty. She is both nourishing and vitalizing.

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We may see her as Persephone arising from the nether world of winter into the bright light of spring, symbolizing that from the deepest, darkest depths arises the Wisdom of "Womb-Rite"; the resurrection and regeneration of the Living. There really isn't any negative here, unless one finds her ability to "be purely in the moment" to rapid and unsettling for their need for linear- stability. Such a shallow one would be unable to see that stability is based purely on "the movement of the Moment" and not a linear line of addition. Therefore,  she is serpentine in her motion.

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The universe is Spirals upon Spirals, dimensions upon dimensions, union upon union, Sephiroth upon Sephiroth and suffers no division. To enjoy her, you must dance with her in her sacred grove of Life that resides in your brain. It helps to remember, that you are not a brain, you are a Psyche/Soul, which is an collective of evolved light that is the Sun (latter called the Son by the misogyny of the Patriarch) of Spiritual (spiral) I AM. The "Me" that is your identity of material information, is but a Mask of material that your Soul "wears" to make Self-Awareness visible. You are a progeny of the original I AM, that began the "Will to Be".

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Adam khadmon-"the heavenly human"

When made manifest, data of the I AM, can become in-form-action; Action which proves function or dysfunction of data. I AM Me is the trinity of all of us. The Brain, belongs to the I AM, not the "me". For the me is the brain, and all its programing and indoctrination. Most of us are therefore, separated from the controlled authority of our brain, by cultural indoctrination, dogma and/or pleasure-pain training. In other words, some "outside" authority runs our brains reactive software and therefore, our body. Hence, the Qabalistic axiom of "Above all things, know thyself". For you are a Soul, whose "inner authority" is supposed to run the brain that is and artificial psyche and/or "me", made of the organic material of earth. Hence, your reality creator is the I AM and the body is to represent that reality created by the Sun of the Divine Creative; Your Horus/Adam Khadmond-The I AM. To know the I AM Me, is to know yourself and as Plato is quoted as saying, "To know yourself is to know god".

This is the Lady of Rebirth and Renewal and to understand her is to understand the Depth of the Ultimate Womb. It is recommended that one meditates long and hard on this card, and to read the Goddess Myths with the eye (I) of the soul. In this world, where love is a profit sharing endeavor, it is hard for most of us to believe that "Love of Being built Me to be Itself"----Love is now information (in-form-action) and fears no future. But the truth is, " I AM's Creation, is Love made manifest" and we are the image of Love made manifest; injected into time by the Phallic serpentine energy "Father" (light)and born of the Womb of the Goddess and/or the I-magi-nation of our Soul!

The Hebrew word Qabalah, (Kabbalah) means "receiving" or "to receive" and the Greek Word, Gnosis, means "Knowledge". There were many Gnostic Sects, from which the bastard child Christianity was born. But before, ambitious men made a religion out of their own image of god, the Gnostics were Greek philosophers or from the schools of Greek philosophy. Western Qabalah, is the philosophy of receiving our true self-knowledge from our Soul-the personal god that created you as its image. Therefore, I call it the system of knowing that helps us receive our inheritance from the Divine Creative; an inheritance profaned by "the few who wish to rule the many" by controlling definition and therefore, control your definition of self. It is best to free the inner Princess of Disks from the chains of propaganda and master controlled definition. When she is freed, your brain sprouts new shoots of imagination and intuition, beginning a spring like recognition of Self.

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In the Gnostic Gospels of Didymos Judas Thomas, Jesus is quoted as saying,"If those who lead say to you,'see, the kingdom is in the sky.' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, you will then become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons [suns] of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who is that poverty." (The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas---The Nag Hammadi Library--). The Truth here being, that when you "know yourself", you are on the right "channel of receiving" from your Transmitting Soul Author, who knows you and what you truly represent.

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the tarot of the ages-page of coins

The Tarot of The Ages-Page of Coins, is comparable to the Princess of Disks, and uses the medieval interpretation of this card which is a page, who can be either a female or male. In this card of traditional tarot, the page is a young Hindu man. He is holding a vedic astrology- styled spiral symbol which represents a coin. He can be either a merchant, whose role is that of a countryman, carpenter, a reaper or a potter. This is an identity generated by being one with the earth and her cycles. Behind is a royal dwelling and/or temple. This page is also surrounded by the symbols of fertile earth; the black soil, clean water and the cows.

The cow is considered the most sacred animal in the Hindu faith. In the religion, the cow represents purity, motherhood, and wealth. It is seen as a powerful symbol of nature. Lord Krishna was a cowherd and the literal meaning of his name is “protector of the cow.”.

Animal Symbolism in the Hindu Religion by Genice Phillips l ...

Unlike the Thoth Tarot, this card is not using Arcane symbols to indicate a deeper knowledge of the Mysteries of Self; However, the interpreted meanings of the Page of Coins, in divination are the same as those of the Thoth Tarot.

If the Princess of Disks card shows up in a reading, it is best said:

  • When this card is thrown, for male or female, this card represents the creative part of the Earth anima within the organic form.
  • That rebirth is apparent from past defeat.
  • Or that a new love is blooming in your life.
  • It represents a young woman with rich brown or red- brown hair and dark eyes, she is generous, kind, diligent, benevolent, careful and endowed with persevering courage.
  • She may also be pregnant with child or birthing ideas, projects, identity and self-aspects.
  •  She or he is on the Brink of Transformation and Revelation.
  • She or he may also have a concentrated desire to learn, and is applying her/his fertile mind to scholarly pursuits.
  • For a woman, this card can represent the need to resolve motherhood issues. For male and female, this card can represent the need to resolve or restructure relationship issues with Aries or Scorpio people in your life. (Aries-March 21 -April 21) (Scorpio: October 21-November 21). Due to the very nature of the Princess of Disks "tunnel focus" on creation, this card can warn us of the dangers of becoming so focused on one thing, that we cannot enjoy the life all around us.
  • Deep concentration and application.
  • Study.
  • Scholarship.
  • Respect for knowledge. 
  • Desire for learning new ideas.

If ill-defined by the surrounding cards:

  • She or he becomes wasteful and prodigal.
  • Failure to recognise obvious facts. 
  • Dissipation of ideas.
  • Illogical thinking.
  • Wastefulness.
  • Unfavorable news.

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