The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Thoth Tarot-Queen of Wands & The Night Sun Tarot-Queen of Wands

Western Hermetic qabalah, tantric, alchemical, astrological, and numerical Tarot Card Comparisons:

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Thoth- queen of wands

Represents the spiritual self-discoverer/ the knower of self.

This Queenly Archetype is a personality that lives the axiom of the Qabala and its' tarot cards, "Above all things, know thyself".

The Queen of Wands card symbolizes the Specific Water in the World of Fire (Consciousness in Spirit).

The Thoth card shows a symbol of Pisces as a clasp on her chest, symbolizing the fluidity and the aspiration that is required to attain self-knowledge.

In one hand she has the Thyrsus , a traditional wand of the Greek God Bacchus/Dionysus, while the other rests on the head of a Leopard. The Leopard represents the extreme ferocity of Fire tamed by the Queen.

The pinecone on the wand, is a ancient symbol for Will/Authority, first seen on the Greek- Thyrsus. This Thoth wand is fashioned after the Greek Wand of Dionysus, the Thyrsus topped with a cone, hinting at the mysteries of Bacchus, the Kundalini and the pineal gland. Those mysteries merit further study by the interested student.

Hence, She represents willful control of the Fiery Nature of Creation, passion, intensity of purpose, and charismatic sensuality.

She is very attractive to men, as the active magnetic force that invokes and receives the fiery male electric force and controls it to create all living forms.

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In the zodiac, the Queen of Wands rules from 21st degree of Pisces to 20th degree of Aries and represents the mysteries of the Watery part of Fire; the part that flows and waves as water. What can be simply said here, is that Fire is Spirit, and the Watery part of Spirit is "spiritual intelligence" or the Conscious Spirit which is both fluid as fire and colored (colors are not reflections of the force--but the actual force itself) and is often mundanely called "Emotions", which are really "will to force".

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night sun tarot-queen of wands

The Night Sun Tarot also displays this Fiery Queen, much like the Night Sun Tarot's King of Wands. Same throne of vines, that form serpent headed wands, same red hair, same lion robe of royalty and authority. Above her head, as if exiting the crown chakra, are leaping flames, also a vague heart shape of red, showing that she, just like the King, is a passionate thinker. The triangular symbol for fire is outlined on the stone wall. The Crown of thorns, and the vines enclosing her feet and lower legs, represent the burdens of rule, self-sacrifice, and rigid rules. She is no less ferocious looking that the Thoth Queen of Wands

If one could see the Aura and Chakras, as I do, one would know that the 8 conscious-states of Energy (some say 7 bodies, for they forget the physical form is also a "light body"), called auric bodies, that are made of "Spiritual matter/invisible and visible light". This is "living light" and therefore a Solar-Conscious-energy and therefore, formed into Entity, which in Physics is a "point-in-time". Therefore, the Human being is a Psychosomatic collection of the Psyche's/Soul's self-simulation. An intelligent copy: a Microcosm of the Divine Creative's Collective Unconscious that those who study metaphysics name a Macrocosm. The whole combination of 8 forms of intelligent light, both visible and invisible is called the Soul...which includes the physical body (animal soul), for it to is also a collective made of light! Therefore, the human body is also an entity/simulation of the Soul! The Queen of Wands knows this, and she is unashamed of her body, mind, and spirit, in fact she revels in manifestation. Such a personality can be devastating to the "divided" who believe the body and soul are separated by a "good/bad" value system of division-ism perspective!

The Queen of Wands represents this mystery of the Maternal Solar- Mother of the Spiritual forms.

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On the Thoth Queen of wands, her head is adorned with the winged globed-flame-rayed crown, of Ra (Egyptian Sun god) and the wings of Horus (resurrected Osiris), in her left hand is the cone topped wand of Bacchanalian mysteries; the thyrsus, (Sacred Sensuality) and her left hand is placed on the sitting leopard. The Black Panther is (or black cat) is usually associated with the Dark Goddess, who represents the Dark Energy/Matter of quantum physics fame; However, this is the Solar Goddess, and the leopard is used to symbolize her power in repose since it is both black spotted and lion- tawny, as the lion is representative of the Sun.

Everything about both these Tarot cards shouts "fire", but if you've noticed, the Thoth Tarot card depicts this fire as a controlled force, for even her fiery throne is formed in geometric shapes suggesting "controlled "or purposely directed Passions of a fiery nature.

As an Archetype personality, this would be a red- or golden-haired woman who is adaptable (spontaneous) , persistent in her energy but of calm authority which she knowingly uses to enhance her attractiveness. Such a woman of passion can be vane, but that is because she knows that passion is attractive in its own rite. She is often kind and generous but will not tolerate opposition. The wrath of Hel as Woman is famous.

There is also an immense capacity for friendship and love in this person, as that is the nature of fiery passion, however, it is always done on her own initiative where she cannot be talked into it or out of it. The tyrannical tendency is very present here, and that is why she is often compared to the ancient goddess Hel, who ruled the fiery underworld.

When ill-defined The Queen of Wands personality can be snobbish, vain, brooding which invariably leads to the negative decisions that cause her to fiercely attack. Some might call this a "Fiery Latin" type of personality. Her Passion can be stunning whether it is a sexual relationship or a as the Leopard in her hand, she must be treated with respect, and remember that to play on Her terms, may be beyond the capacity of a less passionate mate; again, her wrath is "World famous". When not opposed, she can be kind and generous...but when opposed "there is no hell likened to her wrath"!

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Being that She is spontaneous in nature, she can be compared to the Greek demi-goddess, Empusa. Hence, she may enjoy young men more than the "'older, wiser Man", and find that she is unable to apply herself to "long term" relationships.

