The Tarot of Eli-Major Arcana: Dreams of Gaia Tarot-Key 14-Self & Thoth Tarot- ATU 19-The Sun

Western hermetic Qabalah, tantric, alchemical, astrological, and numerical Tarot Card Comparisons.

· dreams of gaia

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dreams of Gaia-XIV- self

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot-Key 15 Self, is comparable to the Thoth ATU 19-The Sun card. Some of these Dreams of Gaia Tarot cards, are each comparable to more than one Thoth Tarot Card. In this case, it represents the New Aeon of Self-Awareness. In the Thoth Tarot the Sun/Self is called the Lord of Light, and heralds the emancipation of the human race. Where Self is Life, Liberty and Love. This is also represented in the Self card. Here, the dancing twins, are shown as 2 dragons, each an image of the other. The Sun is the glowing golden being that they are entwined with. All of us are a Self, made of Twins, the Anima (Latin for Spirit-Feminine) and the Animus (Latin for the Soul-Masculine). In our physical world, we see a species of 2 sexes, male and female. Yet our Self, is an androgyny and is made of Spirit and Soul, in united purpose. Spirit gives birth to the Soul, and is represented as the Divine Feminine, while the soul is the Sun/Son, for it is a Solar collective of persona that has been created by the gathering of "Solar Particles" and/or Photons of like vibration, over a great period of time. Since a Soul is a Sphere, it is Pi, and/or infinite in number of years, so being an "Old" or "Young Soul" is entirely unintelligible, as all Souls are infinite "Suns" of the One Energy.

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The human Merkabah and/ or human sun (Aura)

You may think you are a product of the status quo, a "man-made" personality whose descriptions and identity is dependent on the words of the Patriarchy. But if you do, you are suffering from a indoctrinated- delusion. The Soul and/or Sun/Son of the Divine Creative, is not a "word" creation. It is the I AM's Self expression as a Me. Self, is entirely, a mental perspective and/or an observation of a label free and individual expression of the I AM... You are what you think you are, a free expression of the Solar Self and/or Soul. You are the Soul's "in-form-action" and/or data gathered by Self that is "Understood" and therefore, becomes in-formed. You live within your own Sun, and it is called the "Human Auric Field"; The word Hu Man is a compose of two root words; Hu is Mandarin for "God" and Man comes from the Hindu word for Mind-Manas. Hence you are a described as a "god-mind" and not a body at all! The Soul is a "demiurge" and/or a "god-mind". You be that! Not a product of your "society". Self is the Many Selves of the One I AM. To be you, is your purpose. Mankind doesn't supply your purpose in the Universe of Light, and since you are made of the entire spectrum of light, both invisible and visible, you are already "enlightened" as a Union of Twins, called the Spirit and The Soul.

The body is how Self is sensualized, by running the data of Self "thought" through the various sensual systems throughout the physical form. This way, data becomes "Understood" and therefore, information. You have forgotten your divinity, because of the constant indoctrination, and/or "brainwashing" of being told what to do, and what you are, by the Enslaver of Minds, called the Patriarchy, which is made up of the few who wish to rule the many and/or rulers. The upper 1% of Society, make all their profits off of the ruling of the many's imagination. Imagination is the Creative Self; the Muse within. Hence, your creative power, is enslaved to the "words of men" and your Self-Image is lost in the herd of the fear based indoctrination and dogma of those who control definition,i.e., Rulers. You are an "uncontrolled" I Am of the One that is All I AM. Free to imagine your-self anyway you wish to be. So , What do you really Want to Be? The Free Spirit of Eternal Creation, or some delusional lackey of a Ruler's vision?

You are SELF, a Trinity of Selves, Spirit-Mind-Body, and/or Light-Imagination-Rationale. We be Dragons! Not some little whimpering domesticated animal. I AM Spirit-Mind-Body, is the Whole SELF, undivided, unconquered. It is the I AM Me that is the Sun/Son of Divinity. This is not a sexual description of a species, but a Solar Expression of one who creates their own Light. Bright, warm, brilliant, and radiant are the descriptions of such a One's intelligence.

When the Key 14-Self is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • Time to establish a unique and individual identity.
  • Be free of definitions and labels. 
  • Go within, for within is the True Self, all covered up by layers of lies.
  • How has your past shaped you?
  • Identity if fluid and changing. 
  • You determine who you are. 
  • Let go of herd mentality. 
  • Think for yourself-Who do you wish to be?
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Thoth- atu 19- the sun

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The Thoth Tarot- ATU 19-The Sun is represented by the Hebrew letter Resh, Meaning-Head. Thus the Head is seen as the Sun of the Body. It is the Head-Sun that rises above the Earth and the lower animal thoughts of the fear based survival thinker.

