The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Thoth Tarot- 2 of Disks-Change & The Night Sun Tarot- 2 of Pentacles.

Western Hermetic Qabalah, Tantric, Astrological, alchemical, and numerical Tarot Card Comparisons:

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Thoth- 2 of Disks-Change

The Qabalistic-Thoth Tarot- 2 of Disks-CHANGE: represents a very important understanding of the motion of Conscious Energy in building and maintaining life and the second law of thermodynamics where "...everything proceeds from order to disorder". Change is the constant that the keeps energy moving. Hence, The Thoth 2 of Disks-Change, is representative of the dual change of inner and outer self and/or cause and effect. Uroboros (Oriental symbol of infinity), the snake that eats its own tail, symbolizes the consistency of cyclic change, as organic matter eats itself to stay alive. Although, on an individual scale, change is often seemingly negative, it is however, the positive Universal constant that keeps energy moving.

To make the motion of life changeless is impossible---for in the state of static control, life will always be the exception to the rule. Therefore, return to Chaos, is the universal mechanism of change!

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The Thoth Tarot-2 of Disks-represents the Harmony of Change. Now this may seem irrational to the survival mind, who thinks that security is constant control of situations by enforced rule, in order to insure that they don't change. But that is again the illusion of survival- thought that powers our mortal coil. We are told to think that carbon in a crystalline stasis, is the most valuable, or one of the most valuable forms to be. We know this valuable state of carbon as a diamond. Funny thing about diamonds...They don't live! As evolutionary forms of life, diamonds fail to live and yet carbon atoms, the great atomic whores, are the foundation of all living things on earth! What is most valuable to Life (Spirit) is living carbon atoms that are malleable enough to change by the mechanism of the union of opposites... a mechanism that requires motion/change!

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As a Spiritual Being of the Universal Collective Energy Unconscious, I find this constant change very useful in developing intelligence (Create--see entropy and correct it) as well as the foundation of evolutionary being----i.e., adaptability! Most of us know the Yin Yang symbol of Taoist origin, and it is shown in both loops of the figure eight. The yellow color is the masculine Force (electric) and the darker colors are the feminine form which is magnetic force. In the Qaballah the union of Force and Form is the foundation of all being.

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Now astrologically, this card is Jupiter in the constellation of Capricorn. The benevolent Planet, Jupiter, is not well placed in Capricorn, meaning that Jupiter's good influence can only be exerted as an organizer. Therefore, in the Disks or Pentacles, Feminine Creatrix, the Ocean of Magnetic Force (Binah) and Male currents of electric force (Chokma) are being organized into living forms on/in the Material of Malkuth, which is the Qabalistic Kingdom of Earth, and not all is benevolent.

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Here, Fiery Chokma (wisdom) rules. The Qabalistic Sephira-Chokmah- Wisdom is the governing factor of the four Twos and the Four Kings of Tarot in the suit pertaining to Earth. This is the type of energy appropriate to the 2, in its most fixed form. In the Tarot 2, is represented the Divine Twins, or Goddess/God or the Divine Androgyny or even the concept of the Divine Hermaphrodite (Hermes and Aphrodite ). We may see that the 2 of Disks is about how Union of Electric (Male) and Magnetic energy (Female), combine to make a living world but it is also about the Organic Living Organism that eats itself to stay alive (organic matter). Therefore the Art of the Thoth Tarot, depicts the "serpent that eats its own tail", and Chokmah---The Great Spirit Identity, and Binah, the Great Spirit Womb, in mutual combination as Yin Yang.

Chokmah is:

  • The Active Supernal Father, as Kether is the God the Observer who is inactive .
  • The One, "I Will Be", Kether, became- Will to Force-Chokmah , combined with Binah the Will to Form, making the Divine Marriage of Will to Be and/or The Divine Creative.
  • Dynamic outpouring Energy (Vital Force) that is as yet unorganized, will soon be organized in the Third Sephira-Chesed-Mercy,
  • The Great Stimulation, i.e. The First Positive.

