The Tarot of Eli: The Tarot of The Old Path- Key 10-The Wheel of Fortune & The Thoth Tarot-ATU 10- Wheel of Fortune.

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· Old Path Tarot
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tarot of the old path-key 10-the wheel of fortune

The Tarot of the Old Path has used the Oroboros, the ancient symbol of the Serpent eating its own tail, as the symbol of the Karmic Wheel of Fortune. This serpentine image is the symbol of continuity and Wholeness of the Spiral Energy and also for the Organic Organism of Earth, that eats itself to stay alive.

The Thoth Tarot- Key 10-Wheel of Fortune illustrates a traditional 10, spoke wheel surround by tradition Egyptian mythology. Both cards are attributed to Jupiter, water and air.

What many of us know, is that life is made of contrary forces and it is the equilibrium of these forces that make wholeness. Hence, illustrated in the Tarot of the Old Path Wheel of Fortune, are scenes of a contrary nature. In the top day scene we see sunlight, a free soul flying as a white bird and crops are being gathered after the yearly cycle of planting, growth and harvest, the acquisition of power and wealth is shown as a castle. There is a hunter shown in hot pursuit of his prey, and a lush forest displaying the fertility of Mother Earth.

The Lower Night portion of the inner Wheel, shows the opposite region of darkness,and death, which completes the cycle of Life. Here Erda (German Earth Mother) is shown resting on the waters of the deep that flows from her hair. Her fertility is represented by the two sprigs of corn that she holds in her hand, while her arm supports her head. These sprigs break through the barrier of night and day towards the sheaves of corn above. This implies good psychic forces in the upper section of the circle.

In Earth Mothers right hand can be seen an animal skull, implying she is the understanding of the Mortality of all things. Hence, showing the contrary nature of the Great Mother, who is both giver and taker of life.

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In the language of animals, the owl has often been perceived as a harbinger of death, or the ever watchful vigilance of Mother Earth. A fish is swimming in the water representing all animal life on earth that is essential to mankind and the balance of earth ecology.

Also, on the Tarot of the Old path card, surrounding the Wheel of Fortune, are those who are affected by the Wheel of Fortune; the peasant looking towards a King who is trying to hold on to the Wheel and stop its rotation of change. This seems foolish as the joker supporting the Wheel on his knees, may imply. History has proven that those who resist change bring much suffering to the world and themselves. However, there is a contrary nature to this Joker as well, for he could be a wise man in a fool's harlequin clothing or a foolish man trying to control the wheel's rotation. Nothing in Nature is constant, and all is Nature, even what many call the Supernatural, is Natural. The only real difference is that the word Supernatural seems to denote what is unseen. Since 99.6% of our own bodies are space and thus, invisible, we are all "mostly Supernatural", that is if being invisible implies such an exalted state. Truth being, the invisible forces, are all Natural, and trying to impede the Nature of things, brings harsh penalties. Change is the Universal constant in this Universe.

The Key 10-The Wheel of Fortune, maybe seen as a card of fate, the cyclic changing of plenty and loss, good or bad, etc. So we experience loss, but this being understood as cycles, such as night and day, should help us understand that "this to shall pass", as we cycle onward through the Mysteries of Life.

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thoth- ATU 10-Fortune

As in the Tarot of the Old Path, assigns Jupiter as its planet. Jupiter is the "Greater Fortune" in astrology and in Qaballah, is assigned to the Hebrew Letter Kaph--meaning palm of the hand which to palm readers, is composed of lines that depict the owner's fortune. However, Jupiter represents the element of Luck rather than just good fortune. Luck, being an incalculable factor, implies Fate. Therefore, the Thoth Tarot card represents the Universe in its aspect of continual change of state. The Stars are shown as distorted, but balanced as some are light and some are dark. Issuing from these stars are lightnings, churning the firmament into swirling violate plumes. The Ten spoke wheel, implying the Ten Sephiroth and the realm Malkuth (earth) is suspended in the midst of all this motion, and indicates the governance of physical affairs.

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The Nature of the three images on the Wheel, represent the three forms of energy that rotate the wheel of Fortune . The Sphinx wielding a sword, representing the Soul, traditionally has the four heads that represent the four Kerubs of the Elements, while the simian shape represents Hermanubis (Egyptian- Mercury) and the crocodile shape of Typhon that extends into the twisting serpents of the Caduceus . The four Kerubs of the elements; the bull, the lion, the eagle and the man, correspond to the four key magical virtues, to Know, to Will, to Dare and to Keep Silent. The Sphinx also represents the alchemical element Sulfur, and is temporarily exalted on the Wheel, carrying her short sword. The ape, Hemanubis, is climbing up the wheel, represents the alchemical Mercury . The crocodile- Typhon represents the element of salt. However, these are all complex mythological images, as Typhon, is also known as an ancient water monster, personifying the destructive power of typhoons, volcanoes and hurricanes. So Air is also represented here, as well a water and fire.

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Crowley regarded the Wheel of Fortune to be the "Eye of Shiva", Whose opening annihilates the Universe, or as a wheel upon the Car of Jaganath, whose devotees attain perfection at the moment that it crushes them. In other words, the Karmic Wheel of Life that through motion, change and severity, purifies our personalities.

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Car of Jaganath


  • Fate, destiny and consequence.
  • Wealth or poverty.
  • Action, life being busy and full of change.
  • Knowledge gained by change.
  • Generally good Luck.
  • Rewards and recognition for things completed.
  • A high point, a wish coming true, a manifesting of  something anticipated.
  • A new run of luck is commencing.
  • A new decision of importance must be made
  • During the next 10 weeks or 10 months, Jupiter's possibilities seem to favor the querent in matters of wealth and/ or fortune.
  • The Reverse meaning would be "bad luck".
  • Interference from an outside event...Karma.
  • An Unexpected negative situation.
  • Failure.
  • Experiencing a situation control by outside circumstances, where one must sit back and let it ride out its course.

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