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The Sun, is cited as the Thirtieth Path and/or the Collective Intelligence, in Dr. Paul Foster Case's Tarot instruction called [The Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom], The Collective Intelligence of the Sun (Son) exercises control over the 12 signs of the zodiac (12 guideposts of Personality), as shown on this card by the 12 rays radiating outward from the central orb, as well as, a link between the personalities that have been experienced in different incarnations.

The Path of Resh, is the first of the Personality triad of paths, rising on the Tree of Life, from Yesod (foundation) to Hod (splendor). The Path of Resh when encountered by the student, is noted as the experience of the intellectual-formative side of this conscious energy as an activating force of the Personality. Just as the Higher Self and the Spiritual Self are composites of the masculine-intuitive dynamic, Yod (electric) and a feminine-Intellectual-formative , Heh (magnetic), that together combine opposing forces (Electromagnetic force) , producing a set of equalized forces called Vau (form), so does The Path of Resh.

All of this is explained in greater detail in my class reference book by Robert Wang: THE QABALISTIC TAROT (a text book of Mystical philosophies). For now, suffice it to say that The Sun/Soul-collective, assembles all the component parts of the Personality, on these lower paths, by infusing them with "light and Warmth" which are considered intellectual qualities. Thus the Path of the Sun (Resh) is considered the highest level of human intellect, as The Star-Key 17, is considered the highest path of human emotions.

What may be curious to the discerning student of Tarot, is that when you combine The Sun 's high intellect with the high emotion of The Star card, the balanced effected is represented by The Tower-key 16, which at first glance seems the opposite of balance, if not outright chaos. However, what we are witnessing here, is the destruction of the unworthy elements of the "man-made personality", so that the Sun (son) Solar Personality is free to arise to its Source, the I AM.

The Lower Paths on the Tree of Life, Tau, Shin and Resh, (The Universe, The Aeon, The Sun-), are the symbols of the component parts of the Personality which functions through the body-vehicle, as Spirit's experience-collecting apparatus. The Higher Self must function through the Personality if it is to influence the physical plane, as Pure Spirit-the "I", must function through Self- The "Am", who then must examine/observe itself-(Body)to establish "Whole Shelf". The fact that we perceive separation between these aspects of one, is not because they are separate, but it is to necessitate understanding of each of the components that are in a state of infinite connectivity. The Tree of Life does describe, by its pattern, a degree of separation, as Sephiroth, but the Paths show us they are all connected and that the perception of separation is to expedite understanding of dimensions of energy as Self.

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Adam Khadmon

Perception, is noted for its wide varieties from one organism to another, so it is up to each individual student to literally create their own Qabalah. The Path of Resh is crucial in developing the individual Qabalah. Upon journeying this Path of the Collective Intelligence, one will receive the imprint and acceptance of "Spirit guides: or those beings who direct the inner learning experience of the student. On the Path of Resh (head) the candidacy for Tiphareth (Beauty), The Conscious of the Son (Sun), and /or Higher Self, is begun.

The Path leading into Hod, is where inner discoveries are made as the Inner Teachers exert their influence on the material world, clarifying the relationship between mind and body.

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the Divine hermaphrodite (Adam Khadmon)

The Path of Resh, will help the student understand the control and limitations of intellect. The Path of the Sun, is also the path of” awakening", that helps the student understand the use of the tremendous "Sexual Force" of Yesod (Foundation) that is known as the "secret" or Arcane force manipulated by the initiate of the Mysteries. This force has many names, such as "Serpent Force", Kundalini, or "Life Force", all of which fall short in proper perception, as most definitions do. This force must be experienced to be understood, and proper preparation for this "inner-sun"rising must be made by experiencing of the Perceptual Intelligence on the Path of Shin (The Aeon). Those who are the "inner pathways" of Self, are often disabused by the Patriarchy's words. They are radicals, criminals, not normal, eccentrics, "wackos", geeks, etc. For in the Patriarchs world, Normal is to be a herd of cattle. Normal is the worst swear word in the vocabulary. Normal, profanes individuality. Individuality is the Divines Creation and if it exists, it is supposed to!

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Yesod, is attributed to the Moon which governs the ebbing and flowing of the Astral Light (Akashic Fluid) and is the sexuality beneath our material existence. Hod is Mercury, the first similarity of the specific Personality. The Personality is hermaphroditic, as male and female qualities have yet to be separated out as specifics, The Path of the Sun, when considered developmentally, is the point of childhood of the emerging Personality as it builds toward an earthly incarnation. By traveling upward, towards Hod, we are once again experiencing this initial innocence: a kind of re-experiencing youth and/or a rebirth. The initiate reaches a stage where there is some recollection of the Source from which we emerged. One can say that as we step out of the grave, from the dark graveyard of false identity, arises the Sun that is YOU.

