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· the witches tarot

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the witches tarot-two of swords

The Witches Tarot- Two of Swords, depicts a peaceful scene of pretty mountains, a blue sky with crescent moon, a peaceful lake, with fairies and purple lavender flowers. However, despite the peaceful surroundings, a brown haired, blindfolded woman sits upon a stone bench, with two double edged swords, held in guard, hands at her shoulders as if protecting her heart. Although blind folded, her stature is one of acute awareness of her surroundings. She is intensely aware and is not a victim. Her back to the moon and water, implies that she is closed off to emotions and is holding one focus. Tight sleeves at her wrists, means she is ready to strike out at any moment.

In the language of flowers, the clumps of herbal lavender beside her, symbolizes distrust. Herb lavender that is grown in witches gardens is associate with the element of air, and is considered a protective.

The Two fairies, seem to be watching her back. This woman reminds me of a martial artist, listening to only the sounds around her, without any mental, or emotional interference. Ready to strike, and destroy her enemies.

When the Witches Tarot- Two of Swords, is thrown in divination, it implies:

  • A warning of a blocked off heart and emotions are holding in your feelings.
  • You are  literally refusing to see what is right in front of you.
  • You heart says one thing, while logic says another. 
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Thoth-2 of swords-Peace

The celestial attribution of the Thoth- 2 of Swords, is the Moon in Libra; the Moon is change, but Nature is inherently peaceful which enhances the balancing nature of Libra.

Overall, one would think of the disruption of Chokma (# 2 Sephira- Wisdom) in the suit of Air (Swords); air being a suit born from the conflict of Water and Fire in marriage. Air/Swords is subject to change as no other suit, not only from the fire/water parentage but also when in Malkuth, the suit becomes crystallized.

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In the Thoth Tarot, the 2 of Swords, shows two Swords of equal strength, crossed; they are combine by a 5 petal blue rose. The Blue Rose represents the Gnostic Sophia, and the Qabalistic Chokma; the Great Mother of Wisdom (Female aspect of Chokma), whose harmonizing influence, plus that of Libra, compounds the latent antagonism of the Suit of Swords. The pinwheel shaped white rays, are in a geometrical pattern that emphasizes the harmonic equilibrium of the 2. Peace is about the best word to describe this harmonic. Here is two minds and/or the unconscious (inner conscious) and Self-conscious (outer conscious) are united in the wisdom of Sophia. All is at peace when the inner world and outer world are of the same perspective. However, there is a disturbance due as peacefulness, is without motion. For when one is at peace, one doesn't welcome change. So this peace, is a moment of bliss to be savored, as change is certain. For the soul, is evolutionary, and to be stimulated to move forward, is an aggressive act, rather than a peaceful one.

The astrological meaning applied to the 2 of Swords, is the Moon in Libra, implying, the need to bring about change in a harmonious, united and sociable way.

When the Two/2 of Swords is thrown:

  • The querent will be or has been, experiencing peace after a quarrel that began two weeks, or two months ago.
  • Peace is restored but some tension remains.
  • There are two actions here, sometimes selfish and sometimes unselfish action because of the contradictory characteristics in the same nature (Moon in Libra, Fire and Water).
  • There is Strength gained after suffering; sacrifice and trouble, yet strength arising from the effort.
  • The querent may often show sorrow and sympathy for those in trouble and champion the weak and oppressed while also giving aid to them.
  • There is an arrangement of differences that brings about justice and truth from untruth.

According to ill dignity of the accompanying cards, the 2 of Swords , could also mean:

  • One is lacking tact, often doing injury when meaning well. There is also an inclination to repeat pardoned affronts.
  • All in all, the Two of Swords, is a balancing of two strong individual minds, who have found greater profit in agreement rather than in conflict.

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