The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Witches Tarot-Key 3- The Empress & The Thoth Tarot- ATU 3-The Empress

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· the witches tarot

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the witches tarot-key 3-the empress

The Witches Tarot-Key 3-The Empress, is the embodiment of royal motherhood. She is sitting on a throne embellished with 5 petaled flowers. 5 petals, signify the pentagram while the flowers and sheaves of wheat in the foreground, represent the Greek Goddess Demeter and the Egyptian Goddess Isis; The Universal Mother Goddesses of the Ancients. Further implications of the Mother Goddess and her fertility are shown by her pregnancy, and the 12 stars of the Zodiac that surround her head.

Her scepter and rich green gown indicate that she is the power over all the natural world. Hence, the rich background of forests, water falls, and green grass. Around her neck is a pearl necklace of 9 pearls, which represent the 9 classic planets, as well as, a symbol for organic creativity.

The Copper shield, the metal linked to Venus, sports the green symbol for Venus. Green being the natural patina that happens to weathered copper.

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The rabbit or hare, that sits at the Empress's feet, is not only a further symbol of fertility and the awesome power of natural fertility and creation, but also the image used to indicate the All Mother Goddess Hera and/or the Hare that laid the World Egg.

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Thoth- atu 3-the empress

THE EMPRESS as shown in the Thoth Tarot card-ATU 3, looks to be all nurturing and light; However, the darkened crescent of the Moon suggests transformation or change and to Qabalists She is known as the Mother of Life and Death. Growth and destruction are concurrent Empress Activities, just as old cells die and new cells are born in a daily cycle in your physical body.

The transparent bubbles shown in front of the Thoth Deck Tarot- Empress image, represent the veil that we must pass through to realize the Path of Daleth (Door), the Qabalistic Path on the Tree of Life that she represents. To pass beyond the veil is to cross into a completely new level of conscious energy, where her natural laws no longer apply. The veil is a dramatic separation of imagined reality and what is real.

By now, the able initiate knows that the Universal Collective Unconscious is the Divine Creative Mind that created the Universe by "the Word" or Logos; the Word is Eheieh, which means "I Will BE" and sounds like the exhalation of breath. We do the same thing, as "Souls/Suns of the Divine Creative", we create reality by imagining it as Self. Whatever we create in our personal minds, becomes us or our creation as self-awareness. This is an often ridiculed concept or precept of both metaphysics and the mysteries. However, ridicule does not an understanding make, and as a Personality who attains greater Self-Awareness, the implications of responsibility for what one thinks becomes most profound!

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The Thoth Tarot Empress, is illustrated in the alchemical image of Salt, that is the inactive principle which is activated by the alchemical Sulfur (Emperor), maintaining the whirling (Spiral) balance of the Universe. The design of the Alchemical symbol of Salt, is, a circle with a line bisecting it horizontally, as is shown in the positioning of her arms and if you put the Thoth Tarot- Empress and the Emperor, side by side, her on the Left and Him on the right, the order of English writing, their faces are looking at each other.

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The Venus Aphrodite depiction is carried on in the unashamed nudity of the Female Goddess in the Universe Card and the assignation of the sign of Venus at the bottom of the Thoth card. In the illustration of the Polynesian volcano Goddess Pele’ and her paramour with a back ground of sea, the martial male form is offering subservient to the Female Womb as she invents both his life and death. This is the image of Yab Yum, illustrating the Tibetan word that means, Goddess God, face to face, as well as, the activating activity of the Empress Card.

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The twisted blue shapes on the Thoth card represent flames and her birth from Water, which we know to represent consciousness. The Living Holy Grail, is the Lotus like chalice in her hand. At her waist is the Zodiacal girdle Or belt. Above her head are the dove and sparrow, both are birds of Venus. At her feet is a white pelican that is feeding her own young with her own flesh which is a common symbol of the Great Mother, for even not so great mothers, build the young from their own flesh and blood. The white eagle shield corresponds to that red eagle shield of the Emperor.

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To reiterate: The alchemical references for the Supernal Triangle are, THE MAGUS is Mercury, THE EMPRESS is Salt, THE EMPEROR, is Sulfur. Thus, Kether(Eheieh) is Mercury, Binah is Salt and Chokmah is Sulfur, the Sephiroth united on the Tree of Life that turn our leaden consciousness into the Golden Intelligence of the Son (Sun), i.e. the Divine Child and/or Soul. The only blocking veil to this end, is Desire consciousness. We must lose the reality of the” I Want's" known as "Wanna-Be's" and become the “I AM's” of our original inheritance.

As always, words make the reality of their meanings seem so simple, but in truth, the simplest words are the most subjective, such as IT, or I. One must cross the emptiness of want, of sense, of sight, before one can visit the Great Mother, who creates the “Am” of us all.

When the Thoth or Witches Tarot Empress Card is thrown, the querent is experiencing:

  • The principle of wise love.
  • The power of owning your own inherited maternal and loving nature that resides within.
  • There is an opening to all sensuality and delighting in luxury of the senses, as does a child, before they are taught to fear them.
  •  One finds comfort among the natural, having no need of control. 
  •  A surge of Creative imagination, as imagination is everything in our reality, this promises achievement and success in our goals.
  • The querent may experience a high dedication to healing and nurturing.
  •  All in all, THE EMPRESS, represents happy, stable, relationships, growth and fertility.

When ill defined by the surrounding negative cards, it implies:

  • Destructive Mother (fairy tale step-mother).
  • Self-indulgence.
  • Greed.
  • Envy.
  • Avarice.
  • Indolence.
  • Inflexibility.

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