The Tarot of Eli: The Erotic Tarot- 2 of Fire & The Thoth Tarot- 2 of Wands-Dominion.

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· Manara tarot

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The Manara erotic Tarot-2 of fire- ( fuoco )

The Four 2's symbolize the Power created by the union of the King and Queen that initiates force. Those forces are the Prince and Princess that are not yet brought into action.

The Twos/2's therefore, imply the initiation and fecundation of a thing.

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The Erotic Tarot of Milo Manara, 2 of Fire, displays dominion rather than titles it so. Mars, in the house of Aries, is assigned to this card, as it is in the Thoth Tarot. However, instead of the Dorjes-Tibetan Thunderbolts- with the Heads of the Kha-Dro-Ma, which are the "Highest state of Female" and/or Tibetan Angels, Milo illustrates 2 women displaying their Yoni/ Vesica Piscis. The Domain of the Yoni is all form, both living and nonliving. It is the Vesica Piscis, the Womb of the Creatrix. Hence, the woman proudly displays their Yoni-Power to the misogynistic world of man. After all, it is the gateway to all life and every woman should know her power to give life and to form the Races of man. Therefore, Milo Manara's art elevates the Feminine to her Highest Status, Life giver, and mother to all which seems to be newsworthy. Something that men have been jealous of since recorded history. Somewhere, a man learned that to dominate, intimidate and subjugate women with male aggression and weapons, puts her status down in the eyes of all. If you don't believe that then why is a man ashamed of being called a "pussy" or Cunt? For no matter what term, you use for the Divine Feminine's gateway to life, you cannot profane its truth...all things, are born of Mother's Blood and enter this world through the gateway to life and/or the "pussy". No one is born of Father's blood. Besides, the word "cunt" comes from Kuntu Zag Mo, the Tibetan Goddess Mother and, there are some scholars that say it comes from Kunti, the Chinese Goddess.

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The Truth is most of the European tribes or nations, where matriarchal before the Roman's came and conquered bringing their "god of War" as the highest form of being. The Anglo-Saxon words, such as Lady -meaning "Doler of bread" and Lord-meaning "guardian of bread", show that the woman owned agriculture and the grain for bread, while the male's job was to protect the storage areas from predation. Husband is also an Anglo-Saxon word, meaning "Keeper of her property". This is because Woman, in the Anglo and Germanic tribes, owned the land and the men protected it. Women were held in the highest esteem, because of the simple fact that they gave life and nurtured it. However, the misogynistic religions of the Romans, put a stop to all that. Woman is now an insult, because according to the Roman Catholic religion, she is responsible for "knowledge" (...eating of the fruit of knowledge) and getting mankind kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Besides the fact that in that supposed garden of delights, man's decisions were all made for him, a welfare state and that to try and make up your own mind got you in trouble with the "Slave Master" Jehovah, seemed to slip everybody's mind. This is even more clearly seen when we read the original text of Genesis, written in the original language of the Bible-Greek, where it states that Lilith was the "first wife", before the compliant 2nd wife Eve. Lilith got sent to the "land of demons" because she refused to take the bottom place during sex. She wanted to be "on top" and in charge of penetration. Well to paraphrase, Adam complained to his god Yahweh about this, and this Archon-god sent her into exile. This is a perfect metaphor for the Church Father's reasoning of subjugating women to chattel, by taking away their right to their own body. She has now been demoted from the Matriarchal "on top" to beneath Men.

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The Feminine, from this:

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This became her thanks to misogyny.

Throughout history, many women, of many conquered nations (over 9 million) were burnt, hung, drowned, tortured etc., to subjugate them to the status of chattel. The male bully, "I can hurt you, so I am better than you", is the Patriarch's value statement along with the idea of "divide and conquer. Damn, fella's, a virus can "hurt" a blue whale, does that mean we males are all less than a virus?

What males fail to understand, is that we are another way to be feminine. Medical science has proven that all fetuses up to 8 weeks old in the womb are female! Male is "the other" and comes later. Oh sorry, that would be knowledge, and we aren't supposed to have that. Bad Eli!

The Roman's tried to make slavery the "Garden of Eden", in religion, so the slaves made of conquered people, that built their empire, wouldn't want to make up their own minds and make their own decisions: you know, "Divide and Conquer". Yet again, there is an Anglo-Saxon phrase called "Free Doom" which we call Freedom, and it means, "I Choose my own Death". For only a person who can make up their own mind is free to choose their death. Slaves can't. Seems we have lost something in the translation. Death is inevitable to all, so being able to choose it, without fear of it, is a very advanced form of knowledge which is something called "courage". Courage means knowledge over fear. Oh, damn, there is that "K"word again, I guess I am a "pussy" who can both love and fight.

