The Tarot of Eli,LLC-The Thoth Tarot-Prince of Swords & The Night Sun Tarot-Knight of Swords

Weston Hermetic Qabalah, Astrological, Alchemical, and numerical Tarot Card Comparisons.

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The Thoth Tarot card, THE PRINCE OF WANDS, and the Night Sun Tarot-Knight of Wands.

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The Thoth Prince of Wands, may seem a bit off kilter in this illustration, but this implies its not a static card---it's a dynamic "rockin' " card! The Prince of Wands is the Principle of Mastery of inspired creativity!

The Prince Of Wands, represents the Sun Warrior not only does he represent swiftness, strength, brilliance and agility, he is also the paradigm of dynamic mastery of unlimited creative expression from deep "within"; from the Universal Source. Crowley believed that the Sons of Kings are called Princes, not Knights, as Knights are "Battle Kings". However, the traditional tarot art, didn't have a Prince of any suit, rather they were called knights.

The causally thrown reins over his wrist, symbolizes the inspired creativity that is not held back and is free to manifest and express itself.

The Solar Lion freely pulling the Chariot, symbolizes self trust in letting the creative process flow, without restriction nor restraint directly form the Soul -which is our very own Solar Logos.

The contained fire in the chariot, is focused concentration and attention to manifest one's creativity that comes from above (The chariot is coming down from the heavens).

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The character of the Prince promotes a deep passion (open flower on chest-open heart chakra) for expressing one's own creativity.

The phoenix wand and cape expresses his commitment to expanding and liberating himself through the creative process.

When you are "channeling" information or lost for hours during a creative process, you are experiencing the focus of The Prince of Wands that is inherent in all of us "Solar spirits" who came to earth to use a human creative power body as our "pen"!

Remember, deep inside you is the great creative fire that built this universe---YOU as Spirit- ROCK! So never forget,that there is only One Spirit-One Energy, so even the body is a more condensed form of Spirit!

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By just looking at this Thoth Deck Card of the Hermetic Qabalah, or the Night Sun Tarot- Knight of Wands, The Prince or Knight of Wands presents a powerful figure which definitely compliments this omnivorous personality. The Prince of Wands represents the Airy part of Fire ( Creative Mind of Spirit) an ever expanding and volatile force. In the zodiac, he rules from the 21st degree of Cancer to the 20th degree of Leo.

When viewing this card, we see this solar warrior dressed in scale mail, as on the Thoth Card or some fantastic Moorish armor, on the Night Sun Tarot, with his vigorous arms uncovered, that emphasizes his great ability for activity. The very essence of this card exudes swiftness, passion and power. From the Thoth Prince's winged lion helm, all aflame, to his flaming lion drawn chariot, this fiery Promethean roars, "I love burning"! This love of "burning", is also apparent in the Art of the Night Sun -card, as the Knight's horse has tack of fiery red, the serpentine vine wand in the Knight's hand is belching fire, and in the fiery red back ground of the card.

On The Thoth Prince's chest is the sigil of To Mega Therion and in his left hand he bears the Phoenix wand of the 2nd Adept (in the ritual of 5 degrees=6 degrees of R.R. @ A.C.), the wand of power and energy while he controls the reins of the Lion steed (Leo and Sun/Son) with his right. The sea of flames both radiant and salient, is his path of travel.The Princes or Knights of traditional tarot, are the Son/Sun of the Queen and King, thus they are governed by Tiphareth, the sixth Sephira known as Beauty/ The Son of God.

The Princes/Knights are wholly activated by the Queen and King, adding to their complexity as they have no motive power of their own. They are force, but a stable one, as they are being pulled along in their "womb enclosure" chariots, which symbolize the "will to form" of the Divine Creatrix.

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The Figures of the Arch Fairies (Elementals) are the Lion, Eagle, Man and Bull. These are the Four Kerubim of Qabalah. They are very ancient symbols for the elements of multi-religious belief systems. Appearing as Gods of the Assyrians, the Four Animals in the Old Testament vision of Ezekiel, and they are the four symbols of the Christian Evangelists.

From the vastness of Kether, the first Sephira, the Primordial Elements radiate into Tiphareth, becoming the united rulers of the elements that are individually expressed in Tiphareth.

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Anthropomorphically personified in Tarot, The Princes or traditional Knights, are the balance of the Four Elements in Tiphareth. Being the most refined aspects of the Solar- Personality, the Four Princes are the Elemental Kings in ourselves.

It should be no surprise then, that the Princes can be taken in any direction by Divine Will. Thus, the forces of the Prince of Wands may be applied with Justice or cruelty; the unconscious flowing motion of the Prince of Cups may be subtle and artistic; or it may be evil. The rational mental activities of the Prince of Swords, may produce ideas that are either creative or destructive and last but not least, the material qualities of the Prince of Disks, may cause growth for good or evil. The Grounding Element for the Prince's lessons, are the Princesses, who rule the earth from the Northern quadrants.