Chokmah's symbols are:

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The Line, the Yod and the Phallus. Chokmah is also called the Sphere of the Zodiac and the color is a blueish-gray made of a swirling of all colors that have not yet been organized. Here the Mystery of Universal Sex, is apply termed and begun. The Mystery of Positive and Negative polarities, of Electric and Magnetic Force, of "no-thing into Some-thing", usually called "magic". Here is The Universal union of opposites that makes motion possible, that is why Chokmah is known as the Great Stimulation .

As in most of these Thoth Tarot Cards, diligent and deep investigative study is recommended as layers of Knowledge go into the weaving of the image.The doctrine- that change is the support of stability, is shown here in its most fixed form. The State of Conscious energy behind all this Change/Stability is Jupiter in the Constellation of Capricorn. These symbols are inharmonious and the good fortune of Jupiter is somewhat paled. Hence, both Capricorn and Jupiter seem to have little influence on this card. But if you study Crowley's [ Atu x] Jupiter is shown as Himself the Wheel that emphasizes the idea of this card.

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As presented, the Thoth 2 of Disks-Change, illustrates 2 Pentacles of Yin Yang design, one above the other, spinning in clock wise and counter clock wise motion. Both are symbols of Yin Yang as shown in the Hsiang. Combined, they represent the harmonious interplay of the Four Alchemical Elements.The dynamic energy of the entire Universe is represented here and as you may see, these cards are much more than pretty pictures.They are Mandala's, showing a "higher" knowledge than is commonly rejected by lazy brains that fear effort as discomfort. The knowledge of the 2 from 1, who became many will reveal why the material world is so important to Spirit.

Besides being Oroboros, The figure eight is also a symbol of the Mobius Loop, that represents balance and adjustment in multidimensional stages. It is a balance of two united circles, made out of 1 Circle of energy, twisting upon itself to become 2. Which is an attempt to show in 2 dimensions, the spiral cycle of multidimensional energy from one Infinite Source.

As stated: On the Thoth Card we have the Chinese yin/yang symbols, both horizontal and vertical.

  1. The horizontal yin/yang represents tangible changes that can realized in the external reality.
  2. The vertical yin/yang indicates internal change.
  3.  The black and white serpent in the back ground represents that which is knowable (white) and that which is unfamiliar (black) and indicates that the unification of opposites is a change that expands and liberates our awareness from the ignorance of the "good/bad" 2 dimensional world of mankind, to the greater Awareness of Love. 
  4. Change is also elemental, as shown by the triangular shapes (within the "dots" of the yin/yang symbols)which are the old alchemical symbols of the earth, air, water and fire .
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Night Sun Tarot- 2 of Pentacles


THE 2 OF DISKS-CHANGE is also known as the 2 of Pentacles, in traditional tarot art. Pentacle or Disk, this card is the Lord of Harmonious Change.. Astrologically, The Two of Disks is Jupiter in Capricorn. The Angels of the Decan are Lekabel and Yeshiriah.

Here, Chokmah is influencing the Material World known as Assiah to Qabalists.

The figure eight of the Magus, is shown as A Large Serpent on the card, the Uroboros. As a student of Gnosis, you know Serpentine Force, (The Egyptian Serpent Sata) is represented as waves or frequencies of the One Energy. Uroboros is also a very ancient symbol for Wisdom, the English translation of the Hebrew word- Chokmah. Thus the Two of Disks also suggests the underlying patterns of alternation in all matter and the profoundly powerful relationship between opposites as shown in the use of the yin yang symbol on this card. However, in divination, it competent enough to say this card represents the harmony of change.

The Night Sun Tarot-2 of Pentacles, chooses to use art to emphasize the uncertainty one experiences in changing situations.

Here we have a shamanic- pagan priestess, looking concerned while balancing on seemingly moving disk-Pentacles through a forbidding landscape.

Her green clothing and the yellow of the coin like disks all promote the element of earth, as does the upside down triangle with bar symbol.

