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· dreams of gaia

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Dreams of Gaia Tarot- X of earth

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot- 10 of Earth, represents life as a wholeness and/or complete expression of SELF. It represents the wealth one is rewarded with when all those years of dedication to family, career, and community have reaped the highest rewards. Hence, the 10 of Earth is a affirming card and signifies a time of reward. Authenticity is rewarded here. The masks have been removed and the True I AM Me, is present in love, confidence, and a personal self knowledge that you are Life and not seeking one.

Therefore, the knowledge of Self is not made of "Words", for they are mainly propaganda of the few who wish to rule definition. Instead we are the I AM... labels need not apply! Pure mind, is your purity as all is mind. Every image, must be imagined, every perspective requires observation, every action requires thought and under observation, everything changes. All is Mind, and the name of Mind is I AM. Each of us have inherited that name of SELF, the Great I AM. Hence, we, each of us, are worthy of that inheritance, as the I AM doesn't build a self it doesn't want to be. Only humankind is taught to think about what it doesn't want, thereby making it ! Therefore, each of us is taught to enslave ourselves to our images of enforced fear.

When born, you were the Will and the Way, of your soul. What has happened to your image-making ability, is a profanity. We make our images/observations out of our most potent thoughts, that is, those with the most energy behind them. We Emote Thoughts with power and call that power-Emotion. Hence, I Am the emoter of emotion, not created by it! Life is just a Self-Meditation. I Am...I Am.... I Am..... It is time to examine who controls your I AM! For Wealth is the clear communication of Spirit-Mind-Body, an I AM trinity of creators and action. When I Emote energy, it is called "Will to Force". When I Understand data, it is called In-form-ation. When I energize the thoughts of Self, I Am both the thought and the energy in motion. For I AM Energy! All is Mind! Spirit is Energy, called the One Energy that can't be created nor destroyed, only transformed-AND TRANSMITTED! Emotion is Energy being transmitted! It is how the seeds of observation are planted in the fertile soils of matter, where they grow into full sized creations. Hence, Life is a meditation of I AM! For the infinity of Mind, knows only itself through limits applied as Self. Without limits, there is nothing to observe. However, the Power of Limits, allows us to be intimate with Self and Selves! Love, hate, joy, sorrow, happiness, tragedy, healing, problem, and solution, are only possible when one has limit, for limits give us is the ability to conquer the unconquerable, to laugh at challenges, to stand up and expand what was into a greater what is; achievement cannot be observed or felt without limits!

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Nothing is impossible to the Creator of Possibilities and that Creator is YOU- The I AM. Hence, "Me" is your own observation, limited only to the I Am you apply the most energy to. Be a Free Mind, not one controlled by labels, indoctrination, dogmas, for they are the chains forged by "rulers", to make your I AM, a servant to their visions of wealth. Remember the Free Spirit who states:

I Am the Will; I Am the Way; I Am the Wealth; I own the day!

One cannot have a day, unless they have the Power of Limitation.

When the 10 of Earth is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • A time of reward.
  • Everything is coming together.
  • Move through life with surety.
  • Understand your place and purpose.
  • Be undaunted when confronted with change.
  • Strength is gained through experience.
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Thoth- 10 of disks-wealth

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Tree of life-the god molecule

Thoth 10 of Disks-Wealth:

Prosperity, wealth, success in the world of finances and physical health. The 10 of Disks card is the sum total of the other 35 minor arcana since wealth is a synchronicity of Spirit-Mind-Body. This card indicates that by using your communication skills (Mercury symbols on top three coins) and linking them with your healing abilities (the caduceus on the bottom coin) while listening to your inspiration (the star coins) you will be able to manifest abundance (the three Hebrew symbols for abundance coins-bottom center).

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The Astrological sign for this card is Mercury in Virgo. Mercury is the representative planet for communication and organizational skills. Virgo is the sign of prosperity and abundance manifested in a tangible way.

The 10 of Disks card indicates that all 10 of your intelligent states of energy (The 10 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life) contribute to a balanced flow of healing, communication, and organizational skills all accumulating to active function on the physical plane. Your Spirit-Mind-Body triad are manifesting abundance. Obviously this is a card of prosperity and also obviously, it will change, but for now eat, drink and be merry. We should also understand that Wealth becomes prosperity when we spend/share it as our wealth prospers others and thus ourselves which is a form of communication.

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To reiterate, MALKUTH is Earth that is also called the Active Word and/or Assiah.

