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Starman tarot- king of pentacles

I have mastered the art of success.

The Starman Tarot uses the traditional tarot King, of the 4 suits, although this King looks kind of "steampunk". Here the King of Pentacles (King of Earth) is shown as one in command of the true wealth of Nature. For him, all that glitters is not gold, true luxury to him are reflections of fertile and fruitful vegetation, pure water, pure air and good earth. He transmits the love of life and nature in all Her wild Majesty. He is the Husband to the Queen and is the male force, and therefore,"Care taker" aspect of Mother Nature's realm. Therefore, he employs his resources to enable future generations to take great pleasure in Wild Nature.

In the art work of this King, are golden, cloth, coins, pentacles and even the Egyptian crook-scepter of Pharaoh, represent the rewards of gain when difficulties are overcome as symbols of diligence and fortitude that come from the Master's journey of Strife. Here either you learn to keep at it, and with great fortitude, recover from set-backs and conquer. He believes what is well known in horticulture circles, that if you prune a tree, removing the diseased branches, thinning the crown and increase air flow by allowing one dominant branch to grow, one enables a tree to create a strong storm resistant structure. He also is sitting on the stone bull of Persepolis, his beloved throne from Persia rather than the traditional granite thrones of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot King of Pentacles card. The bull is an ancient symbol of Earth's fertility. If life was easy, nothing would be strong enough, flexible enough, to handle the unexpected. You want to build muscles? You must diligently work out, laboring long and hard to achieve them. To really live life, requires effort and sometimes just plain bull-like stubbornness. Lucky for us Souls, the most flexible creation of all sentient beings is the homo sapiens sapiens, it is the form that can take the eternal diligence and inner fortitude of Spirit. For Spirit is Action-based, while most bodies are Reaction based. The flesh is made sacred by the fertile, fecund lover of the living world.

The Court Cards of Tarot, are archetypes and each of us has an inherent archetype persona, that has influenced our manifested form. Since we are Photonic Beings, called "Souls" (Suns of God), we are influenced by planetary alignments, etc., as we are "frequencies of the One I AM" we are also influenced by the vibrations/frequencies all around us. Hence, the Tarot chart of Personality, as shown by birth date and court card alignment. The King of Pentacles persona is inherited when one is born between the months and days of August-11 to September 11th. Here is the personality of the "Salt of the Earth" man. One whose love of nature, is combined with a strong like of the best in local craftsmanship contributing to a warm ascetic atmosphere in his home. He is also a "good provider", although often accused of neglecting his children, as a "Workaholic" during their formative years, he believes that his hard work, is the best way to insure his children receive a good and wholesome life. In the home, there is a focus on nutrition, and keeping the body active while contributing to the balance and beauty of one's living environment. He also knows that insecurity comes from the fear of collapse; such as, a collapse of a relationship, a situation, and even a business . He believes all resources are precious, and endeavors to teach the value and responsibility of really caring for things, rather than treating them as disposable, replaceable items. The Thoth Knight of Disks, is exactly comparable to the Starman Tarot's King of Pentacles.

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Western Qabalah represents Chokmah, the 2nd Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, as both Wisdom and the Will to Force. He is the idea of male polarity and is the force behind the Thoth- Knight of Disks. One may question why Crowley, use a Knight rather Than a King as his prominent male force in the Disks, but the simple answer is that he believed that kings sitting on their thrones, didn't really show the powerful activity of the Element represented. In times of old, Battle Kings, were also known as Knights and rode with their troops, so he expresses the image of a Battle King on his great Charger, armored and ready for battle. His Knight of Disks has no problem damning the torpedoes and going full battle speed ahead. He also used disks rather than pentacles as the symbol for the element of Earth. Everything spins, every atom, every molecule, every Star, and every planet. So the Pentacle, which is really the ancient symbol for Man, (Spirit, Fire, Air, Water, and earth, make the 5 points of the Pentacle). Disks spin, for centrifugal force is what keeps them balanced and steady.

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Now there are those who think that Male came first, or that Female came first; well let’s just say that they think only in linear time aided by our short-sighted physical-cultural perspective on sexuality. The startling fact to some, is that if you come up with the idea of Male, then you come up with the idea of female at the same moment. There is no male concept without the concept of female and vise verse. So the argument of whom came first, is null and void when intellectually talking about the Supernal Triangle and/or upper trinity of the Tree of Life.

The Will to Force (Chokmah) and the Will to Form (Binah) united produce the Will - To – Be; which is the way of saying the mating of I and Am produces the idea of Being and that being is a - Me. Our concept of sexuality is in need of adjustment before we can understand the One Energy that made itself two so it could be many.

Chokmah is the second Sephiroth and therefore, is also the force behind the four Deuces. The Personification of that force is represented in the four Knights/Kings. In other words, Chokmah's will to force, is at its most concentrated and dense elemental form on Earth.

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Represents the Lord of the wild and fertile land and as such is the King of the elemental spirits of earth; for instance, the Gnomes. The zodiacal attributes to this card are the last Decan of Leo and the first two Decans of Virgo. Here, he is ready to battle, but not involved in one at the moment.

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Being that the Knight of Disks is the densest manifestation of the Elemental Yod force, he is the force behind fruition, and growth but tends to be slow. This powerful fertility is represented in this card by the use of the Stag antlers on the Helm of the Knight. The understanding of the mythical animal images of the middle ages, comes in handy here, as the Stag is the beast that ate the serpent (received wisdom) and in so doing sheds its skin, any illness and old age, just as a serpent does. So to make a long and wonderful story short, the Stag represents the Knights power to regenerate as does the organic matter it is a symbol of. He holds a shield that is really a disk, a symbol of the earth element of this card.

By Luna magic

Many of us have seen the Fire of Earth, in its volcanic upheavals; however, how often do we realized that Volcanic activity is Earth regenerating itself? Thus, is the Fire of Earth that is the Knight; fleeting yet he is also the cycle of rebirth, sometimes slow but always achieving. The same fruition is implied by the grain or fruitful plane that his horse is grazing on. Therefore, he carries a flail, used in grain harvest and his disk/shield is that of solid nutrition. He is reaping what he has justly sown. Often this card is called the Card of the Doctor as he is concerned with everybody's health and well-being. It is a card of relaxed enjoyment of the natural, as he is sitting astride a horse who is eating vegetation rather than charging off into conflict. Even his helm is thrown back, as he lets the sun bath him in warmth as he is relaxed in enjoyment of the scenery.  

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It implies a Personality with the characteristics of:

  • A concern for the body and good health.
  • A doctor or herbalist concerned with health.
  • The querent is showing the spirit of fertilization, as joyous practicality, steadfastness, reliability and is an epitome of material success.
  • Generous, courageous but is not prone to seeking adventure.
  • Ordinary activity, in social position, accomplishments, experiencing a success that is relaxed and enjoyed.
  • A mature reliable, dependable, and wise male upon whom others may depend on and with whom they lay their burdens.
  • A dark male, who is both courageous and lethargic in tendencies. However driven in matters of material success. 
  • A good financial provider who understands and likes work knowing it leads to financial security.
  • The querent may be such a person or involved with such a person in their life. The surrounding cards or position in the reading would support this understanding.

If ill defined or if the Starman Tarot card is reversed:

  • Come back down to earth, reassess your situation and bring much needed stability back into your life-motion.
  • Materialist.
  • Dogmatic.
  • Jealous of what one realizes instinctively, is the superior state of others.

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