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· Tarot of the spirit

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Thoth- 6 of cups-pleasure

[From the Sepher Yetzirah and the Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom:]

In Kether is the Radix of a Golden Glory and thence is there a pure, primitive and sparkling, gleaming golden yellow which is reflected into Tiphareth. This is the first reflected Triad complete. And the sphere of its operation is that of Shemesh, the Solar Light, and bestoweth Life, Light and Brilliancy in metallic matter, and it rideth the sphere of action and of the Sun. And YHVH
Eloah va-Daath is a God of Knowledge and Wisdom, ruling over the Light of the Universe; and its Archangel is Raphael, the Prince of Brightness, Beauty and Life. And the Name of the Order of Angels is Melechim that is Kings or Angelic Kings, who are also called the Order of
Virtues, Angels and Rulers.

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The Thoth 6 of Cups is the Lord of Pleasure. Here the Sun is in Scorpio the Angels of the Decan are Nelokhiel and Yeyayel.

This is the influence of the Solar Self-Tiphareth, in the Mental World known to Qabalist as Briah.

Already we know that Tiphareth in Atziluth (Beauty in Pure Spirit) means Victory after effort, shown as the Six of Wands, thus we see the 6 of Cups as Tiphareth in the Watery World, (Mental World) as the beginnings of Pleasure.

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Noted to be a sign of discrimination, magnetism and hidden qualities, Scorpio, in the 6 of Cups, is like activated Water by Solar influx. Here, Scorpio revels in the Sun, and is likened to a Fertile, warm, fruitful Sea--a Spa of Life generating qualities. I have a personal relationship with the Scorpio sun sign being a Sun in Scorpio, and a Scorpio Natal, and having a Moon in Cancer, my inner self is a bright pleasure to my Watery World. Bacchus revels in my halls of hearth and heart as I live this card in a daily Glow of Bright Pleasure...thus I have no need to seek it-----I Am Pleasure! And pleasure is a state of daily being me.

Of course, Scorpio may sting where the Will directs; However, when the Will resides in Beauty-Tiphareth, Love is the Willful view of life and the scorpion's sting is reserved for those who would demean life with vial actions. So as the Sun activates the Forces of Scorpio, gain or pleasure commences. Implied, without assurance, is that pleasure and gain will build as shown by the partially filled cups that leave room for more experiences.

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Pleasure, being the natural title of this card, is not that of the mundane pleasures of the pain fleeing populace, but of the highest sexual sense as the "adorable fire"; implying well-being, harmony of natural forces without effort or strain but with ease and satisfaction. The word Six comes from the Egyptian word Sexen, meaning copulation. Therefore, it does emphatically represent the fulfillment of Sexual Will, as shown by the ruling Sephiroth, Tiphareth, the sign of Scorpio, the Planet Sun, and the element of Water. A communion of fertile forces, that makes all life possible. The person who experiences this card in sensual being, knows this as the sexual ecstasy of the Solar Self/Soul that blazes as a Sun in the "Sexual Chakra" or Swadhisthana chakra. This Dionysus- blaze of Spiritual fire, is what I call,"the orgasmic ecstasy that never stops". This is the state of the Highest of Sexual possibility, as in the union of Zeus Christos and the Mari, or of the Simon and Helen, even of the Parvati and Shiva an inner rhythmic dance, where one knows and feels that "God is Sex" (Sex is 6 in Latin and sexen in Egyptian, denoting copulation). The perfect Pleasure of the synchronicity of communion, where the female and male blend as one Shining Star of Intelligent Vital Life Force. Interested students, should begin studying Tantric practices where individual inner-harmonies are reached in the participating couple and then interchange in a constant flow. You will never think of sexual union as something that belongs to society-culture- the military industrial empire and/or the Patriarchy. It belongs to the Soul/Spirit and is the most sacred "mass"; a sacrament that has been profaned by "the few who wish to rule the many".

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There is a Tantric "great rite", the panchamakara or panchatattva, involving the 5 "M's"(5 Makara) :

  1. Madya- wine (and/or other alcoholic drinks).
  2. Mamsa-meat (mostly beef) or mahamamsa.
  3. Matsya- fish.
  4. Mudra-cereal wafer (an aphrodisiac grain preparation).
  5. Maithuna-ritual sexual union.

As one can see, this is a great rite of even the Greeks and Dionysus-the god of wine. Even the Christian mass has some of these "M's", although the rite is so profaned by dogma that its power is totally imaginary. In Christian Mass, the mudra-cereal wafer, came from the Latin word-missa, from the Persian-Mithraic communion cakes called, mizd, thought to embody the divine flesh and blood of the Sole-Created-Bull sacrificed by Mithra. Another latin name for the communion cake was hostia (host), meaning victim. The wine represents the blood of this bull.

(J.H. Smith- 201)

Whatever you call this Great rite of communion, it raises the inner-soul/Kundalini sun, coiled at the base chakra up the spine to the Crown Chakra of both Partners. Here the microwaves of the brain are now raised to the right frequency to unite one's brain with the Mind of their Soul- the Golden Psyche ( Horus/Adam Khadmond/ or the Nirvanic Samadi of the Yogis). 0=2.

The 6 of cups represents and encounter with the archetypal feminine. Scorpio is an ancient symbol for the fruitification of the unconscious. Here one experiences the sexual power illuminating through the feminine. The divine feminine attracts all that is masculine (electric) so that the Source (libido) within the streams of which the creative idea is manifested, is never exhausted.

The Tarot of The Spirit- Six of Water-Faith:

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the tarot of the spirit- six of water-faith

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The Tarot of The Spirit- Six of Water-Faith, depicts the cross of life, atop the stable cube of matter that basks in the yellow sea of Tiphareth. Here the cups are shown as children's toys-tops decorated with the six pointed star, demonstrating the balance of Spirit-Fire-Water-Air and Earth and/or holy hexagram of Tiphareth.

The whole image is a raft which represents the flotation device of higher consciousness. Here the reward is trusting that you will be upheld by your Soul/raft, even when you are not clear about the direction.

The glyph for the sun is centered in the cross. Like an unfolding rose, one stands in the center, shielded by a circle of protection. Here is your sacred space, shielding you from distracting influences. As symbols of joy, and jubilance, wings beat and dolphins scallop in the yellow sea. 

When the Six of water or the 6 of Cups-Pleasure, is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent is experiencing emotional pleasure, in a period of 6 weeks or 6 months of giving to and receiving pleasure from others.
  • A period of innocence and taking great pleasure in one's childlike qualities.
  • They may be experiencing an orgasmic rush of feelings, a wave of ecstasy that even sad feelings being actively expressed, feel good in release.
  • The querent may also be experiencing sweet memories of the past, as past efforts bring present rewards.
  • The querent's sexual sun is fully shining, producing a summer crop of pleasure throughout the body.
  • Karmic rootedness. 
  • Emotional/sexual strength.
  • Strong suggestive charisma. 
  • Opportunity for a profound change and a new beginning.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Emotional imprisonment.
  • Flight from reality.
  • Phobia caused by repressed sexuality.

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