The Tarot of Eli: The Tarot of The Old Path- Four of Rods & The Thoth Tarot- The 4 of Wand-Completion

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· Old Path Tarot

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tarot of the old path-four of rods

The Thoth Tarot- 4 of Wands is called Completion, while the Tarot of the Old Path uses the old traditional name of Rods.

In the Four of Rods, we see a family scene and each one is dressed in colors reminiscent of fire. The Woman is dressed in ermine trim, which signifies comfort and wealth, as does the well-fortified family home shown off in the distance.

Linking his father and mother to him, are two ash rods held by the child. The Mother holds a rod shaped into a besom, a symbol of a witch. The fourth Rod is a pitchfork handle, which is held by the man, a symbol for a male witch.

Behind the woman's skirt, is seen the head and shoulders of a tri-colored collie dog, symbolizing, in the language of animals, faithfulness to his family and they to each other.

The imagery of the card suggests family spirit, wealth and a well-established home and family life. The medieval dress suggests romance, and the scene is of tranquility and harmony. The Ash rods held by the child are sprouting leaves which implies the vital fiery force of life, which is the Alchemical fire-element of this card.

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thoth-4 of wands-completion


Chesed the Fourth Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, therefore, the ruling intelligence of the 4's is called Mercy and is known in Qabalah as the Demiurge or "Lesser Creator" who gives rise to "form and light". This also makes Chesed both masculine and feminine, as Light is the expression of masculine (electric) and form is the receptivity of the Feminine (magnetic), Thus, Chesed and Geburah (5th Sephira-Severity) are really "two sides to one coin". So here we may compare Chesed -Mercy and Geburah-Severity to the two arms of a human, as one gives and one takes away.

THE 4'S:

The Four 4's all bring perfection, realization, completion, and making a matter settled and fixed.

The 4 of Wands is no exception, for here is the Lord of Perfected Work. Attributed to the Four of Wands-Completion, is the planet Venus in the sign of Aries. The angels of the Decan are Nanael and Nithal

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The 4 of Wands is Chesed influencing the realm of Atziluth; the Realm of Pure Spirit.

The swift active force of Aries- Mars, is activating the Love and Luxury of Venus.

This placement in an astrological reading would be implying a warm, brief romance, or warm fleeting feelings. But in Tarot, we must be aware of the Placement on the Tree of Life for there is a combination of the zodiacal and the Sephirotic meanings to consider.

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First and foremost is to realize that the zodiac is the mundane Chakra of Chokmah, as it appears in the lowest of 4 Worlds: Assiah-the active world. Thus, the 4's represent the Totality of that which the planetary signs refer. Venus in Aries, being the outer attribute of the card while the inner attribute is Chesed forces, the pure four (Fire, Air, Water, Earth), in the world of Yod-Fire. So, what we have implied in the Four of Wands is Completion of the process initiated by the Upper Trinity, or Supernal Triangle. Here, the manifestation promised by "Will to Form" (Binah) has taken place in Jupiter-Chesed, The Father, who resides below the Abyss. As it is the highest idea that can be understood intellectually of the element it represents, Chesed is a dominating influence on all the following cards. In this case, the Vital Fire of Spirit. Chesed is the Demiurge, who is the First Sephira below the Abyss, making him the Lord of all Manifested Active Power. The original will of Chokmah- Wisdom and Binah-Understanding is now manifest in the 4th Sephira Chesed- Mercy and is now a solid system such as Order, Law, and Government.

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Venus in Aries also removes some of the volcanism of Aries-Mars and indicates that one can't establish one's work without tact and gentleness.

When examining the 4 of Wands-Completion, we see the wands headed by Rams, both signs of Chesed (Father-God Amoun-Ra) and Aries, ending in the Dove of Venus. The completed and limitation of the original work is shown by the yellow rimed circle.

To show balance, the 4 flames are doubled, suggesting the feminine and masculine balance of the Fours. Also being a 4, there is no attempt to expand, the original will is completed, so entropy will soon begin. From order to disorder is the flow of energy in this universe. Thus the completion is short lived but well deserved.

When the 4 /Four of Wands or Rods is thrown during a reading:

  • It is the key to spiritual and holistic completion. It suggests that the querent is experiencing the completion of something and experiencing the desire to begin something new.
  • The Four of Wands also implies that ideas are firmly established and proved

by their flourishing and it is time to move forward.

  • The querent is manifesting a new destiny by acting on a sense of direction, supplied by inner Self Knowledge that is forming a new identity. 
  • Here we see celebration and reward after laborious completion of an enterprise,
  • Well-deserved success.
  • Reversal or ill defined:
  • Continued alertness is necessary to ensure success.
  • Financial position must be guarded.
  • Incomplete happiness
  • Romance unfulfilled.
  • Rest before work is completed.

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