When thrown during Divination, the Princes often represent the coming and going of an event or person and the Princesses often represent the approval or disapproval of a matter.

Because of his enormous strength the Prince's or Knight's passion can go any direction, even unto violence if angered. The Thoth deck card, shows the Marital Prince holding the Phoenix Wand of Geburah,(fifth Sephira/Severity)and thus wields the fiery Severity or Justice of Geburah.

 As previously stated: Ruling from the 21st degree of Cancer to the 20th degree of Leo, he is endowed with a powerful faculty for expanding and volatilizing. His arms are free of armor and mail, as he is vigorous and active. His sexual energy is renowned.

When thrown in a divination, the Thoth Tarot-Prince of Wands or the Night Sun Tarot- Knight of Wands implies personality traits, such as:

  •  Swiftness and Strength as this one's primary moral qualities. 
  • Impulsive, often easily directed by outside influences, even trifling ones, therefore, they can be prey to indecision. 
  • One's opinions are often violently expressed but being emphatic does not mean one will not hold the opinion long.  
  • Just loves vigorous statement just to feel the vigorous flow. 
  • The truth being, that the querent is often slow to make up their mind. Therefore, is essentially just and sees both sides of a question. 
  • Having a character noble and generous causes one to lean towards expressing extravagant hyperbole while secretly laughing at the boast and one's self for making it. 
  • Being of fanatical courage linked with indefeasible endurance , one chooses to fight against the odds and always wins in the very long run. 
  • The Passion radiating off of this person frightens most people because of the mystery it presents. 
  • This one is of Dragon, and thus strikes terror in the heart of the less inclined. 
  • One's generosity and deeds maybe impeccable, but the heat of their passion scares the pale soul who avoids the Sun. 
  • Exhibits great pride, which is this one's main fault, makes one often hold in contempt those of "weak character". This one may exhibit, meanness and pettiness ,of which they are adept at wielding, as well as, every weapon of ridicule, while still giving the shirt off of their back to the one so scorned. 
  • Without lust of result, one loves work and exercise for its own sake. 
  • Paradoxical is one's contempt for the world at large, while holding ecstatic respect for every individual man and woman.
  •  The Mystery of such a one who is a Sun. This Sun Warrior is an aspect of the Solar Logos that puts ideas into action and will fight for their survival! 
  • There is a sense of Romantic Revolution with this one. 
  • Most people enjoy the querent's passionate demeanor, but woe to the person that focuses their wrath.
  •  Because of this Swift and agile personality, many of the querent's acquaintances are not committed to them as friends, for such swift mystery baffles most of them as one is all that is unexpected, startling, unpredictable, unconventional, but having a deep underlying consistency.
  1. As an Archetype Personality of the Animus, the personality of a male or female born in his tarot time frame, favors his masculine morality which is swiftness and strength, with impulsiveness acting quickly to outside influences. 
  2. When reacting to trifles, he can become undecided because he views them unimportant and not flamboyant enough for a heated argument, in which he not only excels but also enjoys. 
  3. His volatility demands volatile displays of opinion, even if he rarely believes "whole heartedly" in such. 
  4. He just loves stating a vigorous proposition for the sake of vigor! 
  5. He can argue with vehemence both sides of any question which tends to make him slow to make up his mind thoroughly on any subject. 
  6. His sense of justice is well made, but he feels that justice isn't really achieved in the intellectual world, showing a noble and generous character. 
  7. Since embellishment is often vigorous, he loves to "tell tall tales" and his boasting can attain great heights, while slyly laughing internally at himself and the listening audience. 
  8. He just loves to entertain both himself and others, while not taking the world of man to seriously. Thus he is often endeared to elaborate pranks, and even horrendous bouts of ridicule on some inoffensive nobody, only to give the shirt of his back to the same target, if needed. 
  9. He really doesn't even take himself to seriously----he just loves Vigorous passion! 
  10. His pride is great and his scorn for meanness and pettiness is even greater. 
  11. With fanatical endurance and massive doses of courage, he will fight the great fight against all odds and over the long haul--he will win because of his enormous capacity for work; a work which he exercises for its own sake; loving the journey more than the goal. 
  12. His haughty contempt for the world at large coexists with his profound respect for every man and Woman, as a Star of individual and rare beauty. 
  13. This type of Powerful, swift, vigorous and generous personality holds Terror for those who wish to hide among the herd and he will often incur enemies...who talk behind his back rather than face the Lion before them. In fact many of his "enemies" will never have met him---but hearing about him was enough terror for them.

If ill dignified, The Prince of Wands is antithesis of the above qualities, and shows great cruelty, indifference and is often sadistic He will show tenancies for laziness, intolerance, prejudice all because these are qualities of the idle mind and saves the trouble of thought. He would also be a great boaster and a coward.

However, such a powerful spirit is usually well dignified and with a sincere heart, this one works to benefit those below their energy level. This one also really enjoys intercourse with people, and loves to hear them laugh.

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