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The Starman Tarot-Queen of Pentacles

I love and nurture this great land of ours.

The Starman Tarot-Queen of Pentacles, carries on the tradition of representing the Great Earth Mother, yet in Davide De Angelis own artistic license. All the representations of the Living Mind of Earth, called Gaia, ask us to remember, that Mother Nature, is our life. That by poisoning her with our own greed and ignorance, we poison ourselves and our children. The Queen of Disks represents the great nourisher, protector, and sustainer of wild life and all ecosystems. She has passionate knowledge of the bountiful matrix, where everything is contented to everything-else under the Sun. She is the life catalyser, as shown by fecund and fertile energy shooting from her hands and forming into DNA. The Earth is not our property, she is the Living World of all Living things, we have no right to "sell her to the highest bidder" allowing any desecration. We have profaned our own living space, and wonder why everyone is going insane. There is no sanity in poisoning your own Great Mother.

I am sure you have seen the sudden explosion of dystopia movies out there, where everything is desert, water-less, or poisoned water, land and air. Yet there are people running around building cities out of the wreckage of civilization, while zombies attack. Truth is, it takes millions of people to build technology, and there wouldn't be any left without factories, and their outlets for goods and consumers to buy them, often blind consumerism is the Zombie Queen whose children are the "living dead". We poison earth,and we destroy any future for those who come after us. Look at Mars, nothing is growing there. Once, it had water, but Nature is a delicate balance, and something disturbed that balance. Nothing can live there now. We are definitely disturbing the balance of Nature on this earth.

Shown in the art of this cards fertility, is a armadillo. The Armadillo is a burrowing animal, armored for protection, but who can also survive flash floods, by walking underwater and inflating itself like a life vest, and floating along with the current. David De Angelis says that this creature reminds us to navigate the watery currents of emotion and surrender to its torrents. Reminding us that we are all part of the living earth matrix. Just reading the chapter on the Queen of Pentacles in the Davide De Angelis and Ester De Angelis book that accompanies their Tarot Deck, is worth getting the whole book and deck for. I recommend this Tarot Deck to anyone.

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We love to praise the artist for their wonderful rendition of the Great Lady of Life, yet we poison the ground and water with herbicides, pesticides, and sewage from our insides. And who would want to protest against the factories that poison the most precious of items, our water? Hell no we work there! Let our children figure out how to exist on profaned water. Let the factories that kill water, sell us filtered water, so they can make even more profit from destruction of natural resources. Its time to support Nature, and demand the extra cost of cleaning up our mess...yes it is ours for we consume the Corporate creations. Even now many are seeing that gaining stuff at the cost of life itself is unsupportable. Finding lovely groves, meadows and wild lands, with fresh babbling streams or rivers, is now becoming the property of art galleries, as they are often too far away, if at all, from the city populace. These wonderful wild places stabilize and balance our emotions and minds, for they exude health and well being in their harmonic magnetism. We are becoming sickened without them. Come on people we can do better than this!

The Divined meaning of the Starman Queen of Pentacles is also comparable to the Thoth Queen of Disks.

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As stated before, Binah is the "will to form" and is a force that is imposed on the Pure Fiery Energy of Chokmah. She is known as Understanding, for an idea, once understood, can be molded into manifestation.

Again, these Sephiroth are not Persons, but States of Conscious Energy, called "Beings" that are parts of the Divine Collective Unconscious, meaning the deep Imagination of the Universal Mind, where images are forms of ideas/data. Images are the only way to realize these deep inner layers of Mind and "that before Mind". Tarot is one of the Image languages that has evolved through trial and error over time. Earth is a Self Expression of a Great Soul, that we call Earth.

Binah, the Sephiroth of the Queens, is the 3rd Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, in the upper part called the Supernal Triangle, she is the essence of Womb, and I often call this state of Mind a "Womb with a View", because she conceives by understanding, for once data is understood, it becomes in-form-ation., i.e., form.

The Queens all represent the Water in each suit. Water being unconsciousness/intuition and emotion. They are enthroned in the Element of Unconsciousness and as emotion is the act of emoting, it brings forth the Force of the King, which is Will to Force.

Joseph Noel Patron-The Reconciliation of

The Queen of Disks, traditionally called the Queen of Pentacles, is also Queen of the Thrones of Earth; Queen of the Gnomes. Astrological attribution is last Decan of Sagittarius and the first two Decans of Capricorn. The Queen of Disks is Water of Earth, a specific consciousness in the Primal Earth element. Most of us call her "Mother Nature" and/or Gaia. The Thoth Queen of Disks is displaying her ruler-ship over earth as shown in the crystal cubed scepter that has within it a 3-sided Hexagram of Maid, Mother and Crone.

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Her zodiacal attribute to Capricorn is shown by the image of the Goat. Her Throne is vegetation as she is the life of such. She is the Highest Aspect of passivity and this is shown as a winding passive river flowing through and fertilizing waste land. The Great Work is ultimately expressed in fertility, where the "As a Above manifests in the below''. She, as Queen, is the facilitator of such manifestation.

The Disk on her left arm is curved with loops and spheres interlaced, representing the ambition of matter to take part in the Great Work. This ambition is often described as fecund or fruitful motion. This is also shown by the Spiral Horns of the Markhor, on Her helmet/crown, as Spiral force which is both Spirit and Vital Life Force. The reptilian patterned armor of the Queen represents the regenerative force in nature as serpents shed their skin to become more.

Markhor - Wikipedia


The markhor /ˈmɑːrkɔːr/ (Capra falconeri), is a large Capra species native to Central Asia, Karakoram and the Himalayas. It is listed on the IUCN Red List as Near Threatened since 2015.
The markhor is the national animal of Pakistan. It is also known as the screw horn goat, Pashto: مرغومی‎ marǧūmi and Persian/Urdu as مارخور.

When thrown during a reading, the Queen of Discs represents:

  • A person interested in physical nutrition and health.
  • A shedding of poor eating habits for those of a new diet.
  • A shedding of old habits, or even the purchasing of new clothes.
  • the querent does all things she can do , well and it will be fruitful
  • One of a high level of compassion, nurturing abilities. Loving physical life and all it has to offer.
  • One who is exceptionally procreative and nurturing, as in the nature of Mothering.
  • Power of practical wisdom on the physical level and in the inner world, applied spiritual wisdom.
  • A dark woman of great heart and serious cast of intelligence.
  • Opulence
  • Generosity
  • Also implies presents from a rich relative or a rich and happy marriage for a young man.
  • Erda, the Teutonic Mother Earth seen as a warm and nurturing deity.
  • Reminds us to share our wealth with others, for then wealth becomes prosperity.

If ill defined or in the Starman Tarot, reversed:

  • Disconnected from what stabilizes you. 
  • Feeling sick or lack of energy. 
  • Overworking yourself and ignoring relationships.

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