The Tarot of Eli- The Causal Body of the Aura

Light Body #2 of the Human Aura

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The 2nd Astral body-The Causal Body.

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The 1st "light body" composing the human aura is made of "Dark Light" and therefore, invisible to any eye and is called the Super Conscious. It is believed to be the Universal Collective Unconscious, a phrase coined by Dr. Carl Jung.

It is interesting to note that we are compose of more than 99% subtle energy and less than 1% bio-electric. The Auric field is often called our spiritual bodies, or auric bodies. Some even call them light bodies. However, they are really states of Conscious Energy that is formed of electromagnetic cosmic fabric, that I know as Subtle Energy Beings; Beings, because in the Qabalistic Philosophy, a Being is an immortal.

On The Earth has Subtle Energy flows that are called Ley lines by western meta-physicians, Dragon Veins by the Chinese healers, Nadis (Sanskrit for "vein tube") and Metu of the ancient Egyptian which are the 36 subtle energy arteries in the human body. These body subtle energy arteries flow from the chakras into the body and back out through the chakras. Like the ocean waters, do in a fish, the subtle energy flows in and out of the human form in a constant regeneration and cleansing action.

The Conscious Energy Being known as the Causal body is often seen as grayish blue or light violate mist around the human form. It is anywhere from 8 to 18 feet away from the physical in an egg shape and is the subtle energy conscious of causation. This is the conscious energy knowledge of as the "cause" of "cause and effect" which is how energy operates in the crystallized light body we call human.

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The Knowledge of Cause is one of our many inheritances from the Divine, and after 14.7 billion years of operation, this is a lot of knowledge! To access this Causal Body or Being consciously we must practice Prana-Yama breathing meditations (Yoga breathing) and focus on the "Third eye" (Agna chakra) which is directly linked to the pineal gland in the center of the human brain. When this gland vibrates at the pranic frequency, we get intuitive knowledge, doubt free and powerfully useful from the Source of Cause in this Universal Self. It pays to meditate daily for us to collect our divine inheritance. Blogs are short so I must sign off, so for more information Email

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