The Tarot of Eli,LLC-The Thoth Tarot- Queen of Swords & The Modern Witch Tarot- Queen of Swords

Western Hermetic Qabalah, Tantric, Astrological, alchemical and numerical Tarot Card Comparisons:

· modern witch-Thoth

Above all things, know thyself.

Thoth- Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords represents: Mastery of Objective Thinking and Clarity of Intellectual Thinking.

The Modern Witch Tarot-Queen of Swords

The lavishly illustrated Thoth card represents The Greek Goddess/Intelligence that is Athena or if Hindu, The Goddess Kali. With sword in one hand and head or mask of the Patriarchy in the other, the Queen of Swords shows a remarkable resemblance to Kali-Ma, the fierce sword wielding, skull bedecked, Goddess of Life and Death of Hindu origins. This is an apt presentation since traditionally swords are called "the death suit".


On the Thoth Tarot, The Creatrix Queen is sitting on a cloud, with sword and mask in hand, as she is the mask-cutter. She is the fair witnessing mind who removes all illusion and sees the Real that is masked by culture, words and ego.

tarot Personality birth-wheel.

The Modern Witch Tarot-Queen of Swords

As a personality type, the Thoth Queen has cut through her own masks, roles, and defenses in order to retain her clarity and objectivity (The crystal crown). The child's head above the crown of clarity, symbolizes her child-like innocence and curiosity.

The Modern Witch Tarot- Queen of Swords, artfully displays the same innocent youthful curiosity as the the Thoth Queen, but with a hard stare into the soul of the one she is viewing.. She has the Sword held in a defensive position, ready to strike and one hand open and presented in a peaceful acceptance gesture. The Queen of Swords represents the Liberated Mind with clear perception of idea; Water is intuitional and Emotional Consciousness and Air is Mind/Intellect. Therefore, this Queenly personality is the counselor or consultant for others and also has the courage to seek counsel and consulting for herself when necessary. Thoth's Queen displays the symbol for Libra. The symbols for Air, which is the Universal Element of the Swords suit, are the blowing clouds,and birds that also represent the airey kingdom while the butterflies, on the Modern Witch Queen's throne, represent the human soul.

The Tarot Queen of Swords card represents the mastery of objective which is the deepening of a centered rational mind; the quality of mind that demands objectivity, authenticity, and abandonment of pretense. Here is represented the Intuitional-Observer within our consciousness which is detached from roles and assists us in reconnecting with our child like truth.

The suit of Swords represents Yetzirah, the formative world. Often called the "minds eye of deity", which is the Rauch (the intellect) part of the human soul. This the centered Sun, of the bright and warm intellect in the human brain. Therefore, the image on the Thoth Card shows the Queen separating the higher facilities of the Intellect from the influences of the lower animal nature (subconscious-survival mind and/or lower ego) which in Qabalah is called the Nephesh, the animal soul. Hence, the golden crown and yellow hair of the Modern Witch Tarot- Queen of Swords and the large explosion of Crystals of light above and around the head of the Thoth Tarot Queen of Swords.

Aleister Crowley

Crowley, himself had a core persona of the Queen of Swords, and often wore his head gear implying this Solar Mind. of the Upper Supernal Triangle. His fellow Queen of Swords personalities include Mahatma Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, H.G. Wells and Stephen King.

The Modern Witch Tarot-Queen of Swords is displayed as a dressed in the diaphanous blues of water, attentive , holding her sword upright, thereby, ready for battle. There isn't much to show her calm authority except her sitting position. and her outstretched hand.

In the zodiac, the Queen of Swords rules from 21 degrees Virgo to 20 degrees Libra. The Queen of Swords is assigned, Water of Air, (Intuitional and emotional intellect) which is not only power of transmission but elastic as well.

