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Thoth-Prince of Cups

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Santa Muerte- Knight of Cups

All 4 Princes are dependent on the Union of the King and Queen. Unless set in motion by the Royal couple, the Prince’s power is illusionary.

The Thoth Prince of Cups is known in the Mysteries, as the Prince of the Chariot of the Waters, Prince and Emperor of the Nymphs and Undines, as he represents the last Decan of Libra and the first two Decans of Scorpio. He is also the depiction of the suffering, self-sacrificing man who becomes the knowing or unknowing redeemer through his sacrifice. The corresponding Western myth to this one, is Lohengrin-son of Parcival, of the knights of the Holy Grail. He fights for Elsa von Brabant, marries her, but must leave her after the wedding since she, although forbidden to do so, questions him as to his origin. The Knights of the Holy Grail, always helpfully intervene where needed, but only as long as they can do their good works unrecognized. This corresponds to Scorpio on it's highest level of renunciation and/or "the soul redeeming ego". Here, one surmounts the obstinate authority of ego/false self, and a willingness to be guided by a Higher Power, the Holy Grail/The Divine Feminine.  

He therefore, is Specific Air of Primal Water. (Consciousness-Perception of the Divine Universal Collective Unconscious). As a person, he represents a charismatic, mysterious, and profound young man.

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Those of Qabalistic Western Magic, may know the Yod Heh Vau Heh formula, which is also shown in the Prince of Cups. Here we see the water Lotus and the cup that is issuing a serpent. The Serpent represents Chokmah, the Yod Force and in this card, it has the fiery unsettling qualities of Scorpio. The cup, is Heh, and encloses the Yod serpent; a Victorian way to show phallus and womb and/or the King and Queen in Union. The Prince, as Vau, carries out the activities of Yod and Heh combined, here then is Water -energy-in-motion/emotions. The Eagle drawing the Chariot, is the Kerubic symbol for Water (also the highest symbol of Scorpio's mental heights/higher will). And as we know, if we've swam in a river, the Eagle also suggests that the calm appearance of water, may hold violent and fiery energy-currents beneath the surface, Thus, in the Prince of Cups, Water suggests the Will of the King and Queen whose union forms the Divine Creative, which bears dynamic energy. by creating a bridge between Mother-water and Father (the One Energy) the Prince is the current that that can turn the downward suction by emanating from the depths to his advantage. Hence, what activity we can expect from the Prince of cups archetypal personality is on one hand, elastic, volatile and hydrostatic equilibrium; on the other hand, the catalytic faculty and energy of steam which is shown in the Tarot card as wings of tenuous vapor, sprouting from his back that is also suggesting a spiritual sense of vaporization. He is therefore, the mystical *Tempestas of Roman myth. Showing his Divine Feminine side and/or influence.


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In ancient Roman religion, Tempestas (Latin tempestas: "season, weather; bad weather; storm, tempest") is a goddess of storms or sudden weather. As with certain other nature and weather deities, the plural form Tempestates is common. Cicero, in discussing whether natural phenomena such as rainbows and clouds should be regarded as divine, notes that the Tempestates had been consecrated as deities by the Roman people.[1]

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Scorpio is noted as being the most Mysterious of Signs, making this card very complicated in its Water imagery. The Lotus is sacred to Water/Mother Goddess. The calm and stagnant Lake beneath the Prince, is shown being disturbed by heavy rain; Rain being the volatile expression of Vapor that has become clouds. The reason the lake is shown stagnant, is because of the Alchemical secret process of putrefaction which is also symbolized by the scorpion (not shown because it is secret). According to Crowley, this card also illustrates the idea of putrefaction, an Alchemical process of purification. The other 2 processes of Scorpio are shown as the Serpent and the Eagle. Sexual force and Higher Motion, in that order.

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The fact that this Thoth Deck card is Libra going over into Scorpio, suggests great volatility, as this influence implies tremendous power, energy and weight.

Such a person must be well mated, with good will and sincerity, for loyalty is all important to keep their good nature. When this is so, they are extremely romantic, sensual and generous to a fault and are great lovers, with hidden depths of emotion that they may even not know about.

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When this card indicates a woman's significator on the Tarot birth chart, we are looking at the Greek myth of of** Psyche's redemption through her Love of Eros and her acceptance in Olympia. Therefore, it is the Soul falling in love with the flesh. Which is what is its salvation. For the body, is the most concentrated way to be "spirit" and/or personal avatar of the Soul in the material world. Hence, this card responds to the Animus (masculine side) of her being.

