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Thoth-Ace of Cups

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Santa Muerte - Ace of Cups

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When leaving the subtle nature of the Major Arcana and/or Trump, we now enter the Objective Realms of the Mind. The Subtle is of Unconscious and Spiritual while the Minor Arcana-"small cards" are objective and "in your face" situations. Making them extremely important to the operation of daily life and meeting the circumstances thereof. Cups, are the objective emotions and/or emotions that animate your body in daily life. They are not "hiding" in the depths, as they are the underlying force of your objective actions. The fact that they are not often properly identified, and a therapist is sought, is because of cultural training and fear of being rejected.

Because of the Qabalistic description of the 1st Sephiroth-Kether as the " Dark Fire" one may understand that Kether is the "Dark Energy" that really isn't understood by us. Kether, the Source of All, is not known to us objectively, but its presence is subjectively understood as a movement within all that moves. Kether is called Eheieh, in Hebrew, which means "I Will Be" and therefore, is noted as the "first movement of Will" in the Darkness of the Abyss. What may be confusing to the viewer, is that traditionally Kether is a shown as an White Sphere, this is because Kether represents the first movement of energy we call Light and the purest light is seen as white; White being the perfect balance of color weights, something that is unachievable in the realm of visible light. Invisible light is x ray, ultra violet, infrareds, and/or cosmic microwaves. Hence, the black color is reserved for the Womb of the Universe and/or Mother Binah, the 3rd Sephiroth who is the Universal Abyss.

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The Aces are attributed to Kether and they represent the most pure forms of energy. Each is a specific type, and density of Energy that we call the Alchemical Elements and/or 4 Pythagorean elements.

The Ace of Cups is Kether in Briah, depicting the influence of Kether on the Mental Level. The Ace of Cups is the Root Powers of Water, an element used to symbolize the emotions and/or energy-in-motion which to us is "sensed" as positive or negative "feelings". We know emotions, to be fluid and sensual as water. It is a "fluid" form of energy, whose direction of flow is decided by the self-identity of the Personality that is sending it outward (transmitting/emoting) towards a destination. Pure emotions are attributed to the Soul, as emotions are also attributed to memory, as are joy, fertility, pain, and affection. The Soul is a vast container, a collective of experiences and not just of the present life it is experiencing, but throughout the ages of "Life".

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The Thoth Deck Version of this Card shows the wave action characteristic of physical water implying the activity that encloses and directs pure emotion. As the Universe of Energy is woven out of waves of The Universal Unconsciousness (Carl Jung); captured ideas that were afloat in the Dark Ocean of Binah. Hence, the Magnetic Web in the background. The Thoth Ace of Cups, shows us a magnificent Grail filling with "White energy", empowering the surroundings, with Spider Woman's Web emanating from it. For those of us who do not know the Myths of Spider Woman, she is a Native American description of the Great Mother Goddess who wove the fabric of the universe. Today we acknowledge time-space and electromagnetic energy, as a woven grid of energy-----the similarity simply means that we have proven the Myth and the Law of Attraction.

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The Ace of Cups represents the secrets of Water/Flow in its original form. The Wyrd (weaving) of Atoms into flowing waves/currents of energy forms. Water is the Feminine compliment (magnetic), the Moon- vaginal- womb to the masculine- electric- Sun-phallus.

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Upon the Dark Sea of Binah (or Goddess known as Stela Mari if Gnostic Nazarene/Essene) are Lotuses, two in one, that fill the Grail-cup with Life Fluid, that is either represented as Water, Wine or Blood according to the selected purpose of the symbolism. In such symbolism, the Lotus can be replaced by a Blood Red Rose, thus representing the Blood Red Sea of Binah from which all Life flows. The Blood Red Rose is the image for the "Rosy Cross" symbol and the Red Grail symbol of "Mother's blood". For all things born of mothers, are conceived and born of mother's blood. In rituals, wine was often used to represent "Mother's blood".

Remembering that all Aces are the "seed" of a force, no matter how much imagery we use to describe "The Womb with a View" (I've called the Great Her this since I was very young), She is a Force that makes Form from "I" (ideas) by birthing "Am". To represent this amazing Force, in any form of metaphor is difficult at most, and a mystery in the least. It's like trying to identify the one who has left foot prints in the snow. You know someone has been there, but no conclusive clue on their identity. She is the Seed of all Life; of Energy beginning its harmonic weave into Form.