It is the lone Sephiroth of this World. In the other Worlds of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, there are 3 Sephiroth composing a Triangle, but Assiah/Malkuth stands alone, for it is the completion of all the other States of Energy Conscious. It is the Only Sensual Activity, of Creation, where Spirit-Mind-Body are the triangle. Now this may seem otherwise to the Initiate who sensually experiences the "Inner Worlds" of the Tree of Life, as they often forget, that they are still "attached" to a sensual body, and thus feel the Conscious experiences. But to travel, the other Sephiroth without a body is to feel nothing at all! There is only One Sense to Consciousness, and that is the sense of "I" sight, and all the "Five Senses" of the mundane body, are just Transformations of that One Sense of "I". To those who practice the Mysteries, there are considerably more senses "felt" than many as 33 (sense of balance, sense of threat, sense of intuition...etc), but that is not for this blog to describe, so if you are interested in a greater Wealth of Sensuality....start your journey up the Tree while you still support a physical body. The Total I AM ME, is the Tree.

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Adam Khadmon-the heavenly human

The Thoth 10 OF DISKS, is called the 10 of Pentacles or 10 of Coins, in more traditional tarot decks. Crowley wished to show the stable motion that is required in a "Solid" world...the Spinning of a Disk. Where the Stability of a Discus is in its spin. I find this to be a brilliant insight (of which he had many) and agree with his philosophy. It is indeed the spiral "E-Motion" of our conscious self that balances our "Crystalline" outer Self; our life motion. For Emotion, is our inheritance from Chokmah, as "will to force". Take a thought and emote it with force, and you have an "emotion".

THE 10 OF DISKS, is also called the Lord of Wealth and is Mercury in Virgo. The Angels associated with this Decan are Hahaayah and Laviah.

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The Astrologers assign Mercury the Old God of commerce, as the ruler of the sign Virgo. Thus this placement is often called an embarras de richesses, as material gain here is so vast, that it often loses importance. This vast materiality is shown on the Thoth 10 of Disks, as the whole Tree of Life, of all 10 Sephira, as Disks/Coins decorated with the various symbols of Mercury.

Truth, being, that the Whole Tree of Life is dedicated to this Manifested world; it is the Goal Achieved, by the Conscious of the Divine Creative. Our purpose as physical Spirits and or operators of the Master Power Tools, the Human body, is to establish, the "As above, so below”, i.e. The Great Work of the Mind, unbroken by the Invisible and Visible communication of I AM ME.

As Will that is Spiral (spirit), we are "everywhere and nowhere" at the very moment of "I"; a kind of diffusion into eternity. But with a "God-Mind" body (Hu-Man) I am the ability to focus on one "moment" in the Time Space continuum, giving me not only the "sense of presence" but the ability to immediately discriminate my motion and to be intimate with mental creations! In other words----"freedom of Choice" which simply means free to move by perspective chosen/observed and not by an outside“natural evolution”.

I find it very fulfilling to be able to have a "sense of presence", and move about sensually/intimately while also evolving via perspective. To be able to do so is indeed a gift, an inheritance, and a Wealth which mere Ideas do not receive in the vast Mind of the Divine Collective... until now!

It's time we realize that we are the "Sacred Place in Time Space"! We, as Spiral Entity (Spirits) have inherited the Earth, not because we are bad or lustful (The Lust cloud of Goddess- God-bio-protons built us after all!) and have "fallen" as punishment. Rather, we are the accumulated Wealth of Creation- The Self-made alive and sensual! The Divine Creative’s Self Experience (Self Awareness) built us as a Solution not a problem! We solve the problem of how to focus intense energy (motion) to a point in time space, to nullify entropy and be able to deconstruct and reconstruct Self right at the time and place of "seeing an error" and/or observation! The “I Am” is the Image maker, who can recreate image by using our "Child of God" union card, I-Magi-Nation number 10 and Tree of Life communication skills!

For those who don't know, 10 is 1+0=1, in Qabalistic gematria which simply means The First Sephiroth - Kether, who is the "I Will Be"- The Above, that we bring to the below! In other words, we don't have a goal, we are the Goal,i.e., Being the I Am; an intimate bridge between the Creator and Creation! Therefore, we are "Lust without the Need of result"; Being is the result of our Lust! Lust being the Divine Frenzy that is the rhythmic vibration in all things-The I Will Be! Like I said, "We Rock"! We, each alone, are a Tree of Life and therefore, a Spirit who defines its own "World View" as Self. There is great power in this ability!

When the 10 of Disks is thrown during a reading, it implies that the querent:

  • Is assured of physical prosperity and abundance.  But being a 10, the end of a cycle, means it may be short lived.
  • Is at a physical cross road where supply is stable but boredom has set in and perspective is not stimulating.
  • Should be patient for the time for taking security risks is approaching and will soon arrive.
  •  It suggests that in the next 10 weeks or 10 months you will experience opportunities for abundance by utilizing communication, organizational and intuitive skills.
  • It also indicates that during this period you will experience a better alignment of abundance on the physical plane where things seem to "go your way".
  • This may also indicate that setting up good communication with the Virgo people in your life will profit you (August 21 to September 21) add to your abundance emotionally, physically and mentally.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Dissatisfaction and discomfort. 
  • Greed.
  • Avarice. 

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