The Tarot of Eli-The Mental Body of the Aura

Auric Body #3

· aura and chakras

Body #3-THE MENTAL BODY. Indigo/Blue color ray.

We are all manifestations of the Cosmic Mind and/or The Universal Collective Unconscious. This #3 Auric body represents the consciousness of understanding.  The Causal, body #2- is the mind of Causation, a type of Architect, but the "idea" must be understood before it can take form. You may notice that when you reach a deep understanding you feel a serge of energy thought the body; an ah-ha moment, this is when an idea forms in your brain.

One of the keys to this body of conscious energy is though union with others, which we call understanding, This can be union with other theories , people, places and things. It is a flow of "I Am You". This body along with the Causal, enters the body through the psychic center we call the Ajna chakra or third eye ( all conscious bodies, Super-conscious, Causal and Mental bodies influence the Crown and Third Eye centers). The glandular center influenced is the Pituitary (optic chiasma). A chakra is a psychic energy whirlpool at the conjunction point of the mind and body and is connected to the Spine. Chakras are known in western energy studies as a psychosomatic point, where imagination creates physical effects. With image in mind we can directly influence subtle energy manifestation throughout the body and induce healing when all else fails. We have the Power!

The process of introspection and or "meditation" is that of a Yogi, were we feel rather than see the major blood vessels, nerves and organs of our physical crystallized energy body. However, most of us have forgotten the ability to concentrate the mind within the mind, i.e. meditation and can no longer feel and repair our forms. However, forgotten isn't lost, we can reclaim our inheritance by meditation and pranayama and/or breathing exercises. It is time to take back out bodies as property of Spirit rather than the property of cultural conditioning. In the mental body lies all the talents of Mind over matter and/or Panchromatic power.

The Aura helps us remember that we are of the Divine realms of Evolutionary Light, who came to adopt and use the physical realms to expand and liberate our Identities-while also expanding and liberating the alive and/or planetary evolutions from self imposed limits. For more information and/or a reading email

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