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· Tarot of the ages

From the Golden Dawn Texts:

The Four 2's symbolize the Power created by the union of the King and Queen that initiates force. Those forces are the Prince and Princess that are not yet brought into action. The Tarot 2's thus imply the initiation and fecundation of a thing.

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To reiterate: the key to all systems, as well as, the Universal Pattern is the only Reality that Qabalists know as the 2nd Sephiroth- Chokmah (Wisdom) on the Tree of Life. Kether is not or naught, 0, as thus it is not reality. When we cause reality, it is of our beliefs and opinions, so I often call Chokmah the Real...for it is not of us, but is the will to force before us and begins the concept of I Am. Our beginning is in Chokmah, the idea of us, and the Will to Force, all begin there. Therefore, we are dreaming ourselves into willful lucid existence.

The Thoth 2 of Wands is also called the Lord of Dominion whose zodiacal attribution is Mars in Aries; the element of fire. The Angels of the Decan are Vehooel and Deneyal.

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This is Chokmah influencing the World of Pure Spirit known as Atziluth.

Again I am trying to explain the unexplainable which is the Supernal Triangle-Kether-Chokmah-Binah. This 2nd Sephiroth is pure Will to Force, without need of result. Which to most of us is impossible to realize as most of us exercise will to reach desired goals. We don't realize that Will to Force is the Power behind Spirit, the Spiraling of Energy into motions that build dimensions of I AM and/or Self. But before frequencies are stimulated into being, there was Will to Force (Chokmah) and then Will to Form (Binah). To some Being may be form, but in fact, Being to a Qabalist is an "immortal state of energy intelligence" ,while we all know that form has a beginning and an end which we call mortality. In Chokmah is being. The First Being---The All Father Expression of Will who has no form until She-Binah "wills him to form". Here in the 2 of Wands is that joining of the 2 states of Will that are "He" and "She", Will to Force and Will to Form and/or electric and magnetic.

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This is Power in an unbridled state, for Mars is exalted in Aries as the fiery Mars rules the fiery sign Aries. Here Fire, i.e. Spirit, is pure Primal, and brilliant, warm and bright.

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The Dorjes, Tibetan symbols for Thunderbolts, are shown crossed on this card, emphasizing the power and harmony of this card, Will to Force and Will to Form are in balance here as one end is spear-phallic shaped and the other end has the head of a Tibetan Female Angel, called a Kha Dro Ma. I was once visited by a Ka-Dro-Ma, (spoken in 3 syllables)during a Tantric meditation and quickly sketched the picture, so please excuse the crudity of the Picture, but I was in a hurry to draw this startling beauty of Serpent Forces, before she disappeared.

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The Dominion of Spirit has now become a domain of light that progressively condenses into flesh. From now on we know the Male is Will to Force, and the Female Force of Will to Form.There is no lust of result in this Pure Will, made of the harmony of "He" and "She" aspects of the One as 0=2. There is no "battle of the sexes" where one wishes to rule relationship over the other. There is only the Union of Wisdom and Understanding that gives birth to Knowledge and all creation. Here, Energy is initiating a current of Force, that Spiral of Energy called Vital Energy and often shown as serpent force.

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When the word Harmony is mentioned, one often thinks of peace and quiet bliss, but this is the Violent Destructive Force that initiated the "Big Bang", totally without resistance in and of itself but destructive nonetheless, as that is the First Motion of Creation, the destruction of the void. A Singularity exploded “outward" to form the building blocks of our Universe. Here Mars in Aries represents that Powerful Gathering of Force to deconstruct for reconstruction. A gathering of Will to Force and Will to Form. This is called the "Dancing Couple" for they are the rhythm of Spiral energy/Light. Spiro, is the Greek root of Spiral and Spirit, and means "to breathe and/or breath". Therefore the Dancing Couple is known as Inhale/Exhale which is called Pranayama in Sanskrit as it means Life-Death. Inhale- life, exhale- death. In Western physics this dance is the electromagnetic force.

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tarot of the ages-two of batons

The Tarot of The Ages, Two of Batons, depicts an aboriginal warrior holding 2 "batons" as he views the sun scorched Savanna . He is standing on firm rocks as he looks for the wild food of the tribe, while the tribe is lifting their hands in spiritual invocation, demanding help from the tribal spirits.  


When the 2 of Wands-Dominion and the Two of Batons, are thrown during a reading:

  • The querent is experiencing the will to move forward in a new direction. From a place of undaunted will, of full power, and balanced dominion.
  • Contemplating new ideas without lust of result.
  • What once was unfocused energy is now becoming clear and polarized.
  • Affirming a new self-identity.
  • A partnership of two powers, opposite yet reflecting each other.
  • The Self confidence that only comes from affirming and approving of one's self.
  • A senses of accomplishment without any feeling of satisfaction.
  • Ruler. 
  • Mature individual.
  • Attainment of goals and needs.
  • Courage in undertakings. 
  • Boldness.
  • A dominant personality.

When ill defined by surrounding cards in the divination:

  • Sadness.
  • Trouble.
  • Restraint caused by others.
  • Loss of faith.
  • A negative reaction to surprise.

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