Upper left, is the sigil for the planet Jupiter and upper right is the sigil for the constellation of Capricorn. The horned god and goddess are ancient symbols for the Masculine and Feminine forces of Nature, therefore, she seems to be an individual artistic interpretation of a Druid tribe priestess.

Her situation seems precarious and uncertain, something many individuals feel when unexpected change is upon them; However, her skillful handling of movement may insure success.


  • A transition or transformation in the physical.
  • A juggling of affairs in order to balance material life.
  • Cause and effect. Recognizing the infinite process of yin yang.
  • Handling inner growth and outer achievement at the same time.
  • Keeping several propositions going at once.
  • The flow of movement made by skillful manipulation, achieves success.
  • Time to reflect on the situation and balance both sides most often with unconsidered action.
  • This is a card of Change, the most important corrective in the Universe, as it keeps transformation going.  Plus the combining of opposites makes diversity possible, For example if you combine blue with blue, you only get blue, But Blue with Red makes Purple, and color is now diversified. Energy alone, is just everywhere and no-where at the same moment but energy combined with Magnetism is Form and thus time space.

There will be opportunities in the next 2 weeks or 2 months, to make stable and secure external changes in your life that will expand and liberate you from the past stasis in you life.

  • It is time to make more expansive, balanced and stable changes in your relationships with Capricorn people--December 21-January 21.
  • Time to choose a physical path by affirming and nurturing a new form of financial, material or inner stability.
  •  This card states, that opposites are illusions and that all things are ultimately the same thing.
  • Pleasant change, the harmony of change, alternating gain and loss, weakness and strength, wandering,  and discontented with any fixed condition of things.
  • It is the Union of opposites and is shown by being now elated, now melancholy, industrious, yet unreliable, fortunate in prudent management, yet sometimes unaccountably foolish.
  •  Alternately talkative and suspicious.
  • Kind, yet wavering and inconstant.
  • The list is a long one for the Union of Opposites, is what powers the Spinning of the Universal  Wheel. A perfect balance is never sought in the Material Universe, as it would become a great solid Diamond...That would be solid without the movement of time/space-electric -magnetic etc. Life cannot make diamonds live. The Alive must be flexible---a state of imbalance that continually moves forward---much like a child who learns to walk by placing one foot before the other, to avoid falling.
  • Cause and Effect, demand imbalance to exist. The Two of Disks reminds us that we are not seeking perfection---Perfection has realized Itself and built us a little less than perfect, so that we can be impeccable (the action of always being true to yourself, also known as Virtue) in our motion, without reaching a state of Perfection that would freeze all Motion. Life depends on imbalance--constant change to even exist. It's OK to be you...impeccably changing.
  • A transformation in the physical world is upon them in two weeks or two months time.
  • This is Cause and Effect and/ or the Law of Attraction, where what we think of the most is formed in the atoms around us as a living observation and/or life style.
  • In Physics, it is known that observation changes the observed and most of us know that by observing a thought through the Emotions (energy-in-motion)  of love or fear will change that thought's action from benevolent on one hand or malevolent on the other.
  •  Perspective is everything to a Conscious Energy Being---which we all know as Spirit. Life is but a perspective of Self-Awareness!
  • The two of Disks is also about the ability to juggle or balance more than one project at a time and or two or more situations at once time.
  • It is Adaptability, Mobility, Change, Travel and Play.
  • When the mental aspects attributed to  Female (unconscious) and the Male (consciousness), in all of us are balanced, we know Life as Playful Creativity and enjoy the challenges of entropy. Where as if they are at odds, life becomes a serious struggle where chaos eventually wins.
  • The message here may be that it is better to allow chaos and then reorder it in a new way to be, knowing full well that you can and always have done so as Spirit. Again--- Know Thyself! You are originally Spirit---a powerful Observer who is a combination of "Will to Force" and "Will to Form",known as Will-to-Be! From Non- being, you have always created being! This is your inheritance, from Chokma and Binah. "To Be" which is never stasis and always re-observing and evolving itself! This state of self-reevaluation  is Transformation. 

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!