Tarot personality birth-wheel

The Thoth Queen of Swords reminds us that it is the very head of mankind, the thinking center of words, definitions, and all concepts of division-ism made by mankind's identities of separation, indoctrination and dogmas that deceive us, removes our identity from What is Real. Rather than the Real Persona of the Soul with perspectives of Spirit and that is born as a golden child of Higher Intelligence (Solar/Celestial Self), we have a personality of indoctrination that is reactive to words, and perceives a cultural "reality" born of survival thinking. These " racial group soul " thoughts fill the astral/formative world as assumptions of Self. I Am is your truth, but what you think you are is all assumption. Think well to be well.

The Astral realm -Yetzirah, is the Formative World of Deception where all emotional thoughts begin formation. Here the "creations of the created" abide, products of emotional belief, such as gods, demons, devils, nightmares, ego, and phantasms of fantasy. This falsehood must be trimmed off of all perception by the sharp sword of concise wit, wielded by our Solar Soul whose "surgery" then protects our identity from the fantasy and illusion, making our way clear to total union of Spirit-Mind-Body. When this "man-made mind of words" is removed, and so is the "Tower of Babel" that is the structure of worded self identity, and/or "self-conscious", which is not real but merely a simulation of the propaganda of the day. We must remember that words are an individual description of a thing that is not "created by words", and often are attempted and/or ruler-manipulated descriptions of items not created by any one person and instead words are designed to rule the imagined identity of an individual.

Since words are always subject to individual interpretation, as a mask, they blind us to what is the reality of the day. Removing the mask of words, enables the True Conscious Psyche, that resides on the "other side of the Mirror", to now transmit knowledge not made by words; knowledge transmitted via intuition and imagination. Imagination, is the "Womb-with-a view"; she uses Image (Mandalas/pictures/tarot) as her expression of understood-idea. This Image making Mind, is known as the 3rd Sephiroth of Binah-Understanding, on the Tree of Life. She is also the ruling intellectual aspect of the Queens and small card 3s. This "image maker" is also the reason we use Tarot to communicate with her, for manmade words have no reality in her Higher Intellect. Albert Einstein knew this Queen of Consciousness as "Intuition", of which he declared all his theories came from.

As you can see, this Queen Card may seem a complicated card, not because of obfuscation but rather because of our inability to disconnect our identity from the ego-trickster program in our pleasure/pain indoctrinated and word soaked brain. Therefore, we cannot see the images for what they are. We honestly believe that words are knowledge and condemn or praise each other with definitions and/or titles! However, everyone or everything had to be "Defined into Definite Manifestation" before we could have ever seen it! Therefore, you already are Known into being, not a being who must be identified by those you meet.

This may shock you, but the earth is not a courtroom, where you are judged by your "peers" nor are you to judge them. Divine Creative Knowledge built you so it could work the material of earth into what is a "living" image of the Divine Creative and thereby, be intimate with what it creates. This gives intimacy to creation, as the Creative can now "taste, touch, smell, hear, and see it" in a personal way, which makes information into in-form-action and/or experience. Experience creates Knowledge. This is what makes "Joy" possible as love felt brings joy while Love unfelt brings no feelings of intimacy. Therefore, through the trinity of I AM ME, the Divine Creative, of the Supernal Triangle-Trinity (upper triangle on Tree of Life), can now "play and share love with the Children/Images" of its own creation! The Universe is God/Goddess creating its idea of Itself; 0=2. When the 2 get back together as 1, a child is born. You are such an Idea/child.

As an example: Let's say that the heavily indoctrination that are pleasure- pain trained, somehow think that if they yell with all their force the word Grass, and while throwing a "drama queen fit", that somehow grass will grow on the floor. However, no amount of emotion, in any reality, will get that identity of plant to grow on the floor; the floor and the realm of Plants fails to see any power in a word. For what we feel, is merely our own internal reaction to what we think the word means! But if one visualizes under intense focus, and in-form-action, a lawn and, plants the seeds, and fertilizes them, all of which are actions of power and/or the ableness of experienced work, grass will grow whether one gives it definition or not; for grass by any other name is still a green leafy life-creation, that existed long before words...and was never created by mankind; Neither has mankind produced your Real Persona, the Soul and/or Psyche of the Divine Creative that you represent! Rather, you are the Psyche that has produced Mankind!