**Eros and Psyche

The myth of Eros and Psyche is probably one of the best love stories in classical mythology. Eros, son of Aphrodite, was the personification of intense love desire and he was depicted throwing arrows to people in order to hit their heart and make them fall in love. Psyche, a beautiful maiden, personifies the human soul. In fact, she is the symbol of the soul purified by passions and misfortunes and who is, from now on, prepared to enjoy eternal happiness.

In the love story of Eros (Cupid in Latin) and Psyche (meaning "soul" in Greek), we can see the perseverance of a man even when he is possessed by passion and the effort of a woman to overcome many obstacles in order to achieve the happiness of love.

As far as personality: (from Gabriel Firuz-Zamri

Gabriel Firuz-Zamri

, Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon, Virgo Ascendant (Vedic Sidereal)

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This would be one very confused individual.

I mean, we’re talking about someone who has a Scorpio Sun, which represents their soul, and Scorpio is both intensely emotional (water) and a fixed sign. And then, as the Moon (emotional self) and Ascendant (physical self), we have Libra - a cardinal air sign. Without looking into their other placements (which is equally, sometimes even more so as important), this person would be best described as having hidden depths perhaps even unknown to themselves (due to their Moon and Ascendant placements). Factor in the Scorpio tendency to control their powerful emotions due to Pluto reigning over their sign and then you throw in Mars, the other planetary ruler of Scorpio…

Gabriel Firuz-Zamri (in his own words)

A soul going through a human experience, looking for same

"Who do you think I am? A drunkard? A love-sick fool, a slave of my senses, made senseless by desire? Understand: I have risen above all that, I am the King of Love in majesty. My soul is purified from the darkness of lust, my longing purged of low desire, my mind free from shame. I have broken the teeming bazaar of the senses in my body. Love is the essence of my being.

Love is fire and I am wood burnt by the flame.

Love has moved in and adorned the house, my self tied up its bundle and left. You imagine that you see me, but I no longer exist: what remains is the beloved..."

And yes, I own a batsuit. Get over it. XD

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santa muerte tarot-knight of cups

Advice of the Dead: Abound totally in your emotions and feelings as you are about to reach an important target and no negative sentiment should disturb you.

Santa Muerte-Knight of Cups, follows the traditional descriptions of medieval Tarot. Where as, Crowley called the "Kings of Tarot" Knights, as his Kings were depicted as active Battle Kings, hence, royal Knights whose sons were Princes. The Traditional Tarot's knights were the princes of kings.

In the context of Santa Muerte Tarot, the Knight of Cups represents a reaching of a goal and end of experience that leaves us richer and independant. Therefore, he represents a conquest , while also being an intermediary much like a positive Mercury, a messenger bearing good news or an invitation to challenges and initiatives to be taken on with strength and will. On the negative side, he would represent an enchanter, liar, whose arrival presupposes obstacles and unpleasant events.


Assigning the astrological sign of Scorpion in the 7th house of Libra to this card, implies gentleness, understanding, kindness and hyper-sensitivity.

: The Princes represent the coming and going of an event or person.

In the case of the Prince of Cups, the morality or moral characteristic of such a person is implied as:

  • Subtlety, secret violence and craft.
  • Being also an artist in all his/her ways, they would be intensely secret.
  • The calm and imperturbable surface s/he displays mask his most intense passion.
  • S/He accepts only external influences that aid him/her in his secret designs.
  • His/Her conscience is not that of an ordinary person, for it is of a more impersonal nature, making him suspect and distrusted by acquaintances.
  • S/He is perfectly ruthless and inspires fear in those that distrust him.
  • His/Hers abilities are immense, going beyond ordinary senses in to realms of the subtle. S/ He is, however, fluid and being volatile as well, does not care to work in harness.

As far as events go, the Prince of Cups represents for the querent:

  • A personal process of the quiet inner aspect of the male principle where self-reflection, inner meditative peace and awareness are being experienced by the querent (The person the reading is for).
  • Love.
  • Sympathy.
  • Warmth.
  • The event of Mind is turned towards deep feelings and artistic visions with the necessary passion to do them but with the secrecy that may prevent it.
  • Is completely involved in emotional sensation, psychic awareness and spiritual awareness. All of which they have in abundance.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Selfishness.
  • Lack of sensitivity.
  • Naivety.
  • Phoney and unfaithful person. 

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