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The dancing Twins, on the Thoth Sun card, represent the purest-innocent repression of the electric-male (Earth) and the magnetic female (Water) principles in physical manifestation. These Twins are also a reference to the astrological sign of Gemini, the sign that links Taurus (Earth) and Cancer (Water). The ancient Greeks and Romans also referred the sign Gemini, to Apollo and the Sun.

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In the Thoth Sun card, the green mound beneath the Twins (0=2) symbolizes fertility, as its shape shows aspiration to the Higher Self. The Children dance, free from enclosure, symbolizing freedom from the "prejudices of the people that date morally from the about 25 hundred B.C." [Crowley] Here, the Sun, is the Rose-Cross expanded from four arms to 12 rays and embracing the whole of creation in its rays, rays that are the “adorable Fire” of Dr. Paul Foster Case's experience; a fire that is the vital life force of all creation.

This expanded "Inner Sun" is felt by the initiate, as a very warm rising, fertile power, and adorable fire, that does change the physiology of the physical form into the ": Master’s Body" and/or Philosopher's stone.

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The Hexagram is the symbol of the composite Thirtieth Path which is compressed of the Four Elements, the Signs of the Zodiac, and the Planets, all under the Ruler ship of the Sum. Thus, the Hexagram is the symbol of the perfect integration of Personality and Higher Self (Tiphareth -meaning Beauty). The Sun is also called the "Splendor of the Material World”, which is

Representative of the intellect acting upon the dual human condition of, consciousness and the physical body. Thus, the Sun is a point of connection with the Greater Life that is comprised by balancing the human intellect with the Higher Intellect that is the "Sun (Son) of God"

For the initiate, experiencing the Path of Resh, is very profound as it is the introduction to the inner sun, which is the light and Real Creator of the personality, as the outer sun is the light of the physical world. What one tends to forget, while experiencing the warmth and light of this inner sum, one's personality cannot look directly into this solar intelligence, any more than they can at the physical sun, without suffering damage. As shown by The Tower Card; equilibrium will be reached by "burning away" what is unworthy of the Soul's Personal representative on earth.

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As I have said before, working on the Paths brings about definite physio-chemical changes in the human body and as one of the most noted teachers of the Hermetic Qabalah, Dr. Paul Foster Case has stated in his study course, The Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom,"...marked inner differences from the average person, are due to psychological contrasts in the mental state of the ordinary human beings, but they are also the outer signs of organic changes inside the skin of the new creature. He [She] is chemically and structurally unlike genus homo.There are different constituents in his [her] blood stream. Through his [her] nervous system pass currents of force not present in most human bodies because in his [her] organism channels are open which are closed in the physical vehicle of most persons. Centers in the nervous system and in the brain, and glands related to them, function differently in the body of an adept from the way they do in the bodies of the greater number of his [her] contemporaries." (The brackets are my own addition, as it was written when the proper He was used to describe both sexes.) This is the same physio-chemical change that happens to adepts in the Tantric Arts, where balanced Divine Male and Divine Female energy opens up the Divya Sidhis or magic abilities through the communion of She/He and/or the Path of Ecstasy.

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The Qabalist always bears in mind that the Personality, the component parts of which are represented on these lower Paths of the Tree of Life, functions through the body as an experience-collecting vehicle for the Soul/Spirit. To divorce the body from the Spirit is a most serious mistake of divisionism, for then we are mentally and thus physically divorcing ourselves from the very Powers that created the body! The body is the crucible of the Alchemist, and the Sun is the important symbol, as well as, the furnace heat that is the alchemical process of turning the lead of unworthy thought into the gold of Higher Mind.

When the Key 19-the Sun Card is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent shall experience gain, riches, glory and sometimes ecstasy.
  • Maybe called arrogant which is often a misunderstanding of their glowing self-confidence.
  • Reconciliation with the Shadow side and rising it up from the grave of delusional slavery.
  • The dance of the divine twins, can also be considered a meeting of the soul (solar) mates. However, this represents something most esoteric and requires a Lover’s or Love card to clarify as an exoteric event.
  • Recognition of the inner-most (highest) self.
  • Above all things, know thyself.

When ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • The querent might make great displays of vanity but this is only seen when accompanied by very negative cards.
  • Delusions of grandeur.
  • Self-Satisfaction.

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