Power is described as the "ability to do work", therefore it is not a belief system but rather an Active Dynamic of Creation. For us, who are Solar Selves/Souls, we have constructed a ternary-mechanism for Work, the ability to create in Light and Organic Material, our own self images and/or "concepts of self". Contrary to those who think a "sacred place" is outside the body, the body that we call human, is a Sacred Power Tool of Spirit/Mind/Light, that enables Our Energy Conscious/imagination to work ideas into manifestation (Transformations of the One Energy) in the Realm of Malkuth/Earth.; We are Tiphareth, the 6th Sephirotic Being, and never existed on Earth as a presence., until we commandeered one! To the Soul, personalities are "artificial intelligence", a type of "autopilot" who proves Celestial identity by deeds/action, not by words. In the Real, we have been praised into manifestation as a clear concise idea of the Divine Creative's Self Image! On Earth, we represent the Celestial Identity of the Sun of Goddess! We are Light that needs a mirror to reflect upon ourselves in....such is the "World", a self-reflection!

The principles of the Queen of Swords brings us to an understanding of how we are deceived by fear based/enslaved thoughts while showing us how to transcend deception by Knowing Ourselves as we are Known to Her, The Great Mother; the form-creating Divine Feminine. Truth is in the manifestation of idea and not a reaction to it. The Reaction of an emotional "out-burst" to a word, is fear based idea which really translates to "fear of rejection or vulnerability" and/or survival thinking of the lower animal nature/ego.

To reiterate: Qabalistically, the Queen of Swords represents the Watery part of Air. Air being the representing element of Mind and Water that also represents the element of intuition and "e-motion" (energy-in-motion) which are the "currents" that move within the whole Mind and/or Trinity of Mind(Unconscious-Queen/conscious-Prince/subconscious-Princess).

The Queen of Swords is attributed with the elasticity of this ternary combination and the power of transmission that this Watery Air provides.

so in review:

She rules the zodiac from the 21st degree of Virgo to the 20th degree of Libra. In the Thoth Deck Tarot, she is enthroned upon clouds (Watery-Air), topless and wearing a gleaming belt and sarong, symbolizing the Great Mother of Consciousness. Upon her helmet is the child head crest from which the sharp rays of light are emitted, illuminating her empire of celestial dew.[*Celestial dew is the substance that radiates from the pineal gland when it is stimulated in a higher vibration by the Kundalini, that baptizes the brain, resurrecting the 2/3ds of "sleeping brain" that is not often used in the mundane, human-being. This dew awakens Divya-Sidhis and/or "magic abilities"] . The Child crest symbolizes the Divine Child within us all---the Innocent One of Enlightenment before we are "dumbed down" by compliance to dogma and indoctrination. In other words, we have no official outside authority! Our "inner light" is our authority.

We are the Divine Hermaphrodite

In her right hand, the Thoth- Queen of Swords holds a sword (the Sword of Geburah-Severity) and in her left hand the head /mask of a bearded man. That bearded man is the Mask of Patriarchal Culture (Military Industrial Complex) that we use to define ourselves, when in Truth, we have already been Defined by the Divine as It's Children made of Light. Hence, Wisdom comes from realizing that no-further self-definition is needed as we've been Defined into Being already! All other definitions of " I AM", are just masking our Truth as an "after the fact" assumption. So here we can see that the Queen of Swords is the clear conscious perception of Idea, the Liberator and expander of the Mind. We are not seekers of light, for of light we are made. Rather, we are the Psyche of Light seeking "enfleshenment"!

Psyche and Eros (flesh)

Goddess of the soul

Psyche (/ ˈsaɪkiː /; Greek: Ψυχή, romanized : Psukhḗ) is the Greek goddess of the soul and often represented with butterfly wings. Psyche was commonly referred to as such in Roman mythology as well, though direct translation is Anima (Latin word for "soul"). She was born a mortal woman, with beauty that rivaled Aphrodite.

