The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Witches Tarot-Queen of Pentacles & The Thoth Tarot- Queen of Disks.

western hermetic qabalah, tantric, alchemical, astrological, and numerical Tarot Card Comparisons.

· the witches tarot

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The Witches Tarot-queen of pentacles.

The Witches Tarot-Queen of Pentacles, depicts a beautiful Queen, decked out in the colors of earthly greens. Upon her head is a gold crown with an emerald and a red bindi. The bindi signifies the open third-eye of wisdom. The red stones in the bindi signify, honor, love and prosperity. Her golden flora throne, is overshadowed with a bower of red roses. She holds on her lap, a large golden Pentacle, and a bouquet of honeysuckle, white and green tulips, and golden wheat bound together with pale green ribbons. In the language of flowers, honeysuckle signifies, wealth and devoted affection. The tulips signify, prosperity and luck in love. The wheat signifies, abundance and riches.

Around her neck is a necklace of large, green emeralds. These enchanting stones bless the wearer with bliss and loyalty. The loyal dog at her feet is a companion that also signifies loyalty. The element of this card is obviously that of earth. When thrown in a divination the Queen of Pentacles, has the same meanings as those presented in the Thoth Tarot as the Queen of Disks.

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As stated before, Binah the Sephiroth of the Queens, is the "will to form" and is a force that is imposed on the Pure Fiery Energy of Chokmah. She is known as Understanding, for an idea, once understood, can be molded into manifestation as it becomes in-form-ation.

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Again, these are not Persons, but Archetypal States of Conscious Energy, called "Beings" that are parts of the Divine Collective Unconscious, meaning the Universal Imagination, where images are forms of ideas. Images are the only way to realize these deep inner and invisible layers of Mind and that what was before Mind. The Core of one's personality and/or a personality Archetype, is what the Tarot court cards represent. Tarot is one of the Image languages that has evolved over time.

Binah is the 3rd Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, in the upper part called the Supernal Triangle, she is the essence of Womb, and I often call this state of Mind a "Womb with a View", because she conceives by Understanding.

The Queens all represent the Water in each suit. Water being the image that represents the Unconsciousness/ emotion and intuition. They are enthroned in the Great Mother Binah and bring forth the Force of the King, by realization and understanding that which develops that force into information. As consciousness does to emotionally charged idea.

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Thoth-queen of disks

The Queen of Disks, often called the Queen of Pentacles, is also Queen of the Thrones of Earth; Queen of the Gnomes.

Astrological attribution is last Decan of Sagittarius and the first two Decans of Capricorn. The Queen of Disks is Water of Earth, a specific consciousness in the Primal Earth element. Most of us call her "Mother Nature".

The Thoth Deck Queen of Disks is displaying her ruler-ship over earth as shown in the crystal cubed scepter that has within it a three-sided Hexagram. The sacred stone attributed to Kether, the "I Will Be" shout that started all vibration, is the diamond of which her scepter is topped. This signifies that she is fulfilling the Will of the One Energy.

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Her zodiacal attribute to Capricorn is shown by the image of the Goat. Her Throne is vegetation as she is the life of such. She is the Highest Aspect of passivity and this is shown as a winding passive river flowing through and fertilizing waste land. The Great Work is ultimately expressed in fertility, where the "As a Above manifests in the below'. She as Queen, is the facilitator of such manifestation.

The Disk on her left arm is curved with loops and spheres interlaced, representing the ambition of matter to take part in the Great Work. This ambition is often described as fecund motion. This is also shown by the Spiral Horns on Her helmet/crown; the Horns of the Markor of Tibet, representing the Spiral force which is both Spirit and Vital Life Force. The reptilian patterned armor of the Queen represents the regenerative force in nature as serpents shed their skin to become more. As a personality one is viewing a "Earth Mother".

When thrown during a reading, the Queen of Discs/Pentacles represents:

  • A person interested in physical nutrition and health.
  • A shedding of poor eating habits for those of a new diet.
  • A shedding of old habits, or even the purchasing of new clothes.
  • The querent does all things she can do , well and it will be fruitful
  • One of a high level of compassion, nurturing abilities. Loving physical life and all it has to offer.
  • One who is exceptionally procreative and nurturing, as in the nature of Mothering.
  • Power of practical wisdom on the physical level and in the inner world, applied spiritual wisdom.
  • A dark woman of great heart and serious cast of intelligence.
  • Opulence
  • Generosity
  • Also implies presents from a rich relative or a rich and happy marriage for a young man.
  • Erda, the Teutonic Mother Earth seen as a warm and nurturing deity.

​When ill defined by the surrounding negative cards in a reading, it implies:

  • Embitterment.
  • Hardness.
  • Infertility.

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