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Dreams of Gaia-XIII-Queen of water

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot- 13 of Water-Queen of Water, represents a very intuitive, gentle, empathetic personality. Being kind of nature, she is loving and compassionate. Being intuitive, she knows when a friend is hurting and in need of counsel and/or comfort. She is intune with her own energy-in-motion (emotions) and those expressions of emotions around her. People are naturally drawn to one as gentle and kind as her.

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Venus-goddess of love

Depicted on the Dreams of Gaia-13 of Water, is a Gaia of the Sea, above her is the "all seeing eye", with her intuitive 3rd eye open and shown as a large pearl. The horns of Gaia are surrounded by a silver crown of the moon, whose coral base is studded with pearls. These pearls also encircle her head in glowing strings. To the ancients pearls were considered sacred to Aphrodite Marina, The Pearl of the Sea. According to Barbara Walker, author of The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred objects-"who was vaguely Christianized as the mythical Saint Margaret ("Pearl") via several different legends". Of the many legends, the most popular was that Margaret was a former priestess of Aphrodite and therefore, a wealthy sacred harlot who suddenly converted to Christianity and gave all her property to the church.

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However, the "pearly gate" of Aphrodite, the symbolic yoni leading to her sexual paradise, also became a tradition of christianity. In Muslim tradition, paradise is a pearl representing complete sexual fulfillment. The thought being that each blessed hero will live after death with his houri in a mass of pearls; male and female shall join together as a androgynous "perfect spherical man", signifying the pearls of wisdom that used to mean perfect knowledge of the Goddess (Cirlot, 130,239). This female/male connotation led to the idea that pearls were made of male fire and female waters. Or as the ancient poets would say, " pearls are formed by merging of water and moonlight." The legends concerning the pearl represented the perfect union of 2=0 as Male and Female were separated as 0=2, a necessary creative mechanism for diversity and they spend their lives trying to reemerge as one.

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The Golden Crab, is also the symbol for the Astrological sign of Cancer, attributed to water and the moon. The Roman's maintained that the Crab was placed in the heavens by the goddess Juno (later Janus) and by her decree, the world will end. This is because the constellation of Cancer was very important to the Egyptians, Persians, Hindus, Chinese, Babylonians and other ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and even in South America. All were convinced that the world would end when the planets move into line with each other in the constellation of the Crab.(Campbell, M.I., 149). The Crab and Cancer people are considered to be everything from practical, yet vividly imaginative to undistinguished, yet at times evincing the greatest genius. The list is many, yet what most astrologer's agree with is that Cancerian's have a crab like tenacity.

When the Dreams of Gaia -13 of Water, is thrown during a divination, it implies:

  • Trust in your feelings and senses.
  • Look beyond the surface.
  • A bright and positive outcome.
  • To show vulnerability is to show strength.
  • Are you over-extending emotionally?
  • Be the embodiment of love.
  • Use your common sense.
  • Withdrawing love as punishment.
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Thoth-Queen of cups

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Binah-3rd Sephiroth-Understanding and the Queen of Cups:

The Great Mother-Matriarchal- Intelligence is Binah, the 3rd Sphere/Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. She is the Sanctifying Intelligence and in the Queen of Cups Binah is represented as the Queen of the Thrones of the Waters; Water being the flowing Unconsciousness of the Universe; known as intuition and Imagination. Thus, if you are into the Elemental Mysteries, The Queen of Cups is the Queen of the Undines and Nymphs. Astrologically, the Queen of Cups is in the last Decan of Gemini and the first two Decans of Cancer.

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The Thoth Queen of cups is Specific Water in the Realm of Primal Water. Here the "Will to Form" of Binah is "reflecting on consciousness", i.e. imagination. Crowley's card shows this reflective nature in an abstract way. Here The Queen is enthroned on still Water, her image is of purity and beauty and is robed in veils of pure light. The Truth of her is not seen by the observer, who can only see themselves in reflection.

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In her hand is a shell like cup with a crayfish climbing out of it, a symbol relating to the Moon and its reflective qualities. Truth being, one of the characteristics of this card is that like water (consciousness), the flow changes according to the influences around it. Shown on this card is also an Ibis in abstraction, Here, we see the influence of Thoth-Hermes, as the Ibis is a traditional Egyptian symbol of this Moon God. Thus again the Male and Female influences are never separate.

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Chokmah, is often represented as Python, the First Husband, or as a snake or Serpent Force. In Mythology, the Ibis eats the eggs of the Snake, which relates to her "consuming the seeds of ideas" from Chokmah who is represented as Wisdom. However, the Ibis also consumes the corpses of the dead. This may seem contradictory, but the corpses of the dead are "Conscious seeds", personalities recycled so that data is consumed and recycled in the Universal Collective Unconscious (The Divine Creative). Thus we have reference to the Great Sea of Binah (Universal Unconscious) from which life flows out, and also flows back into. Here also the Moon and the cycle of tides add to the image.

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The Lotus is the Eastern Rose, and is the sacred flower related to Great Mother Isis an Egyptian form of Binah. Rather than through the touch of her hand, as the Queen of Wands is shown controlling the Leopard, The Queen of Cups uses the intermediary of the Lotus (Womb) to cause the Ibis to its work. The Tranquil waters, on which the Lotus float, are the means of force transmission.

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tarot personality birth wheel

The key characteristics to The Queen of cups personality, are dreaminess, illusion and tranquility. As Water is the perfect agent and patient solvent, the Queen of Cups, is able to receive and transmit everything without affecting herself.

When the Queen of Cups or Queen of Water is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent is showing issues surrounding motherhood
  • Suggesting emotional empowerment, as the querent is able to express feelings honestly, blamelessly and without judgment.
  • Implies too much imagination about issues and not enough action taken to solve them.
  • Emotional and Intuitive capabilities that show highly evolved interpersonal interactions and psychic abilities.
  • Implies the querent is extremely empathetic and thus must watch out for moodiness and fluctuating feelings.
  • Suggests that one inspires from within and could be a time of deep inner musings, thoughts focused within where the mind is engulfed in Imagination.
  • That a mature woman of deep sexual and fertility powers, where everything in her life is related to nourishment, sexual exchange, passionate giving and receiving maybe involved in the life of the querent or is the querent.
  • Motherhood, or new ideas formulating for a creative line of work.
  • An ethereal person of the highest ideals imagined...sometimes unattainably high in the physical world of constant change.

If the Queen of Cups is caused to be ill dignified by the accompanying cards in a reading:

  • Then everything is refracted and distorted, as she is directly affected by surrounding influences.
  • Vagueness.
  • Dreaminess.
  • Irrationality.

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