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The 8's of Tarot:

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The Four 8's are attributed to Hod (eighth Sephiroth--Splendor) on the Tree of Life. Since Hod is in the same plane as the 7's (Netzach-victory) the same weaknesses and/or defects that are in the sevens will apply. Yet, in a sense, the alleviation of the 7's weakness is also being applied in the 8's. One might say that the mischief has been done and there is an action against it---much like white blood cells attacking a intruder in the blood stream; not a total cure but a beginning in that direction.

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The Thoth 8 of Wands is called SWIFTNESS, and it is attributed to Mercury in the constellation of Sagittarius, making it Swift indeed! Here is represented the ethereal (invisible) aspect of pure fire where all gross-material aspects are removed. Therefore, fire is no longer conjoined with ideas of combustion and incineration. Hence, in the 8 of Wands, fire is represented as energy in its most exalted state and suggest electrical current and/or "pure light" in its material sense. Sagittarius represents light as the rainbow and that is shown on the card, as well as electrical current being shown as lightning bolts, throughout the "as above so below" design of the cubed diamond.

The Thoth Tarot, 8 of Wands: Swiftness:

The card of high velocity energy.

This card shows that light has been turned into the electrical rays that sustain and constitute "first matter". The 8 of Wands, represents the energy has been called Prana and/or spiritual energy.

  1. The Astrological symbol is Mercury in Sagittarius; Mercury is the planet that represents communication and Sagittarius is the astrological sign associated with swiftness and directness.
  2. The square represents blocks or obstacles both internal or external that are in the way of direct and swift communication.
  3. The diamond is the transitional electrical form that happens when you communicate swiftly and directly. By taking swift and direct action we can transform any obstacle into a jewel of communication; turning a negative into a positive by positive action.

The opposite of this card is covert communication and procrastination, that form the blocks to direct and positive communication.

The Thoth Tarot- 8 of Wands: SWIFTNESS.

Taking this further into metaphysics, mercury in Sagittarius, rules this card, representing the stabilizing of the Fiery Energy, shown as electric-thunderbolt arrows, radiating outward from a central point. However, Sagittarius is unstable in Mercury, much like striking a horse with a "shock stick" causing it to buck and jump. Therefore, the balance of energy is rapid and fleeting, as if its arrows are shot from the bow of Sagittarius.Here we have the Intelligent Energy of the 2nd Sephiroth- Chokma (Wisdom) being swiftly brought down as the message of the Original Will.

The number 8, also refers to the 8th-Sephira, Hod, which is the Splendor of electricity, speech and light. Thus we have the illustrated card showing Light-wands turned into electrical rays that are sustaining or even constituting the vibration-energy of physical Matter.

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Hod, the 8th Sephiroth: Splendor, is one of the 3 Sephira in the Astral Kingdom, which is a fluid electromagnetic spectrum of energetic vibration. This may be unseen to physical eyes, as we only see the Visible light spectrum which is less than .4% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that we call the Multi-dimensional Universe; However, being unseen to the normal eye doesn't mean it doesn't exist, for x-rays, Gama rays, and many other manners of radiation exist, all of which are of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, thought, the product of the "first matter" (electricity) is formed in the Astral fluids and/or amniotic fluids of the Unconscious, before it is seen here in the lowest Kingdom of the Astral crystallized light (thought-form) that we call Malkuth (kingdom) or Earth.

Shown above the central illustration of the Thoth Card's "As above, So below" dual pyramids, is a rainbow, depicting the restored Universe of shinning light, which deals with the maxima, and the seven colors of the visible spectrum, which exhibit interplay and correlation.

Therefore, the 8 of Wands card represents the high velocity energy that is the master- key of modern mathematical physics showing no flames, for they have become the electromagnetic spectrum where the fiery- electrical energy has become a intelligible form. The 8 of Wands card represents swiftness and/or rapidity. Therefore, the Night Sun 8 of Wands, shows a female shaman, wearing the lion headed cape, representing the Sun/Leo, climbing rapidly out of the Underworld, using vine like, serpent headed wands as a stairway.

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The Night Sun and Thoth 8 of Wands, is about activities and energy speeding up, rapid growth and development of ideas. Fast thinking and communication, not unlike being swept off of you feet or "falling" in love, which is not a falling at all but rather a rapid expanding and often overwhelming flow of life force that changes perspective. Being rapid, there is a caveat of caution here, for rapid motion can also create rapid error. It's best to know before you go! However, there is a certain amount of joy in discovery, as many a spontaneous personality will tell you and the journey itself can be a lot of fun and/or excitement. So it could benefit you to just leave behind expectations and assumptions and like they said in the 60's ," Go with the flow!" This rapid ascension is well illustrated in the Night Sun Tarot, as the Shamanic Sun Priestess, climbs out of the "underworld" using 8 serpentine wands as a stairway. Leo, the Lion representing the Sun, the source of fire, is shown as a robe worn by this priestess. The reds of her cosmetics and the card back ground also reinforce this idea of fire. The sigils for mercury and Sagittarius are displayed at the top of this striking card.

When thrown, the divination meaning of this card is: swiftness or rapidity. It is a spiritual velocity ( called so because it's effects are witnessed, although the force itself is unseen.) This is a vibrating power flowing from the Primal Universal Force and often called the "decent of power" that ascends the personal mind.

For the querent, this card means:

  • That in the next 8 day's, 8 wks or 8 months (rapidity is relevant) your going to experience a rapid acceleration of  activity in your undertakings.
  • This card marks the end of a period of delay.
  • Exciting times are ahead!
  •  Some people who insist on comfortable, laid back motion, may find this to be a kind of curse; like the much paraphrased Chinese curse of ," may you lead an exciting life!
  • However, this card tends to mean rapid progress toward a felicitous goal and the arrows of love---you know, the ones that Cupid shoots into your heart.
  • A hasty communication (letter or message) within a 8 day, or 8 week period that is quickly passed or expended.
  • This card also states that too much force is applied and expended in a very rapid rush.
  • Violence may result but short in duration.
  • The querent has a love of the open air, is courageous, bold,  and  a lover of field sports----as long as they don't last too long. 
  • We have signs of a generous, subtle, eloquent and yet a somewhat untrustworthy personality; untrustworthy because they don't stay in one place too long.
  • Rapidity , Swiftness, and  Spontaneity seem to govern motivation. Lots of energy to solve issues, if the querent acts fast on the solution.
  • It is reminder to facilitate action and direct communication within the next 8 weeks or 8 months in order to eliminate procrastination and covert communication.
  • The eight banded rainbow, symbolizes completeness in communication and action should be achieved in the next 8 weeks or 8 months and that this can only be achieved without prevarication. 
  • As things come up, the querent is advised to take swift action and directly communicate to important people in their life.This maybe especially relevant to Sagittarius in their lives (November 21 to December 21).

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