The Tarot of Eli: The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot- Queen of Wands & The Thoth Tarot-Queen of Wands.

western hermetic qabalah, tantric, alchemical, astrological, and numerical Tarot Card Comparisons.

· Rider-Waite-Tarot

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rider-waite-smith-queen of wands

The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot card is again of a more mundane nature than what we expect from the Thoth Tarot. On the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Card, the Queen is stoic, holding a leaf sprouting phallic shaped wand implying her fertile and sexually passionate or expressive nature. The Black Cat is still and traditionally used rather than a leopard to imply her dark energy side and/or "instinctual" side. Her solar-fiery nature is implied in the Sun flower she holds plus the ones on the tapestry, as well as, the Lions, both red and gold; Lions being the symbol of Leo and the Sun. The Red lions on the Tapestry also symbolized medieval royalty and a "Lion hearted" nature. In the zodiac, the Queen of Wands rules from 21st degree of Pisces to the 20th degree of Aries and represents the mysteries of the Watery part of Fire. What can be simply said here, is that Fire is Spirit and the Watery part of Spirit is "spiritual matter" or the Conscious Spirit which is both fluid and colored (colors are not reflections of the force--but the actual force itself) and is often shallowly called "Emotions". If you could see the Aura and Chakras, as I do, you would know that the 8 conscious-states of Energy, called auric bodies, are made of "Spiritual matter" or Bio-Protons....Solar-Conscious-energy.

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Thoth-Queen of Wands

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The Thoth Queen of Wands represents this mystery of the Maternal Solar- Mother of the Spiritual forms. Upon her head is the winged globed-flame-ray crown, in her left hand is the cone topped wand of Bacchanalian mysteries called a Thrysus. The cone on top is a symbol of the pineal gland and wisdom. Her left hand is placed on the sitting leopard. The Black Panther is (or black cat) is usually associated with the Dark Goddess, who is considered ruler of the Underworld, death and the instincts. However, to us moderns she can be considered to be the Dark Matter (Dark-Matriarch or womb) of quantum physics fame. However, depicted here is the Goddess of Fire, a Hawaiian Pele, and the leopard is used to symbolize her power in repose since it is both black spotted and lion- tawny, as the lion is representative of the Sun. Everything about this card seems to shout "fire", but if you've noticed, it is a controlled force here, as even her fiery thrown is formed in geometric shapes suggesting "controlled"or purposely directed Passions of a fiery spiritual nature.

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Being that She is volcanic or spontaneous in nature, she may enjoy young men more than the "'older, wiser Man", and find that she is unable to apply herself to "long term" relationships. Lots of spiritual power here, but she definitely will need an intelligent "opposite" to help steady her, which because of her great reservoir of passion, will help her utilize her great capacity for lucid perception and steady prosecution of work; How this will only be under the guidance of a very creative mind. With the fiery emotions of this Queen, there is a liability of fits of depression, that can lead to Tantrums and intoxication or fiery outbursts of panic stricken burst of fury. As in all powerful things, when well guided, there is great fun, joy and Bacchic- satisfaction here, but ill guided, great destruction is released. The surrounding cards in a reading will tell the able Tarot Reader what is guiding this great passionate personality and there is a whiff of Babalon in this card (That is how Crowley spells it) by studying the "Scarlett Woman" the student will find further insight into this card.

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  • As an Archetype personality, this would be a red or golden haired woman who is adaptable (spontaneous) , persistent in her energy but of calm authority which she knowingly uses to enhance her attractiveness.
  • Independence.
  • Closeness to Nature.
  • Compassion.
  • Such a woman of passion can be vane, but that is because she knows that passion is attractive in its own rite. 
  • Although She is often kind and generous she will not tolerate opposition. 
  • There is an immense capacity for friendship and love, as that is the nature of fiery passion, however, it is always done on her own initiative where she can not be talked into it or out of it.

When ill defined by surrounding cards (Thoth) or reversed (Rider-Waite-Smith) it implies:

  •  The Queen of Wands personality can be snobbish, vane, brooding which invariably leads to the negative decisions that cause her to fiercely attack. 
  • Some might call this a "Fiery Latin" type of personality. 
  • Her Passion can be stunning whether it is a sexual relationship or a as the Leopard in her hand, she must be treated with respect, and remember that to play on her terms, may be beyond the capacity of a less passionate mate.
  • The tyrannical tendency is very present here.
  • The dominating woman.
  • Jealousy.

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