When thrown, the Ace of Cups, represents, the seed of a form, and idea beginning to formulate; a birth starting in the subconscious mind as a zygote that is or now conceived or will take about a year to manifest its true form. Beauty, fertility, productiveness. The Mysterious Seed of Universal Femininity. Now 0=2.

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The Cup, represents the enclosure that form is conceived in- the Womb of Form, and emerges from the Lotus (Crown) implying the idea of Womb, the seed of the concept of conception and not a separate sex as of yet. Thus, the Ace of Wands is the idea of Phallus-ejaculation and the Ace of Cups is the Idea of Womb-reception. Both are simultaneous in the Universe, for one cannot be male unless there is female and one cannot be female unless there is male.

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The Ace of Cups is derived from-Yoni Moon, as the Ace of Wands is from Phallus- Sun. Thus we have the "Holy Grail", the Divine Creatrix; here the dark Sea of Binah supports the Two in One Lotuses that fill the cup with Life Fluid, be it symbolized, by water, wine or blood or Yin Yang forces, a Chinese idiom for 0=2. Two in One, is the realization of the Womb and Phallus: The 0=2.

According to Crowley, the White Light descending into the Ace of Cups is depiction of the Holy Ghost and/or Holy Spirit that enlivens all form, i.e. can be compared to the male semen and/or the alchemical "white magnesia"- like flow of force.

The Holy Spirit represents the Moving- All of Spiral- Energy.

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I have noticed that many authors mix-up the the Unconscious and subconscious. All I can say is that according to Carl Jung the unconscious mind is divided into 2 parts. One is personal unconscious, which contains all personal memories, and the other is the universal collective unconscious, which contains shared ideas in anyone generally irrespective of one’s background or culture. He also explains unconscious mind as storage for socially unacceptable thoughts, painful memories, hidden desires, and wishes and the image of the anima and animus where the ideal of the perfect woman-Anima, exists in the mind of a male, and the ideal of the perfect male, exists in the unconscious mind of a female .

The Subconscious mind is the stage of mind between the conscious mind and unconscious mind. It does not have an exact definition. Subconscious mind is easily accessible compared to the unconscious mind because the memories it holds are not very deep and is often called the "personality". It is found that the subconscious mind can be manipulated using special techniques to enhance personal success, such as hypnosis. However, it can be just as easily manipulated to cause failure, such as propaganda, media and or "victimization". I call it the "animal mind" and/or "survival mind" as it is "fear based". Wear as the Unconscious, is the place of the deep identity of the I AM, both Universal and personal. Here the Grail can be understood as the container or enclosure of that I AM.

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santa muerte tarot-1 of cups

The Advice of the Dead: Having thought properly about your choices you will be ready to take on a new phase of creativity and change that will bring something new to light.

-From the Santa Muerte Book of the Death-by Fabio Listrani

The Santa Muerte-Ace of Cups (chalices) gives the Chalice a face of St. Death, with hearts shown as eyes and nose. Implying love, and emotions. Water, is the symbol of emotions, and the lotus flowers not only symbolize the Great Mother, but also fertility. The Dragonfly is a symbol of free spirit. (See link below for more information) 

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The beautiful essence and energy of the Dragonfly totem animal symbolizes going past self-created illusions that limit growth and change. Dragonflies are the embodiment of color magic, and transformation.

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Instead of the alchemical "white magnesia" flowing down into the Chalice, we have rain. Therefore depicting , water/Unconsciousness and its flowing renewal. The images used on this card coincide with those of the Thoth Ace of Cups and therefore, share the same meanings.


It implies:

  • A new attitude brings rewards.
  • In a period of One Year, the querent will develop a new relationship, or new awareness about existing relationship.
  • Is experiencing a new bust of empathy, emotion, sentiment or enthusiasm. This is a time for staying open and vulnerable in order to reap rewards.
  • The opening of spiritual, psychic, intuitive channels
  • Heart opening to the gift of Love.
  • Longing for union, where the 0=2 becomes 2=0.
  • Receptivity. 
  • Devotion.
  • Harmony.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Vagueness.
  • Hysteria.
  • Irrationality.

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