From the Golden Dawn Texts:


The four Deuces symbolize the Powers of the King and Queen; first uniting and initiating the Force, but before the Prince and Princess are thoroughly brought into action. Therefore, do they generally imply the initiation and fecundation of a thing.

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To reiterate: the key to all systems, as well as, the Universal Pattern is the only Reality, we know as the 2nd Sephiroth-Chokmah (Wisdom) on the Tree of Life. Kether, the first Sephiroth, is not or naught-0-, as thus it is not reality. When we cause reality, it is of our beliefs and opinions, so I often call Chokmah the Real...for it is not of us but is the will to force before us. Our beginning is in Chokmah, the idea of us, and the Will to be, all begin there. Thus, we are dreaming ourselves into willful existence. Chokmah is "Wisdom", the Hebrew name of the Greek Goddess of Wisdom-Sophia. So Chokmah, in expression is male, but in the act of birth, is feminine.

Also called the Lord of Dominion whose zodiacal attribution is Mars in Aries; the element of fire. The Angels of the Decan are Vehooel and Deneyal.

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Thoth-2 of wands-Dominion

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The Thoth 2 of Wands represents Chokmah influencing the World of Pure Spirit known as Atziluth.

Again, I am trying to explain the unexplainable which is the Supernal Triangle, the upper trinity of the Tree of Life. This 2nd Sephiroth-Chokman- is pure will to force, (Energy- in-Motion) without need of result. Which to most of us is impossible to realize as most of us exercise emotional- will to reach goals. We don't realize that will to force is the Power behind Spirit, the Spiraling of Energy into motion/Frequencies that build dimensions of I AM. But before frequencies are stimulated into being, there was Will to force (Chokmah) and then the simultaneous- Will to Form (3rd Sephiroth-Binah). To some Being may be form, but in fact, being to a Qabalist is an "immortal state of Conscious Energy" while we all know that form has a beginning and an end and is called an Entity. In Chokmah is being. The First Being---The All Father God who has no form, just a "fiery energy" until She-Binah "wills him to Form". Here in the Two of Wands is that joining of the Two states of Will that are "He" and "She", Will to Force and Will to Form. What the Greeks said of their Mother Goddess-Hera- is that from "herself did she make herself" and that "...there was no Father until she called him Father". Get the award-winning Book- The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, by Barbara G. Walker, it will open your chained eyes (I's) to freedom.

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Tibetan Dorje

The Thoth Dominion card represents Fecund Power in an unbridled state, for Mars is exalted in Aries as the fiery Mars rules the fiery sign Aries. Here Fire, i.e. Spirit is pure Primal, and brilliant, warm and bright. The Dorjes, Tibetan symbols for Thunderbolts, are shown crossed on this card, emphasizing the feminine-power and harmony of this card, Will to force-male (spear head with serpents of life/death) and Will to form-female (Kha-Dro-Ma heads) are in balance here, The Dominion of Spirit -Fire has become a domain of forms. From now on we know the Male Force of Will is Will to Force, and the Female Force of Will is Will to Form. Spirit is the feminine Anima (Latin for Spirit) and the Soul is the masculine-Animus- and is called the "Sun/Son" of God. Hence, the number of the Sun is the 6th (The Trinity of Male plus the Trinity of Female) Sephiroth-Tiphareth-Beauty. Spirit gives birth to souls, and souls create personalities that operate Self-images.

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Since the planetary and astrological signs assigned to the 2 of Wands are of Mars and Aries, there is no lust of result in this Pure Will, made of the harmony of "He" and "She" aspects of the One Energy. There is no "battle of the sexes" where one wishes to rule relationship over the other. There is only the Union of Wisdom and Understanding that gives birth to Knowledge (Daath) and all creation. Here, Energy is initiating a current of Force, that Spiral of Energy from which all comes.

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When the word Harmony is mentioned, one often thinks of peace and quiet bliss, but this is the Violent Destructive Force that initiated the "Big Bang", totally without resistance in and of itself but destructive none the less, as that is the First Motion of Creation, the destruction of the void. A Singularity exploded “outward" to form the building blocks of our Universe. Here Mars in Aries represents that Powerful Gathering of Force to deconstruct for reconstruction. A gathering of Will to be and Will to Form.

When the Two/2 of Wands-Dominion is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent is experiencing the will to move forward in a new direction. From a place of undaunted will, of full power, and balanced dominion.
  • Contemplating new ideas without lust for results.
  • What once was unfocused energy is now becoming clear and polarized.
  • Affirming a new self-identity.
  • A partnership of two powers, opposite yet reflecting each other.
  • Self confidence that only comes from affirming and approving of oneself.
  • A sense of accomplishment without any feeling of arrogance.

If ill defined:

  • Destructiveness.

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