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· dreams of gaia

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dreams of Gaia tarot- XIII queen of Earth

The Dreams of Gaia- Queen of Earth, represents a authentic earth-mother personality. Therefore, this personality is larger than life, and possesses an abundant, generous and grounded nature. Hence, her home is welcoming. She loves to cook, keeps a clean home, and keeps a lush garden as she loves the soil. Spirit is the Will (I), Mind is the I Am, and the Body supplies the "hands of goddess"; Hence, hands are a form of the Spirit and Mind being intimate with creation, and this personality loves to touch, feel, connect and create with her hands. She knows the body to be a sacred house/temple of the Divine Creative, so it can be intimate with all that is created. The information of the Divine Creative, is Self-Awareness and true Self-Awareness can only be experienced as a Form. Hence, each of us are the "Image of Divine Self", for we have the Image-maker mind of the Goddess, and the Hands of the Creator. Therefore, to be balanced, we must not only nurture and support those around us, we also must create our self-information with our hands. To be intimate is to be human (god-mind) .

Just as the Thoth Queen of Disks, the Queen of Earth, is Complete Motherhood, she is kind, offering support when needed, and will nurture one's every endeavor, while also offering wise counsel. She is honest with her feelings. She reminds us to connect with our true nature, for most of us are lost in the world made by the Patriarch, caught up in the daily grind of "earning a living", that we created an imbalance in our life and have forgotten we are the Life ! She is also a gentle reminder that we should be both nurturing and supportive to those around you.

The Dreams of Gaia-Queen of Earth is shown wearing the fruitful, horned crown of the fecund earth. The Buffalo is likened to the wild ox of Europe, and is the sacred animal of the Americas, that represents power, strength and fertility of the planet. Beneath the Buffalo, are symbols of the "World Egg", representing the birth power of the Mother and of Earth. The very lushness of this card symbolizes the Living Being that is Gaia/The Earth; a Being who sees herself in all that is created. For the information of Earth Self, is shown in the flora and fauna of the planet. We are how the Macrocosmic Self, can be intimate with the Microcosmic self,: How Stars, can be intimate with their most beloved-Planets. Therefore, we the "Living Suns (Souls) of the Divine Creative, gain a form of self-awareness, that is "Intimacy" and therefore, love is felt, known and experienced as Self. For Creation's most beloved, is the Created; The Created are Self-Concepts of the One I AM. The "I" (All seeing Eye) and the Other and/or Am. The I Am is the wholly marriage of the Spirit (I), Mind (AM), and the consummation of that marriage is the "Me" of creation . I AM Me is now the whole Self and through you, earth can be intimate with all that she is.

When thrown in a divination, the Queen of Earth implies:

  • Touch, connect, and create with your hands.
  • Be supportive and nurturing, for if it exists, it is supposed to!
  • Seek out a motherly role model. 
  • A need for wise counsel. 
  • Kindness is required.
  • You are loved and supported.
  • Mother, do not smother.
  • Share the responsibilities.
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Thoth-Queen of disks

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The Thoth Queen of Disks, represents the 3rd Sephiroth- Binah -the "will to form" and is a force of intelligence that is imposed on the Pure Fiery Energy of Chokmah. She is known as Understanding, for an idea/data/wisdom, once understood, becomes information and information becomes form in this Universe.

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tarot personality birth wheel

The court cards are States of Conscious Energy, called archetypes that are parts of the Divine Collective Unconscious, meaning the deep Imagination, where images are forms of ideas. Images are the only way to realize these deep inner layers of Mind and that before Mind. Tarot is one of the Image languages that has evolved over time. The information of these archetypes becomes the core of personalities. These personality-cores are listed as Court Cards on the Tarot Wheel of birth.

Binah, the 3rd Sephiroth on the Tree of Life in the upper Trinity of the Tree called the Supernal Triangle, represents the essence of Womb, and I often call this state of the Universal Collective Mind a "Womb with a View", because she conceives by understanding what she observes.

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The Tarot Queens all represent the Water in each suit. Water being, intuition, consciousness and emotion. They are enthroned in the Element of Consciousness (The Unconscious) and as emotion make it bring forth the Force of the King, by realization and understanding that which develops that force; As consciousness does to emotionally charged idea. Energy-in-motion, is emotion. So when we are being "emotional", we are willing to force an inner idea into the outer world by giving it birth, as emotions are expressed outward through our solar-plexus chakra via the Sushumna Nerve Channel, and is the area of womb in the feminine body. That is why your stomach feels the "upset" of forced energy (emotional upset), for the normal balance is disturbed by the "Will to Force" you, who are energy, outward into the world/environment around you. You are the Energy that animates the body, in your name. If your name belongs to the outside world as worded"identity" you are not you. If your name belongs to the Inner World as a free identity of choice, the I AM, who is action and not reaction, you are authentic.

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The Queen of Disks, often called the Queen of Pentacles, is also Queen of the Thrones of Earth; Queen of the Gnomes.

Astrological attribution is last Decan of Sagittarius and the first two Decans of Capricorn. The Queen of Disks is Water of Earth, a specific consciousness in the Primal Earth element. Most of us call her "Mother Nature". A woman who is most motherly, who assists those who need assistance, but is not overly smothering.

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The Thoth Queen of Disks is displaying her ruler ship over earth is shown as the crystal cubed scepter that has within it a three-sided Hexagram.

Her zodiacal attribute to Capricorn is shown by the image of the Goat.

Her Throne is vegetation as she is the life of such. She is the Highest Aspect of passivity and/or subtle action and this is shown as a winding passive river flowing through and fertilizing waste land. The Great Work is ultimately expressed in fertility, where the, as the Above manifests in the Below as Image. She as Queen, is the facilitator of such manifestation.

The Disk on her left arm is curved with loops and spheres interlaced, representing the ambition of matter to take part in the Great Work. This ambition is often described as fecund motion. This is also shown by the Spiral Horns on Her helmet/crown, as Spiral force which is both Spirit and Vital Life Force. The reptilian patterned armor of the Queen represents the regenerative force (evolution) in nature as serpents shed their skin to become more.

When thrown during a reading, the Queen of Discs represents:

  • A person interested in physical nutrition and health.
  • A shedding of poor eating habits for those of a new diet.
  • A shedding of old habits, or even the purchasing of new clothes.
  • the querent does all things she can do, well and it will be fruitful
  • One of a high level of compassion, nurturing abilities. Loving physical life and all it has to offer.
  • One who is exceptionally procreative and nurturing, as in the nature of Mothering.
  • Power of practical wisdom on the physical level and in the inner world, applied spiritual wisdom.
  • A dark woman of great heart and serious cast of intelligence.
  • Opulence
  • Generosity
  • Also implies presents from a rich relative or a rich and happy marriage for a young man.
  • Erda, the Teutonic Mother Earth seen as a warm and nurturing deity.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Embittered.
  • Hardening of the heart.
  • Infertility.

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