The Greek myth goes, As a demigoddess.

Empusa was the beautiful daughter of the goddess Hecate and the spirit Mormo. She feasted on blood by seducing young men as they slept (see sleep paralysis), before drinking their blood and eating their flesh. When she spotted a man sleeping on the road, she attacked him, little knowing he was Zeus, king of the gods. Zeus woke and visited his wrath on her and Empusa was killed. Empusa is pictured as wearing brazen slippers and bearing flaming hair. By folk etymology, her name was said to mean "one-footed" (from Greek *έμπούς, *empous: en-, one + pous, foot). This gave rise to the iconography of a one-legged hybrid, with a donkey's leg and a brass prosthetic leg. [ From Wikipedia-the free encyclopedia]

Therefore, this myth shows us that this Queen card represents lots of emotional/spiritual/physical power, but she will need an "opposite" to help steady her, which because of her great reservoir of passion, balance will help her utilize her great capacity for lucid perception and steady prosecution of work; this will only be under the guidance of a highly creative mind who loves the heat.

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With the fiery emotions of this Queen, there is a liability of fits of depression, which can lead to tantrums and intoxication or fiery outbursts of panic-stricken burst of fury. As in all powerful things, when well guided, there is great fun, joy and Bacchic- satisfaction here, but ill guided, great destruction is released. The surrounding cards in a reading will tell the able Tarot Reader what is guiding this great passionate personality and there is a whiff of Babalon (Crowley gematric-spelling) in this card by studying the "Scarlett Woman" the student may find further insight into this card.

Since the Mundane aspect of each court card symbolizes a specific person, this card would represent a mature, red/gold haired woman with blue or brown eyes who is both steady and resolute with great attractive powers.

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In reiteration, Binah whose aspects manifest in the Queens of Tarot, is the Third Sephira on the Tree of Life; she is called the Sanctifying Intelligence known as Understanding.

Seated and enthroned, the Queens represent the forces of Heh (meaning window or sight) in the Divine Vibration of the element of each suit. By bringing forth a material Force of each suit, like the window in a home bring in the Sun light, the Queens, develop and realize the Force of the King. This is a steady, unshaken, and enduring force that is not as rapid in motion as are the princes. Hence, steady, and enduring.

The Tarot Queen of Wands is Queen of the Thrones of Flame. Queen of the Salamanders, or Slamandrines. The astrological attribution is the last Decan of Pisces--the first two Decans of Aries.

Because the Queens are about Materialized Force, there are no Angels represented here, rather the Elementals are conscious force here.

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As previously stated, The Queen of Wands is Water of Fire, which would seem rather silly to mundane understanding; However, if we understood Water to be emotional- consciousness and Fire to be Primal Spirit, then this is less confusing. This spirit-fire is Vital Life Force, sexual, passionate, extreme, and often violent in Nature, such as the Hindu Kundalini. However, it is Solar Motion in the movement of all planetary things. This is the character of a powerful, sexually attractive mature woman. Great Sexual energy means great creative potential, so this person is best off if she pours her passion into the arts and/or career. Devoting her life to bringing something of value into being. Being of Primordial Fire, this person must practice focus and willful control of her Fiery nature, or all Hell will break loose! Oh, did I mention that the figure on the Throne is that of the Goddess Hel who rules the underworld of deep dark emotions? And in Mythology, the underworld is where mundane souls go to be cleansed of memories of past life and cleansed for a ritual rebirth, as in the "rising of the Phoenix" from its own ashes.... of course, on Hel's initiative.

When the Queen of Wands is thrown during a reading, she represents:

  • Adaptability
  • Persistent energy
  • Calm authority that she often uses to add to her attractiveness.
  • Kind and generous to those who don't oppose her.
  • Hates opposition.
  • Powerfully gracious in love and friendship, all of which is on her own terms.
  •  Her passionate emotion creates a Tendency to be sidetracked from goals.
  • A deep desire to understand the deeper aspects of herself.
  • Fiery passion and sharp wit.

The negative characteristics of this Queen, as shown by accompanying cards:

  • Vanity and snobbery
  • A tendency to brood, thereby, making wrong decisions that promote acting in great violence.
  • Her great passion makes her easy to deceive, causing her to react stupidly, tyrannically, and obstinately.
  • One may be quick to take offense, harboring revenge without worthy cause.

The Wand represents Will, showing that She has complete control and is able to direct this force.

  • She is warm, attractive, passionate, and generous when well defined, Ill defined, she is the embodiment of hell, tyrannical, revengeful, and violent. 
  • As with all Great Power [Passion] it can be beneficial or very destructive, depending on the Will of the wielder. 
  • Now that also means that She has an immense capacity for friendship and love, but always on her own terms.
  • So, this card is often the representative of Great Personal Female Power in action.
  • Warmth, passionate, honest, and sincere, seeing no purpose in falsehood and she will respond harshly to deceit!
  • Highly sexual, and expressive.
  • In other words, an extremely dangerous woman indeed!
  • This alone can be stimulating to some men which is fine on her terms, but devastating to those who try to control her.
  • Fiery, delightful, passionate, and active beauty. I have always adored Her.

If this card is thrown for a man, it represents the magnetic side of his nature; the fiery anima (spirit/muse) that is committed to trusting both internal and external experiences that lead to self-knowledge. Self-Knowledge is represented by the radiant or thorn crown on her head.

When this card is thrown for a woman, it usually means that she is skillful, sexually attractive, mature woman who has routed the "fiery sexual energy" into creative self-expressive work such as art, music, dance or into a career that encompasses a lifetime dedicated to bringing something of value into being.

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