Children: Hedone

Consort: Eros

Parents: Unnamed King and Queen

Symbol: Butterfly wings

Psyche (mythology) - Wikipedia

The Queen of Swords represents the True Will (Will-To-Form) and has the power to cleave away the unnecessary gross to build the Pure Understood idea. To some this can be disastrous, for the Gross is all they believe in, knowing not their own Pure Self, they see Kali-Ma as a Fanged Hag with Severed Heads (symbolizing personality death). She is also often depicted standing on the backs of copulating Lovers who die in her Sword thrust. The "little death" of orgasm is resplendent in this image, causing even greater fear of "male-female" union among the ignorant. However, to the knowledgeable, the union of male-female is the sacred act of communion that annihilates the individual and builds the Divine Creative who Creates All; 0=2. [Tantric studies are recommended for those who wish to Know]. The Lust To Be, is knowledge of the "Big Bang"---the Great Orgasm that has activated us all. To know the Dancing Goddess-God, Anima-Animus, is to Know Thyself! For you, the Me, gives the I AM, the ability to do work! Your brain is a hermaphrodite, as it has left side Male, and right-side Female and therefore, a perfect copy of the Solar Self that we call Soul.

When that fear based weakness masking us is removed, we find that we are the Divine Power that has clear purpose and Great Will to Be!

The Archetypal personality of the Queen of Swords card represents:

  • Lucidity of perception.
  • A keen observer (cutting edged), a subtle interpreter, an intense individualist, swift and accurate at recording ideas.
  • Confident in action, with a gracious and just spirit.
  • Being graceful in motion and extraordinary in balance, she will have exceptional dancing abilities.
  • A very strong willed mature Woman who clearly knows what she wants and can bring about her ideas swiftly and without nonsense.
  • When personified, this Archetype Personality is usually:
  • An older woman who has loved and lost but is undaunted.
  • She is strong willed and determined with clarity of idea.
  • A woman who can bear whatever life presents.
  • She can be critical of emotional outbursts and knows that mental discipline is a necessary part of balance emotions.
  • She is a master of equanimity and negativity.
  • She knows words are necessary for communication of ideas, but not truth nor final judgment.
  • The Querent is coming into a phase of realization.
  • Realizing that reacting emotionally to worded thought is a trick that keeps us enslaved to the visions of others.
  • Rather, she/he now understands (or soon will) that active participation in our own ideas, is why we have a body in the first place!
  • Be full of Your Idea, and clear and sharp on your destination and then----Go For It! Do or die, is what life is. I would rather die doing what I enjoy than die as a slave to someone's definition.
  • The counseling or consulting aspect that is witnessed when people ask for clarification or have the desire to get to the bottom of things.
  • This is an aspect of mind that any decent Tarot Reader knows personally and for me, passionately. For I being a practicing Qabalist, and Tantric, I know Kali Ma, Kali Ema and Kali Uma as a union of the three stages of the female anima (Earth Feminine consciousness) Maid, Mother and Crone. Each one of these aspects of the Divine Feminine, demands the release of pretense and self-absorbed ego.
  • Illusion must be stripped away from our eyes that are blinded by culture, indoctrination and thought organized for us by others who wish to rule.
  • To be clearly psychic is to be child- like in your observation, where everyone is another way to be you but not necessarily the way you are.
  • Observation without judgment of right and wrong.
  • She knows, and does not believe, as she sees belief as untried theory. In other-words, belief is pretense of knowledge and is not to be confused with faith which is Trust. Metal clarity, is a place many of us fear to go-----we fear we might not like what we see. You will be surprise when you become mentally clear, Truth built you so it could be you. Truth is made manifest as you, it is a dynamic presence, not a belief system. The concept of Kali/Athena may seem ruthless, but this state of mind is precisely merciful without the pretense of "bowing to our weakness".
  • If ill dignified by the surrounding cards, She will be:
  • Avery dangerous person, of exceptional cruelty, slyness, and deceitfulness, all wrapped-up in a superficial beauty and attractiveness.
  • This ill dignity would be because of her inability to support interference, so foresight, prudence, care in preparation of action (paying attention to details) will safeguard the individual from the negative side of this personality.

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